A mineral that has caused a furor among all is Blue Goldstone. It is known for being a combination between columbium and tantalum, a material based on the manufacture of technological devices. But not only that, its uses have extended to jewelry and that is why everyone wants to have an accessory with this stone.

Blue Goldstone is not a precious stone, it is artificial glass. It is made of glass and copper and its inner glow is very beautiful and popular for accessories. It receives a lot of support from people even though it is an artificial gemstone. It is usually used in many jewelry pieces. Goldstone is a stone that can come in several colors, but Blue Goldstone is the favorite.

This stone comes from medieval times. At that time, a monk was making a glass. And he poured copper chips into the glass by accident. He thought it was a great failure but he made a very beautiful glass. Therefore, this technique continued to be practiced for years until now.

It is a very interesting and unique stone. Many love her because of everything that makes them feel and how it helps them manage their emotions.


Blue Goldstone is a gemstone with a meaning and a genuine effect to help you achieve your goals. The meaning of this stone is very deep and helps you in making sensible decisions and allows you to reach your goal constantly. It is also good to use this gem when you need to think deeply or need to have stable feelings.

blue goldstone beads
Our blue goldstone beads

This gemstone also has the power to create new ideas. You could reconsider old thoughts and rearrange things. It is a useful gemstone when you want to stop the influence of the past.

The meaning of Blue Goldstone is oriented towards the fact that it can improve the energy of its owner. It is recommended that people who want to have better energy in the future use it and see the results. This gemstone has a very positive power and changes the vibes around everyone. Blue Goldstone uses the power of positive energy to protect you from all those things that can hurt you.

Blue Goldstone is one of the best stones for empaths. If you are hypersensitive, this gemstone is ideal to accompany you at all times. This gem vibrates at frequencies of new beginnings and balance and is associated with the throat chakra, encourages acceptance of who you are and helps to express authenticity.

It is a very popular stone as an amulet. It is a stone capable of drawing out your inner glow and your positive power. It can change your thoughts in a great way and give you enough support to achieve your dreams or goals. Blue Goldstone makes you the owner of your courage and gives you confidence in yourself.

Blue Goldstone connects you with the divine and gives you wisdom, energy, and courage. Its meaning is wisdom, communication, and teachings so that you always see the positive side of things.


The properties of Blue Goldstone are several. In fact, there are still several that are being investigated since the stone affects many areas of people. Among the metaphysical properties, you find that you can use it to increase telepathic communication. It may sound a bit fictional but it is very true.

When you are very close to a person there are times that are understood without words. If you both use a Blue Goldstone for sure your nonverbal communication will improve to gigantic levels. On the other hand, empathic and hypersensitive skills also benefit from the fact that you receive much more recognition for the things you do.

For children who are afraid of the dark, it is recommended to use or place this gem near them. The process of improving self-esteem and acceptance of the authentic being is also benefited by this rock. There are those who say that it attracts fame and success and that it generates very strong energy.

If you have very disastrous thoughts in your head, Blue Goldstone can help you focus and calm your mind to better channel psychic information. The composure of emotions is one of the main properties that this rock has. Elevate your spirit and your vibrations to higher octaves.

The flashes of Blue Goldstone remind the stars of the night sky. You can use Goldstone to make a wish and you will see how it materializes little by little. This stone has an amorphous crystal system with a level 7 hardness.

blue goldstone beads
Our blue goldstone beads


Blue Goldstone is one of the most curious stones in terms of healing. The fact that it is artificial may make you doubt a little about this but there is no reason to do so. In fact, this is what gives it much of its healing properties. For example, there are those who have migraines and when using this gem in some accessory they feel how little by little they calm down.

In fact, this gem can even improve your eyesight so you can see all the things around you better. Both physically and mentally. Blue Goldstone can reduce stomach tension so that your body feels better and you can eat all those delicious things that you like so much.

Use Blue Goldstone to fight bulimia and anorexia. The fact that this stone has the property of helping you accept yourself as you are, causes eating disorders to be left behind. This gem can also cure tonsillitis and angina.

It is good to be used with pain, anywhere in the body, and inflammation of any area. There are people who claim that thanks to Blue Goldstone they managed to have better health and it is somewhat credible since they are real testimonies. The stone helped them to have a better body and a better mental state.

