Blue apatite may not be the most popular stone in the world, but it does have its fair share of popularity. It is quite common in jewelry and will make a statement – while not considered a precious stone, it will draw positive attention straight away. However, blue apatite is also considered a dual-action stone due to its spiritual and metaphysical capabilities. In other words, it has cleansing and healing properties that anyone can benefit from.

Blue apatite works in multiple directions. For example, it could help someone achieve goals. At the same time, it provides a positive mood and clears out negative feelings – as well as everything else associated with them, from confusion to apathy. It will stimulate your intellect and add to your style – what else can you ask for? However, you still require a bit of research before understanding how to take advantage of its properties.


Apart from helping with goals and promoting positivity, blue apatite stimulates the wearer to discover the truth. You will want to know more – you will question everything around you and seek answers. This kind of attitude is excellent for the collective good, but it will also stimulate your personal growth. Some would refer to blue apatite as a stone of manifestation, as it promotes compassion and the will to help and service those around you.

Natural Blue Apatite Slabs
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While blue apatite has physical healing capabilities too, it is mostly used for psychical purposes. It brings in a vertical vision. The wearer will be aware of everything that is going on around them – excellent focus, while the consciousness will be harmonious and direct. As for its jewelry uses, it comes in a few different varieties. While all of them are blue, there will be different nuances of it, as well as different levels of brightness.


Blue apatite has attractive physical features due to its vibrant blue appearance. While often bright and light, the stone can also have a dark blue nuance for a more serious style. But then, it is not the physical appearance that adds to its popularity. Instead, the metaphysical properties of blue apatite are responsible for most of its popularity. So, what kind of features can you get from this stone and what makes it so special?

Physical Properties

Apatite is practically a range of phosphate minerals. The stone is associated with Gemini and air is its main element. In terms of appearance, you can find it in a few different colors. Blue is the most popular one, so much of the apatite available in commerce these days carry different nuances of blue. It can be extremely dark and close to black, but you can also find light and bright stones.

Gray and green apatite are quite rare, while the yellow variant is the rarest. The stone is quite difficult to tell from other similar minerals. Besides, it can create a bit of confusion. For example, hydroxyapatite – a certain type of apatite – is natural and can be found in human bones and teeth as well. It is hard to imagine a stone could grow inside your body – hence why many scientists struggled to classify it.

In a more natural environment, apatite can often be found in bars. They are formed within other minerals – sedimentary minerals. Blue apatite gains its beautiful color due to the grinding process that creates a pigment. All in all, since blue apatite is more appreciated for its metaphysical properties, you are less likely to find it in natural sizes and shapes – instead, it is cut to be pleasant for jewelry or decorative items.

Metaphysical Properties

Dark blue stones are most commonly associated with the mind. Such stones stimulate the mind and push the brain to achieve things that may seem impossible otherwise – blue apatite makes no exception either. Many of its metaphysical properties are related to your capability to see and understand things that may not always make sense to others.

Natural Blue Apatite Beaded Bracelet
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Blue apatite has beautiful dark indigo shades – you can also find it in super light baby blue styles. However, it is most commonly found in dark designs, so many of the natural stones available in commerce are dark and vibrant. The stone will boost the formation of psychic capabilities, but it will also help you tune in on the ultimate frequencies to access your spiritual self – and the world around you.

Those interested in finding a religious purpose or those who feel confused about their spiritual enlightenment can always benefit from blue apatite. Simply put, implement the stone into your lifestyle – carry it around and your vision will open up. You can see things with a clear mind and make more informed decisions.

To understand a bit more about the purpose and features of blue apatite, you would have to go back in time. The stone was initially named and classified by Greeks. The word its name comes from refers to deceptiveness and illusions. You may believe the stone is actually evil and tries to deceive you – nothing to worry about. Rather, it will help you achieve an energetic development and see what is true around you.

There are many things out there that are nothing but small figments of imagination. Some of them are created by anxiety, while others are caused by stress and confusion. Blue apatite can help you identify these false perceptions of life. It is worth noting that the truth is often different from what you see – just like this crystal, it can be associated with other things until thoroughly identified.

Once you discover all these things, you will discover a new and upgraded version of yourself. Practically, you will rediscover yourself, but you will also learn to accept who you are. Your self-confidence will skyrocket as your new vision boosts it. You can accept your pluses, use your strengths and work on your flaws.

While searching for the most beautiful stone, you may also run into blue apatite with slightly green nuances – not the green apatite, but blue apatite with green shades. These stones are rarer, but they are even stronger in terms of properties – especially when it comes to their physical capabilities. Such a stone will give you a certain type of enlightenment that will take your self-growth to another level.

Other than that, blue apatite will help your clairvoyance skills and has often been associated with psychic visions – most psychics and mediums are often surrounded by such stones due to their benefits. Many psychics sleep with blue apatite under their pillows because the stone provides access to prophetic dreams and views that they may not have access to them otherwise.

Blue apatite will benefit both the mind and the body. While self-confident, you will also be self-aware and identify your weaknesses – excellent if you are trying to push yourself forward. You will be conscious of what you do and see – your own behavior – and you will be able to enhance your actions in order to reach your goals faster.

Initially, this aspect may seem a bit uncomfortable, but there is nothing to be concerned about. You want to change yourself in a positive manner, after all. On a more physical aspect, blue apatite will enhance your creativity. A bit of creativity can help in all kinds of everyday situations, as it is not suitable for artists only.

