The blue tiger’s eye is one of those stones that can easily stand out in the crowd. Whether you use it as a decorative item or you have a piece of jewelry, chances are it will draw attention straight away. It is beautiful, smooth and comes with a stunning luster that no other stone can match.

The stone is also referred to as the hawk’s eye, the falcon’s eye, silicified crocidolite or rodusite. The soothing stone comes with numerous benefits. Apart from its looks, it also has some beneficial metaphysical properties. Now, what should you know about it before bringing it into your life?


The blue tiger’s eye is an ancient talisman. It has been used for hundreds of years due to its mysterious appearance and metaphysical powers. Back then, it used to be seen as an all-seeing eye, meaning the wearer was expected to be wise and great with advice.

Egyptians relied on the stone to create eyes for their deity statues. They used to believe the stone could protect the world. It was often associated with Ra – the sun god – and Geb – the land god. The stone made its way to the Roman culture as well. Soldiers used to wear it to feel braver.

These days, the blue tiger’s eye is just as interesting and powerful. It may not be as widely used, but it can still work wonders. It is radiant, but also warm. It feels like a mix between the Earth and the Sun, helping stabilize the environment.

The stone can balance all kinds of extremes – cold and warm, bad and good and so on. It defines a bit of unity between two opposite elements. It is practical and helps people reflect on their actions in a more efficient way.

The gemstone is vigilant and can help the wearer achieve a new level of sharpness. Whether it comes to their vision of the future or the understanding of every situation they go through, the blue tiger’s eye can make everything make sense.

The stone will encourage the wearer to utilize their powers in a more efficient manner. Confusion will become history. When details are scattered all over the place, the stone will put things together and clear the vision.

When it comes to changes in one’s life, the blue tiger’s eye will support better decisions. No matter what the change is about, the stone will strengthen the personal goals and will. The wearer will focus on the goal and nothing else, leading to a more efficient change.

It brings in clarity, as well as creativity. It will help the wearer take advantage of their personal talents. It can help in love and wealth, but it will also bring in quality judgment to maintain such achievements. Simply put, its meaning goes in multiple directions and each of them can benefit people in a series of different ways.


The properties of this stone go in a few different directions. Just like most other stones out there, it has some physical properties that make it suitable for certain types of jewelry. At the same time, those into crystals will be fascinated by their metaphysical capabilities. So, how can you benefit from the blue tiger’s eye?

Physical Properties

The blue tiger’s eye is practically a variety of stones. It can be found in more colors. The blue one is among the most attractive options. It is not just good looking, but also easy to find. It is worth noting that it may have different nuances as you look at it.

The stone is basically macrocrystalline quartz. It is famous for its rich layers of blue. They are vibrant and feature various intensities. It is hard to tell how it is created because there are more theories. Some scientists believe it is a pseudomorph of quartz, while others believe it represents a simultaneous growth of multiple minerals.

Generally speaking, the stone is available in a dark color, but it may also be light. It features grayish or greenish nuances as well. The blue variety is said to be a chatoyant. It is highly reflective and looks silky as you analyze it.

Some varieties on the market – both blue and red options – are often heat treated or dyed for an even brighter color. This type of treatment will not affect the actual properties of the stone though, so their value will not really go low.

Other than that, it is rated at seven on the hardness scale. It is harder than other similar stones, meaning it is more difficult to work with. But at the same time, it is easy to implement into various pieces of jewelry because it is likely to last.

Metaphysical Properties

The blue tiger’s eye comes with a plethora of metaphysical properties and each of them could benefit you from a different direction. If you are after brightness and clarity in your mind, this stone is ideal to have around your office or as a piece of jewelry.

The stone is known to help fight against and reduce anxiety. It is great if you have a stressful lifestyle. Such properties have been used during ancient times as well. The tiger eye design is likely to clear negative energies off – excellent for when you want a bit of calmness in your life.

The stone will also bring more essence to everything around you. People perceive things in one way or another. It is perfectly normal. However, the essence of these things will never change and this is the element you want to see.

The gemstone can easily feel invisible energies, but more importantly, it will let you feel and experience these energies. It will help you overcome problems, discover their causes and push you from behind. It is excellent if you feel overwhelmed with superficial issues and problems on a daily basis.

Communication will no longer be a problem either. Thousands of years ago, people believed the blue tiger’s eye could give supernatural powers – such as the ability to read someone else’s feelings. A simple look at people is likely to push your communication to a more balanced level for cooperation.

The energy of this stone will gather small details and it will observe changes. For example, those who interact with a lot of people or work in sales will most likely benefit from it and sense things differently. From the same point of view, it is just as handy in love and relationships.

Does your mind feel trapped and limited by certain circumstances? The blue tiger’s eye can help you get over such problems. The gemstone will brighten your ideas and feelings. Negativity will become positivity. Whether you want to make an important statement, have a serious conversation or communicate more efficiently, the gemstone will push you further and add to your efficiency.

Ancient Egyptians associated the blue tiger’s eye with wisdom and the ability to see things that ordinary people cannot. They were not wrong. The gemstone will help you calm down, focus on things more efficiently and achieve a deeper level of concentration. Whether you face a tough decision or you need to come up with a strategy for work, the gemstone will definitely help. It is excellent for those who work a lot or deal with lots of information.

Last, but not least, you should know that the blue tiger’s eye is only a variety of this stone. There are more colors out there and each of them has its own characteristics. The astrological signs are Capricorn and Leo. Its primary chakra is the third eye chakra, while the second one is the throat chakra.

