Pink amethyst has always been considered a special crystal. Not only does it have amazing color and look unique, but it is also enhanced with all sorts of properties. Compared to other types of amethyst, it is one of the most recently discovered stones.

Scientists have spent plenty of time trying to figure out what gives it the unique pink hues, and it looks like the inclusions of hematite are responsible for it. To many, pink amethyst is a more feminine version of the classic purple one, but this is only a misconception.


Ever since it was discovered, pink amethyst has brought in a bunch of different meanings to different people. It depends on where it is used and what kind of properties it is appreciated for.

My Pink Amethyst geode, it is slight yellow

For instance, it has been constantly used in royal crowns and other types of jewelry. On a completely different note, people struggling with alcohol addiction also use pink amethyst as a sign of sobriety.

While other types of amethyst – especially the purple one – have been around for longer, pink amethyst is still trying to identify its actual meaning. This makes it a bit rare too, so it makes an amazing stone for anyone getting in touch with it.

People still expect pink amethyst to hide many secrets based on its metaphysical properties. It has not been thoroughly studied from this point of view, so there is plenty to discover. While its pink hues are intense, it is often associated with peace and calmness.

Pink amethyst is associated with comfort, especially during hard times – this is exactly why it has become a symbol of sobriety. However, new meanings and properties are discovered regularly, so there is much more to it.

The crystal was first discovered and mined in 2019, with many ongoing tests.


Like most crystals out there, pink amethyst has a series of meanings – some more obvious than others. It is used in jewelry because it is new and quite attractive, but it also has many metaphysical properties that can help whoever has the crystal nearby.

Pink amethyst
My Pink Amethyst geode, it is slight yellow

Physical Properties

Despite looking feminine and soft, pink amethyst is not too different from other types of amethysts. Just like other amethysts, its color is given by different inclusions. In this case, the crystal features hematite in its composition.

Pink amethyst has intense yet soft nuances of pink. They are not too vibrant but look amazing – some may compare them to rose quartz. In terms of hardness, the gemstone will not disappoint. Like other amethysts, it is considered a hard stone – rated at seven on Moh’s scale.

Given the hardness, pink amethyst is great for jewelry, as well as decorative items. However, since it is not as common as other amethysts, you would have to struggle to find such pieces. Besides, despite the hardness, it is much softer than a diamond – about 15 times softer.

With all these, it can crack or chip if not handled correctly – proper maintenance will make it last, though.

You are less likely to find pink amethyst in a raw form – at least in a large size. Most commonly, you will find it in jewelry pieces and small crystals kept around for their metaphysical properties. Large raw pieces are heavy and expensive.

The crystal has a high density, so even a small piece in size will still weigh a lot proportionally. Therefore, even if you find a large raw piece for sale, its weight will make the stone difficult to ship.

Unlike other amethysts, the pink variety is not that easy to find worldwide. Besides, since it is relatively new – just a few years on the market, it might be difficult to find it everywhere, even in the jewelry industry.

With time, chances are it will gain more notoriety. More deposits will probably be found in other parts of the world too. Indeed, it is a great stone regarding its physical properties, but it is a bit difficult to find.

Pink amethyst
My Pink Amethyst geode, it is slight yellow

Metaphysical Properties

Pink amethyst is feminine and considered a symbol of love. It makes an amazing gift for someone you love – plus, it is known to help strengthen bonds and relationships. On the same note, it is just as useful as a gift to someone who has lost a loved one.

Pink amethyst can help you realize that you are not alone and love is still there. It helps in terms of communicating feelings, and it boosts empathy – you can feel others’ emotions without actually feeling overwhelmed.

In other words, pink amethyst can heal the body, heart, and mind.

The fine pink in its composition makes this type of amethyst excellent for relaxation and calmness. It can release stress and tension. Should you feel overwhelmed with different difficulties, it helps keep your feelings under control.

Pink amethyst is also good for sleep – ideal for those with sleep-related problems due to stress. Given its calming effects, it is used in meditation or during prayers. It heals chakras and helps you connect with your inner help.

Based on all these, pink amethyst is the perfect stone to have around if you feel sad or angry.

Pink amethyst is commonly associated with high powers, so spiritual enlightenment is easier to achieve, regardless of your beliefs. Used during meditation, it will help with consciousness. In prayers, it connects to the spiritual plane. It can also help you figure out your actual purpose in life.

Happiness, peace, and love – all these things are strictly related to the heart chakra. Spiritually, pink amethyst is excellent for fixing your heart and feelings and protecting you against all sorts of negative emotions.

