The use of crystals and gemstones is not a new concept. It has been prevalent since ancient times, and it still is. Crystal healing is one of the ways through which people believe they can benefit as it is considered to be an alternative form of therapy. Crystals and gemstones have long been believed to possess unique abilities and powers vital for physical and emotional healing.

Many reckon that they have energy patterns and extraordinary resonance, which give them their special properties. Crystals and gemstones will be invested in for their beautiful qualities and the many other benefits that they offer. Individual crystals have individual and special energies for different aspects but, how exactly can a particular crystal help you? In this article, we will give you a detailed breakdown of the dumortierite crystal and the help it can offer you.


Dumortierite got its meaning by being named after Dumortier, a French paleontologist.

It is a very powerful stone that is very useful for anyone who does psychic works. It is the stone of tranquility and tolerance. It brings patience, stirs positivity, calmness, and mental discipline. It is a stone of communication that will help anyone with their idea verbalization and the ability to speak out.

Dumortierite is associated with several attributes, such as unlocking the third eye and throat chakras. Its blue color induces relaxation and a feeling of harmony. It also has the ability to enhance one’s intellect. It is mainly linked with the Virgo and Leo zodiac signs and it is also considered to be the December birthstone.


Just like other crystals and gemstones, dumortierite possesses both physical and metaphysical properties.

Physical Properties

Dumortierite has a very deep blue color which is unusual and highly attractive. There are varieties that can appear to be pink, violet, blue, blue-green, greenish, or brown. Its colors will usually be unevenly distributed, and that is why some parts will show light to dark color variations. The impurities within the stone give it a blue color.

Natural Dumortierite Beads
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Its massive violet and blue material will occur in pieces that weigh several pounds. Even though it is not often used as a gemstone as it lacks clarity, its hardness is relatively good. It has a Moh scale hardness of 8-8.5. However, its massive varieties may have a hardness of 7.

It has a splintery or uneven fracture and has a refractive index of 1.668-1.723.

Dumortierite stones may have a waxy, vitreous, dull luster. Most of the stones are opaque, but there are some that are very rare whose appearance will be kind of translucent.

Physical Healing Properties

Dumortierite has very powerful healing energies that will help you with aches, pains, and different illnesses. This stone is thought to be very beneficial for hypersensitivity, headaches, epilepsy, nausea, diarrhea, cramping, colic, and vomiting.

Placing the stone on an area affected by sunburn will cause it to heal, and it can heal skin disorders as well.

It can help calm body inflammations and inflammatory reactions caused by allergies or illnesses. Just hold the stone and focus on calming your inflammation.

If you are faced with intestinal problems, gallbladder issues, a painful throat, motion sickness, pregnancy issues, and operations, consider using dumortierite on your body.

The stone will also help in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. Additionally, suppose you are on a journey to achieving your ideal weight. In that case, it will help you in the regulation of your body’s metabolism and also help you with any endocrine issues.

Metaphysical Properties

The stone has highly captivating psychic abilities ranging from simple actions like better remembrance of one’s dreams, astral projection, channeling, connections with higher realms, and even synchronies.

Dumortierite Earrings
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Dumortierite is considered to be a good luck stone for achieving wealth and good fortune and is very helpful, especially for those that wish to start a business.

This stone will raise your intuitive side and intellectual capacity. Use this stone to help you overcome shyness and enhance your communication with others. 

For those who feel mentally foggy, unable to concentrate or focus, its energy will offer much support by helping you collect your thoughts.

Dumortierite enhances clairaudience when placed behind the ear, and it can also unlock your Causal Chakra (past life chakra) to enable you to activate any past memories.

When the stone’s powers have imbued you, you will realize that you have increased personal memory, and your mind will also be able to understand and retain any new information directed to you.

If you wish to increase your mental capacity and keep your mind in check, this is one of the best stones that you can get for yourself. It will help you confidently stand for yourself and offer you help as you work towards adapting to a functional reality. It will offer you patience and courage, activate your instincts for self-preservation and build up immense self-confidence.

Dumortierite fosters feelings of security and stability.

Whenever you are in contact with the spirit or angelic guides, it will enable you to be more receptive. It connects with your innate wisdom, and it will reveal your archetypal eternal self.

It calms hyperactivity, promotes detachment, and also opens you up for joy and self-love. Ultimately, you will feel younger at heart, enhance your inner and outer beauty and maintain a constructive attitude.

If you have faced or are faced with traumatic situations or a crisis, it will offer you calmness and gear you up to see the tools that will help you cope with such situations.

Employ this stone to keep you focused on the attainment of the goal(s) of whatever kind or type. It will give you clarity for the recognition of new opportunities.

Do you wish to cut ties with people or things that you no longer work with? Consider using it. It breaks co-dependency cycles, and it will enable you to realize that you can and have control over your behaviors and whatever happens in your life.

It will deepen meditation through its ability to create feelings of connection and oneness and the expansion of your conscious awareness.

