The green agate variety is one of the largest and most impressive subtypes of this stone. Although there are hundreds of variations of this rock, there is no doubt that it stands out for its brightness and value as an energy gem. In fact, it is one of the most coveted among accessories.

According to experts, the green variety of agate enhances the balance between emotions and the physical body so it can be said that it is the healing rock par excellence among the multiple variants of agate that nature offers you.

Formed from microscopic quartz crystals extended in bands, this is a very stable crystal. Agates are stones that serve to settle the energies and provide physical, emotional and intellectual balance.

The green agate is related to projective energy and its related element is Earth. Provide enough energy so that your body can achieve an improvement in your eye health and also enhance fertility.


Green agate has a lot to do with health. It is a stone related to physical and mental and spiritual well-being. In fact, it is important to emphasize that its meaning is very deep because its properties are quite broad.

green agate beads
Our green agate beads

Green agate is used primarily for the health and well-being of the eyes. Of volcanic origin, the fire element is very accentuated, acting as a source of inspiration and creativity. According to gemmotherapy, green agates have an important meaning for the balance between emotions and the physical body, so they are very suitable for fighting psychosomatic diseases.

Green agate has also been used since time immemorial to enhance fertility, helping to prevent abortions and discomfort during pregnancy. Agates can be used in any direction to attract change. If we use it in the center it brings balance, health, and connection with the earth’s elements. In the east, it helps protect children and in the southeast, it enhances fertility.

It is useful to improve the ability to love, attract love relationships of better quality and enhance fidelity in the couple. It is called astral stone as it enhances spirituality and opens up new channels of perception.

Green Agates discharge energy and are soft, protective stones, to acquire value and acceptance capacity, overcome obstacles and have eloquence. It is useful to improve the ability to love and attract love relationships of better quality. It is associated with agate with fidelity in the couple. In the spiritual, the basic effect of the agate is to help improve the awareness of reality and the connection with the earth.

It has also been called: “The Stone of the Gifts”; With it we acquire such spiritual sensibility that we become able to identify and feel the presence of subtle beings, even daring to approach them. By spiritualizing the Agate enhances our latent magical ability; awakens the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, the gift of reading the auras, the ability to make astral journeys, intuition or sixth sense and the premonitory gifts; according to the capacity and soul level of each one.

Because of its connection with the emotional realm, green agate stone is commonly used to establish better love connections, heal everything that has caused damage to the spirit and create a harmonious link between mind and body. Therefore, some people use it to treat psychosomatic conditions.

Carrying a piece of green agate in your pocket acts as a shield for those who carry it. Some people place small pieces in children’s clothes, on the right side of the body, to protect them from evil and negative energies. It is believed to be particularly useful for protecting its owner during trips at sea, driving away hazards and taking him safely back to land.


Physical Properties

This is a semi-precious stone, a variety of chalcedony, formed by amorphous silica in thin layers of a different color. It is found as a tonsil agate in eruptive rocks (porphyry), meláfido. Agates often have strong colors and due to their abundance, they have been used since time immemorial as “good luck charms”. The name “agate” comes from the Achates River, now the Dirillo River, south of Sicily, in Italy, where it is said that the first of these stones were found.

green agate ring
Our green agate ring, with Gold-plated 925 sterling silver and zircon

Metaphysical Healing Properties

Green agate is the stone of fertility and reproductive health. Since time immemorial it has been used to relieve discomfort during pregnancy and to help prevent abortions. In addition to its healing properties, it is able to provide emotional stability and spiritual balance for anyone who decides to take one of these gems with them.

For people with difficulties relating at an emotional level or understanding their own emotions, it allows them to open their minds and better understand emotional intelligence, moods, and feelings, thereby enhancing family and love relationships.

It is related to the heart chakra and is excellent for fortifying blood circulation. As it has a great energy value it is indicated for disorders of the heart, gallbladder, and liver. Prolonged use prevents arterial obstruction. Very used to treat depression and develop self-esteem. It is used to improve eye health.

In the past, a woman who drank the water in which the green agate was washed was magically protected from sterility. It helps treat conjunctivitis, ulcers, inflammation of the bladder and intestine, as well as uterine problems.

