The stones are a whole different world. It is not so easy to understand it completely since there are always new things to learn. Gemstones are very beautiful and that’s why they always steal their eyes. The beauty of the purple agate stone suggests that it is a fake gem but it is not so. This rock is one of the favorites of the jewelry industry because of the beautiful contrast with its intense purple and soft white bands.

Purple Agate is a stone composed of microscopic quartz crystals that have positioned themselves in beautiful layers of white and purple. Some indigenous cultures believe that their physical properties are due to the fact that they are really pieces of souls of the gods that have been sent to earth to help us.

It is believed that these concentric layers have the ability to bring to light the hidden truth and everything that is in the shadows and that does not allow us to move forward. The color that purple agate gives us makes this stone be seen as one of the most multifaceted minerals in the world. What gives it great popularity not only in the world of jewelry but also in the world of crystal therapy and natural magic?

Formed from microscopic quartz crystals extended in bands, this is a very stable crystal. Agates are stones that serve to settle the energies and provide physical, emotional and intellectual balance. Its meaning is focused and energy stabilization.

The purple agate has the power and harmonizes yin and yang, the positive and negative forces that hold the universe in place. It is a soothing and relieving stone and works slowly but brings great strength.


The purple agate is not really a single mineral but a set of varieties of quartz that have been grouped together to form this volcanic rock. Its name comes from “Achates”, a designation given to a river in Italy where the first agate stone was found. Due to the complexity of its patterns, it has always been considered a mysterious stone and since ancient times it has been used in various parts of the world to perform healing and protection rituals. Some cultures consider it the “Stone of Science.”

Our purple agate slices, used as coasters

Its multiple layers can bring hidden information to light. Psychologically, the agate delicately facilitates the acceptance of oneself, promoting self-confidence. It promotes self-analysis and the perception of hidden circumstances, bringing to your attention any alteration that is interfering with your well-being.

Agates enhance mental function by improving concentration, perception and analytical skills. It directs you toward practical solutions. The love for the truth of the agates encourages expressing the truth itself. Purple agates have a great connection with memories and emotionally they are dedicated to overcoming negativity and bitterness of the heart.

Purple agate is a key to life. We are all agate in a certain way because it evolves in our world as it exists and has been given to us as a gift to be able to look beyond what we see. Due to its multiple forms, there are those who consider it “The Sacred Stone of the Astral.” This stone has a very deep meaning with the spiritual plane since it connects with the world of the imaginary and thoughts where everything that humans think is engraved there and the feelings, from love to hate and pleasure, They are found there.

Purple agate is a useful tool to adjust the energy balance of its wearer. Because of the attractiveness of their patterns, the pieces are cut to display their white veins. From the metaphysical perspective, it is also the connecting stone with the violet flame of San Germain, which allows the transformation of the elements.

As a protection gem, this rock is used as a powerful talisman that removes negative energies and also protects against disasters. His energy is so intense that it not only the wearer but also his family and the people around him. It is often used by household managers and people with large families.

In some parts of the world, it is believed that this gem can protect its wearer from the so-called evil eye and that it can also drive away the bad energies of the night so that the person can sleep peacefully. Avoid mishaps and avoid dangers, especially those related to animals. There are those who associate the purple agate as part of rituals of protection and care for the wearer.

You can get to stimulate concentration and mental balance and thus reduce the stress you are going through. Boost your creativity and promote prosperity so it is considered to be a gem capable of improving your economic situation. Emotional tensions can also be minimized using this rock and promote longevity.

It is considered one of the most versatile stones, agate stone is widely used by the jewelry and ornaments industry for its hardness and variety of colors. Artists and painters have also taken advantage of the resistance of this stone for the creation of carved and engraved works.

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Metaphysical Healing Properties

Like the rest of the agates, it is used as a protective amulet and its power is considered to go beyond human understanding. It is used to protect individuals during sleep hours, prevent nightmares and guarantee that the wearer can spend a quiet night. Purple agate, allows its wearer to improve.

Another of the properties is that it can strengthen your mental abilities and your inner strength. For this reason, in some cultures, a small purple agate stone is delivered to the soldiers, who place it in their uniform to ask him to lead them to victory. It also serves to increase spiritual sensitivity and stimulate the creative capacity of its wearer.