Where to buy Blue Tiger’s Eye

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Blue Tiger’s Eye in jewelry uses

The blue tiger’s eye is quite hard when compared to other gemstones – rated at seven. While other stones might be difficult to use in every random piece of jewelry, this one makes everything so much easier. Indeed, it is difficult to cut and use, but it will not crack or damage so easily.

The gemstone is more common as a decorative item though. Its dark appearance does not make it the most common stone in jewelry, but you can still find certain things out there. It is excellent in necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces.

The blue tiger’s eye is more commonly used in necklaces. However, you can find it in other pieces without too much hassle. It makes a beautiful and classic piece of jewelry regardless of what you are wearing.

It can make a statement and will draw attention right away. No matter how boring and simplistic your outfit is, blue tiger’s eye jewelry will change everything to 180 degrees. The gemstone is most commonly associated with elegant and chic outfits though.

There are lots of styles and ideas out there. The price will most commonly depend on the metal the stone is fitted on. It is quite affordable, but a white gold necklace will obviously cost more than a silver necklace – even if the stone is the same. All in all, you do have options – dramatic styles, elegant, casual or simple chic styles. It is all about your personal preferences.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that the blue tiger’s eye jewelry will also bring in the metaphysical properties of the gemstone. You will enjoy those amazing healing capabilities and positive energies to help you through difficult times.

Where does Blue Tiger’s Eye come from

If you are after a blue tiger’s eye as a piece of jewelry or decorative item, chances are you can find it without too much hassle in jewelry shops, gift shops or over the Internet. The stone is easily available all over the world.

However, if you are a gem hunter, you are more likely to find it in a raw state in Brazil, India, Namibia and South Africa. These are the main places where it comes from. At the same time, it is easy to extract in Canada as well. It can be found in China, Australia, the UK and USA too.

How much is Blue Tiger’s Eye worth

Different varieties of this gemstone come at different prices. The blue one is among the most expensive ones. It is not as common as other types, hence the big price. Prices vary widely and can be extremely diversified.

For instance, some amazing examples of blue tiger’s eye jewelry can easily fetch over $5,000. Of course, it depends on the metals the gemstone is fitted on. Generally speaking, good looking jewelry will cost anywhere between $100 and $1,000, depending on the metal and the size of the gemstone.

You are in great look if you want blue tiger’s eye for its metaphysical properties. Small crystals will sell for less than $10.

How to use Blue Tiger’s Eye

The blue tiger’s eye has multiple properties. It could be a stone of good luck and wealth, for instance. It is excellent for business people and entrepreneurs, as well as those studying and building up skills for a future career.

The stone will challenge your talent and make you gain as much as possible out of it. It is a good support stone that can help you overcome exams, challenges, competitions and so on. Wear it for a better insight in unfamiliar places, but also use its power, balance, stability and energy.

There are a few different ways to take advantage of the blue tiger’s eye. You can wear it as a piece of jewelry, for example. It is strong and durable, so it will not wear out. It could be a bracelet, a ring or perhaps a necklace.

However, if you find the blue tiger’s eye to be too expensive, you can always change the way you keep this gemstone next to you. You can buy some small stones and keep them in your pocket. Spread them around your office or home as decorative items. You might as well get a key chain with the crystal and keep it with your keys – always by your side.

How to cleanse Blue Tiger’s Eye

There are more ways to cleanse the blue tiger’s eye. The easiest way to do it involves using the moonlight or the sunlight. Practically, when the energy you feel slacks a little, you can purify the gemstone. Keep it under direct sunlight for an hour or two and let negative energies disappear. You can do the exact same thing overnight. When left under the moonlight, you will need to leave the crystal overnight.

There are more ways to cleanse crystals though. When it comes to the blue tiger’s eye, you can also use other gemstones. Sure, you are supposed to have them or purchase them separately. White sage is an excellent purifying stone for more than just the blue tiger’s eye – it works for most gemstones out there. Quartz chips or other pieces of quartz will also help. Simply keep the gemstones together for about 10 hours.

Finally, a crystal tuner is also a general piece that will work for most of your gemstones. Hold the tuner with the dominant hand and the stone in the other one. Hit it gently with the crystal and pay attention to the sound. Hit it in more areas. You need to achieve a clear sound. It does not have to be a hard hit. Do it gently, enjoy the sound and make sure it does not feel dull. If certain areas sound dull, you will have to insist there. Change the intensity of your hits until you reach the clear sound.

The best combination to use with Blue Tiger’s Eye

The blue tiger’s eye works very well by itself. Chances are it will take care of your energy without getting mixed with other stones. It is also compatible with many other stones, but a few combos can certainly stand out in the crowd.

From this point of view, the stone will work wonders with gaspeite if you have an overactive metabolism. It will slow the metabolism down a little and regulate your digestion. It will also regulate most hormones throughout your body and balance the biochemistry.

The blue tiger’s eye works wonders with heliodor as well. The mix will help you keep self-possessed regardless of the circumstances you go through. It will keep you grounded and realistic, but it will also motivate you and add to your success rate.

Finally, realgar is not to be overlooked either. The combo will help your heart and not in a medical way. No matter what kind of stressful emotions you have to face, this mix will help you make better decisions and handle emotional stress.

Final Words

As a short final conclusion, the blue tiger’s eye is definitely one of a kind. The gemstone is ideal for people in a series of different circumstances. It will work from multiple directions and it looks good in pretty much any piece of jewelry or style. Whether you are after its physical or metaphysical properties, a little research will land you a beautiful piece.