Where to buy Dumortierite

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Dumortierite in jewelry uses

Being a beautiful and hard stone, dumortierite is particularly suitable for making elegant jewelry. Wear dumortierite jewelry like a necklace, bracelet, anklet, pendant, earrings, or even an everyday ring. Use it on ornamental carvings like animal cameos and small figurines. 

Dumortierite  Ring
Deep Blue Dumortierite Cabochon Ring. See it on Etsy

Dumortierite jewelry will help you benefit from the stone’s powers mainly because it is in contact with your skin. You will therefore have an enhanced ability to tap into its energies as there will be no obstructions. If you wish to clean your jewelry of this stone, use soapy water with a soft brush or cloth. Even though the crystal is hard, make sure that you are gentle when cleaning. Too much friction may damage the stone. Rinse the jewelry thoroughly and leave no soap residue as this can affect its appearance. Do not use household or industrial chemicals on the jewelry.

Store your dumortierite jewelry separate from other gemstones as they can scratch and destroy it. You can wrap it in a soft cloth and keep it in a fabric-lined box.

Where does Dumortierite come from

Dumortierite belongs to the silicate minerals class and is a hydroxide of aluminum borate-silicate. The stone may exist in prismatic crystals, or it can occur to be granular, fibrous, massive, or columnar. The massive or columnar form is the most common type, but it can also be formed as a radiating aggregate. You will mostly find it in rich aluminum metamorphic rocks and also in some pegmatites.

Massive dumortierite can usually be carved into beads, cabochons, spheres, eggs, and sculptures. Cabochon is chiefly the known form, and faceted stones are very rare. 

Its fibrous inclusions have been traced in Brazilian stones that are transparent. Some facetable material and its transparent reddish-brown stones have been found in Sri Lanka. These gems will usually be very tiny (under 1-2 carats). There are only a few dumortierites that are faceted that exist. 

The Arizona dumortierite is a quartz-impregnated variety. France, Minas Gerais, Brazil, and Madagascar also have facetable bluish-green material. You will also find some violet gem material in Pershing County, Nevada. 

Its deposits will also be found in other countries rich in pegmatites like Namibia, Russia, Poland, Austria, and the USA.

How much is Dumortierite worth

Mainly, the worth of dumortierite is determined by its availability, size of the crystal, and color. It is a very hard crystal and is also very hard to find. Due to these factors, it may not be easily available in crystal stores for your purchase. If you get your hands on an actual stone, it can be high-priced due to its rarity. Large crystals will be expensive compared to smaller ones. You may, however get it from special gemstone dealers. 

Because of its desirable color, some sellers will also give it a high price compared to other blue crystals from the same mineral form. When dumortierite is used in high-grade porcelain manufacturing the artifacts or equipment can be pricy.

Dumortierite can be found as a Quartz inclusion as dumortierite Quartz. A dumortierite quartz stone is usually clear and has some components of dumortierite. This combination is, however extremely rare, and thus, it will also be expensive. Blue Dumortierite can be easily obtained and will therefore be a bit cheaper. 

How to use Dumortierite

Carry the stone around in your wallet, purse, or pocket throughout the day to attune to a piece of higher knowledge as you tap into its powers and energies.

Keep the stone within your environment. You can place it in a safe area in your home or office. Place it next to you as you study for any tests to set your intentions and for you to be reminded of what mission you are set to acquire. You can also put it in a plant. Its intuitive energy will be released to fill your environment. 

Meditate with your dumortierite stone over your third eye chakra or hold it and feel how powerful this stone can be. Accompany your meditation with words of affirmations to amplify the crystal’s energies.

When you place it on your personal auric field, you will be able to balance the energies that your body releases and also concentrate them.

Wear jewelry made from this stone to impact your inner self positively.

Dumortierite vs. Sodalite

Dumortierite can sometimes be mistaken for other ornamental stones like sodalite. This is because synthetic or natural sodalite can appear to be typically blue like other blue stones, especially the dumortierite. Sodalite will have lots of white. Blue sodalite will usually have more white portions, and its density is much lighter. Dumortierite often has a lighter and a darker shade of blue. It will mostly have white veins instead of patches and does not have any gold flecks. Other variances of sodalite can be colorless, yellowish, reddish, or greenish, while other dumortierite varieties will be pink, violet, blue, blue-green, greenish, or brown.

Sodalite has a Mohs scale hardness of between 5.5 -6, and thus, it is not as hard as dumortierite, whose hardness is between 7-8.5. Sodalite is therefore easy to cut.

Dumortierite will occur in rich aluminum metamorphic rocks and also in some pegmatites while sodalite occurs in nepheline syenites or other related rock types.

Sodalite has isometric crystallography, while dumortierite has an orthorhombic one. Sodalite crystals can be granular or massive like those of dumortierite.

Dumortierite has a splintery or uneven fracture and has a refractive index of 1.668-1.723. Sodalite has an uneven conchoidal fracture with a refractive index of 1.483-1.487.

Dumortierite stones may have a waxy, vitreous, to dull luster. Most of the stones are opaque, but some are very rare and will be kind of translucent. Sodalite has a vitreous or greasy luster and will usually be transparent to opaque in appearance.

