Zircon comes last in the Alphabets of gemstone but has the brightest sparkle. Zircon has a wide range of colors including white, blue, yellow, orange, brown, rose and green. It is a gemstone with great ancient history and is a natural, magnificent and underrated gemstone. Blue Zircon is the most demanding Zircon also known as Starlite. A few gemstone verities in blue color come with good hardness and brilliance. It is also the most brilliant blue gemstone with a higher refractive index.

Blue Zircon is produced from brown zircon by heat treatment and is one of the most popular gemstones. Brown Zircon with the right structural properties can only be transformed into Blue Zircon. The most common sources of blue zircon are in Cambodia and Burma. This stone has unique properties that help it stand alone among gemstones.

It has the tendency of strong dispersion or fire and can split spectral colors from white light. Blue Zircon can appear in a range of blue tones varying from pale to saturated colors. The phenomenon of Pleochroism gives a look slightly greenish color when viewed from one direction.


The meanings and benefits of Zircon gemstone depend on its colors. Blue Zircon has various meanings based on its uses and properties:

  • Clearing one’s mind as it brings back purity.
  • It can remind forgotten wishes and helps in understanding your feelings. The intensity of your wishes determines the power that can give you.
  • It has the meaning to keep evil spirits away and has been used as a talisman for traveling and protection in ancient times.
  • Bring you honor and prosperity with its energy. It clears your view and gives wisdom.
  • It has the ability to heal inferiority complex as it nourishes self-confidence.


Physical Properties

Blue Zircon is a gemstone with a chemical composition of ZrSiO4 + Fe, U, Th, Hf. It is found in the varieties of Hyacinth and Starlite. The crystallography of Zircon is tetragonal. It is crystal prismatic and pyramidal. It is often found in twinned and rounded pebbles. It has a great variation in the refractive index from 1.78 to 2.01 based on the damage caused by the radioactive element to its structure. The refractive index for the variation is as follows for the quality of the Blue Zircon;

blue zircon stone
  • Low: 1.78 – 1.85 (Most Damaged).
  • Intermediate: 1.85 – 1.93.
  • High: 1.92 – 2.01 (least damaged).

Blue zircon is formed by the process of heat treatment. It has a vitreous to adamantine luster, sometimes greasy as well. Like the refractive index, the hardness varies from 6 (low quality) to 7.5 (high quality). The fracture in Blue Zircon is conchoidal. It is transparent to opaque in nature for its transparency and poses the phenomenon of chatoyancy. It is uniaxial optics and has pleochroism which is distinct in blue color stones. It has a strong absorption spectrum ability.

The specific gravity of blue zircon varies based on the quality of the gemstone. It has specific gravities, 3.95 – 4.20 (low), 4.08 – 4.60 (intermediate) and 4.60 – 4.80 (high). The birefringence varies from 0 to 0.059 depending on the radioactive damage. The cleavage is in imperfect shape. It has a dispersion of 0.039 for all types despite any damage. It is heat treatable as it is not sensitive to heat. It can have luminescence including Fluorescent, Phosphorescent, UV-Long, UV-short and X-ray colors.

Metaphysical Properties

Blue Zircon has great metaphysical properties and can be used for physical healing as well. It helps in repelling negative energies, and bringing happiness and love. It helps in bringing positivity to the life by influencing the mind resulting in a positive attitude in life. It can be used for balancing chakras, love and relationships, money and business.

Blue Zircon helps in getting rid of the negative energies and protects the mind and body from them. It helps in gaining more wisdom, self-esteem, wealth and self-confidence. It blocks negative energies from coming back into our lives and helps in building a better life.  It helps in our thinking resulting in peace of mind. It gives support in relationships as well, especially with the one that has some issues. It brings harmony among loved ones.

Like other gemstones, Blue Zircon is beneficial for spiritual healing and strength. It helps in attaining more concentration and results in enhanced spiritual relations. It brings emotional and mental stability and helps to focus on the goals in life. It aids in the vision as blue color is a symbol of growth and vision. It can improve fertility and reduce skin diseases among women. Long-term use helps in allergy and asthma. It also helps in curing diseases like epilepsy, fever, dizziness, and muscle issues and prevents migraine attacks.

Where to Buy Blue Zircon?

