10 Top Crystals for Travel Protection & How to Use Them


Crystals have gained immense popularity today and the use of crystals is not just something that has sprung up lately. They go way back to the ancient days. Crystals are beautiful and besides being used decoratively, many believe them to have healing and protective merits. They are said to store powerful energies, get rid of … Read more

14 Top Crystals for Car Protection & How to Use Them

crystals for car protection

It is common to use crystals to boost our energy and infuse positive vibrations in our homes, offices, and other frequently-visited areas. There are also other reasons for which crystals are in demand. One of them is protection while traveling. Although it is not easy to think of, there are crystals for your car protection.  … Read more

London Blue Topaz: The Ultimate Guide to Meaning, Properties, Uses and More

london blue topaz

The use of crystals or stones for healing may be considered an ancient practice, but it is still used to date. Many people support this alternative form of therapy for different reasons. Some advocates believe that crystals and stones can offer them disease protection or cure ailments. Others believe that crystals and stones are healing … Read more

Yellow Calcite: The Ultimate Guide to Meaning, Properties, Uses and More

yellow calcite

It is a fact that calcite is among the most common carbonate minerals found chiefly in sedimentary rocks. It exists in several forms, including prismatic or rhomboidal crystals. It is also available in several colors ranging from white to black. One of the widely found colors is yellow, the yellow calcite. In this post, let’s … Read more