If you have any medical condition or feel that you are not loving yourself enough, it is recommended that you try using this stone. You really won’t regret it.

Blue Goldstone in Jewelry Uses

As stated earlier, Blue Goldstone is not a natural stone. It is a precious stone that was created by man. Actually, it is artificial glass infused with copper particles and has cobalt additions that is what give it that deep and bright shine.

Even so, the fact that it is an artificial gemstone does not take away from how beautiful it is. On the contrary, this gem is one of the most sought-after to make jewelry. From earrings, necklaces bracelets and even anklets, Blue Goldstone is one of the most coveted gemstones in the world of goldsmiths.

Necklaces are very popular among adults due to all the properties and benefits that we have already mentioned. They are usually larger when stones and Blue Goldstone stand out on their own. The shapes of the pieces may vary.

The bracelets are another story. Blue Goldstone is known for getting people to use several bracelets with these rocks. But they are quite subtle. The bracelets are made with pearl-shaped pieces that give a minimalist look to the wearer and can also become mysterious and subtle.

Something that we must always keep in mind is that this rock is more than everything is fantasy, even so, the jewels are very beautiful and you can combine them with any type of garment you want. From prom dresses to simple casual outfits, Blue Goldstone is always a good choice among jewelry accessories.

Where Does Blue Goldstone Come From?

This type of gold is very special. It is a treated glass that is made using a technique perfected by the Miotti family in Venice. If there is something to recognize, it is that this stone cannot be found anywhere since it is manufactured by man.

Even so, the main “deposits” of this precious stone can be found in Canada, since the production of this rock there is quite high and they are always doing it in large quantities. Canada, in fact, has large goldsmiths who work with Blue Goldstone jewelry.

Another place where Blue Goldstone is produced a lot is in India. This country is the cradle of many precious stones and the best experts in jewelry and precious stones are found in this place. Blue Goldstone is mass-produced to make many beautiful jewels that are sold worldwide.

Finally, another important site to mention is in Russia. Blue Goldstone is also produced in this country and in fact, it is said that Russia has the best production of this rock. Norway is not far behind and tries to be one of the main producers of this beautiful gem.

The first thing to understand about Blue Goldstone is that it is a gem that can be produced in any country in the world. The difference is that there are places where they choose not to produce them since they concentrate on the exploitation of other precious stones.

Where to Buy Blue Goldstone?

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

What Makes Blue Goldstone Shine?

Blue Goldstone is one of the main stones in the world that are made artificially. As explained. It is all the fault of the Miotti family of Venice who invented in the 17th century this crystal that is wrapped in a mystery and legendary folklore. The Italian family of glass manufacturers perfected the technique of creating a special type of treated glass that resulted in goldstone.

Although, the glass does not usually shine much and it is normal to ask why. What happens is that the glass that is used is infused with copper particles and has cobalt additions that is what gives it that deep and bright shine.

That’s why Blue Goldstone looks so bright in the light and you can wear it as part of any other accessories you want. From earrings to bracelets and anklets, Blue Goldstone will always be a very good option for you.

Is Blue Goldstone Natural?

Blue Goldstone is a precious stone chosen by all. In fact, most goldsmiths look to make many jewels with this stone. But contrary to popular belief, this gem is not natural. That is, the planet Earth does not produce it by itself and it is difficult to find natural deposits in any country you are looking for.

As you know, this stone is artificial and was invented in the Middle Ages by the mistake of a large Italian family. Its original manufacturing process was invented in Venice. The most common form of Blue Goldstone is reddish-brown and contains small metallic copper crystals that require special conditions to form properly.

The initial batch begins to melt with silica, copper oxide and other metal oxides that chemically reduce copper ions to elemental copper. Then there begins an air sealing process and remains within a narrow temperature range. The glass must be hot enough to remain liquid while allowing the metal crystals to precipitate out of the solution without melting.

After all, this process is going through a staining process in which it is given a blue coloration. When all these steps are completed, Blue Goldstone is obtained, one of the most sought-after stones on the planet even though it is made artificially.

How Much Is the Blue Goldstone Worth?