The infinite amount of healing and energy used by this stone makes it one of the most used in the field of work with crystals and rocks. Although each of its multiple variants has a specific use, the agate can be used to balance the energy meridians. There are those who say the purple agate enhances fertility and improves eye health.

Heal internal anger and encourage love and courage to start over. It is useful for any type of emotional trauma. In addition, they create a sense of security by dissolving internal tension. Spiritually, the Agate raises awareness and links with the collective consciousness and consciousness of the unity of life. Encourages serene contemplation and assimilation of life’s experiences, leading to healthy growth.

Resorting to purple agate will help you stabilize your aura while eliminating negative energies and transforming them into positive ones. The agate cleansing effect is such that you will realize the great physical and emotional benefits.

Our purple agate beads

Where to Buy Purple Agate?

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Purple Agate in Jewelry Uses

Out of all the astral meanings that purple agate possesses, these precious stones are also used in the world of goldsmithing. Agate is a soft and waxy touch gemstone. The appearance of this stone is usually several colors but the purple agate is one of the best. The size of the agate is variable, it does not have a standard measure.

It is not easy to find natural purple agate gems as many of them are other varieties that have been dyed. However, those places that specialize in jewelry with genuine agates, make beautiful earrings, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets.

For women, there is a wide variety of accessories that you can use. In the case of purple agate bracelets, you find that they are all very beautiful and have a natural glow. Sometimes 2 weeks can pass without you cleaning them and the brightness will still be quite beautiful.

Necklaces tend to be wonderful. In fact, it is one of the main pieces that people like the most since they attract a lot of attention. You can place purple agate stones in all possible sizes and there are times when you play with this element to make everything look more beautiful.

The rings are another story. One of the favorite pieces of women is purple agate rings as they have the characteristic of attracting much attention due to the intensity of the color they have. In fact, people who use it experience more intensely the protective and healing properties that this stone brings.

For men, you can find small polished sheets that are used as ornaments or amulets in the workplace or in the room. They choose to use the purple agate stone as they step on papers and thus protect themselves from negative energies in the workplace.

Where Does Purple Agate Come From?

The agate is actually a variety of chalcedony that has slightly contrasted purple bands. Depending on the area, the purple color will be more or less intense. The agate is found in volcanic areas whose size can vary from millimeters to several meters. It is characterized by presenting a series of concentric bands of similar but intense colors. You can adopt many weapons and their presentations are varied. In fact, it is a very hard rock and resistant to chemical reagents.

Purple Agate is a very important stone that is not found in many places. In fact, getting it is somewhat difficult because not every area of ​​the planet can produce such a rock with this exceptional color.

One of the main deposits is in the United States, here you can get many purple agates which will surely amaze you. In fact, the United States is one of the main producers of Purple Agates in jewelry and good luck charms.

Another country that is well known for its large deposits of Purple Agates is Brazil. In this South American country, you can find that the extraction of Purple Agate is one of the main economic activities. It is in Brazil that you find a lot of jewelry to use. From necklaces to rings made there in this country.

For its part in the department of Artigas in Uruguay, you can also find a large extraction of purple agate. In fact, although it is not in the territory where you can find this purple agate, in this area it is overexploited to get this precious rock.

Other places where you can get Purple Agate are Argentina, India, and Madagascar.

How Much Is Purple Agate Worth?

The cost of Purple Agate may vary depending on the area. In fact, there are places where you can get this rock at a very cheap price compared to others where they sell it super expensive. The reason is due to the extraction sites.

Something very important is that the price of Purple Agate will depend on the place where you buy it. If the jewelry or store where you intend to obtain it is near the extraction site, you will most likely be able to buy the stone for a very low price compared to other sites.

But if the site where you are going to buy it is very far from the site or country of extraction, the cost will be high. The reason is that at the cost of the purple agate, the transport costs of the rock to that site will be annexed, in addition to the treatment to make it as beautiful as it is delivered and other things.

The cost of purple agate stone will also depend on whether a goldsmith worked with her or not. There are those who buy this rock to use it as an amulet and others who use it as part of their outfit in the form of jewelry, whatever the price depends also on the designer who has converted it into what accessory you put on.

