Blue Onyx: The Definitive Guide to Meaning, Properties, Uses

blue onyx

Since ancient times, gemstones have been an attraction for many. From individuals, psychics, shamans and healers. People will often invest in them for their beauty, but their properties and benefits surpass beauty. They are believed to possess strong properties, energies, powers and are also associated with healing properties. Gemstones occur in different varieties but let … Read more

Blue Chalcedony: The Ultimate Guide to Meaning, Properties, Uses

blue chalcedony

In a modern world where the everyday fashion world is being accustomed to new designs and unique looks, people have also started using gemstones for adding more charm to their looks other than their lucks. Gemstones are natural stones consisting of minerals that only enhances the outer beauty but also has lasting positive effects in … Read more

Blue Spinel: The Ultimate Guide to Meaning, Properties, Uses

blue spinel

When most women consider blue engagement rings, they are under the belief that each one the stones topping a jewel of the type is sapphires. That’s a fair and justified premise whatsoever, the sapphire is the stone associated with the color blue. But this assumption might be wrong. There’s another unsung hero on the planet … Read more