Some say that whenever we wish to amplify our sixth sense, look between our eyes. This may make sense, considering that is the location of the third eye chakra. But what exactly is this chakra? And what is its importance?

Don’t worry! In this article, we’ve covered everything related to the third eye chakra and how you can balance it with the use of the third eye chakra stone.

What’s the Third Eye Chakra?

The third eye chakra, alternatively known as the Ajna (In Sanskrit), is an energy center but primarily the home to your intuition. It is the chakra that links your inner knowledge with your subconscious. It is mainly associated with awareness, spiritual communication, concentration, perception, imagination, and an overall connection with the universe.

Developing and enhancing the qualities of the Ajna requires effort and intention to understand it, patience, and constant practice.

A balanced third eye chakra impels mental clarity, while a blocked or unbalanced one makes you more susceptible to the lack of distinct clarity and the inability to stay focused.

An unbalanced third eye chakra brings intense weariness that propagates or becomes evident in daily life.

What Causes an Unbalanced Third Eye Chakra?

The third eye chakra may become unbalanced in stressful situations. It may also result from negativity propelled to you, such as constant complainers, naysayers, and people who negatively criticize your suggestions or ideas.

You will likely observe certain signs in different trajectories with an unbalanced third eye chakra like lack of purpose, feelings of depression, cynicism, sleep disorders, the lack of ability to act on some of your best ideas, and repeated frustration. You may also feel like a failure or sense a lot of rejection.

The third eye chakra is strongly connected with the brain. Thus, its blockage may also result in various physical issues such as eye and ear problems, migraines, headaches, hormonal imbalance, and spinal cord issues.

But fear not!

Third eye chakra crystals can help you find vital energy to balance this chakra and revive its energies or vibrations.

What are Third Eye Chakra Stones?

Third eye chakra stones are crystals that assist with the opening or activating of a blocked or unbalanced third eye chakra. These powerful gems can turn your gaze inwardly for a more profound vision and rouse clairvoyant and psychic abilities. The best gemstones for the third eye chakra awaken, align, nurture, and balance it.

23 Must-have Third Eye Chakra Stones


Amethyst assists with improving spiritual development and giving more life to your awakening. It works by enriching intuition and readying the mind for different situations. This crystal does all it can to calm frustrations and give you peace of mind.

Amethyst is an awakener of psychic abilities; with this crystal, you can tap into the highest pinnacle of your being.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a glittery blue stone with gold shades, and it reflects truth and much awareness.  The stone is packed with energy for a wealthy soul and loves to bring about honest conversations with your intuitive self.

The stone will help you speak authentically and pull you into its solid visionary powers. It grants everything needed to awaken the most profound intellect, visualize clear perspectives, solve problems, and tap into your wisdom.


Sodalite is an effective stone for pulling the third eye chakra into its depths. It gets rid of negativity and boosts positivity, which helps with insight connection.

Being logical is necessary for human intuition, and sodalite gives that balance needed for looking at different situations without being carried away. This is the go-to crystal if you struggle with emotions that may make you not analyze challenging circumstances critically.


Labradorite is a transformation stone and a connector to the greater universe. It helps make wise transitions for different situations, gives an inner power, and is ideal for making the bigger picture and self-awareness. Moreover, it can do all this with a cloak of protection to guard against confusion.


Moonstone is a stone for new beginnings, inner growth, and strength. It is an emotional stress reliever and keeps feelings of feeling unstable away. These are factors that contribute to an unbalanced third eye chakra. Moonstone also creates calm-mind situations and is an opener to your most profound intuition.


Citrine is bright and sunny; thus, it has glorious and golden vibes. These qualities make citrine the stirrer of creativity, passion, and confidence. These traits contribute to a more profound sense of wisdom and self to bring forth a sense of decisiveness and robust insight.


An open third eye chakra fine-tunes the ability to visualize, which is what azurite helps with. It can help you tap into psychic abilities and also invite cosmic connections. Azurite is also an emotional cleanser and will be a reminder about how you are the source of your wisdom. The stone also equips you better to speak your truths and own your power.

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is an all-rounded stone, but when used for the third chakra, it gives the sense of embracing your wisdom. You will need this stone if you want to rid yourself of toxic vibes or shine your aura brighter. It is a breaker of negative attachments and a stone that helps with seeing further for assistance to go forward.


Common indicators of an unbalanced third eye chakra are depression and anxiety, which can keep you from higher thinking. But lepidolite can help open the third eye chakra to keep these feelings away. In addition, the stone can help balance hormonal cycles to stabilize your body, mind, and soul.

Purple Sapphire

Purple sapphire translates to a more professional support stone for the third eye chakra. It is an epitome of wise leadership and also a giver of honest but genuine opinions. It is an excellent stone for business people or entrepreneurs.

Additionally, it possesses a calming effect for distractive or chaotic mental situations. It also negates unnecessary worry, curbs emotional instability, and deals with an inferiority complex.


