Do you ever crave emotional stability, compassion, or openness to new love? Or do you sometimes just want to feel energetic? If you didn’t know, these vibrations originate from the heart chakra. But do you know there is more to the heart chakra? If not, get to find out in this post. We have more details about what this energy center can do for you and what it is about. 

The heart chakra, or the Anahata, is the fourth of the body’s energy centers. It is directly linked to feelings of compassion, self-acceptance, love towards yourself and those around you, and kindness. It essentially shows how healthy or unhealthy our relationships are. 

The Anahata also balances the physical and spiritual world by acting as an intermediary between upper and lower chakras. It is located at the center of the breastbone, near the chest and heart. 

Many people associate these areas with intense emotions. Hence the common placement of a hand in the said areas when experiencing grief or love, showing respect, admiration, or even surprise. 

How does an Open and Well-Balanced Heart Chakra Manifest?

The more open and balanced your heart chakra is, the more likely you will experience joy, gratitude, and peace since they all emanate from accepting yourself.

An open heart chakra also helps you connect with others and feel like you belong. It allows you to share attributes like respect, sympathy, generosity, and service to others. 

How does a Blocked or Unbalanced Heart Chakra Manifest?

A blocked or imbalanced heart chakra reveals negative moods and attitudes, apparent jealousy, and a judgmental attitude. It also manifests as regret, low self-love, and self-worth. 

The heart chakra is a place of unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, beauty, charity, and emotional healing. Therefore, when it is not well balanced, you may become more vulnerable to others regarding emotions and feelings. It may also be challenging to forge new or maintain relationships. 

An unbalanced heart chakra may manifest physically as heart, chest, or lung issues. 

What are Heart Chakra Stones? 

Heart chakra stones are crystals that resonate with the Anahata by keeping it balanced, open, and aligned as it should. 

You may think the heart chakra is associated with the color red based on its heart-centric themes. However, the primary color associated with the Anahata is green. Green is calming. It signifies peace, renewal, and nature, thus bringing out the feeling of abundance and generosity- the core qualities of the heart chakra. It is also a color of growth and balance.

Stones in the color green or its shade primarily resonate well with this energy center. However, other colored stones like pink, red, and more also activate the heart chakra.

Must-Have Stones for the Heart Chakra


Malachite is an intense deep green solid stone responsible for bringing out fresh starts and new beginnings. It helps open the heart chakra by encouraging wisdom. This is also the stone to use if you want to let go of your past and experience healthier and happy connections. 

Due to its green nature, it helps with the healing process of the heart. 

Green Amazonite 

The meaning of amazonite is to soothe anxiety and bring hope and clarity to yourself. Green amazonite drains all the negative thoughts and energy surrounding you. This stone keeps a clear mind, whether it’s unfair opinions or toxic words, making you more open to forgiveness. Additionally, it taps into your intellect and intuition and brings out the authenticity and balance of your soul.


Emerald is a beautiful green heart chakra stone for restoring balance and healing your life. It is strongly connected to the heart chakra since it is used to invite compassion, love, and wealth. The alluring green color is used to soothe the eyes and also helps in enhancing memory and focus. Emerald keeps your mindset on a positive path and aids in uncovering limiting possibilities. 


Rhodonite comes in hues of pale pink and deep red. You can use it to untangle inner conflicts and radiate compassion. If you have been struggling with trust issues and have built up walls in your heart, such that you can’t let your loved one in, this stone will help you unblock your heart’s space to experience the harmony and compassion you need.


This stone comes with a relaxing rose pink color and is a sister stone to rhodonite. It helps you reflect inward, see the suppressed memories and pain, wounds or trauma, and find forgiveness and healing. It sends positive energy to your body and provides emotional well-being. If you experience self-doubt, this is the stone to use.


Chrysoprase ranges in colors from yellow-green to more apple-green. This stone symbolizes prudence, happiness, and enterprise. It is used to boost lust for life and emotional well-being in order to provide self-love, growth, empathy, and forgiveness. It is also associated with helping mend broken hearts, accept change, and increase tolerance towards others.


The shades of peridot range from colors yellow-green to olive green to dark green. It is known for keeping vibrant summer vibes and keeping you calm despite what may be happening around you. This stone is connected to the heart chakra since it unclogs the heart for newfound love, letting go of envious thoughts and restoring your body’s harmony and balance. Peridot is also a mood stabilizer that brings out the glow in your life.


The best colors are green and pink. Calcite is a heart chakra that means strength of both spirit and energy. This stone encourages emotional stability and getting rid of negative thoughts. Calcite is responsible for keeping your emotional intelligence in check and helping you to get things done, boosting your motivation. It also taps into your spiritual connection and unravels psychic abilities.

Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmalines is a stone that helps you experience the warmth and focus on the vital life force energy. Its vibrations help in bringing out clarity on different emotional feelings. It will keep you grounded in what is essential and assist you in not losing focus in life. It keeps your energy flowing and enhances positivity. 

Moss Agate

Moss agate is a stone that helps you keep your moods stable through the tantrums of whatever life brings your way. This stone is perfect for adjusting your energies if you tend to please people or disregard your feelings. It attunes you to finding better relationships and harmony in existing relationships.


Due to its beautiful pale pink color, this glass stone is related to the meaning of love and devotion. The vibrations of this stone will help you clear any blockages to achieve a deep connection with others and sort out trust issues. 

Kunzite does all this while leaving room to respect your limitations. When you are open to love, you experience beautiful energy allowing emotional availability, having high tolerance levels, willingness, and positive receptions.


As the name suggests, this stone has red markings on the surface. But it also has a dark green color. The meaning of the stone is vitality and clearing out negative attitudes. This stone is commonly used to bring overall body strength and helps in dealing with problems resulting from unbalanced hormones, which may get you moody. 

It also cultivates emotional resilience to get you to find your worth and build confidence in decision-making. 


Carnelian is a brownish-red stone that is used for developing self-esteem. It helps you maintain your self-image and become more pleasant and easier to get along with, especially after going through a social downside.

Rose Quartz

The meaning of rose quartz is love and compassion. Apart from giving you loving energy for those close to you and yourself, this stone ensures you stay open to new love and find safety. It teaches deep compassion, the art of mothering self, and the peace that comes with healing oneself.

Red Tigers Eye

This stunning stone looks like a dragon’s eye. It is known for its rich vitality, especially if you feel like you have become slow and lack passion in your life. This is your go-to stone because it guarantees beautiful purpose and motivation. Try it if you want to get your life back on track.


Sodalite is a gleaming stone known to help in washing away fear and guilt, pushing you to attain the confidence and emotional intelligence you desire. Sodalite brings about positive thinking and seeing the best in people. This stone could be the anchor you have been searching for for a more positive life.

Black Onyx

Black onyx is used for good fortune and brings protection against anything harmful. It activates compassion within yourself to bring out the wisdom, grounded stand, and creativity you need. It also gives you the stamina to adjust to your surroundings without intimidation.


Sapphire is deeply connected to nobility and majesty and serves as a symbol for the heavens. Due to its calming energy, sapphire can offer you peace and healing from the effects of negative relationships. Additionally, it lightens your mood, cultivates joy, and helps you be more open to associating with others.

Pink Opal

Pink opal is a precious stone with an enigma of purity, light, and play. It is known for amplifying thoughts to bring clarity and energy. It assembles renewed hope and good luck charms to yourself, attracting incredible things. It’s a rare stone and comes with a certain opulence, status, and a peculiar lifestyle.

Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis lazuli is known for bringing wisdom and self-expression. It is responsible for providing self-worth and cultivates self-knowledge that leads to authenticity and freedom to live your life as you like. This stone will assist you in picking the right kind of friendships that accept the true you. Ultimately, you become a happier person.


Moldavite is found in ranges of dark green and blue-green. This fascinating stone makes you light-headed and euphoric. It allows you to have positive energy levels whenever you have it around. It illuminates the darkness in your life and helps transform it into positive behaviors.


Labradorite is known for improving creativity and consciousness. It is a stone that teaches you to connect and maintain balance in your heart’s ambitions. It will therefore be a practical stone if you want to live with others positively while being happy with your decisions. Labradorite comes in handy if you are looking for a quality transformation in your life.

How to Use Heart Chakra Stones?

If you want to have a deep connection with your heart chakra journey, these are some of the ways you can use the stones highlighted above for energy flow;

  • Wear jewelry or ornaments with your preferred stones against your skin to maintain the vibrations of your energy levels.
  • Place heart chakra stones in intimate or shared places in your home to spread positive energy. 
  • Carry heart chakra stones in your handbag, purse, or pocket anytime you go outside. 
  • Hold heart chakra stones close to your heart while meditating to command the auras associated with the Anahata. A good idea would be to visualize yourself having a nature walk while meditating. 
  • Hold your heart chakra stones or keep them by your side as you recite or journal positive “I love” affirmations.
  • Include these crystals in your evening bath to help you relax and balance your thoughts. 
  • Do yoga asanas like the upward dog or cobra pose with heart chakra crystals near you. 

Final Thoughts

We all strive to have balance and peace in a very chaotic world. Spreading love and compassion brings us together to achieve insurmountable goals, and we all need a little more joy, trust, and kindness to one another. 

The heart chakra helps us attain the epitomes of all these qualities. It is, therefore, essential to keep this chakra open, aligned, and well-balanced. Mother nature has provided unique heart chakra stones to help get there. If you can find any of the crystals highlighted above and use them as advised, you will surely boost your heart chakra’s capabilities and keep it in check.