Are you someone who yearns for stability and security? Do you wish that you are safe despite the chaos happening in your life? But most importantly, do you know how you can achieve that? 

If not, you are in time to understand where these vibrations emanate from- the root chakra. We have the information you need if you have never heard of this energy center or are hearing of it for the first time. Just keep reading.

The root chakra, also known as Muladhara, is the first chakra among the seven chakras in your body. It is located around the base of your spine and is said to represent your foundation, safety, and security. These are essential traits you must check now and then if you want to keep your head high and have confidence in yourself. 

If you lack them, a shaky feeling is prone to take over, causing fear and instability in your body, thus affecting the state of your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. To avoid this, you need a balanced root chakra to hold your ground always, as you will discover below.

Manifestations of a Balanced and an Unbalanced Root Chakra 

A balanced root chakra leaves you with a clear mind and allows you to feel safe and secure as you navigate through life. It essentially helps you get in touch with reality.

Since the Muladhara is the first chakra, it affects all the other chakras if it is unbalanced or blocked. When it is not balanced, you may experience a significant drain on your energy levels and difficulties in your physical and mental health. 

Often signs of unbalanced root chakra can manifest as anxiety, depression, lack of focus, and weak self-esteem. In addition, it may physically cause weight loss, weight gain, incontinence, and pelvic pain.

The good news is that you can remedy a blocked or unbalanced root Chakra. How? You may ask. 

A quick way is by using crystals to bring the Muladhara back into its ultimate functionality. If you are unaware, crystals are said to possess unique energies and vibrations that enhance healing. 

Let’s get into more details for you to understand how to root chakra stones can help. 

What is Root Chakra Stones?

Root chakra stones are crystals that help heal and cleanse your body by opening up an unbalanced or blocked root chakra. They provide safety, security, a solid foundation, and survival instincts to help you overcome complicated situations in your life.

The root chakra is mainly associated with the color red. Thus, this color’s crystals or shades resonate well with this chakra. Still, you can find other stones that contribute to the alignment and balancing of the root chakra.

22 Must-Have Root Chakra Stones 



Garnet is a stone with powerful energy vibrations that will help you find the trust you look for when making sound decisions. It helps you eliminate doubts and worries to remind yourself that despite the circumstance, you are safe. 

If you cannot trust yourself, you most likely cannot trust others in your family, work, or relationships. But garnet will help you get there by allowing you to trust your gut.



Bloodstone is a dark red color stone, so it excellently synchronizes with the root chakra. It will help you overcome root chakra challenges like an inferiority complex and financial worries. 

To attain that goal of financial stability, you need to eliminate the fear of poverty. Bloodstone will help you uproot this and give you the self-esteem and confidence you crave. 

Red Aventurine

red aventurine

Red Aventurine is a root chakra stone for achieving success, good luck, and manifestation. This stone will help you make your dreams and wishes come to pass. It also helps with channeling a positive mindset into your brain. Red aventurine is a stone that represents prosperity and abundance, things we almost all crave. 

Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline stone

This stone is an excellent healing stone for your body. It helps you keep negative energy away. When you have negative energy in your body, it brings a negative attitude affecting your moods. This stone also releases excess energy from your body to give you space for positivity. As they say, too much of everything is poisonous. 


rainbow hematite

Hematite is a stone to maintain your stability and keep you balanced despite what you are facing. If you need more support in your life, this is your go-to stone. It will keep you focused on what’s important and give you the strength and endurance you need. Hematite is a protective stone that keeps you away from adversity and negativity.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a commonly used stone across all chakras, but it is a foundation stone that helps you with meditation. It drives away any negative energies surrounding you and improves your emotional well-being. Do not hesitate to use smoky quartz if you want a positive mindset. It rewards you with calm and stability in your environment. 



If you lack passion and drive to work in your life, this gemstone will help fix that. Carnelian helps grow self-esteem in your life, bringing positivity to get things done. Ultimately, you won’t have to worry about negative influences in your life since this stone will keep them away. 

Black Onyx

This black root chakra stone comes with high vibrations of energetic feelings. It also has protective qualities to help you feel secure and safe with what surrounds you. Black onyx supplies you with strength for challenging situations and keeps negative thoughts away.

Green Aventurine 

green aventurine

This stone is excellent for healing your body. It is a root chakra stone that represents prosperity, abundance, and physical well-being. It helps you manifest your intentions into reality. It boosts the courage to start afresh and face new challenges and lessons in your life. 

Red Tigers Eye

red tigers eye

Are you tired of experiencing negative energies in your life? Do you want to turn these thoughts into positive vibrations? A red tiger’s eye is definitely your helper. It is a stone that will provide you with protection against outside influences. Its color, red, symbolizes passion, and the crystal guarantees focus and stability in your life, keeping you rooted in the tasks ahead.


