People like aesthetically pleasing things. That is a fact. Humans tend to be enamoured with lovely scenery, stunning paintings, elegant buildings, and even get a bit awestruck by fellow beautiful humans. People just like pretty and glamorous stuff.

A beautiful thing that people like and can’t get enough of are gemstones. These are incredibly popular due to its aesthetic properties and charm. People, especially women, like adding these dazzling and gleaming stones to their collection.

They mostly want them on their pieces of jewelry and display pieces, adding a bit more of life and allure to themselves and their homes. One of the more famous gemstones available in the market is Blue Aventurine. 

Blue Aventurine is a member of the quartz family that has healing properties and can be used to calm and ease the mind from stress and anxiety. Blue Aventurine has such a long list of uses that makes it quite in demand and popular to gemstone collectors. If you are interested in more facts, continue reading to find everything that you might need to know about this gemstone.


Blue Aventurine is a mineral that is made up of silicon dioxide. It came from the big family of Aventurines, with Green being the most common type. It also forms in orange, yellow, purple, red, silver-grey, and of course, blue. 

The stone is quite translucent and contains small flake-like shaped inclusions of Mica and aventurescence that gives it a reflective, shining and glistening effect. The shimmering stone’s quality is how it got its name—derived from all’avventura or a ventura. This Italian word means ‘by chance’ and at the same time, refers to a 1700s Italian glass produced due to a worker accidentally dropping metal filings on melting glass. That accident created a product that has iridescent sparkles, which is quite similar to Aventurine in appearance.

The Blue Aventurine stimulates a person’s third eye, widening their understanding and leading them to higher spiritual guidance. The stone can tap into someone’s interdimensional potential and unlock their intuitive and psychic abilities that were previously locked. 

It also has elements of water and wind working together to create a stone that can ease both the mind and the heart. The crystal embodies strength and honors peace and kindness. It encourages honest communication and helps someone speak their heart and mind. It empowers the courage to go through change and take on responsibility. 

Blue Aventurine has incredible uses that can genuinely help someone in turmoil. Suppose you experience a particular imbalance within yourself or have trouble with being honest or trustworthy. In that case, you might want to add this stone to your collection as it can help you find that internal peace again. 


Blue Aventurine has two kinds of properties, similar to other gemstones. It has physical properties and metaphysical ones.

Physical Properties

This gemstone is crystalline or translucent quartz that has sparkling reflections and a glistening shine. It comes in crystallized large masses that are often molded into smaller pieces to include in jewelry pieces or figurines. 

Aventurines vary in color, which is mostly due to the existence of minerals in their microcrystalline quartz. It gives the stone both their metaphysical properties and color. What makes aventurine blue is mainly because of the Dumortierite inclusion in the quartz.

Dumortierite created layers of beautiful patterns of the line that are deep and azure blue, accentuating the light grey background. The blue color may range from light to intense, oceanic blue. 

The stone’s hardness is at seven and has a luster of dull vitreous. Blue Aventurine came from a class of Tectosilicate. It is also distinguished by its occurrence, specific gravity, conchoidal fracture, and refractive index. 

Metaphysical Properties

As for the metaphysical properties of Blue Aventurine, it mainly exemplifies and harnesses the energy that comes from both your throat chakras and third eye. The stone’s vibration can enhance psychic abilities and potential. Using the stone for meditation can allow you to connect with your inner self, as well as to bring forth to consciousness your psychic gifts and abilities. 

Everyone has psychic abilities, just that majority doesn’t have access to it. By placing the stone under your pillow every night will pass its vibrations into your subconscious, allowing you to touch and tap your inner spiritual abilities. You will have a better chance of accessing the spiritual realm.

Aside from enhancing psychic abilities, Blue Aventurine also improves communication skills. This stone will allow you to be more open to others and yourself. It will attract energies of prosperity and abundance that will help increase the chances of acquiring positive results in a situation. 

Blue Aventurine is also a powerful mental healer. The stone can diffuse negative energy and make them positive. As our mind tends to release negative feelings and thoughts, the stone will counter that by helping you remove them. This gemstone is useful for conquering self-criticism, cynicism, and pessimism. 

This stone is also good for stimulating creativity, independence, and intellect. It will help increase your inner strength and self-discipline, as well as assist you in making firm decisions. It embodies responsibility and stability. By using Blue Aventurine, you can enhance your leadership skills as it helps improve decision-making abilities and intuition.

This stone doesn’t focus on spiritual and mental healing, though, this stone can also provide physical healing benefits. It is said to be good for easing migraines, sleepiness, and headaches. It can assist in addressing the hormonal imbalance, especially for those who are having trouble conceiving. It is also believed that it can help with issues regarding concentration, mental focus, and hyperactivity. 

Blue Aventurine also has benefits for relationships. This stone encourages honesty, compassion, and peace, which are all essentials if you are looking to start or keep a relationship with another person. It enhances your communication skills, helping you talk more clearly and effectively, which will save you from misunderstandings that can result in a fight. This stone helps in dissolving bad habits such as drug or alcohol addiction, smoking, or negative traits such as aggressiveness, overreaction, and selfishness.

