Crystals are not your ordinary stones. Ask any crystal enthusiast, and that is most likely the reply you will get. For good reasons, they have been used as therapy alternatives or as enhancers of conventional medicine by different healers and fans for a long time.

Crystals come in different colors and varieties, but Fluorite crystals are some of the most sought-after crystals. Not only now but even historically in ancient Rome and ancient China. They are stunning due to their unbelievable and beautiful colors, but they also possess robust healing properties.

In this article, our fluorite crystal of interest will be blue fluorite. We will be unraveling how it can come in handy for your daily operations and life in general.


When you talk about the meaning of a crystal, you are mainly addressing its main associations and what it symbolizes.

blue fluorite tower
Blue Fluorite Tower

Blue fluorite is a crystal for focus, gaining clarity, and protection. It is the go-to stone when you need to concentrate or boost your mental state.

It is primarily associated with the throat chakra, which signifies expression and speaking your truth. Blue fluorite also resonates with the third eye chakra, the main seat for intuition and clairvoyance.

It is said to set higher vibrations for those whose zodiac signs are Capricorn and Pisces. Blue fluorite’s elements are sound and mantras.


Blue fluorite is a highly powerful crystal that will benefit you to a great extent. It has properties that are excellent for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

Physical Properties

  • Blue fluorite is a calcium fluoride crystal with an isometric crystal system.
  • When you look at this stone, it is primarily blue. The blue may be light or dark
  • It is a relatively soft stone with a Mohs hardness of 4. A knife or glass can easily scratch it.
  • It has a vitreous luster that can vary from transparent to translucent.
  • The stone will display a perfect four directional cleavage to form octahedrons.
  • Its refractive index is 1.434, and it has a specific gravity of 3.1.

Physical Healing Properties

Blue fluorite is a great immune enhancer, making it excellent for immunity disorders, and it also helps with any disease associated with the nervous system.

The stone is believed to ease illnesses and inflammation in one’s throat, nose, and ears. It also helps relieve a headache or migraine pain.

Blue fluorite can be helpful to those suffering from brain disorders and, more specifically, those struggling with speech.

The crystal helps amplify the healing of conditions that focus on hindering brain activity. People with dementia and Alzheimer’s can highly benefit from blue fluorite.

blue fluorite ring

Metaphysical Properties

Blue fluorite is a cleanser, stabilizer, and protector of one’s aura. It is a stone you can use to reprogram karmic patterns to avoid negativity.

If you have anything trapped in your mind and you cannot seem to let go, blue fluorite will help you. It will bring order to your physical being, thoughts, and emotions. Through that, it will help you release any obsessions you may be having, disappointments, suppressed feelings, and frustrations.

Since the stone resonates excellently with the throat chakra, it helps in giving intuitive insights, orderly communication and verbalization to the user. If you struggle with communicating your ideas, you will be free to express what you think or feel with blue fluorite.

It can be an excellent stone to facilitate positive change in your life as it helps you gain clarity on various issues. As you gain clarity, you become more aware of the things or people that don’t serve you right and become more welcoming to things and people that will help you grow.

It will also help you collect a chaotic mind. The crystal’s blue nature gives it calming and serene energy to help you attain inner peace. You will need this stone when everything seems to be out of place.

It is a brain activator, and it boosts brain function. It, therefore, can enhance your concentration when doing engaging brain tasks. This crystal enables users to conjure up complex thoughts for innovation. It will also offer you insights for better perceptions and wisdom.

Blue fluorite can also be used with the third eye chakra to enhance spiritual awakening. It will help you assimilate your spiritual ideas mentally, especially during meditation.

Where to buy Blue Fluorite

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Blue Fluorite in jewelry uses

Blue fluorite has an amusing blue color making it a crystal that jewelers extensively use to create beautiful jewelry designs.

Because it is a soft crystal, it will usually be used to enhance other jewelry-making materials. You will rarely find a  jewelry piece made purely from blue fluorite. Either way, you can find various kinds of jewelry enhanced with this stone such as rings, earrings, necklaces, anklets, and bracelets.

blue fluorite bracelet

You can also find stunning brooches, pendants, and hairpins with a blue fluorite touch. Some people will incorporate blue fluorite on ornamental objects.