There are designers who have even made collections of accessories based on purple agate and others who have dedicated much of their careers to this stone. The reason is that it is very beautiful and can also generate a lot of income on it.

Depending on the presentation, you can buy purple agate for a cost of less than $ 10 if it is in the form of an amulet. But if it is an accessory, prices vary widely depending on many factors. For example, there are very accessible earrings for $ 5 while there are very expensive necklaces for up to $ 100.

Is Purple Agate Natural or Dyed?

It is not easy to find natural purple agate gems anywhere. In fact, finding these types of authentic gems is a task. You have to review many aspects to make the gem real and not give you an imitation. Purple Agate is a very beautiful gem but also very coveted and its value makes everyone want to have it or sell it.

The origin of this rock is quite enigmatic because they cannot always get purple agate anywhere. The deposits where it already does are signed and there are large mining corporations that are responsible for staying thereby extracting this gem.

Yes now. Answering the question, Purple Agate is a precious gem that may or may not be dyed. What happens is that you can find it naturally with its characteristic purple color and you can also find that it has been artificially dyed by man.

The most valuable stone is the natural Purple Agate because its color is not manufactured but is original. In fact, it usually happens that there are times when the same natural purple agate stone is dyed with dye so that the purple color is much more intense. These types of gems are much more special and their color is more striking than in the natural state in which they come.

Finally, purple agate stones that are artificially dyed are used mostly when they are going to make completely fancy jewelry. They are not special jewels without good luck charms since for them to work well the purple color needs to be real. Therefore, if you are going to buy a purple agate stone that is dyed you should know that you can only use it as an ornament accessory.

How to Cleanse Purple Agate?

The cleaning of purple agate stone is very important as it allows its energy to continue to flow in an ideal way. It is important to clean it from the first moment you receive it and also after using it so that you can continue to give the energy you need.

Cleaning it is a fairly simple process. You only need a glass of water to which you will add sap cut into small pieces or powder. The rocks should be left reflecting four hours in the moonlight and then washed and dried. Papa activates them, you can do it with your own energy or by taking pieces in your left hand and holding them for at least half an hour in a ritual of breathing and meditation.

Absolutely all crystals, minerals and rocks require special care to be cleaned so that their energy activation can occur in a good way. Purple agate is no exception. If you have other crystals already clean, it is possible to clean the stone just by placing it in a bowl surrounded by other crystals, preferably quartz for at least 24 hours.

Another way to do this is to rinse them with clean water under the tap for a few seconds and ask the waiter to carry all the negative charges that could be on our stone. To activate it, hold the stone with your left hand and focus on the purpose you want to give it. This is done in a few minutes trying to establish a connection with the rock. After them, you will be ready to accompany them.

Right after you buy your purple agate stone you should do a cleaning and activation ritual. Only then can you make the stonework as you need it.

Purple Agate vs. Amethyst

The world of precious stones is very wide and that is why there may be stones that resemble each other. Even so, each stone is different in its own way and they have many characteristics that are made to distinguish one from the other. In the case of purple agate and amethyst stone, this usually happens.

Amethyst Raw Stone

Both are quite similar gemstones that are always compared to each other. Agate has always been compared to amethyst, which in fact, has components very similar to those of agate. By putting the agate towards the light, it can be seen that it is translucent. The natives considered the agate as pieces of the body of gods. Another difference is that amethyst can come in several colors but they will always be less intense than those of the purple agate. And their tips tend to be darker or degrade until they become colorless quartz.

Amethyst is more susceptible to heat than purple agate and that is why its color changes are much more intense than in any other stone. Nor does it have a characteristic light spectrum absorption and usually has inclusions in the form of its parallel markings.

Final Words

Purple Agate is one of the best gems that you can have as part of your accessories so it is necessary that you always value it the way you deserve it. Its meaning is one of protection and healing and it is necessary that you always understand that wearing it clean is necessary.

If you want to achieve all your goals with a very positive vibe, I assure you that you will need a purple agate with you. It’s the best you can do. Dare to buy it in any of its presentations and you will see how this stone can make your body and your life completely better.

There may be other stones that look like her but are not quite the same. Purple Agate differs from all others thanks to other features that make it unique and different. Finally, it is necessary to say that this stone is special and get your own now!