It is used successfully in the treatment of skin problems. Mental / Emotional It helps eliminate stored anger, promoting a sense of peace. Its healing properties are very extensive and in fact, there are always those who believe that this stone is very good for maintaining a long and healthy life.

Where to Buy Green Agate?

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Green Agate in Jewelry Uses

Green agate is one of the best varieties of Agate that can exist. In fact, it is one of the most purchased in the entire market. The reason is that its beauty is second to none and everyone wants to wear it. There are even those who enjoy having it as a constant accessory since they feel it is their lucky charm.

Green Agate bracelets are one of those preferred by young people. There are many designs that can be used and in fact, all always try to be as minimalist as possible so that they always combine with everything. There are times when small green agate pieces are used in combination with other larger pieces.

The earrings are very beautiful too. The most beautiful are those that shine like the sun and are quite long. In fact, they are used a lot with dresses that show off with combed hair. If you are a fan of this type of tendrils we are sure that you will get a beautiful look wearing an intense color such as green agate.

The necklaces stand out on their own merit. They can be combined with other pieces so that they make a very beautiful set. Now, something that we must emphasize is that you can use as a central piece a green agate gem that is large enough to steal the spotlight and then accompany it with any other small jewel.

The amulets can also be made in the form of rings. The best way to have a way to protect yourself is a green agate gem that works as an amulet. And you can load it into a ring that combines with absolutely all your outfits. The green agate rings are very beautiful and if you like hippie and bohemian we are sure you will enjoy several models.

Where Does Green Agate Come From?

Although the pattern of this mineral is unique, there are similarities in the style and color of the bands. Some examples are Laguna Agate (The name of Ojo Laguna, Mexico) or Botswana Agate (After the African country of Botswana). Other variety names connote specific colors or patterns, such as fire agate or eye agate.

The formation of agates occurs from a structure of bands, which are successive layers approximately parallel to the sides of the cavity. It is likely that they were formed as follows. During the cooling of the lava, steam and other gases form bubbles. The bubbles overcome by solidification freeze, forming cavities. Long after the rock has solidified, the silica-containing water in the solution, probably as alkaline silicate, penetrates the bubble and coagulates on a silica gel.

The soluble components of the iron carrier rock diffuse into the silica gel and produce the regular layers of iron hydroxide. Finally, the entire mass gradually hardens with loss of water and crystallization of a large part of the silica as quartz or flint. During crystallization, the color bands are not altered.

The agate is found in volcanic rocks whose size can vary from millimeters to several meters. It is characterized by presenting a series of concentric bands of similar colors, opaque and translucent, reminiscent of the cut of a tree trunk in a circular direction. It can take many forms and come in many varieties. It is a hard rock and resistant to chemical reagents. It is also used to build small mortars.

Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana are the main sources of gems. Most agates appear in cavities in eruptive rocks or ancient lavas.

How Much Is Green Agate Worth?

The price of green agate will depend on where you buy it. It may happen that you choose a site that is far from the extraction zone or that your country simply does not have green agate deposits. In that case, you should be aware that buying green agate is going to be a little more expensive than if you obtained it in a country producing this gem.

Even so, green agate prices are usually quite accessible. If you want an amulet for good luck that is made of green agate, we are sure that you will get it at any specialized jewelry or even online. It is not necessary that you look a lot since, this stone is one of the most coveted, always sell it.

There are gem specialists who work with their own amulet factories and if you go to one of these stores you may find the amulet you’ve been looking for. Another factor that influences the cost of green agates is the goldsmith who worked the piece.

Accessories that belong to exclusive collections are the most important and in fact, tend to be quite expensive. Even so, you can find rings for only $ 10 and even good luck charms at $ 5, which is one of the most common prices. But, obviously, if you want an accessory to more exclusive insurance if it will cost you in the range of $ 20 up to $ 100 or even higher. Everything will depend on the material used and how large the green agate stone is.

Is Green Agate Natural or Dyed?

The green agate stone has the peculiarity that it may or may not be dyed by man. You see, what happens is that this stone can be found in natural deposits with this beautiful color. Naturally, green agate gemstones are produced by the earth and given to man so that they are always protecting him.

