Blue Aragonite: The Ultimate Guide to Meaning, Properties, Use and More

Whether you are after its beautiful blue appearance or you want to take advantage of its metaphysical properties, blue aragonite is one of the most popular stones out there. Often referred to as a gem, blue aragonite is a dispeller builder crystal. It is a stone with powerful properties as a talisman and can help both mentally and spiritually. On the same note, its physical properties are not to be overlooked either.

When used for its benefits, blue aragonite can ease your life by ameliorating many problems. Things like anxiety, fear, worry and doubt can become history. The comforting vibration of this stone will eliminate such problems, but it will go even further. All in all, read on to find out more about the amazing benefits of blue aragonite, as well as what it can do for you.

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Blue aragonite has multiple meanings. It is a third eye chakra stone, but also a throat and heart chakra crystal. It has a positive vibration that will give you a joyful and optimistic approach in life. It can help you enjoy and appreciate small things, but also see things as they are and adapt accordingly – in other words, it aims to make your life more pleasant.

Blue Aragonite Tumbled Stones
Blue Aragonite Tumbled Stones. See it on Etsy

Blue aragonite has often been associated with spiritual healers, but also teachers. It boosts the personal capacity to communicate better at more levels, but particularly at a spiritual level. It boosts hope and can assist you in empathizing and becoming more compassionate while dealing with your surroundings – especially with people.

Blue aragonite will also relieve stress. It can calm you down and help you focus while getting in touch with your spiritual guides. Its positive energy will ease the communication and make it more accurate. In terms of stress, the crystal is highly recommended to those who work in exhausting and mentally draining environments.


Just like all stones out there, blue aragonite is appreciated by different people for different things. For example, some people appreciate the stone for its beautiful appearance. It has a vibrant blue color and can come in various shades and nuances. It makes a good piece of jewelry, but in certain pieces only. However, its physical properties are not everything.

Blue aragonite is also appreciated for its metaphysical properties. Keep it close to you in one way or another and you will notice some significant improvements in your life. When used for its metaphysical capabilities, blue aragonite does not necessarily have to be included in a piece of jewelry – raw crystals are just as beneficial.

Physical Properties

Blue aragonite is not necessarily blue. In fact, it is most commonly found in a light turquoise appearance. It is a calcium carbonate mineral made in some orthorhombic crystal systems – more specifically, in systems with acicular crystals. With these thoughts in mind, the crystal goes through a few different processes before achieving its final form.

Blue Aragonite Tower Point
Blue Aragonite Tower Point. See it on Etsy

Some of these processes are physical, while others are biological. Most commonly, the precipitation of various environments is behind the crystal formation – both freshwater and marine water. As a result, the stone may vary in appearance. Sometimes, it features a stunning luster. Other times, it could be a little brittle.

From a different point of view, blue aragonite might be completely transparent, yet it can also adopt a translucent appearance. As for the color, there are various shades of blue that it can embrace. It could be light and close to white, but it may also be very dark. In terms of hardness, it is rated at 3.5 to four, so it is not as tough as other crystals used in jewelry.

Metaphysical Properties

Metaphysical properties and healing powers go hand in hand. Crystal teachers and healers strongly believe in the powers of blue aragonite because it is said to improve the vibration and energies throughout the body. From a physical point of view, it will help against nerve or bone injuries, but it will also work against restlessness, twitching and spasms.

Bracelet made of Blue Aragonite, Moss Prehnite and Selenite
Bracelet made of Blue Aragonite, Moss Prehnite and Selenite. See it on Etsy

Blue aragonite is known for its uses against chronic tiredness and may even work against hair loss. Those with sleeping problems benefit from it too, as it helps against insomnia. Deeper inside, it will help with calcium absorption in the body, but it also eases various types of pains and chills associated with medical affections.

In terms of professional and wealth-related stuff, blue aragonite helps to renew things. In other words, if you work in an environment that demands creativity, you will become more productive and find good ideas much easier. Your resources become unlimited and allow you to come up with great ideas out of nothing.

