Crystals have gained immense popularity today and the use of crystals is not just something that has sprung up lately. They go way back to the ancient days. Crystals are beautiful and besides being used decoratively, many believe them to have healing and protective merits. They are said to store powerful energies, get rid of bad energies, and bring forth positive energies. You would see why they are excellent travel companions.

Many people get anxious and stressed about traveling whether it is over land, water, or air. Regardless of your traveling reason, below is a list of crystals that you can turn to for protection.

Top Crystals for Travel


rainbow moonstone

Moonstone is a stone associated with new beginnings. It will bring you joy and luck as you go on adventures. It can also be protective for those who suffer from motion sickness and be useful for those who tend to feel homesick while away.  

Moonstone is believed to have links with the moon and that is why it will excellently lighten pathways and protect night travelers. Additionally, it is an excellent crystal for protection against road rage and it eases jetlag symptoms.



Traditionally, the amethyst crystal was used to protect travelers against thugs. However, it also has additional attributes that make it an excellent choice when traveling for other reasons. Amethyst possesses a calming and soothing influence. It therefore can help you balance between an easy-going attitude and common sense during travel. That way, you can reduce anxiety and stress during decision-making for a safe and pleasant journey.

Amethyst also helps you stay alert and focused so it is ideal for those who have to find their directions or new places using maps or those who have to coordinate tour times.


Malachite is a travel must-have crystal since it is believed to be a guardian stone. The crystal has eye-like patterns which ancient lore associated with helping someone see any looming danger. Therefore, when you are traveling, it can protect you from physical danger or accidents. It also has a transformative power that encourages and reminds you to be responsible for your actions. Those who experience vertigo and doubtful travelers can also benefit from malachite because it is a calming stone.



Shungite is not just a travel stone. It is a stone for everyday use. The crystal has a natural fullerene (carbon) content and it can therefore shield users against electromagnetic fields that may end up negatively attaching to their energy fields.

Any traveler who has to encounter abundant technology like security scanners needs this crystal. It is also an excellent crystal to have near you as you use gadgets like routers, computers, laptops, and mobile phones.


rainbow hematite

Hematite is a crystal known for its ability to bring about clarity, protection, and stabilization. Travelers who feel off balance for example when adjusting to jetlag or just by being in a strange place for the first time can significantly benefit from hematite.

What’s more, hematite can also help you focus on what is important i.e your main reason or goal for travel. It can also help foster problem-solving skills to help travelers in new destinations navigate easily.



If you are traveling over water, aquamarine is an excellent companion that will give you a soothing element. Those who get seasick can keep it close to them for a calming effect. The crystal is said to have been a mermaid’s treasure during ancient times and its name means ‘water of the sea.’

It can also help travelers alleviate stress and avoid delays since it is also a stone of courage, which is essential when traveling.

Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline stone

Black tourmaline can give you the grounding you need during travel to help you avoid chaos and negative energies. It can help you protect yourself against bad energies for example from fellow frustrated, moody, and anxious travelers.

Black tourmaline can also be helpful in crowded environments for example tourist sites, airports, or train stations. Besides black tourmaline giving you energetic shielding, it can promote a laid-back traveling approach making it turn into a more positive experience- it is an excellent stone for reassurance.



Labradorite is a destiny stone. The crystal has special powers that help align someone with synchronistic events to work in their favor. It can be very helpful for someone who is traveling for business, for medical treatment, or for new beginnings. Such people can find coincidental events that happen and witness the universe opening up to them magically.

The stone has rainbow hues that are associated with awakening someone’s intuition. It can therefore help you meet significant and helpful people during your journey. In addition, it can also help you build compatible relationships with the people you meet.


Rhodonite is a particularly good stone for those who are on a romantic getaway but that is not to say that no other traveler can use it. The reason for that is that rhodonite is a stone of emotional balance.

It is believed to promote self-love and concern for those around you. Therefore, these healing energies can protect you from unnecessary arguments and bickering during your travels.

With rhodonite, you can protect yourself from any situation that may come up due to having your emotions out of control while you travel. It can help you avoid bad decisions for example being overly excited.

Yellow Jasper

yellow jasper

Yellow jasper is mainly associated with the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is the energy center for willpower, self-worth, and confidence. It is an ideal crystal for anyone who needs a boost in confidence especially when traveling to venture into something new or something that needs them to get out of their comfort zone.

It will remind you that you can do anything and give you the will to achieve what you intend to. Yellow jasper is also a happiness stone and it can therefore be an excellent companion for travelers on spiritual journeys.

How to Use the Crystals for Travel Protection

There are many ways to harness the protective power of crystals during travel. Some are even so simple that you may even forget that you have them while you stay safe. The practices below are some of the best ways to use your crystals;

As jewelry

Generally, crystals are beautiful and that is why they are used to make different kinds of jewelry. You can wear them as necklaces, rings, brooches, earrings, anklets, or hairpins.

Put the crystals in your travel purse or travel bag

You can put the crystals in the purse or bag you use as you travel but make sure it is close to you at all times.

Put them in your pocket

Just toss a few pieces into your pocket and take advantage of the crystal’s protection power. With a crystal in your pocket, you can reach for it when you feel anxious or when you begin to worry. Just ensure that you use small pieces so that your pocket does not appear overloaded and for you to be comfortable.

Sleep with the crystals near you

You can place a crystal under your pillow to tap into its energies. This is an excellent way to use the crystals especially if you want to get over jetlag.

Those staying in hotels can place the crystals on their bedside tables as they sleep.

Put the crystals in your bath

Every time you draw a bath, place the crystals in the bath. It is essential to note that this should be done with crystals that can tolerate being in the water for a long time. Those that cannot will only get damaged and their powers will be destroyed.

Healthy routine

Traveling should not make you give up your healthy routine. Those who meditate can hold the crystals while meditating on the morning of their travel or place them close during the session. That way they can begin the trip relaxed. In case you have stretching or yoga sessions, place the crystals near you to help yourself relax.

At the spa

In case you book a spa session to relax after a long trip, take the crystals with you and place them somewhere close for them to absorb negative energies.

As for cleansing sprays

You can make yourself a crystal cleansing spray before you start your journey and use it to cleanse the energies of stagnation for example in airplanes, hotel rooms, or trains.

A tip for travel crystals; Before you embark on your journey, it is always best that you cleanse your crystals so they can get rid of any absorbed unwanted energies and for them to tap fresh ones. Restoring crystal vibration will give you maximum travel protection.

Final Words

Choosing to travel with crystals is a way you can encourage yourself to be mindful, which helps protect you from stress and anxiety which are prevalent issues when traveling. The crystals mentioned above will offer protection against negative energies and erratic behaviors. They will also promote calmness and clarity which are essential qualities for any traveler.