Red aventurine is one of the most popular types of quartz – not necessarily in value, but because of the unique inclusions of mica. Other minerals can also be found in their composition, which can provide a unique shimmering effect when you look at the stone in natural light.

This type of effect is known as aventurescence. It may not be too obvious in raw stones, but polished stones will make it pretty obvious. The name originates in the Italian language and refers to something created by chance – common when glass is produced by chance with metallic fillings.

Known sometimes as avanturine, adventurine or aventurine quartz, this stone has a plethora of different properties. It has numerous uses and can be used for its physical and metaphysical properties. Now, what else should you know about it?


Red aventurine is associated with courage, joy, happiness, and plenty of energy.

It is great if you need some positive light when dealing with challenging emotions and happenings in your life – basically, it helps you see the bright side of the story and always seek the positive in any situation.

It will guide you according to your visions and goals, but it will also provide the courage to take action to get there. Enhancing sensations like comfort and strength, red aventurine establishes a thorough and deep connection with the earth and circumstances around you.

Its red hues are not all about good looks and sparkle. They also enhance this crystal with plenty of positive energy. Simply put, it will enrich your soul and motivate you to regain your confidence – no matter your goals, the stone will help you achieve them.

All these micro inclusions go further than that. Apart from mica, you can also find red aventurine with inclusions of hematite. It will provide revitalizing powers to push you from behind should you face any unexpected situations.

The crystal has a deep grounding nature. Meanwhile, inclusions do have their capabilities as well. For example, mica is known for boosting energy, especially when you feel like your enthusiasm and motivation are dropping down a little.

The bottom line, the meaning of red aventurine is quite self-explanatory. This crystal will push you forward. It will give you strength and courage and help you see the good part of everything surrounding you.


Red aventurine has both physical and metaphysical properties. Some people appreciate it for its brightness and stunning inclusions of other crystals. Some others are not that bothered about the appearance, but they are mostly about the metaphysical capabilities of the stone.

Physical Properties

Since red aventurine is practically a variety of quartz, it has most of the properties of this crystal. Practically, quartz is the main ingredient in its composition. Different inclusions are responsible for its appearance, as well as the unique aventurescence.

In terms of hardness, it goes just under 7 – it is quite strong, yet not as hard as other stones. Compared to quartz, the hardness is a bit lower, mostly because of the inclusions. All the possible inclusions have a hardness lower than the seven values of quartz, meaning they take the red aventurine hardness down.

The more inclusions red aventurine has, the more its hardness is altered.

At the same time, it is worth noting that some of the most popular inclusions have a gravity higher than quartz. On the same note, the more inclusions red aventurine has, the higher its gravity is. Some of the most popular inclusions are goethite, hematite, and ilmenite.

Apart from bright red, red aventurine may have slight variations of this color too. For example, some crystals may have orange hues, while others have yellow, purple, or pink inclusions – not very obvious in appearance, though.

Finally, the crystal can be translucent, but it may also be almost opaque.

Metaphysical Properties

Red aventurine can harmonize with other crystals – most importantly, it works well with stones on the lower chakras. Practically, this stone works wonders with solar plexus chakra stones, among others.

It will add to your vitality, but it will also provide energy, boost your sexuality and work on your mental capabilities. These properties combined can make the stone very helpful for those suffering from a low libido – especially if it is caused by an illness.

The stone is just as helpful in clearing out lower back pains and urinary tract infections. It helps with all sorts of issues related to the reproductive system. Its energies will boost the natural production of red blood cells, too – great for your circulation.

Red aventurine is known to help the metabolism, keep blood pressure under control, as well as the levels of cholesterol. It will help burn fat by detoxifying the body, not to mention alleviating the adverse reactions of radiotherapy.

In terms of wealth, red aventurine will underline your desires by pushing you to do things to reach them. It brings in the earth and fire to add to your everyday flow and will revitalize energies to help you stay on track.

No one likes a challenge, but this crystal will give you the desire to take on challenges, especially if great rewards are waiting for you – perseverance is part of the game, not to mention an acute determination.

The crystal will help your discernment, as well as your capability to see your real self. You will learn how to overcome your ego and stay down to earth. You can forgive yourself and learn from your mistakes to reach your goals.

The same effects will apply in your love life, too – extra courage to push yourself and experience happiness without feeling guilty about one thing or another. You will find yourself more courageous or at ease regarding different challenges.

You will get to know yourself better, but you will also learn how to forgive yourself for your mistakes and for those around you. You will be kinder, but you will also get rid of your fears, regardless of what path you choose in love.

Red aventurine is excellent if you have been through emotional trauma. Since it is a crystal of manifestation, you will alter your lifestyle to attract all the good things you want in your life – and the good news is such things come naturally.

As for chakras, red aventurine is often associated with the heart chakra and the root chakra. Given the connection with Mother Earth, you will always feel grounded and calm during unexpected challenges. You will be calm and objective, even when under great pressure.

Where to Buy Red Aventurine?

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Red Aventurine in Jewelry Uses

The unique appearance of the red aventurine and its vibrant inclusions make this crystal suitable for jewelry enthusiasts too. You do not necessarily need to worry about its metaphysical properties because its appearance makes it great for a unique piece of jewelry.

Since red aventurine is quite hard and can withstand some wear and tear, you can find it in all kinds of pieces of jewelry. For instance, it can be used in rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, earrings, or brooches.

It can be used in pieces of jewelry used and worn daily too. Maintenance is minimal, and a little attention will prevent all the possible damage. Since it is not among the most valuable stones in the world, it is not really common in engagement rings.

