It is common to use crystals to boost our energy and infuse positive vibrations in our homes, offices, and other frequently-visited areas. There are also other reasons for which crystals are in demand. One of them is protection while traveling. Although it is not easy to think of, there are crystals for your car protection. 

For you, driving is enjoyable. However, there are days when you face road rage, traffic congestions, awful weather, or crowded crossroads. These factors tend to instill negative energy in your car while you are on the go. Here, just as in your office or home, your car requires brisk protection from this unwanted energy. 

This is where crystals can help to protect your car, yourself, and the passengers from negative energy. They are also essential for travelers having travel sickness.

One of the simplest ways to have protective crystals close to you throughout the day is to have them in your car. Crystals for car protection are the chosen ones that boost protection from negative energy when you are unsure of the environment or are in the car of your friend, relative, or colleague. 

Many healing crystals discard negative energy, especially during travel or long journeys. So, which are these crystals? How to use them? This post answers straightaway!

Top Crystals Recommended for Your Car

Black Obsidian

black obsidian

Black obsidian is highly protective, as it is known to fragment negative energy, instill positive thinking, decrease uncertainty while driving on a new or long road, and boost intuition for detecting danger before it attacks. This quasi-crystal is also ideal if you are inside a public vehicle or someone else’s car. It is perhaps the best crystal to feel safe in a foreign environment due to its comprehensive energy-amplifying ability. 

Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline stone

Black tourmaline is another black crystal known for traveling protection. Generally, black stones are considered ideal for protection from negative energy. This stone is known to discard negative energy from any vehicle nearby apart from your car. Used for activating the base or the root chakra, this stone can make you feel relaxed during stressful times or rough weather, for example, when other vehicles on the road tend to irritate you or when you are on a rough driving trail. It is also likely to never make you feel lost while driving.


Shungite is known for its robust protective power. Unlike other stones, shungite has a distinct structure featuring hollow carbon cages that can absorb and transform unsafe EMFs originating from phone towers. It can support grounding and stability both of which are essential for driving on a long route, and instill harmony to retain a tidy energy field in your vehicle.

Clear Quartz

clear quartz

As the name suggests, clear quartz is known to provide superb clarity and healing powers. It can purify your aura, due to which it is in this list of car protection while driving. Just as other crystals in the list, clear quartz can discard negative energy for you to drive smoothly and energetically. Specifically, this stone boosts focus for you to be alert and keeps confusion away at crowded crossroads. When freshly charged, it is known to stimulate the crown chakra, due to which an accident is less likely to happen. 


Turquoise Beads

This one is an ancient healing crystal regarded as the protector of those who wear it from environmental pollution. In the olden days, it was treated as an unmatched stone for use during trips and travels. It can bring clarity, protect while walking, increase your intuition and awareness, eliminate negativity, and defend against evil. Just holding this crystal tight can protect you when negative energy seems to creep around. The stone is known to facilitate accident-free driving, and awaken intuitive energy to communicate effectively while driving. You may even experience a boost in your focus and concentration powers.



Howlite is considered an ideal stone for keeping the impact of motion sickness and nausea at bay. It calms your nerves and soothes discomfort when your stomach simply cannot adjust to the traveling environment. The way it can influence you to restore calmness can even keep road rage away. During the journey, howlite can stabilize your vision so that you can look at the positive side of your journey. By stimulating the crown chakra, this stone can help you stay alert and focused while driving. 



This spiritual stone, typically used for communicating with the spirit guides, is also used for feeling a sense of security while in your car. You are likely to feel safe due to the warm energy of this stone. Known to stimulate the higher chakras, amethyst triggers intuition that impulsively comes in while sleepy at the time of driving. Its physical contact is likely to prevent accidents.

Tiger’s Eye

red tigers eye

Tiger’s Eye is known to improve concentration, due to which you can remain focused and alert while driving. It is recommended for new drivers who tend to seek confidence without getting overwhelmed by the traffic rush or driving speed. Tiger’s Eye is also known to retain energy and a fresh feeling after a long journey. 


carnelian stone

This crystal is known to boost the focus to prevent any injury or accident while driving. It can also safeguard from mishaps due to someone else’s faults or the environment.

Smoky Quartz

This crystal is known to calm any unpleasant rage, ground while driving, convert negativity into positive energy, and defend in dark and distant places. It also protects from the symptoms of motion sickness.



This stone is known to protect you from distractions and prevent car accidents, and facilitate taking quick decisions while driving. Thus, it is recommended for worried travelers and distracted drivers. Its calming energy can calm hot-tempered drivers. 


selenite stones

Consider this stone to take away the negative energy of passengers. It will be your companion to protect you from the low vibrations of someone who enters your car.


This green stone protects you from traveling dangers and keeps you alert only if it is well charged before starting the car.



This stone can offer complete protection and render physical as well as mental stability. It can keep anxiety and nervousness at bay if used for a long time. 

Using Crystals for Car Protection

Prior to putting any of these crystals in your car, it is necessary to cleanse your car to remove dust, unwanted items, and accumulated negative energy. If not done, these items may seize unwanted negative energy. Lastly, consider implementing sage smudging inside the car to welcome a new energetic journey. 

After cleaning your car, it is time to clean the chosen protective crystal to discard any left-behind energy, which may have come from the former store or the owner. Some of the effective and easy ways to do so are cleansing with water, smudging with sage, and putting in the sunlight or moonlight. 

However, it is worth following the cleansing process recommended for the chosen crystal (search online). This is because some crystals are not water-friendly, while some lose color when in the sun. 

Now, you can put your pure crystals in different areas of your car for getting a myriad of benefits such as protection, clarity in thoughts, concentration, and calming energies. It is recommended to hide a few stones under the seat of the passenger or driver so that others in the car are not curious to touch them to dissipate their good energy. However, this depends on the crystal you are using, as some crystals are always recommended for specific places. 

  • Placing under the driver’s seat, such as black tourmaline, to protect anyone who is driving from road rage and any negative energy.
  • Placing under the passenger’s seat, such as selenite, to cleanse the passenger’s vibrations 
  • Hanging on your car mirror such as amethyst and black tourmaline crystal necklaces for great clarity and protection to all inside the car while driving; crystal necklaces for ideal rearview mirror accessory known to instill great energetic powers in the middle and in the front.
  • Placing in the middle console, such as clear quartz or turquoise, to render a protective shield when charged with your safety affirmations and smooth driving intention; turquoise is ideal only for this placement due to its fire energy. 
  • Using a keychain of a crystal, such as clear quartz or smoky quartz, to absorb the healing properties throughout the journey; citrine known to promote positive signs of our desire.
  • Placing it in a glove box, such as amethyst, tiger’s eye, or carnelian, for a safe and smooth journey, especially on longer trips.

Final Words

Crystals for car protection are effective while you are driving. Learning about different crystals is essential to maximize their major effects. Black tourmaline and black obsidian are super protective, while amethyst and selenite are super positive. As per the benefits you wish to get, consider putting the chosen crystals in different car areas to boost their healing powers.