An open or balanced third chakra helps you stay in tune with your spirituality and be mentally aware to a high level. These two things require stable emotions, forgiving yourself, and self-love. They also need that you steer away from codependency and confusing situations.

Rhodonite is a well-rounded crystal for all these situations because it is a compassion stone and an emotional balancer.

Purple Tourmaline

Purple tourmaline is a crystal with a very high affinity for the third eye chakra. It is said to enhance intuitive abilities significantly and deepen your creative skills. You cannot have a balanced third eye chakra if you constantly encounter negative outside entities. But you can use purple tourmaline to eliminate these entities within your energy field.

Purple Fluorite

This crystal reflects the rainbow and contains swirls of rich violet shades. Purple fluorite is a stone of mental excellence and will sharpen your state of mind for you to lead a more precise and purposeful life.

It will help you loosen any blocks hindering you from being creative and invite you to have more valid dreams, confidence, and a robust inner belief. That is how the crystal helps you to propel forward and live your life satisfactorily.


Celestite elevates the spirit and has a meaning of mental clarity- it will help you work on reaching your higher purpose. It clears the mind of resentment, anger, and constant bad moods, making it a solid gem for better expression and getting rid of feeling overwhelmed. It invites you to process your emotions for mental strength and wisdom properly.

Blue Opal

Blue opal enhances intuition and communication by opening up the mind. It also promotes vision and insight, linking your creative self with your imagination and inspiration. With this stone, you will communicate your ideas more firmly and boldly.


Selenite propels you to live fully by giving you significant mental clarity. It works closely with the Ajna to keep the chakra’s energy open and flowing for you to receive the messages the universe provides. It is also a sublime spiritual guide usable for aura cleansing. The gem is also believed to help awaken your conscious state and clarity.

Black Tourmaline

The third eye chakra is crucial for general well-being and needs significant protection. Black tourmaline offers that protection. Through the stone’s defense, you tap into more focus and have a more defined, clear, and balanced mind.

If you feel safe, you become more solid with life and are even more sure of where you stand in the world. Ultimately, you shift from survival mode into higher thinking and more profound wisdom.


Turquoise may be a traveler’s talisman, but its lush colors are true for third eye chakra awakening. This crystal calls for abundance, luck, and calmness. Turquoise washes away all worries and anxieties in exchange for the gift of your voice’s courage.

The crystal will give you inner truth, wisdom, and more profound communication from its vibrance of higher thinking.


Kyanite is the stone for whenever you need a shift in your viewpoints or to embrace your spiritual support. It gently helps with self-discovery and will welcome you to engage with deep meditation when you need time and space.

It is an excellent sharpener of memory skills and a higher sense of logical thinking for whenever you are faced with problems that seem out of proportion or emotionally challenging.

Tiger’s Eye

This stone symbolizes courage, bravery, and strength. These are crucial requirements for promoting vitality and taking charge of your inner power and emotional hindrances. Tiger’s eye will grant you mental clarity and can intensely stimulate psychic qualities and abilities to attune you with higher energies for decision making and empowerment.


Jasper is a supreme nurturing crystal, and it will offer you the support you need during stressful times. Remember, stress emanates from an unbalanced third eye chakra. But jasper will give you tranquility and a feeling of wholeness.

Moreover, jasper is considered a crystal that provides a robust sense of well-being and magnifies that feeling.


Lolite Stone

Do you often get led by spur-of-the-moment feelings? They are a standard indicator of an unbalanced or blocked third eye chakra. But lolite is all about balancing and toning overly heightened emotions to the right level. Lolite is also a crystal of glorious exploration and balances masculine and feminine energies.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz oozes transparency and purity from its outward appearance. Its usage further passes these vibrations to give a distinct connection with the spiritual world and gives clear-headed knowledge.

As an amplifying stone, clear quartz strengthens intuition when combined with any other third eye chakra stone.

How to Use Third Eye Chakra Stones?

To open up your intuition, perception, and awareness doors;

  • Tap into the crystal’s energies by wearing them as jewelry closer to the third eye chakra.
  • Carry the crystals in your outfit’s pocket, purse, or handbag.
  • Place the stones in a spot within your commonly used space. For example, place third eye chakra crystals on your work desk or make a protection grid by placing different crystals around your house.
  • When meditating, place the crystal of choice on the third eye chakra and begin to focus your attention. While at it, visualize a continuous white light removing clutter from parts that make up the third eye chakra.
  • As you sleep, place the crystal under the pillow to awake your visions
  • During yoga practice, do asanas that open up the third eye chakra, such as the child’s, lotus, and eagle pose, and have the crystal(s) placed near you on the yoga mat.
  • Practice word affirmations about wisdom and purpose while holding third eye chakra stones.

Final Thoughts

Cultivating a link between your mind, physical self, and spirit empowers you, helps you see who you are, and makes you more confident and optimistic. You excellently achieve that if you keep your third eye chakra open and balanced. One way to do that is to use Ajna healing crystals.

Now that you know the best stones for this and how to utilize them, it is time to kick off a life full of bliss.