Blue Goldstone can be run as artificial stone but that does not take away from having significant value. Wearing a jewel that has any of these stones may not be so cheap. You see, it is so beautiful that people always seek to obtain not one but several pieces.

Blue Goldstone can not only get it in the form of accessories but it can also be individually. That is, buy a Goldstone that is not in any type of support or metal band. Almost the stone is in its natural state. It is something that works a lot for people who want to do rituals or want to have a simple amulet to protect themselves from bad luck and the negative vibes of those around them.

Another thing you should know is that there are Blue Goldstone presentations that may not be entirely true. The fact that this stone is artificial does not mean that you can not get certain imitations in the market that actually sell them much more expensive than the original versions. That’s why you should be aware that they sell you only original gems and no cheap imitations.

You can purchase Blue Goldstone in several ways. You can do it through a physical store. Any jewelry specialized in gems that has a great trajectory will have some Blue Goldstone accessories, it is what is customary and in fact, if they do not have these pieces you can start to doubt their prestige.

In these jewelry stores, you can purchase the stone as an accessory or even individually. They sell it for only $ 8 individually and for more than $ 10 in case you want to buy an accessory such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces …

How to Cleanse Blue Goldstone?

Blue Goldstone must be cleaned periodically so that its appearance can remain as beautiful as ever. The safest way to clean it is to soak the stone in warm, soapy water and lightly clean it with a brush that is very soft to avoid any type of scratch on the gem.

The cleaning of Blue Goldstone is very important since this is how you can guarantee that your jewel is always as beautiful as possible. And it doesn’t matter if you have the stone as part of some accessory. If you have the stone individually it is recommended that you leave it near the warm water and in the moonlight for at least one night after prolonged use.

If you don’t want to be cleaning the stone immediately after you use it, you can do this cleaning ritual at least once a week. The idea is that you eliminate the bad vibes that this stone can absorb after you load it with you somewhere.

In addition, Blue Goldstone tends to work so efficiently that its positive vibes can become depleted if you do not do a proper cleaning. You have to get the idea that Blue Goldstone is something like a phone that needs to be recharged. And the ideal way to do it is through a good deep cleaning that you do yourself.

You may think that because it is an artificial stone it will never be damaged or that it will not suffer scratches, but it is not so. Blue Goldstone can present small or large damages depending on the treatment you give it and the surfaces against which you impact it.

Difference Between Blue Goldstone and Blue Sandstone

If there is something to be clear about, it is that blue sandstone and Blue Goldstone are totally different. They may look a bit like the naked eye but they change radically when you start watching them closely.

blue sandstone
Blue Sandsones

One of the main different things between them is that Blue Goldstone is an artificial gemstone. It is not manufactured exclusively by nature since in fact not even the invention. Being artificial differs from blue sandstone which if it occurs directly from Mother Earth. Even so, you should know that it can look the same as Blue Goldstone. There may be certain procedures that are used to replicate blue sandstone artificially but it is not as effective as with Blue Goldstone. Manmade blue sandstone is not as beautiful as Blue Goldstone.

Another difference is the size. Blue sandstone varies greatly in terms of the sizes found within the deposits while Blue Goldstone tends to be manufactured in standard models for jewels that have already been previously designed.

They may look alike at first glance but both stones have the qualities that make them unique and different. Learn to differentiate them correctly so you can give them the use that benefits you the most.

Final Words

If there is something to understand about Blue Goldstone, it is an out-of-series gem that will always be considered a very special one in the world of jewelry. If you get to have the opportunity to use one of these stones, either as an accessory or as an amulet for positive verbs, do not miss the opportunity.

Blue Goldstone is one of the most beautiful rocks you can find and best of all, it is manufactured by man. If you have to be sure of something, it is that Blue Goldstone will always look beautiful in you and that its good energies will accompany you and protect you from any evil that is around you.

If you look at the meaning it has as well as all the properties it grants you, Blue Goldstone is one of the ideal gems to achieve prosperity in your life. If you want to succeed or have any desire you want to fulfill, Blue Goldstone is ideal for you.

Despite being made by man, it is a gem that earned its place in the world and that is why it is so popular. As time passed, several countries became producers as they saw the incredible economic potential of the rock. Give Goldstone a chance and you’ll see that you won’t regret it.