Chalcedony can be found in a wide variety of colors, and many of them have individual names – such as jasper or onyx, among others. All in all, the green chalcedony is one of the most attractive ones for both its physical and metaphysical properties.

The stone can be found all over the world. It is worth noting that some specialists refer to it as chrysoprase – if you find it under this name, you should know it means the same thing. The name is given from Chalcedon, a port in the ancient Byzantine land. Today, it is part of Turkey – Kadikoy.

Now, what should you know about green chalcedony and its properties?


Given the wide variety of properties of green chalcedony, it also has multiple meanings. Most importantly, it brings balance between the body, mind, and spirit. It aligns everything and ensures you function as a whole in harmony.

natural rough Green Chalcedony
Our natural rough Green Chalcedony

With these thoughts in mind, green chalcedony is a protective crystal. It has the power to absorb all kinds of negative energies and vibes. It makes room for positive energies to take over by dissipating the negative ones.

Its benefits go over everyone around you. The crystal will promote hostility and boost stability among groups of different people. It is about empathy, generosity, and understanding – in other words, it is a calming crystal that will not let you down in your hardest moments.


Green chalcedony has both physical and metaphysical properties. Its vibrant green nuance makes it suitable for multiple pieces of jewelry, but it can also complement different styles and outfits – some people only wear it for its appearance.

Those who are into crystals can appreciate green chalcedony from a different direction. Its metaphysical properties make it a good choice if you need a positive stone to guide you and clear out negative parts of your life.

Physical Properties

Chalcedony has a pale, yet vibrant nuance of green. It is not the type of pure green, but it may also seem turquoise to some people. All in all, stones from different parts of the world may have slightly different colors too.

Green chalcedony – as well as other types of chalcedony – are forms of silica. The stone is made overtime, as small and fine parts of morganite and quartz grow together in the same stone, as part of a silicon dioxide structure.

Green chalcedony has a soft and waxy luster. As you hold it, it feels like it is covered in wax. This type of appearance is given by its extremely fine and smooth surface. Now, in terms of appearance, things can go in two directions.

You can find green chalcedony in a slightly transparent form – basically, you might be able to see through it, but not very clearly. You will see different nuances, shades, and types of light. Then, you can also find translucent green chalcedony.

As for the internal structure, it has a trigonal crystal build.

natural rough Green Chalcedony
Our natural rough Green Chalcedony

Metaphysical Properties

All types of chalcedony have similar calming and nurturing benefits, but the green one stands out. It will benefit you in all directions – it will target your love life, as well as your career and health. Here is what you need to know.

The crystal is known to give you courage in difficult situations. It has the power to strengthen your soul and guide you accordingly. In fact, you will find out that lots of powerful people – such as celebrities – rely on green chalcedony to overcome difficulties.

The crystal brings in uniqueness and talent. It gives you the power to express yourself.

On the inside, green chalcedony will teach you what calmness truly means. From this point of view, it can be referred to as a healing gemstone. You want to seek inspiration, and find ideas and solutions to everyday problems in a calm manner.

Green chalcedony can help you achieve all these and gives you the power to see things and evaluate them in an objective manner. Enhancing your sight has never been easier – great when you want to reveal valuable information too.

Your heart will also benefit from chalcedony – not in a medical way though. Evil thoughts and ideas will naturally take their toll on your heart. For thousands of years, green has been a symbol of the soul, life, and heart.

Nothing has changed overtime. Evil energies will stay away from you, and your mind will never feel cloudy again. With these thoughts in mind, some people use green chalcedony as an amulet for its powers.

Given the way it is made, green chalcedony can also be considered a variety of quartz. After all, it has quartz in its composition. Sure, the crystal structure differs a little, but overall, the basic components are almost identical.

Now, quartz is often used for purifying purposes. It is a powerful talisman that can even cleanse other stones. It brings in pure energies that can easily overcome the negative ones, keeping your heart calm and your mind clear.