It can and will add to your intuition and your creative self. You can see things from a completely new perspective – it will open up your mind and allow you to solve potential problems without too much hassle.

Moving on, the crystal is thought to have protective properties, especially against emotional harm and trauma. Wear it in a piece of jewelry or keep some crystals around you, which will help against chronic tiredness, common headaches, and allergies.

The gemstone is just as useful against depression and anxiety.

What makes it stand out is the fact that it can work on three different chakras at the same time. This is quite unusual. Most gemstones will stimulate one chakra – pink amethyst is a bit different and works on three of them.

Generally speaking, a stone will choose the chakra based on its energy. To help you get an idea, green gemstones normally work well with the green chakra – the heart chakra. On the other hand, blue crystals are associated with the throat chakra, with a few exceptions.

Besides stimulating the heart chakra, pink amethyst works closely with the crown chakra and the third eye chakra. Its properties are more intense when it comes to the heart chakra, though, hence its capability to heal wounded hearts.

If you think you need help with one of these chakras, simply lay down on your bed or floor. Place the pink amethyst on the problematic area, focus and relax. If you do not have time for it, simply wear pink amethyst as jewelry or keep some crystals around you.

Based on all these, pink amethyst is a healer. It can balance things in your life and comfort you. All these properties work wonders on your heart, hence its association with the heart chakra – something quite common among other types of amethysts too.

It will annihilate your anxiety and can even help against physical problems. Pink amethyst is a good choice against stress-induced health problems. It will help against a bad nervous system, high blood pressure, and even gut disorders.

Where to Buy Pink Amethyst

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Pink Amethyst in Jewelry Uses

Pink amethyst is not very simple to find on the market. It is not the most common stone out there in terms of jewelry, but a little research can bring in some valuable items. Most commonly, you will find pink amethyst rings.

Again, amethyst has a high density, so it is heavy. Rings require small stones, so they are easy to ship. Such a ring can stand out with its gentle exposure. Even a glimpse of it will sparkle and draw some positive attention – given its properties, it should be worn on a daily basis.

On a different note, pink amethyst jewelry will go even further. Since it connects to the crown and third eye chakras, having it around your head and neck will work wonders due to its effects on stimulating such energies.

You will have an earring on each side of the head, so the balance is perfect. Plus, all amethysts can naturally balance things in your life. While more expensive than other stones, you will be able to tell the difference within hours only.

A necklace will be just as useful – it can be used as a pendulum too. Hanging around your neck, such a necklace will be close to your heart – and an energetic zone that pink amethyst strongly influences. If you are after healing your heart, a pink amethyst necklace will make the difference.

If physical healing is your main goal, you can keep it around your wrist with no issues whatsoever. This is one of the fastest ways to get those healing energies into your bloodstream. Keep the crystal by your wrist, and you will immediately experience the effects.

Blood pressure, stress, anxiety, issues with work, and even headaches can be kept under control with the balancing properties of pink amethyst. Keep it on your wrist throughout the day, and you will notice something different.

Since pink amethyst is a hard stone, there should be no issues. Look after it, and it will resist potential damage or scratches. Also, its hardness makes it suitable for all kinds of jewelry, with no restrictions.

Where Does Pink Amethyst Come From

Pink amethyst is not new at all. It is considered new though since proper mining has only started recently. But then, there are reports about it in history and it has been used to enhance royal crowns in the past.

Officially, the stone was discovered in 2019. It was initially found in Patagonia, Argentina. At the moment, the biggest deposit in the world is the one by the El Chiquada mine in this area. Experts believe there are more deposits worldwide, but they are still hidden.

These days, since all the pink amethyst in the world comes from this part of Argentina, the crystal is considered quite valuable. There are no doubts about it – it is a rare form of amethyst, which also keeps the price high.

How Much Is Pink Amethyst Worth

Since pink amethyst only comes from one part of the world, logistics add to the price. It comes from Argentina, so most shipments will add to the price. Furthermore, it depends on its form, size, and weight as well.

For instance, you should get ready to pay about $25 for a relatively small piece of pink amethyst – nice and well polished, though. The price goes up with the size of the stone. Raw pink amethyst is very heavy and rare – less likely to be found in commerce.

If you are after pink amethyst geode, you are likely to pay around $200 for a small piece. You can also find relatively large geodes – about the size of a football. However, they will most likely cost more than $1,000.

Everything is shipped from South America, and logistics can be an issue in this part of the world.