Blue Aventurine has such useful benefits and metaphysical properties that can help you live a happier and more peaceful life. 

Where to buy Blue Aventurine

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Blue Aventurine as Jewelry

Blue Aventurine, like other types of gemstones, can also be added or made into pieces of jewelry. It can be used on a bracelet, necklace, brooches, cufflinks, rings, and earrings. Styling yourself with jewelry adorned with Blue Aventurine will undoubtedly be beneficial to you both aesthetically and mentally.

Adding Blue Aventurine to your fashion style will surely glam up your entire outfit! It will bring additional shimmer and sparkle to your charm and allure, capturing the eyes of everyone in a room. Blue Aventurine will provide you with a look of pure elegance and an air of glamour and confidence.

There are multiple Blue Aventurine accessories and jewelry on the internet and the market. Mostly, it is used on bracelets and rings. Wearing them won’t necessarily need some big or glamorous event in fear of being overdressed. You can wear them casually, and they still will coordinate well with your outfit and style. 

Wearing Blue Aventurine as jewelry will help ease your stress, anxiety, and fear. It will instead help you look forward to the future. The stone can encourage your adventurous side, as well. That way, you would be more open to trying new things. 

Using Blue Aventurine in jewelry can help protect you intellectually, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Moreover, it is more affordable compared to other gemstones like jade, emerald, and ruby. It does cost a bit but not overly so that it is still affordable to the general public. 

Aside from accessories, Blue Aventurine can also be used to display pieces such as figurines, vases, bowls, eggs, spheres, hearts, and pyramids. You can display and use them at your house. As the stone promotes peace and calmness, it will help you feel more at ease in your own home. It will help you reduce anger and connect more with your inner self so that you have better insights and more positive thoughts.

Where does Blue Aventurine come from

Aventurines are usually found as crystallized large masses in mines. Blue Aventurines, in particular, are mostly mined from Russia, Brazil, and India. They are said to have originated in India, particularly in Chennai and Mysore.

How to cleanse Blue Aventurine

Blue Aventurines soothe your mind and soul. It is mostly focused on transforming negative energy into positive ones. The stones would either absorb or redirect this negativity. In doing so, the stone is now used and weak.

The healing stone needs to be recharged and cleaned. It will be restored to its natural state. For that, it needs to be cleansed before you can use it again.

Your blue aventurine piece of jewelry should be handled with care, otherwise, it would break or chip. To clean it, you can either soak it in soapy water or place them under running water. But do keep in mind that veins or natural fractures in the stone mean that those are their weak spots. Try not to subject those parts to too much heat, water, or chemical. 

Also, keep in mind that you should not let them near stones that are harder than 6.5 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. Your stone will indeed get scratched if they bump or collide hard enough.

Blue Aventurine vs. Sodalite

Blue Aventurine can be often mistaken with Sodalite due to their quite similar appearance. They are both blue in general and have healing benefits too. They, also, aid in enhancing psychic abilities and opening the third eye. 

While they almost look entirely the same, they have quite a bit of difference that is easy to spot. Blue Aventurine has tiny white-colored flakes adorning its body while Sodalite has more prominent white spots. Also, Sodalite has black spots and patterns that Blue Aventurine lacks. Lastly, the Aventurine stone has a shinier and more glistening appearance compared to Sodalite.

The best combination to use with Blue Aventurine

Just this stone alone works wonder and magic. It has so many benefits to the health and soul. Just imagine what it could do if you combine it with other stones with healing capabilities? 

Blue Aventurine can work well with Dumortierite, Green Fluorite, Neptunite, and Wavellite. Any of these can assist you in enhancing your intuition, and developing your psychic abilities. Together, these stones can help you tap into your spiritual potential more effectively and efficiently than just using one. 

Sodalite, Lapis lazuli, and Lolite are great combinations with Blue Aventurine to help improve your throat chakras. With this combination, you would be able to enhance or improve your communication skills. It will help you become more eloquent and well-spoken. 

Those can help you embrace your personal growth and inner self. Also, it can assist you in making contact with the spiritual realm. They can aid your psychic gifts and assist you in finding your spirit guide. 

Blue Aventurine can aid in losing weight by combining it with Picasso Marble. Combining it with Hematite, Dravite, Brown Tourmaline, or Staurolite can help and assist with overcoming addictions. 

This stone can also blend exceptionally well with different kinds of quartz. It can harmonize well with Amethyst, Clear Quartz, or Yellow Citrine. For better psychic abilities, it can work with Celestite, Phenacite, Brookite, Natrolite, or Satyaloka Quartz. 

Final Words

Blue Aventurine is a healing stone that can balance your emotions. It can help with improving communication and harnessing creativity and intellect. Using this stone can encourage you to take full responsibility for your own life and relationships. It will also promote self-discipline and inner strength. 

Using Blue Aventurine can help you in many, countless ways. If you are having troubles with life, this stone might be able to help you. It can heal you on a mental, physical, intellectual, and spiritual level.