Talking about your mind, everything clears out if you keep green chalcedony around you. The unique nuance of green represents trees and life. You will learn to grow like a tree – whether you think about your skills or just personally.

In terms of love and relationships, green chalcedony will help you build truthful relationships – not just romantically. It will give you peace, as well as lots of self-confidence. You will advance in your current relationships and also learn how to distinguish feelings – rather than feel confused.

The crystal has great benefits for your career and professional life too. You will discover talent and naturally cling to it and improve it. You will have fresh ideas and find out what innovation truly means, not to mention see the true value of things.

Green chalcedony will help you set goals, advance towards them, and push your career further.

Metaphysical properties go further than that. Green chalcedony – as well as other types of chalcedonies – are most commonly associated with the upper chakras of your body. They are related to your capabilities to think and communicate accordingly.

As a direct consequence, you will be directly connected to your emotions. You will have full control over them, and you will feel perfectly safe expressing opinions and understanding thoughts. Clarity of mind is critical when you feel overwhelmed by too many details. Pressure is out of the way too.

Green chalcedony boosts creativity and opens up your mind to new ideas and solutions. You become more receptive to finding solutions to current problems. Besides, you will discover new ways of thinking in the long run.

You will be inspired to use your creativity, start new projects and assimilate new ideas straight away. Your memory will skyrocket, and your speaking skills will be drastically improved. With these thoughts in mind, you are likely to ease your life and become an inspirational leader.

Green Chalcedony
Figures of the Buddha, made of natural Green Chalcedony

Green Chalcedony in jewelry uses

Green chalcedony has a vibrating color that makes it an extremely attractive stone for jewelry. There are other similar crystals out there though, so there might be a bit of confusion – you need to know how to identify the stone.

All in all, it is relatively hard and does not require too much maintenance. Obviously, if you do lots of physical work that implies using your hands, a ring may wear out relatively fast. But other than that, there are no issues at all.

You can find green chalcedony in most types of jewelry. It makes a great choice for brooches, pendants, and earrings. In fact, you can even find full sets based on stones from the same part of the world – identical.

Such pieces of jewelry are not too exposed and will last for ages.

You can also find bracelets based on green chalcedony and even rings. Rings could be exposed to different types of damage, so a little caution is mandatory. Take your rings off if there are any risks of damaging the stone.

While beautiful, green chalcedony is not suitable for engagement rings, so you are less likely to find such things in commerce. However, any type of ring can make an engagement ring if someone loves this crystal.

The stone is quite hard and durable, so it will not require too much maintenance.

Where does Green Chalcedony come from?

Green chalcedony can be found all over the world, which is a good thing because its wide availability keeps its price affordable. There are multiple deposits in different countries, yet plenty of crystals come from a few major exporters.

The most notable occurrences are in Russia, the USA, and India. Other countries also have significant deposits of green chalcedony – Namibia, Morocco, Turkey, New Zealand, Brazil, and Mexico. If you find the crystal at a local market, chances are it comes from the nearest major exporter.

How much is Green Chalcedony worth?

Green chalcedony is widely available on most continents, which keeps the price low. If you are after the metaphysical properties of the crystal, chances are you can buy small crystals in bulk over the Internet and pay anywhere between $0.5 and $5 for a small or decently sized stone.

But then, green chalcedony can also go in the other direction. A large raw piece will cost up to 20 times more. If the stone is high quality and cut accordingly, you may end up paying hundreds for it. However, such pieces are rare.

When used in jewelry, the price of the metal associated with green chalcedony is likely to dictate the final price. To help you get an idea, a silver ring with green chalcedony costs less than a white gold ring with the exact same stone.

How to identify Green Chalcedony?

Green chalcedony can be confused with other translucent or semi-transparent gemstones. The same rule applies to any other type of chalcedony. Besides, many stones are dyed to have vibrant green, yet they are not natural.

For example, green chalcedony might be similar to amazonite. But then, amazonite has a cleavage, while chalcedony only displays its unique waxy structure. Amazonite also features a bit of shininess just below the surface.