Your intuition will be drastically improved too, so you can make better financial choices, whether it comes to your job, career or investments. The crystal basically has the power to stabilize you financially. You will learn to keep calm no matter what happens, but you will also learn how to deal with different types of people without too much hassle.

Discover responsibility more efficiently and find out how to relax. The stone is particularly helpful to those who work a lot. Workaholics will discover how to relax and slow down a little, rather than keep wired all the time. You will always be remembered that abundance and prosperity are not all about hard work, but also about inspired work.

In terms of love and relationship, the compassion associated with blue aragonite will make your relationship more meaningful. You will empathize without any effort at all. You will learn to give some more and add more meaning to your relationship, but you will also learn to forget small and insignificant things.

The calming energy will spiritually uplift you. Discover the main reasons wherefore you are going through certain problems and find the guidance to overcome them in an efficient manner. At the same time, your heart will be humble and you can easily accept your shortcomings – at the end of the day, everyone has small issues. You will learn how to work on them and eventually turn them into actual strengths.

Blue aragonite will keep you focused on your real center. It will ensure you grow both spiritually and physically. Interacting with those around you will be perfectly normal and people will get to love you for who you are. This aspect will add a positive note and some meaning to every relationship out there – whether it comes to love or work.

In terms of love, the stone will strengthen your relationship and family ties. You do not necessarily need to be involved in a relationship to benefit from it. Single users will also ease their discomfort and worries. They will eliminate fear and focus on finding a partner without feeling pressured or restless – it is only a matter of time.

Blue aragonite can stabilize everything out there and this effect will work on your relationship too. It will keep emotions under control if you feel anger or restlessness, but it will also push you towards emotional balance. The centering stone will alter your vibration in a positive manner. You will be more disciplined and you will discover new ways to overcome limitations.

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Blue Aragonite in jewelry uses

There are no doubts about it – be it light or dark in appearance, blue aragonite has a stunning appearance. It is a vibrant and calming type of blue that will definitely draw some attention. Translucent pieces are extremely attractive, but the transparent ones are also cloudy and can match any type of outfit – both smart and casual.

Blue Aragonite Pendant Necklace
Blue Aragonite Pendant Necklace. See it on Etsy

The bad news is blue aragonite is not extremely hard. Rated at 3.5 to four, it is not as strong as other crystals and stones used in the jewelry industry. In other words, it does not make a good choice for things you can wear on a daily basis, as they will wear out pretty quickly. Instead, blue aragonite is more suitable for special occasions.

With these thoughts in mind, you will find blue aragonite in brooches, pendants, earrings or necklaces. On the other hand, you can also find rings with blue aragonite, but they are less likely to last. Unless you work in an environment that does not involve using your hands too much, this may not be a good idea – the same goes for bracelets.

Where does Blue Aragonite come from

Blue aragonite has been initially discovered in Aragon, Spain. The place is a historic nationality of Spain, so digging implies various permissions. The stone has been named after this area. However, with time, different deposits have been found all over the world. Blue aragonite can now be found in the UK, USA, Namibia, Morocco, China, France, Italy and Germany too.

It is believed other deposits are hiding all across the world. Therefore, the stone is not too difficult to find, which is great for those who want to use it. The wide availability keeps prices low. As for colors and nuances, they depend on the deposit. You could find two completely different stones coming from the same country, but different deposits.

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How much is Blue Aragonite worth

The price of blue aragonite will not dig a hole in your pocket because availability keeps it affordable. At this point, it depends on what you want the stone for. If you are after healing crystals or raw pieces, you can find small stones for less than $5. You can then use them all over your home or office with decorative purposes.

You can also find small other accessories, such as key rings enhanced with small decorative stones, which will also be cheap. On the other hand, if you want a more attractive piece with decorative purposes, expect to pay anywhere between $15 and $50, maybe even more. Such pieces are polished and large, so they will make a statement.

When used in jewelry, the price of blue aragonite varies widely from one piece to another. This is because the stone itself does not add too much to the value. Instead, it is the metal it is associated with. For instance, earrings based on titanium will cost more than silver earrings, even if they come with the same type of blue aragonite.