Lepidolite Stone

Lepidolite is a root chakra stone that helps you process emotions that may be difficult to understand or express. This stone also drives away negative moods that may keep you down. You will need to have lepidolite close if you need to keep your spirits stable and balanced.  


Hemimorphite Stone

If you tend to lean into meditation to experience calm and peace in your environment, this stone will help with that. It is also an excellent stone for navigating mid-life crises. It enables you to find focus in your life, boosting morale and self-confidence. With this stone, you will find security and safety in yourself.



This stone is also known as Peridot, it is a root chakra great for helping you with spiritual and physical body healing. It provides you with the strength and support you need. Olivine is used to keep away depression, insecurity, indecision, fear, and lack of motivation. That way, you can be better equipped to walk through whatever life throws at you.

Moss agate 

moss agate

Moss agate is a gemstone that keeps away negative and draining energy. It also provides security and brings about peace in your environment. Moss agate is a fantastic stone for meditation due to its calming effect. The crystal gives you solid stability when managing your expectations and daily operations.


Sodalite Stone

If you enjoy calmness and order in your life, this is the stone that will prove so. It gets rid of the chaos in your life. It benefits your physical health and emotional stability to reach your best self. This gemstone also enhances your intuition and mindset to bring smooth flow and results to your work’s pace.

Tigers Eye

Tiger's Eye Stone

This stone will help you connect strongly to the earth and protect against outside negative influences. Tiger’s eye will propel you to make your dreams come true and provide you with the strength you need to feel safe and secure in any possible situation. It is an ideal stone to keep you focused and grounded on your life goals. 


Turquoise Stone

Blue crystals are great to provide you with material things, balancing energy and serenity. Turquoise will help you with managing anxiety and keep your stress levels minimal. It helps clean your soul while keeping away negative vibrations. Remember, a positive mindset is crucial to improving your success ladder and completing tasks in your life. 

Watermelon Tourmaline 

Watermelon Tourmaline 

Watermelon tourmaline is a root chakra stone that balances emotions and boosts self-confidence. It represents happiness and abundance. If you want to get rid of blockages, restore balance, and bring creativity, this stone will assist you in attaining that. 



Zincite is a root chakra stone that will help you eliminate fear and jittery feelings that keep you unbalanced in your life. If you have anxiety, you cannot face complex challenges in your life as fear is an enemy to progress. This stone is known for manifesting dreams into reality and improving your psychic abilities. Zincite keeps anxious and stressful feelings away by releasing them to the universe.



This gemstone will help bring balance and support to your life. Magnesite is a sure stone to provide strength and allows you to get rid of negativity and stress surrounding you. This stone will help you with meditation bringing you the balance and solid grounding you need. It ultimately gives you emotional and physical strength to take on life.

Red Jasper

red jasper stone

Red jasper symbolizes physical endurance, energy, and life to help you achieve stability and security in your life. The stone helps manage stress and anxiety by granting you the endurance to become more receptive to learning new life lessons and facing new challenges. 

Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany Obsidian

This stone is a blend of hematite and black obsidian. It has a comforting connection to the earth and therefore brings about the feeling of connection to others. Additionally, mahogany obsidian will enable you to find confidence and support for different relationships. It is particularly useful for eliminating self-doubt and low self-esteem. Undoubtedly, you don’t want to doubt every single decision you make.

How To Use Root Chakra Stones

These tips will help you use any of the root chakra stones we have highlighted above in the right way to keep a clear root chakra and provide you with the calm and peace you need;

  • During meditation, hold a few stones in your hands and focus on a white light traveling through your root chakra space to unblock your chakra and keep your energy flowing
  • Incorporate root chakra as jewelry or ornamental accessories to keep your root chakra connected and stay charged while you run errands 
  • In your home, place these crystals in intimate spaces like the bathroom and open places to drain the negative energies. You want a secure and peaceful home, and what’s a better place to put them than there?
  • If you want to eliminate doubt at work and forge positive relationships, place several crystals on your desk.
  • Practice or write word affirmations about safety, security, wisdom, and purpose while holding third eye chakra stones.
  • During yoga practice, place these gemstones close to your mat to help you focus and maintain positive energy during your exercise.
  • As you sleep, place the crystal under the pillow to awaken your visions and find calm in your sleep.

Final Words

The root chakra is essential to maintain your energy levels and give you complete control of your power. Safety and security are the main components that it represents. A balanced root chakra also provides you with calm and stability in your life. 

Root chakra stones have tingling vibrations that flow through your body. The many benefits of these stones tap into your energy, boost your self-esteem and self-confidence, and give you the healing you need. 

Like the other chakras, the Muladhara is outstanding in its ways. So, keep it functioning optimally with any of the mentioned root chakra stones.