Where to buy Blue Apatite

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Blue Apatite in jewelry uses

There are more options to consider when you want blue apatite for its metaphysical properties. You can get a few crystals and use them as decorative items around your home or office. You can also hang a few of them inside your car, by the mirror. You can get a keyring or perhaps another accessory for your backpack.

Blue Apatite Ring
Handmade 22k Yellow Gold Vermeil Brass Blue Apatite Ring. See it on Etsy

However, whether it comes to its physical or metaphysical capabilities, blue apatite will make a great choice in terms of jewelry too. Since the stone comes in more nuances and shades, it is up to you to find something to match your style, outfit and other accessories. Then again, you are more likely to find the stone in a dark blue or navy nuance.

blue apatite pendant
Blue Apatite Point Pendant with Chain. See it on Etsy

Blue apatite is not the most common stone in the jewelry industry, but it is not to be overlooked. You can find it in various pieces of jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets or earrings. It is not a very hard stone though, so it needs a bit of treatment. Plus, it might get damaged if you expose it to harmful factors or fail to look after it. Therefore, it is not that popular in rings.

Where does Blue Apatite come from

Apatite is not considered to be a precious stone. While it has some incredible metaphysical properties, it is not the most popular stone in terms of jewelry. Since it can be found in more parts of the world, it is also relatively easy to find on the market – shop for it online, whether you want raw crystals, jewelry or nicely polished stones. You can also find it in local markets.

One place out there stands out in the crowd. Panasqueira is located in Portugal. It may not be a famous destination for tourists, but it is certainly popular among blue apatite fans. It has thick crystals available in all kinds of stones, but mostly tabular crystals. They look and feel like gems, so they are slightly more valuable than other types of blue apatite.

On the other hand, vibrant and nicely shaded stones are also extracted from Sludyanka, Russia. The region is close to Lake Baikal. The Kola Peninsula from Russia – and especially the Lovozero Massif – is also known for a rare type of blue apatite. The current region is famous for the botryoidal shapes of this stone.

Madagascar is also known for its high quality and vibrant apatite.

How much is Blue Apatite worth

Generally speaking, blue apatite is not too expensive, yet the price depends on more factors. For example, a raw crystal in an average nuance will cost a few dollars only. If you want some nicely shaped stones to use as decorative items or as a necklace, you will probably have to pay less than $10 for a few of them. While not as cheap as other inexpensive stones, blue apatite is still quite affordable.

Things are different in the jewelry industry because prices vary based on the polishing profile, overall appearance and looks. For example, a silver necklace with blue apatite will not be as expensive as a white gold necklace with the same stone. In other words, the price depends on the metal the stone is fitted to.

When it comes to colors and shades, blue apatite is the cheapest type of apatite because it can be found in more parts of the world and it represents the most popular variety. On the other hand, yellow apatite is the rarest and most expensive alternative. You can also find gray or green apatite – somewhere in the middle.

A large and professionally cut – such as a carat piece – can cost up to $100, while half a carat can be purchased for $50.

How to use Blue Apatite

You can wear blue apatite in a few different ways – no matter how you choose to keep it on you, you will always benefit from its properties. If you are after your psychic capabilities, keep it close to the third eye chakra. This is the chakra responsible for such skills. Then, if you have a rebel fashion sense, you can get a blue apatite eyebrow piercing for good looks and extra benefits.

If you do not want to go that far, you can keep blue apatite around you anytime. Simply get a hairpin or perhaps some earrings. Rings are just as common. While keeping the stone close to the third eye chakra is important, you can also press a ring against the third eye whenever you feel weak or lost – you will get a decent boost of power.

More importantly, you should know that blue apatite helps with psychic purposes. It is related to divination. With these thoughts in mind, make sure you always have a stone next to you when you meditate or pray. The closer it is to your third eye chakra, the more effective its properties will be in the long run.

How to cleanse Blue apatite

Many stones can be cleansed with other crystals. From this point of view, quartz is a relatively good option that will work wonders with most stones and blue apatite makes no exception. There are, however, a few other good options if you do not have any quartz crystals around. In other words, most opaque stones can be successfully cleansed with light or water.

Feel free to soak blue apatite in spring water for a few hours. You can also come up with a solution of salted water. However, it pays off checking the stone upfront. If you can see any open fractures, you may want to avoid this option, as the salt can damage them even more.

In terms of light, use sunlight or moonlight. Leave the blue apatite in moonlight overnight or direct sunlight for a few hours and it should be clear. When to cleanse the stone is a matter of personal preferences – pay attention to how you feel, as well as how intense its powers seem to be. If you feel like they are losing their intensity, it is time for a cleansing procedure.

The best combination to use with Blue Apatite

If you are interested in developing psychic capabilities, blue apatite can be successfully paired with angelite or iolite. On the other hand, if you want to explore your spirituality and develop a spiritual purpose, blue apatite will work great with lapis lazuli or amethyst. Interested in self-consciousness, confidence and acceptance? Pair blue apatite with peridot or danburite and you will notice beneficial effects straight away.

There is one thing to remember when interested in better psychic powers though – be careful when you add new crystals to the mix, as too many of them can vibrate altogether and cause unwanted effects.

Feeling down? Feeling like you need an impulse to push through a harsh situation? Mix blue apatite with a high-energy stone and get the help you require – garnet is great. How about some creativity? Blue apatite will successfully pair with diamonds, red jasper or even fire agate.

Final Words

As a short final conclusion, blue apatite is an excellent stone to develop your inner self, boost your consciousness and promote self-growth. It will help you grow from multiple points of view, whether you want to do it personally or you want better skills in your psychic activities. While not extremely popular, blue apatite is powerful, easy to find and affordable.