The metal used in the process will also add to the price if you are after pink amethyst jewelry. For example, a ring based on pink amethyst and silver will be cheaper than pink amethyst in the same size fitted on white gold.

How to Identify Pink Amethyst

Pink amethyst has a dusty rose or pale pink color given by the hematite. Moreover, pay attention to its surface, especially if you get a raw piece. It is supposed to have a glassy texture. Similar to rose quartz, these properties will make it easy to identify.

Pay attention to colors, too – you want to see color zoning and different nuances or intensities rather than just one color. Double check the stone and ensure there are no cracks – some fakes have dye injected through those cracks.

The hardness and weight are good indicators too. Normally, amethyst has a high density, so it feels heavy for its size. If you are not 100% sure about it, simply take it to a jeweler to have it tested – better than guesswork.

How to Use Pink Amethyst

Pink amethyst can be used in a few different ways. It depends on what you are after. Jewelry is probably your best bet if you only care about its attractive appearance and glassy gloss. You can find amethyst rings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, and so on.

On the same note, while more expensive, decorative items based on pink amethyst are also great.

Those interested in the metaphysical properties of pink amethyst will find it cheaper to use it. Sure, jewelry ensures you always have it on you. But on the same note, you can also get some decorative crystals around your home or office.

You can even buy small raw or polished crystals and keep them around you – in your pocket. Get a key chain with pink amethyst, for instance. Have a few crystals in your bedroom, by your bed – maybe hide them under the pillow.

The point is you have more options when using pink amethyst, which all depends on your personal needs and expectations. More spiritual people will do with a couple of crystals when they meditate or pray – more than enough to establish a connection.

If you feel like pink amethyst has an impressive effect on you and want it around you on a 24/7 basis, jewelry is probably the best choice. Earrings and bracelets are more common and likely to stick to you than brooches or pendants, which are mostly used for special occasions.

Can Pink Amethyst Go In Water

Some crystals can go in water – such as cleansing. Some people are more concerned about having them in their drinking water for cleansing purposes. Obviously, it does not imply swallowing the crystals but just purifying water.

Quartz family crystals are generally safe to go in your water. Amethyst is part of this family, so there are no issues whatsoever. Whether you want to purify your water or you simply need to cleanse the crystal, water will not affect it.

Crystals with copper in their composition or those ending with the suffix “ite” are considered unsafe.

How to Cleanse Pink Amethyst

Purple amethyst can cleanse by itself. Pink amethyst is different and cannot do it, apparently. If you want this crystal in your life for its metaphysical properties, you will need to keep it cleansed regularly – even when not in use. Make sure it is constantly recharged.

Bad and negative energies can contaminate crystals in the long run. While no physical issues exist, these bad energies can prevent crystals from providing their beneficial abilities. In other words, your energy can be compromised in the long run.

Generally speaking, pink amethyst should be cleansed once a month or whenever you feel like it.

You can bury your crystals in the garden and leave them for at least 24 hours – up to 48 hours. The earth will cleanse bad energies and recharge them. You can also do it faster – just hold it under running water for a good minute and dry it off. Effects are better if you use spring water in nature.

Moonlight is not to be overlooked either. Leave the crystal under the moonlight – make sure it is a full moon – and retrieve it in the morning. You can do it once a month. You can also meditate with the crystal – any ritual that makes sense to you will enhance it with positive energies.

You can make a cleansing solution yourself too. Use saturated saltwater and submerge the crystal. Leave it in this solution for about 24 hours. On the same note, you can come up with a bed of Himalayan salt and leave the pink amethyst on it – leave it for 48 hours to fully recharge.

Finally, pink amethyst can be cleansed with sage or sandalwood too. Get small pieces of wood and burn them over the crystals. You will need to use your mind’s eye and use the smoke to cleanse the crystals.

The Best Combination to Use With Pink Amethyst

Pink amethyst is considered a safe crystal. But on the same note, it is still being researched and discovered, so many things may not make sense right now. Just like other crystals, it can be used in a combo with different gemstones for even better results.

Most commonly, pink amethyst is used to create a love grid with other crystals working on the heart chakras. Therefore, you can use it with thulite, rose quartz, and rhodochrosite. It can create a loving ambiance, regardless of where you use this combo.

Final Words

In short conclusion, pink amethyst seems to be an extraordinary gemstone with numerous properties. The fun part is that many things have been discovered regularly since it was officially discovered in 2019.

While there are a few details about its metaphysical properties or effects on different chakras, there is still much more to discover. The good news is, at the moment, pink amethyst stands out with its beauty and amazing properties – whatever else is discovered will only be a bonus.