The green agate stones may have a natural color, you may also find them in an artificial version. What happens is that agate stones can be given their intense green color from dyes in order to have many more beautiful stones.

There are even cases in which the same natural green agate stones are dyed with green dye to increase the intensity of their colors. In fact, these are the most beautiful and are normally used in goldsmith’s pieces.

How to Cleanse Green Agate?

Before you begin, you should know that cleaning a stone does not mean removing dirt but freeing it from any harmful vibration it may carry. Therefore, you should not use a crystal or stone without having previously cleaned it since you have surely made contact with other hands and places before reaching us and it has been impregnated with energies that we do not know whether or not they will be harmful. By cleaning them, they will be more receptive and you can connect better with them.

Any stone has the power to free people from negativity, no matter the size, so it must be methodically cleaned to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Depending on the intensity of the color, it will not be so easy to determine the moment at which the stone will require cleaning since it will not become visibly opaque or at least we will not be able to notice it. For this reason, it is important to be aware of changes in temperature and make sure to clean the parts regularly.

Cleaning can be done by immersing the stone in a glass to which sea salt or sage can be added. Let it sit overnight before proceeding to activate it.

For activation, it is placed on the left side of the body, preferably in contact with the skin and the stone is communicated with what we want to get help. She is sure to be willing to receive our energy and our requests.

After having been cleaned and purified, you must “program” them to guide them toward the purpose for which you need them. The best way to connect with them is mental. In this way, you will not only be spiritually bound but you will be charged with positive energies.

To do this, keep the stone, gem or crystal in your hands (better in the left hand) and repeat:

I dedicate this stone to the highest possible good and ask that it be dedicated to it with love and with lots of light.

Compared to Other Similar Gemstones

Green Agate vs. Jade

Each gemstone is beautiful in its own way. Each one has different characteristics that make it unique in its own way. Green Agate is one of the most sought-after and also compared to Jade due to its similarity. Both have an intense green color that makes them attract a lot of attention.


Jade is one of the varieties of quartz as well as green agate, but that does not mean they are the same. Jade does not reflect the light in the same way that green agate does. Also, its hardness is relatively higher than that of jade and it is even a jewel that is even more preferred for jewelry.

 Its green color tends to be darker than that of green agate and cannot be dyed. Jade also heats faster than green agate.

Green Agate vs. Emerald

Emeralds are an even harder gem to get than a green agate. In fact, it is necessary to remember that although they look alike, they are totally different. Emeralds have a characteristic shine and cannot be produced in any laboratory.


You can even get fallen stones that have emeralds, but the quality of the mineral is not good enough for high-end jewelry. The high-end emeralds are translucent, the low-end emeralds are opaque.

Green agate is a completely different mineral with a different molecular structure. On the other hand, the density of each rock is different and the emerald is even less resistant than that of the green agate. Finally, it should be mentioned that the emerald has small amounts of chromium inside and in some cases vanadium which gives it its characteristic green color, unlike the green agate that has only quartz crystals.

Green Agate vs. Green Onyx

Green onyx is a class 4 mineral and is considered a semi-precious stone. The main difference between these is that onyx can sometimes be considered not as a mineral but as a variety of green agate. What happens is that it is composed of much more silica than green agates.

green onyx
Green Onyx Stones

Onyx is ​​not widely used in the world of jewelry in the same way that green agate is used. In fact, that is why green agate is considered a more popular rock than onyx. What they do have in common is that both are protective stones.

Final Words

In addition to this, it gives us a pleasant feeling of inner joy, the result of freedom and makes us much more outgoing. The shadow of the Green Agate is to turn its bearer into someone excessively dreamer and move it away from material reality; That is why it should not be used by people who are already very dreamy or ethereal and cost them the concrete world; it better for people very connected to the physical plane who need to open their perception.

Green Agate is one of the most beautiful stones that can exist. If you have the opportunity to get one, we suggest you buy it without thinking twice. They are very beautiful and useful to you. Now, what you should be aware of is always cleaning it and keeping your energies in the best positive flow you can.

As for accessories, they will always be the best option for you. They look very beautiful in any presentation and will always give you all the elegance you are looking for.

Green agate will always be your best decision.