Given its appearance and luster, red aventurine is more commonly associated with old-fashioned jewelry pieces. It is not the super sparkly crystal that can make you stand out with its shininess, but a classic yet subtle stone.

Where Does Red Aventurine Come From?

The name red aventurine was given due to its similarity to shimmering glass. The name is based on a few Italian words, so it is fairly simple to understand where some of the world’s largest deposits are. However, Italy is not the only country out there with significant deposits of red aventurine.

The stone can literally be found anywhere on the planet. However, most of the red aventurines you will find in commerce – both online and offline – will most likely come from Italy, Brazil, India, Russia, and Nepal. Obviously, the stone can be sourced in other countries, too due to its common profile.

How Much Is Red Aventurine Worth?

Given the common profile of red aventurine, the crystal will not cost you a fortune. More factors will affect the final price, such as the types of inclusions, the amounts of inclusions, the size of the stone, and its state.

Normally, red aventurine will sell for anything between $5 and $30 per carat – it depends on the abundance in the area you get it from. The quality of the rock will seriously affect the final price, not to mention the size.

Those who are after the metaphysical properties of red aventurine will choose the cheaper options – the more expensive rocks are normally sold to those who are after expensive decorative items or pieces of jewelry.

When used in jewelry, the price of red aventurine depends on the metal it is mixed with.

For instance, a white gold red aventurine ring will be more expensive than a silver one.

How to Identify Red Aventurine?

Being able to see a piece of red aventurine in real life is probably the best way to become familiar with the crystal. You will find it much easier to identify the stone then. There are, however, a few other ways to identify it.

For instance, look for the aventurescence effect. This is practically a glittering effect caused whenever the light goes through the crystal and its inclusions. This effect is only noticeable in aventurine crystals – it cannot be replicated.

This glittering effect is quite subtle and will vary from one crystal to another – uneven, yet natural.

The origin of the stone is another good indicator. While there could be deposits in Serbia or Australia as well, the truth is most red aventurines come from a few major deposits. At the same time, India is the largest exporter in the world.

How to Use Red Aventurine?

Red aventurine can be used differently, depending on what you are after. If you are after its metaphysical properties, you can simply wear it for long periods – close to your body, whether it is a piece of jewelry or some raw stones in your pocket.

You can keep a few pieces as decorative items around your home or office, but you can also use red aventurine around you while you meditate or pray – it makes no difference what you believe in. If you are spiritual, it helps.

If you suffer from one condition in particular and you want to use red aventurine to ease the symptoms – such as an injury or pain, simply place the stone on the affected area and keep it there for as long as possible.

If you only care about the physical properties, you can use red aventurine with anything and for any occasion – make sure it matches other pieces of jewelry and your outfit, and there should be no issues whatsoever.

How to Cleanse and Charge Red Aventurine?

Red aventurine will absorb all energies you throw at it – very important to remember. If you struggle with negative thoughts or energies, the crystal will absorb them, so it needs to be cleansed regularly. Otherwise, it will no longer be able to emit its energy.

In other words, it makes no difference what type of red aventurine you have – it could be a pendant or perhaps some raw crystals you keep as decorative items. If you are after the natural energies of this stone, you need to purify and recharge it. If you are after its looks, forget about it.

Since red aventurine is mostly based on quartz and quartz is one of the easiest crystals to cleanse, red aventurine is just as simple to look after. Clear water will do, for example. Obviously, spring water is more efficient.

Then, you can also keep it in direct sunlight for a few hours, and it will be recharged. Moonlight or the earth will also recharge its energies, not to mention smudging. You can use other crystals or rice, among many other options.

What works for quartz will most likely work for red aventurine, and pretty much everything works for quartz. On the same note, you can also cleanse the crystal using your energy – smoke, meditation, rituals, or whatever you feel like, as long as it is positive.

Compared to Other Similar Stones

Red aventurine vs. Red Jasper

Red aventurine and red jasper may seem similar to less experienced people, but the crystals are different and have some noticeable aspects that make them unique. They both have the same color though – a warm nuance of red.

red jasper
Red Jasper

But then, red aventurine is glossy and has some glitter. Red jasper? Not so much. It has a matte finish, and it does not have the same type of brightness. The luster is also lower in red jasper when compared to red aventurine.

The mineral composition is another major difference. Red aventurine is based on quartz and features all sorts of inclusions. These inclusions give the red color. Red Jasper is also a type of quartz. However, the red nuance is given by the high amounts of iron in its composition.

Metaphysical properties also vary widely.

Red Aventurine vs. Strawberry Quartz

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The Best Combination to Use With Red Aventurine

Red aventurine is very permissive when it comes to different combinations. To promote manifestation in your everyday life, you must pair it with solar plexus chakra stones. Some of the stones going in this category include golden yellow labradorite, yellow apatite, heliodor, and zincite, among others.

When used by itself, red aventurine will help you stick to your goals and be serious about everything you hope to achieve in life. It will help you keep on track and avoid distractions and teach you how to learn from your mistakes.

All these properties can be enhanced if you pair red aventurine with apatite – but especially yellow apatite. You will be able to follow your goals closely, find the right path and stick to it until you get there, regardless of when it happens.

Pairing stones is fairly simple – just wear them together or keep them nearby, even as decorative items.

Final Words

Red aventurine will give you a great boost. It will help you physically with your energy, but it will also help you mentally and spiritually. No matter what type of project you work on or what your goals are, red aventurine will help you out.

It is a positive stone that will provide inspiration and dedication, not to mention push you to see the bright side of any situation out there.