How to cleanse Dumortierite

Cleansing crystals is an important part of their care. Because of the continuous use, crystals and gemstones get saturated with unwanted or negative energies after healing. From time to time, they need their energies, vibrations, and powers refreshed and recharged for them to function properly or as required. It is no different. There are several ways and methods to use when cleansing your dumortierite, and they include;


This is a safe and easy way to cleanse dumortierite. Simply waft it over smoke from burning incense, sweetgrass, sage, cedar, or palo santo.

Using other Crystals

A Quartz crystal will usually enhance dumortierite powers. Place the stone in contact with, or wear it together with clear quartz. This way, the Quartz crystal will help get rid of any unwanted energies and vibrations within the stone.

Placing the stone in a glass or bowl filled with tumbled hematite stones for about a day will also reenergize it. Place dumortierite on Selenite clusters or a Selenite slab for it to be cleansed and recharged.

Using light from the sun, moon, or the night sky

Place the stone under the sun for about a day. However, get it out when the sun is too hot for a few hours. You can also place the stone strategically overnight for maximum moonlight illumination. Both the sun and moon will help cleanse and purify your stone. The night’s sky gives off light from the many constellations, the stars, and celestial bodies. These lights can help in cleansing your crystal. Just hold or place it in an area with a full supply.

Using fire

Cleanse your dumortierite by holding it over a burning candle for a few seconds. Make sure not to overexpose the stone to too much heat since its color may be permanently damaged.

Using water

To radiate new energies, vibrations, and powers for your dumortierite stone, run it under lukewarm water. Soaking it in water that has petals from honeysuckle, orange blossoms, or roses for some time will also rid it of any negative energies and vibrations. You can opt to cleanse the stone in a river, stream, or ocean. Some people will keep in outside when there is a rainstorm.

Using earth energies

Bury your dumortierite crystal in soil or under the earth for the earth elements to absorb any negative energies within the stone. Let it remain under for at least 24 hours.

Using sea salt

In a bowl of water, add a teaspoon of sea salt and place the crystal in the water. Ensure that it is submerged. Allow the crystal to bathe in the saltwater for about a day to refresh the energies to the maximum. A saltwater solution washes away any accumulated negative energies and recharges them with positive ones. 

Using flower essential oil mists and flower essences

Add a drop or two of essential oils such as sandalwood, cedarwood, ylang-ylang, lavender, or citrus to water. Put the water in an atomizer and mist the solution on your crystal.

When cleaning your dumortierite stone, choose one of the methods above that you feel will be the most effective and convenient for you.

The best combinations to use with Dumortierite

Dumortierite will work very well on its own, but it can also be combined with any other crystals or gemstones you may have, and as a result, the energies and healing abilities will be nicely balanced or enhanced. 

Dumortierite is a stress buster, and due to this, its powers will be amplified by combining or pairing it with Bronzite. Together, they will bring you harmony and assist you in moments that you may feel hopeless.

When you need to boost your willpower, you can pair the stone with Sardonyx, Sunstone, or Iron Pyrite.

Combining dumortierite with Purple Amethyst, Hematite, Staurolite, Rainforest, Astrophyllite, or Jasper will be highly effective to help you beat any addictions that challenge you.

Pairing dumortierite with Covellite will help you boost your organization. The stones will help you in understanding procedures and will keep your ideas and thought processes in check.

Consider pairing dumortierite with Clear Quartz. This will mainly help in cleansing it to keep its energies and vibrations strong and clear and help in energy amplification.

Dumortierite is a strong psychic stone. A combination of it and Pearl is excellent for enhancing psychic abilities and powers. The pair will help tarot readers in their interpretations and accuracy. Psychic protection stones like Black Tourmaline, Amber, and Sugilite will also be great pairings for dumortierite.

To help with your mental capacity and state, combine it with Blue Azurite or Blue Sapphire. When combined with Carnelian, they will cast off feelings of laziness and ultimately boost your physical energy while sharpening your mental processes.

You can restructure your DNA by combining it with Golden Rutilated Quartz or Prehnite.

Consider combining it with other stones or crystals that stimulate the third eye chakra, such as Lapis Lazuli stones, Aurichalcite, or Lazulite.

The usage of crystals and gemstones will definitely benefit you in one way or another. Dumortierite, the specific crystal highlighted here, is no different, and it possesses its own unique powers, abilities, and energies. Natural dumortierite is very rare, but several forms of the crystal can be found in several places.

Final Words

Being one of the beautiful crystals, jewelers use it to make a variety of jewelry pieces or ornaments. You can benefit from the healing energies of this crystal by using it in a variety of ways, as discussed above. When in search of this stone, you will need to be very careful as it can be confused with the sodalite crystal. Always ensure that you cleanse the energies of your dumortierite crystal for them to be refreshed and recharged. 

Just like other crystals and gemstones will be paired with others for energy amplification, you can combine or use your dumortierite with very many different gemstones and crystals. If you have been searching for calmness, positivity, patience, or even mental clarity, get yourself this valuable stone and watch it do its magic.