Do you often wish to express yourself appropriately so everyone can hear you? Or do your timid nature and social anxiety deny you many opportunities in life? If yes, it is likely that you haven’t harnessed the full potential of your throat chakra, either from its blockage or imbalance.

But it may be that you don’t know much about this chakra. 

Worry not!

In this post, we will help you understand the meaning and energies of the throat chakra and how you can make it work optimally for your benefit.

The throat chakra, alternatively the vishuddha, is the fifth energy center and the center for self-expression and communication. It is located at the base of the neck and is the link between our heads and heart. It is also linked to the seat of creativity and emotions, i.e., the sacral chakra, which helps with creative expression through thoughts, writing, or spoken word.

A Look at a Balanced/Open and Unbalanced Throat Chakra

A well-balanced throat chakra enables you to be freely expressive, speak your truth, and communicate authentically to improve relationships.

If you have an unbalanced throat chakra, you ultimately find it difficult to communicate. It also becomes very challenging to express your true feelings, ideas or thoughts. For that reason, you may often feel frustrated due to the inability to work or use your creative mind optimally. You may feel insecure, insensitive, shy, or have social anxiety.

The throat chakra is linked to the thyroid and parathyroid glands. If it is unbalanced, it may physically manifest as a thyroid disorder, stiff neck, speech disorder, sore throat, and hearing issues.

What are Throat Chakra Stones?

It is common to experience an unbalanced, underactive, or overactive throat chakra. But one of the ways of getting it back in alignment is using throat chakra stones. Throat chakra stones are crystals that open up or balance the throat chakra for boosted communication, self-expression, and creativity.

The vishuddha is associated with the color blue. Therefore, stones in this color or close shades highly resonate with it.

22 Must-Have Throat Chakra Stones


Aquamarine is associated with heightened courage and truthful communication. These are crucial aspects you need if you want to express yourself or speak your mind. This crystal can help you overcome any fear regarding speech and clear your thought process. Aquamarine is a popular stone favored by public speakers and teachers.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a stone of total awareness, truth, and friendship. This chakra stone helps to promote honesty whether you are writing or speaking. You may find this stone very practical if you are a journalist or an executive.

Lapis lazuli is also a stone associated with anger suppression, so you can use it to boost your communication, especially under stressful circumstances.


Do you struggle to verbalize or talk about past life experiences, especially traumatic ones? If so, you might want to tap into the energies of azurite to get rid of those long-standing communication issues since it helps clear your head. The stone can also help you under stressful situations like exams and interviews.


The blue and white specks on sodalite translate to its association with tranquility. This is a quality you will usually need to listen to others before voicing your opinions and also during disagreements. Sodalite’s harmonious attributes can also help in building relationships.

This crystal is referred to as a writer’s or poetic stone because it promotes expression, creativity, and confidence.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate’s pale blue color excellently harnesses the throat chakra’s powers. The stone can assist you in neutralizing spoken anger and also enable you to counteract feelings you may get from being misunderstood or wrongly judged. With lapis lazuli, you can also excellently express hidden thoughts or feelings.

Lapis lazuli has a spiritual connection because it is linked with angelic energies. Due to that, the stone enables you to have a positive outflow and expression of the most significant spiritual truths.

Blue Apatite

The intensity of the deep blue color of blue apatite is incredible for opening the throat chakra with the same measure. Blue apatite stimulates personal truths while dispelling negativity, making it an excellent choice for mental well-being.

Blue apatite will also grant you openness and assist you in getting your point(s) across. You need to communicate effectively if you are in social gatherings, and blue apatite is an excellent stone for giving social ease.

Blue Kyanite

Blue kyanite is arguably the most popular of kyanite stones. It specifically opens up the throat chakra by encouraging self-expression. This stone will be especially beneficial when negotiating or dealing with disagreements. It can also give you solid verbal confidence as an actor or actress, a voice for public speaking, and greater writing clarity.


Turquoise is said to resonate with all the chakras, but it does an excellent job balancing the throat chakra. The stone is said to emit a gentle strength that grants the confidence needed when speaking while also acting as a protector. Turquoise also helps release old vows bound to family lineage.


Speaking our truths with compassion is not always an easy thing. But you can overcome this challenge using Angelite. This stone expresses love and light and helps facilitate general awareness and overcoming being overly critical.

Spiritually, Angelite unblocks energetic pathways to promote a connection with the angelic realms. The color of Angelite mimics clear and heartfelt communication for an inspiration to speak more openly and confidently.


Amazonite is a warrior’s stone, and it’s no surprise it opens and balances the throat chakra. Like a warrior, this stone will help you become more courageous and gather the strength to speak even in the most challenging situations. It will guide you into trusting in your own power and disregard any feelings of self-doubt and the fear of being judged.

