Do you ever wish to connect the light and energy you feel in life with the teachings of the higher universe?  Or, do you yearn for a higher sense of consciousness, a feeling of abundance and spirituality as you connect with what is beyond your earthly understanding? 

If so, you need to know the joys of an open crown chakra. But what is the crown chakra and how exactly does it help you with essential aspects of life?

Fret Not! We have all the details regarding the crown chakra, its meaning, and how you can ensure to keep it fully open and optimally balanced. 

What is the Crown Chakra?

The crown chakra, also referred to as the Sahasrara (In Sanskrit), is the last and the seventh chakra and is positioned at the top of the head.

The chakra is primarily associated with higher and collective consciousness, enlightenment, a connection to the divine, human inspiration, a high level of awareness, and a spiritual presence. It also influences how humans use their senses and abilities.

This energy center is linked to the color white and is sometimes called the white chakra.

Your crown chakra also links your energetic body to the above cosmic energies. Ideally, it is like an antenna that links all the other chakras- it is the point at which life forces enter your body- mind, body, and spirit.

The crown chakra is therefore necessary for revealing what is real and essential in life for a feeling of oneness and unity with the universe.

Since balancing the extremities of life is essential for different accomplishments, we have insights into how to attain that by maintaining a healthy crown chakra.

A Glance at a Balanced and Unbalanced Crown Chakra

When your crown chakra is open or well balanced, you always have abstract thinking and see the genuine and natural states between material and formless elements. You will feel a drive toward humanitarianism and also become more selfless and non-judgmental. Your spirituality becomes a driver of your life, and you will integrate it with your physical well-being appropriately.  

An awakened crown chakra also rids you of cynicism and offers you immense enlightenment. Ultimately, you understand life better, live in the moment, and experience peace, joy, and faith for what’s to come.

Conversely, an unbalanced crown chakra causes you to be narrow-minded and also have a victim mentality. It may also cause a high level of egoism, loneliness, and lack of empathy and motivation.

Since the crown chakra is associated with parts of the brain and the nervous system, if it is unbalanced, it may result in symptoms such as brain fog, depression, neurological disorders, chronic fatigue, nerve pains, migraines, and headaches.

What are Crown Chakra Stones?

Crown chakra stones are crystals that work to keep the energy field open and balanced for it to function optimally. That way, they help eliminate unhealthy symptoms, an undesirable mind, or a spiritual state.

The crown chakra excellently resonates with transparent and clear stones, but other colored gemstones associated with inspiration or spirituality also resonate well. Third eye and heart chakra stones are often excellent companions for the crown chakra.

22 Must-Have Crown Chakra Stones

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is an excellent healer of the crown chakra. It is an uplifting stone and provides spiritual light to guide you toward spiritual ascension. This gemstone is associated with mental clarity, which ultimately helps you see things more critically.

With this stone, you will be able to fulfill your life’s purpose with fewer hindrances because it also absorbs any bad or negative energies propelled toward you in exchange for positivity.

White Topaz

White topaz brings about inner peace and harmony vibrations. These are vital elements for anyone who wants to truly live up to their potential, which is what the crown chakra is about.

 This gemstone will heal vibrations or any other energy that may be causing you unrest and feeling low. That will enable you to make connections about daily life while learning substantial personal growth and development lessons.


A well-aligned crown chakra can help you sense any negativities coming toward you, and selenite will help you get rid of such negativity for an energetic body.

Ascending to your highest self is a journey that comes with spiritual perils or hindrances. Selenite will keep you away from malicious energies and entities.


Diamond wearers mainly wear the stone for its preciousness. But not many know the vibrations it has on their crown chakra. The gem’s clarity makes it a powerful gemstone for self-awareness. Diamond is also used in energy healing because it amplifies light. This quality makes the gemstone a powerful cleanser of the crown chakra. Diamond symbolizes endurance and strength, qualities you need for a healthy crown chakra.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a primary third eye chakra but also resonates well with the crown chakra. Spiritual growth is its direct power, and as you may know, spirituality is elementary for self-awareness and divinity connection.

This gem will also lead you to become more empathetic and compassionate. It will connect you to universal truth, helping you to avoid circumstantial or situational denial.


Celestite is naturally linked to the energy of source, spiritual enlightenment, and higher dimensions of the angelic realms. These are essential elements for the crown chakra to offer its optimal vibrations.

Celestite is also a stone you will need to bring wisdom and cosmic energy. It will help you connect more easily with your divine mind and regain inner peace.

White Pearl

White pearl symbolizes purity and grace, which is how it helps you connect with your spiritual truth. These qualities also make white pearl fuel you towards living for a higher purpose, making you expressive about who you indeed are. The gem is also significant in granting higher frequencies for your aura to guide your intuitions and intentions.


The crown chakra is associated with knowing your worth and being fully aware of your true and highest self. These elements directly or indirectly affect your expression and evolution, aspects opal helps with. Opal will also intensify your spiritual journey and link you to higher dimensions.