When it comes to some stones, the gravity test or the refractive index might be needed to make the difference. At the same time, the unique behavior or green chalcedony in a polariscope can help you make the difference – multiple crystals with random orientations are unique.

Believe it or not, green chalcedony may also be imitated in the glass. Take a close look at the luster on the side. Glass has a vitreous luster, while chalcedony has a unique waxy appearance. The pattern is also different.

If you buy a piece of jewelry, buy from a reputable company that may also provide a certificate.

How to use Green Chalcedony?

Given its properties, green chalcedony can often be used for protection. You can wear it – as jewelry or just plain crystals in your pocket or around your environment – to protect yourself against all sorts of abuse, both physical and verbal.

The positive energy of this stone will help you withdraw from conflict in a polite manner. If you are not the type to prefer confrontations, you can now get out of them in an efficient manner, without offending anyone.

Keep green chalcedony as a pendant or brooch to enhance your personal courage, as well as your physical powers. You will benefit from good luck in terms of work and career – lots of resources and prosperity.

Always carry the stone with you because it will drive you forward and make you feel more ambitious. You will also feel more determined. Apart from using it as jewelry, you can buy decorative crystals and keep them around your office, car, and home.

How to cleanse Green Chalcedony?

Classic ways to cleanse gemstones will also work with green chalcedony. For instance, you can use the moon or even the sun. You can use the earth, natural spring water, smoke or rice. Sunlight and moonlight are probably the most efficient ways to do it.

Green chalcedony can be purified in more ways though. White sage is a common way to do it and recharge its batteries. You can find white sage pretty much everywhere in commerce or just order it online.

The classic quartz works wonders with green chalcedony, especially since they share a few similarities. You can get a large quartz cluster and use it on all of your gemstones, but at the same time, you can also buy some small quartz chips.

While not extremely popular, a crystal tuner can also be used to recharge your green chalcedony.

Green Chalcedony vs. Green Onyx

Green chalcedony and green onyx may often seem similar and wrongfully sold, but the truth is you can tell the difference with a bit of experience. Chalcedony is a type of quartz from many points of view – fine grained.

Given this construction, it is almost transparent. Sometimes, it may have a waxy or milky translucence. If green chalcedony fractures conchoidally, onyx can be described as the banded version of chalcedony, as well as a different type of quartz.

With no experience, the best way to educate yourself is to put one piece of each next to the other.

Green Chalcedony vs. Jade

Again, having one piece of each will help you understand differences.

Green chalcedony is similar to jade and can be easily confused, but there are some simple ways to tell the difference. Green chalcedony has relatively low gravity, while jade feels heavier. Other than that, there are professional instrumental ways to make a difference.

The best combination to use with Green Chalcedony

Quartz is compatible and works wonders with pretty much any gemstone out there. Since green chalcedony shares so many similarities, it has a similar profile – it will work well with a bunch of different gemstones.

For example, if you feel like life stagnates and you no longer gain any pleasure from it, combine green chalcedony with sea blue chalcedony, and you will bring back good old feelings and regain small pleasures in life.

When mixed with blue chalcedony, the green variety will boost your self-actualization.

Green chalcedony is just as efficient when paired with emerald. It can build rich relationships around you – professionally and romantically. You will basically find value in every relationship and make it stand out in the crowd.

Furthermore, when paired with green tourmaline, green chalcedony will add stability and calmness to your emotions. Last but not least, it is worth mentioning its effects with serpentine – great to rediscover yourself and find out who you truly are.

Final Words

In a short final conclusion, green chalcedony has a wide variety of benefits. Its metaphysical properties are definitely worth some consideration and can easily boost your lifestyle, whether you are looking for peace, meaningful relationships, or a glowing career.

On the same note, a green chalcedony is just as attractive as a piece of jewelry. While original stones are more appreciated for their uniqueness, the truth is that dyed green chalcedony can be just as effective if you only care about its appearance.