22 Best Root Chakra Stones & How to Use Them

root chakra

Are you someone who yearns for stability and security? Do you wish that you are safe despite the chaos happening in your life? But most importantly, do you know how you can achieve that?  If not, you are in time to understand where these vibrations emanate from- the root chakra. We have the information you … Read more

22 Best Heart Chakra Stones & How to Use Them

heart chakra

Do you ever crave emotional stability, compassion, or openness to new love? Or do you sometimes just want to feel energetic? If you didn’t know, these vibrations originate from the heart chakra. But do you know there is more to the heart chakra? If not, get to find out in this post. We have more … Read more

22 Best Throat Chakra Stones & How to Use Them

throat chakra stones

Do you often wish to express yourself appropriately so everyone can hear you? Or do your timid nature and social anxiety deny you many opportunities in life? If yes, it is likely that you haven’t harnessed the full potential of your throat chakra, either from its blockage or imbalance. But it may be that you … Read more

23 Best Third Eye Chakra Stones & How to Use Them

third eye chakra

Some say that whenever we wish to amplify our sixth sense, look between our eyes. This may make sense, considering that is the location of the third eye chakra. But what exactly is this chakra? And what is its importance? Don’t worry! In this article, we’ve covered everything related to the third eye chakra and … Read more

Pink Amethyst: The Only Guide You Need

pink amethyst

Pink amethyst has always been considered a special crystal. Not only does it have amazing color and looks unique, but it is also enhanced with all sorts of properties. Compared to other types of amethyst, it is one of the most recently discovered stones. Scientists have spent plenty of time trying to figure out what … Read more

10 Top Crystals for Travel Protection & How to Use Them


Crystals have gained immense popularity today and the use of crystals is not just something that has sprung up lately. They go way back to the ancient days. Crystals are beautiful and besides being used decoratively, many believe them to have healing and protective merits. They are said to store powerful energies, get rid of … Read more

Blue Fluorite: The Only Guide You Need

Crystals are not your ordinary stones. Ask any crystal enthusiast, and that is most likely the reply you will get. For good reasons, they have been used as therapy alternatives or as enhancers of conventional medicine by different healers and fans for a long time. Crystals come in different colors and varieties, but Fluorite crystals … Read more

14 Top Crystals for Car Protection & How to Use Them

crystals for car protection

It is common to use crystals to boost our energy and infuse positive vibrations in our homes, offices, and other frequently-visited areas. There are also other reasons for which crystals are in demand. One of them is protection while traveling. Although it is not easy to think of, there are crystals for your car protection.  … Read more