As a clear crystal, zircon works excellently with the crown chakra. This gem sharpens your ability to stay focused and strongly encourages mental clarity. That is how it helps you gain a more profound inner vision and a strong point of view of the spiritual world. Zircon will also help you face challenging times with confidence and more positively.

White Chalcedony

White chalcedony is a crown chakra stone with high vibrations for connecting you to your authentic self and encouraging tranquility as you welcome your truths. You will need this gem whenever you want an energetic upgrade since it smoothens the rough patches that come with sudden changes helping you to attain inner and mental peace.

White Agate

White agate has high vibrations to restore the crown chakra’s energetic equilibrium. The stone will help you find it easier to navigate energetic upgrades and achieve spiritual and emotional healing. White agate additionally assists with learning lessons about your past or current life.

White Onyx

White onyx is another powerful stone for healing and balancing the crown chakra. This gem has always been perceived as a symbol of purity and a connector to the divine. Having white onyx around grants you optimistic energies and acts as a guard to your spiritual self.

This gem will clear any mental fog you may have to help you stay in touch with yourself, goals, and desires.


A bad mood can come up due to an unbalanced crown chakra. But with fluorite, you can soothe your thoughts and improve your mood. The stone also enhances your perceptive abilities making you see things more clearly and soundly. Fluorite is a concentration stone, and its vibrations greatly enhance inspiration and awareness.


Lepidolite is associated with peacemaking, mood improvement, reducing anxiety, and inspiring a sense of happiness. Using this stone will help you better understand the importance of overcoming self-doubt. It will make you feel whole and guide you consciously to gain universal knowledge. It can also help you welcome and embrace change.


You need a strong sense of spirituality to become self-aware. Amethyst is a crucial spirituality stone, and it will help link you to your higher self by giving you a deeper level of spiritual connection. The intense spirituality you attain optimizes the crown chakra, amplifying how you feel about yourself and perceive various issues.


Howlite is a stone for attuning your best self and deepening your connection with supreme consciousness. This crystal will make you more aware of your hidden truths and spirituality.

Howlite brings about serenity by calming your emotions, promoting good behavior, and quieting a noisy mind. It also helps you access your most profound insights.


The high energies of Lodolite make it a powerful stone for the crown chakra. This stone is said to deepen the link between your inner self and a giver of new and profound insights. It will also help you understand where you stand in the universe by giving you a gentle personality, and help you communicate with your guides, meditative states, and spirituality.

Rutilated Quartz

This stone brings light to your energy to expand your awareness and activate your higher mind for motivation. It is a high vibrational stone for the crown chakra and provides you with empowerment, an uplifted spirit, and joyful energy. The stone also opens up intuition and promotes spiritual awakening to help you access higher consciousness.


Moonstone is a divine connector. The stone best supports your divine feminine energy, enhancing psychic perception and intuition. Moonstone will also offer its incredible healing properties to help you to diminish negative emotions and envision the bigger picture as you work to find your life’s ultimate purpose.

Clear Calcite

Clear calcite is a must-have crystal if you wish to get back a natural energy flow within the crown chakra. The stone mainly offers more incredible vibrations if you like to experiment with lucid dreaming. It will optimize your mental and cosmic energies to help you stay in touch with your senses and abilities accordingly.


Apophyllite is a relatively rare stone. So, if you are lucky to have it in your hands, use it for your crown chakra’s healing. The crystal’s energy will help bring out your innate awareness and boost your vision and perception. Apophyllite will also help you to channel your divine guidance and get in touch with your spirit guides.


Like its name, Angelite naturally helps you attune with the angelic realm’s energies. This crystal enables you to connect with your higher consciousness safely and soothes anxiety, distress, and restlessness by opening up your crown chakra. If you are connecting with your spiritual guides, Angelite also makes the experience more gradual to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.

How to Use Crown Chakra Stones

Owning or having crown chakra stones is not enough. You must incorporate them into your life and, most importantly, in the best ways for you to maximize their vibrations.

To tap into the energies of any of the mentioned crown chakra stones;

  • Carry them in your pocket or purse to stay connected with their energies everywhere you go.
  • Wear head jewelry such as hair pins or headbands made from any of the crystals to reach the highest vibrations of the crown chakra.
  • Identify a position on your office desk or around your home and place the stones to get attuned with higher sensibility and intuition.
  • While practicing yoga, place any of the crystals on your yoga mat and accompany the crystal vibrations with the tree, lotus, half lotus, fish, or downward facing dog poses/asanas.
  • If you are into meditating, hold any of the highlighted crystals close to your head. You can even visualize a white light funneling on your Sahasrara to amplify the energies.
  • As you go to bed, place one or more crown chakra stones under your pillow or on your bedside table for a connection with divinity or the angelic realm.

Tip: You can amplify the energies or vibrations of the crown chakra stones by using them together. We recommend that you cleanse the crystals once you obtain them and with regular use to get rid of absorbed unwanted energies and have the stones working at their best.

Final Words

Ultimately, it is crucial to work to balance the crown chakra if you want to experience life more deeply. The crown chakra stones we have highlighted above are powerful if you want to do that. Still, you must use them accordingly and give them the care needed to keep unwanted energies away.