Blue Chalcedony

Blue chalcedony instills stillness and trust. It is an excellent stone if you are often unnecessarily quick with your words or struggle to pass your intended ideas. This stone rouses your throat chakra to give your expression a light touch but, most importantly, without losing its meaning. It also gets rid of speaking angrily.


Larimar is a lush stone covered with relaxation vibrations and shaking your fears loose. It will help you clear any anxiety in social settings and clear blockages hindering you from expressing yourself according to your higher power, intention, or purpose. Larimar encourages you to embrace fearless communication.


Sometimes you get fired up when communicating and begin speaking thoughtlessly. This may even make you hurt other people’s feelings. But celestite can bring you back to sharing with purpose because it promotes stillness of thought and radiates the peace you need.

Blue Calcite

Blue calcite shakes out stagnant energy, which may hinder you from effectively communicating, and leaves a clear path. This crystal also works on an earthly level to encourage humility when speaking. It also links all that with your spiritual realm and encourages a verbal sense of psychic vibrations.


Chrysocolla is a stone that promotes harmony and calmness. It is all about easing anxiety and encouraging you to self-express yourself for communication power reclamation.

Chrysocolla will be very helpful if you are a recovering people pleaser and if you still hold on to anxious feelings regarding finding joy or owning your voice. It lets go of fear-based thinking during communication.

Blue Moonstone

Self-expression and communication go hand in hand with mental clarity and an inner vision. Blue moonstone provides you with these two qualities. It also keeps you focused and promotes awareness for you to weigh what you want to say consciously.

Blue moonstone also has energies that are essential for allowing you to observe situations keenly so that you know when to speak.

Blue Sapphire

Generally, sapphire symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, integrity, and self-cultivation. You will need these qualities if you want people to hear you. Blue sapphire helps you be more responsible for your feelings and thoughts to communicate accordingly. If you are involved in new projects, it can also assist you in expressing your opinions.


Tanzanite is believed to represent intellectual capability and intuition. It also symbolizes truth, sound judgment, and dignity. It is these qualities that make tanzanite an excellent throat chakra stone. If you want to express yourself adequately, this stone is a must-have.

Blue Pearl

Blue pearl has tranquility, truth, trust, and courage energies, and you will need this stone if you appreciate tranquil and peaceful moments. This stone controls negative feelings and thinking and helps overcome sadness, anger, or anxiety. Blue pearl also frees the imagination and promotes unconventional communication ideas.


The throat chakra works in line with consciousness and creativity. Labradorite helps promote these energies and also ignites the imagination.

Additionally, Labradorite is a mood stabilizer, and therefore, it can help stop your thought process from wandering. This is especially crucial when you are in a mind-boggling setting or surrounded by people who communicate without intention.

Blue Opal

With blue opal, you can boost your confidence, promote a calm mind, collect your thoughts, and earn self-reflect. This crystal will also help you overcome traumatic experiences that may hinder you from disposing of old and toxic thinking. Blue opal will give you better insight and help you to invent new and creative ideas.


Benitoite is a crystal that can connect you to higher communication. It is, therefore, essential for linking a human mind to telepathic expression. The stone also raises a conscious level and gives more significant guidance when communicating so that you can say the right or appropriate things.

How to Use Throat Chakra Stones?

Sure, the stones on our list can efficiently activate and restore balance for the throat chakra. However, you achieve the best results by using them accordingly. There are different ways you can use to make the most out of the stones;

  • You may wear the stones as jewelry. You can find almost all kinds of jewelry made from these stones: rings, necklaces, earrings, anklets, pendants, brooches, and hairpins. By wearing throat chakra stone jewelry, you enhance their properties as they are in close contact with your body.
  • Whenever you are required to address people, for example, in a congregation, meetings, or an interview panel, you can pop in one or several throat chakra stones in your pocket. Otherwise, you can carry them in your purse or handbag and promote self-expression while heading there.
  • If you want to encourage honest conversations or communication with others, you may place throat chakra stones strategically around your office or home.
  • You can use the stones to enrich your meditation session by holding a throat chakra stone close to the base of your neck. It is best to focus your mind on speaking your truth during this time.
  • You can also harness the vibrations and energies of throat chakra stones by making crystal elixirs and essences.
  • If you love daily affirmations, whether written or spoken, you can hold the stones as you express yourself.
  • As you go to sleep, you can slide in several crystals under your pillow or place them on your side and wake up ready to harness your expressive or creative side.

Final Words

Without a doubt, self-expression, communication, and creativity are essential for living. You will need these qualities to build relationships. But these qualities don’t just come about. They have their origin, which is the throat chakra.

If this energy center is well balanced and open, these attributes will always be evident in your life and at their best levels. If you struggle with any of them, chances are that your throat chakra is not working optimally. But you can reactivate or rekindle this chakra’s energies with any of the throat chakra stones highlighted above and use them in the ways we have recommended. Don’t shy from using them together to amplify their energies.​