Black Jade: The Ultimate Guide to Meaning, Properties, Uses

black jade

There are many forms of jade stone, of which its soft green form is perhaps the most prominent and pricey one. However, another form of jade called black jade has gained popularity and praises for its natural powers and abilities. Even the ancient Mayan, Chinese, and Aztec civilizations have used it.  

Black jade is a potent psychic protection stone known to deter evil eye and physic or energy attacks. Once the meaning and properties of this stone are known, it is believed that the knower can overcome any challenge and attain the purpose. This is perhaps because black jade is also the stone of vision and success. Let’s know more about this stone.

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Petrified Wood: The Ultimate Guide to Meaning, Properties, Uses

petrified wood

Petrified wood has a self-explanatory name – it is basically old wood that has been turned into stone in a natural process. Most commonly, the name is given to fossilized leftovers of random vegetation. Wood turning into stone is a natural process referred to as permineralization. During this process, many organic components of the wood are replaced with various other elements, such as quartz or other silicate minerals. Meanwhile, the original structure is maintained.

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Green Calcite: The Ultimate Guide to Meaning, Properties, Uses

green calcite

Green calcite belongs to an assorted family of calcite known as a robust amplifier of energies. It is recognized as the best cleanser of stocked negative energies in the surrounding environment or the human body, affecting all levels ranging from physical to spiritual. Thus, it is a highly purifying stone. However, it is also the stone of the mind, as it helps in coming out from anxiety and stress.

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Rutilated Quartz: The Ultimate Guide to Meaning, Properties, Uses

rutilated quartz

Certainly, quartz inclusions are becoming more popular. These gemstones contain another mineral sheltered inside the strong crystal of quartz. They contain inclusions, which are usually in the form of strands of other material trapped inside quartz when it forms.

The striking colors and patterns made by these inclusions educe visualizations of nature and the galaxy. These resulting looks of stars, sunsets, and gardens defended by time provide a distinct chance to the jewelry makers to showcase nature’s creativity.

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Blue Apatite: The Ultimate Guide to Meaning, Properties, Uses

blue apatite

Blue apatite may not be the most popular stone in the world, but it does have its fair share of popularity. It is quite common in jewelry and will make a statement – while not considered a precious stone, it will draw positive attention straight away. However, blue apatite is also considered a dual action stone due to its spiritual and metaphysical capabilities. In other words, it has cleansing and healing properties that anyone can benefit from.

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Cherry Quartz: The Ultimate Guide to Meaning, Properties, Uses

cherry quartz

Quartz is by far one of the most popular stones out there. It is extremely versatile and works wonders when combined with various types of gems, but it is also powerful and features its capabilities and effects. It comes in various shapes and colors, as well as a few different varieties. The cherry quartz stands out in the crowd, mostly because of its healing properties and popularity among those who are after metaphysical properties.

While it does have a bunch of pluses, this type of quartz is also referred to as the divine love stone. It has much more to offer though. On a different note, it also has a warm and attractive appearance, meaning it is also used for various types of jewelry. Whether you are after its appearance for a piece of jewelry or its metaphysical strengths for love and relationships, here is everything you need to know about the cherry quartz.

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Blue Aventurine: The Ultimate Guide to Meaning, Properties, Uses

People like aesthetically pleasing things. That is a fact. Humans tend to be enamoured with lovely scenery, stunning paintings, elegant buildings, and even get a bit awestruck by fellow beautiful humans. People just like pretty and glamorous stuff.

A beautiful thing that people like and can’t get enough of are gemstones. These are incredibly popular due to its aesthetic properties and charm. People, especially women, like adding these dazzling and gleaming stones to their collection.

They mostly want them on their pieces of jewelry and display pieces, adding a bit more of life and allure to themselves and their homes. One of the more famous gemstones available in the market is Blue Aventurine. 

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Black Obsidian: The Ultimate Guide to Meaning, Properties, Uses

black obsidian

Gemstones or fabulous rocks are one of the many stylish (and supernatural) things we can add on our fashion trends. Aside from the fact that they are quite glamorous to look at, these gemstones provide spiritual healing and satisfaction for those who are using them. If you browse around the internet or maybe a couple of physical stores in malls and small boutiques, you can see plenty of these stones lined up and promoted by spiritual guides and experts. One of the stones that you would probably love to add to your style is black obsidian, the dark majestic beauty of all gemstones.

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