Blue fluorite is a soft crystal. Therefore, if you have any of its jewelry pieces, we advise that you keep them away from other pieces to prevent scratches. You can wrap the jewelry in a soft cloth or store it in a soft jewelry box. If you clean the jewelry yourself, avoid using abrasives or harsh chemicals.

Where does Blue Fluorite come from

Blue fluorite occurs naturally in various ways. It may occur as deposits in rock veins after a hydrothermal process. That’s when it occurs as a gangue mineral primarily associated with metallic ores. These metallic ores may comprise sulfides of lead, zinc, silver, tin, and other occurring metals.

There are times you can find blue fluorite in rock fractures and cavities of common rocks like limestone and dolomite. In this case, it is identifiable as a rock-forming mineral. It is also a common mineral in carbonate and hydrothermal rocks.

Because of how the stone may occur, it is not very rare. You can find blue fluorite in the United Kingdom, Brazil, and parts of China. The crystals in US markets will usually be imported from the mentioned countries. Other fluorite deposits may be found in Illinois, Mongolia, and Mexico.

How much is Blue Fluorite worth

The worth or value placed on any crystal is primarily associated with its rarity. The rarer the stone, the more value it possesses and vice versa. Blue fluorite is a readily available crystal, and due to that, it is not very expensive to obtain. Other fluorite varieties like the purple and pink varieties are more expensive.

Whereby pieces or items made with blue fluorite are enhanced using rarer and more valuable stones like diamond and gold, they tend to be more expensive than they would if they were only made with this crystal.

A bigger piece is also pricier than a small one, even if they are of the same design. When you are particularly looking for intricate blue fluorite designs, you will get them at a higher price than pieces that haven’t had a lot of work done.

How to identify Blue Fluorite

Fluorite stones may resemble other crystals, mainly quartz varieties or blue crystals. The identification of blue fluorite is essential because the crystal is used in many industrial processes like glass and steel manufacture and smelting. Proper identification must be maintained for such applications.

When you want to identify blue fluorite, there are specific physical and chemical properties you may analyze. You should examine the crystal for fluorescing. Fluorescing is the most distinct quality of fluorite crystals. The crystal has a versatile color outburst when fully formed. It will glow under UV light, but it can also fluoresce into other colors when exposed to other lighting conditions.

It will also display a luminescence following any radiation absorption from different wavelengths. After light is removed, a blue fluorite crystal may also glow (phosphorescence). When heated, this stone may also display thermoluminescence.

The crystal is chemically classified as a halide, and it has a cubic structure, which is typically always present even to the naked eye. Blue fluorite will usually break into a perfect shape easily because of its octahedral cleavage.

Real blue fluorite will have tiny scratches due to its softness. Fake ones will mainly be represented by plastic or glass, and they don’t glow.

How to use Blue Fluorite

The best way to use your blue fluorite is to have it within your proximity, and you can attain that differently.

You can wear blue fluorite jewelry to tap into its powerful healing energies. While it is in contact with your skin, the energy channels are more direct, and you can absorb the very best without hindrance.

You can also carry the crystal in your purse, or you may choose to carry it in your pocket daily.

You can place it in a bowl somewhere in your home to create a serene environment and for decorative purposes.

Having a blue fluorite crystal(s) on your office or study desk will stimulate brain activity and create a more orderly thinking approach.

During meditation, you can use the crystal to attain a calm environment. When you meditate, hold the stone in your hand and focus your attention as you make word affirmations.

You can make a blue fluorite elixir to promote clarity, positivity, and cleansing.

You can place several crystals under your pillow when you sleep to promote relaxation.

If you are into self-care, you can carry your crystal to the next spa appointment and place it next to you. Those passionate about yoga can also place the crystal on their bodies as they do the asanas or on the yoga mat for positive vibrations. You can also have the crystal somewhere near you when drawing a bath.

Psychics can have blue fluorite crystals in their environment to boost their psychic abilities.

How to cleanse and charge Blue Fluorite

Like other crystals, blue fluorite operates on vibrations and provides healing by absorbing unwanted energies. The constant work the stone has to do makes it also get overloaded.