How to use Blue Aragonite

There are more ways to use blue aragonite if you are after its healing and metaphysical properties. Keep it around you to grab its benefits. Jewelry makes an excellent choice because it is always close to you. Then, you can also get a few decorative items around your home or office, not to mention small accessories – like a key ring.

On the other hand, blue aragonite is also great if you meditate. Keep it around you or simply hold it in your hands. It will enhance your session and can easily boost your psychic communication skills. If you are into psychic activities, you will benefit from more accurate readings, as well as a more thorough spiritual communication.

Generally speaking, blue aragonite brings in water energy. Therefore, certain locations will make it more efficient for its properties. Whether it is in your bedroom or office, it is more beneficial in the northern part of the environment. However, this location is suitable for decorative items – wearing a piece of jewelry based on blue aragonite is more efficient.

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How to cleanse and charge Blue Aragonite

Blue aragonite is not a pretentious crystal, so cleansing it is fairly simple and does not require any special needs. When do you need to cleanse it? It is totally up to you. Do it regularly though, as you want positive vibrations and clear energies. You can do it whenever you feel like it or simply do it a few times a week to make sure it is always supportive.

Certain types of water can be good for blue aragonite. Opt for natural spring water, rather than tap water. Avoid lakes or rivers too, as they may contain contaminants that will damage the crystal. The moonlight is probably the safest way to do it. The more light your stone gets, the better. Place the crystal by the window and leave it there overnight – it should be done by the morning.

While not so commonly used, the sound is a good choice. Opt for something peaceful and chilled to wash your crystal. Sunlight is another powerful cleanser, but with some limitations. Leaving blue aragonite in direct sunlight for too long can damage the crystal. However, opt for early or late sunlight, as it is less harmful – a few hours are more than enough.

Nature itself – such as a deep forest – will also help, as well as starlight or other crystals. Quartz is a universal cleansing crystal, so take advantage of its capabilities. Last but not least, smoke can also help. Stick to incense, herbs, or sage. The actual ritual of fire can and will help – plus, you can do it regardless of the weather.

Compared to other stones

While very beautiful in appearance, blue aragonite may also be similar to other stones. Indeed, it is not an expensive crystal, yet it does pay off getting what you are after. Whether it is sold under a different name or you find other stones sold as blue aragonite, here are the most common similarities and differences.

Blue Aragonite vs. Caribbean Calcite

Caribbean calcite is a stable stone, while blue aragonite is a metastable stone. With time, blue aragonite can actually turn into calcite – but only if exposed to relatively high temperatures over long periods of time. In terms of appearance, they are quite similar. However, Caribbean calcite is extracted from different countries, so the location would be a good indicator of what you are looking at.

Blue Aragonite vs. Larimar

The location is again a good identifier, but sellers could say anything. Larimar is usually sourced from the Dominican Republic. The best way to tell is by checking the hardness. Break a few hard parts and check-in acid. When it comes to the soft parts, they tend to be similar, so it would be hard to tell the difference otherwise.

The best combination to use with Blue Aragonite

Combine blue aragonite with moldavite and its effects will be dramatically improved. Not only that, but effects will also kick in sooner. They will be more efficient in the long run. If you are after the natural healing attributes of blue aragonite, simply pair this crystal with green seraphinite and these capabilities will be naturally boosted.

Blue aragonite will work wonders with muscovite, fuchsite, scapolite, cassiterite, zebra stone, sphene, ulexite and chiastolite – among other similar stones – to enhance your problem-solving skills. It is great for reiki enthusiasts too, especially when mixed with fenster quartz, ascension stone, labradorite or tunellite. In terms of communication, combine blue aragonite with blue lace agate or blue topaz.

Final Words

Bottom line, blue aragonite is great for resonating with chakras, meaning you will soon notice a deeper connection to particular energies. It has numerous healing capabilities and it helps with your meditation settings. At the same time, it makes no difference if you carry it in your pocket or as jewelry – it will give you a bunch of unexpected benefits that will add to your compassion, kindness and clarity.​

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