That is why taking time regularly to recharge or cleanse the crystal is essential. It gets rid of any negative energies the stone may have absorbed and gives it a chance to absorb fresh energies. Even if you have just purchased your blue fluorite, you need to cleanse it because you may not know its origin or who has used it.

You can cleanse your blue fluorite in different ways, but it is always best to use a safe method and one that is in line with your everyday operations.

Earthing- Earthing is when you use the grounding concept for cleansing. You should bury the crystal underground or in soil for about a day, then remove it. The concept ensures that the bad energies go back to the earth, the crystal’s origin.

Smudging and smoking- When you use smudging, you use the smoke from burned sage, incense, palo santo, lavender, rosemary, or sweetgrass for cleansing. You can also light a candle and wave the crystal over the smoke to cleanse it.

Using water- When you use water, hold the crystal under running soft water for some time to break it free from bad energies.

Using the moonlight- You can place your crystal under a full or new moon overnight. Moonlight gives the crystal feminine energies. A full moon gives the stone releasing energy, while a new moon gives it growth energy.

Using the sun- Place the crystal under the sun for it to gain masculine vibrations for abundance, vitality, and energy. This method should be used with precaution because blue fluorite is a soft stone. If you use sunlight, make sure you only expose the crystal for a short period to avoid crystal burn.

During meditation or when visualizing- To cleanse, you center yourself and ground your energies in a quiet and peaceful surrounding, then hold your blue fluorite in your dominant hand as you feel its vibrations. These two methods work hand in hand on an energy exchange concept.

Using other crystals- You can place your blue fluorite among other cleansing crystals like quartz and selenite for cleansing. However, place the crystals in such a way that they won’t scratch.

Using sound- Sound is an element associated with the throat chakra, the primary blue fluorite chakra, and that is why it is excellent for giving the crystal new energies.

You can use the sound from singing bowls, bowls, tuning forks, mantras, or chants to cleanse your blue fluorite. Just ensure that the sound vibrations are high enough and hold for some time. The vibrations will carry over the crystal and help cleanse it.

The best combinations to use with Blue Fluorite

Blue fluorite combines well with several crystals for energy amplification. When you combine different crystals, the most crucial thing is to know your intention. The best crystal combinations are the ones that do not have opposing but corresponding energies and vibrations.

We have highlighted different crystals that will work with this stone and what they will amplify below:

  • Since it is a stone for clarity, it will work well when paired with Carnelian or Citrine.
  • To help boost your ability to focus and concentrate, combine blue fluorite with Amethyst.
  • If you want to meditate with your blue fluorite, you can hold it together with clear quartz, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Celestine, and Selenite.
  • Pair blue fluorite with Red Jasper, Hematite, or Black Tourmaline to attain significant grounding energy.
  • Blue fluorite also works well with Lepidolite and Lithium Quartz to alleviate stress and anxiety.
  • Because blue fluorite is a crystal for the throat chakra, you can pair it with Aquamarine, Blue Kyanite, Blue Apatite, Blue Lace Agate, Azurite, and Blue Chalcedony. These crystals will look good together and also help you to open communication.
  • By pairing blue fluorite with Dumortierite, Purple Sapphire, Rhodonite, and Black Obsidian, you can also awaken your third eye chakra for more awareness and insights.
  • To amplify their similar energy vibrations, you can combine this stone with any other crystal of the fluorite family-green fluorite, purple fluorite, or golden fluorite.

Final Words

Blue fluorite can be an essential crystal addition to help you with different mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. It is one of the widely available fluorite crystals, and you can obtain it from different merchants.

Because of its blue hue and the ability to display different color variations under heat or light, you can find different jewelry pieces made from it. You are not limited to using the crystal only as jewelry. You can also use it in several ways we have highlighted.

Once you obtain the stone and continue using it, cleanse it for it to work at its full potential. Since the crystal may be confused with other crystals, especially of the same color, use the identification methods we provided to ascertain that your blue crystal is blue fluorite.

To boost its properties, try to pair it with our crystal recommendations for amplified vibrations.