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Blue Zircon in Jewelry Uses

Jewelry has now become a necessary accessory for almost everyone. Just one piece can be the difference-maker in a person’s outfit and also make a strong, long-lasting impression that can stand the person out from the crowd. Jewelry comes in different styles and forms but handcrafted ones are outstanding and unique.  Carved, filigreed, beaded, sequined, painted, knitted, engraved, or knotted, techniques for making handcrafted jewelry have evolved over the years in different cultures and this has led to the large varieties we have today. I am sure everyone knows what jewelry is but I would just like to give a brief definition of jewelry.

Jewelry is a decorative piece that people wear for personal adornment. They include earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, cufflinks, brooches, etc, which may be worn on the body or attached to the clothes. In western cultures, only long-lasting ornaments and rare metals were initially taken as jewelry but subsequently, a combination of precious stones and metals became included in the term.

In later times, other materials like seashells and plant materials became useful too. These days, makers of handcrafted jewelry make use of different types of gemstones and metals in their work, such as silver, quartz, gold, turquoise, amethyst, coral, brass, and copper. Other makers even utilize diverse materials like acrylic, glass beads, fabrics as well as some organic elements like hemp, animal bones, horns, leather, shell, and even wood. Many more materials are now used in making pieces of jewelry than before.


Blue zircon is a little gemstone that consists of several blue colors. It is glossy and hard in nature and this serves as a perfect item for an engagement ring that is placed on white gold. A small piece of blue zircon can be obtained and placed upon the topmost part of a round-shaped ring of any design and color, be it gold or silver to form a very attractive ring. See a selection of blue zircon rings on Etsy.


Bracelets are pieces of jewelry worn around the wrists to showcase a person’s style. Some bracelets have some form of symbolism attached to them depending on the person that adorns them but others are mostly worn to compliment the kind of clothes that the person wears. In some cultures, bracelets can be used to classify people according to the roles they play in society.

Some monarchs often adorn this piece of jewelry, which may serve as a symbol of authority. This is where blue zircon or other stones are being implemented, using a stone like blue zircon on a bracelet can signify authority in some cultures. A bracelet would sometimes require a higher amount of blue zircon depending on the design because the stones have to go around the bracelet. See a selection of blue zircon bracelets on Etsy.


Pendant is obtained from the Latin word pendere which means “to hang down”. Pendants are those parts of jewelry that hang loose. Some of them are detachable; they can be removed from one piece of jewelry and attached to another by the small loop on its head. Those attachable to necklaces are called “pendant necklaces” while those that can be attached to earrings are known as “pendant earrings”. This is where blue zircon can function easily, just a piece of this stone can serve as a pendant on an earring, ring or necklace. See a selection of blue zircon pendants on Etsy.


Necklaces consist of two main components – the band and the cord/chain that goes around the neck. Also, necklaces might have some additional attachments set into the necklace or suspended on it. Necklaces are used for so many purposes in many cultures around the world. Blue zircon is mainly used as a pendant on necklaces, it is very rare to see a necklace that is a chain made from blue zircon that would be very expensive and difficult to produce.

Where Does Blue Zircon Come From?

Zircon is found in igneous rock formations and gem gravels globally. Zircon of gemstone grade is found in placer deposits, shaped rounded or water-worn pebbles. Blue Zircon is found in large quantities and has great color variation in the deposits located in Thailand, Cambodia and Sri Lanka. These three countries contribute a major portion to producing zircon gem material. Zircon is obtained as a byproduct of corundum mining in countries including Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

The other countries with few resources of Zircon gem-quality crystals include Russia, Germany and Norway. Madagascar and Brazil are well known for the large-sized Zircon crystals, however, the United States and Canada are known for small gem-grade deposits of Zircon.

How Much Is Blue Zircon Worth?

The price for the Blue Zircon varies depending upon the color and weight of the stone. On average, the price is $75 per carat for a gemstone that has a weight of 5 to 6 carats. The one with fancy shapes and better colors can be found at a price from $125 to $150 per carat on the wholesale market. It can reach a price as high as $200 per carat for the top blue-colored Zircon. The stone with a weight of over 10 carats has a price range from $150 to $175 per carat.

How to Identify Blue Zircon?

In order to identify the Blue Zircon, many methods can be used keeping in mind the physical properties of the stone. The stone is blue in color and is non-sensitive to heat. It will have a greenish tinge when viewed from one direction. It has many-faceted shapes and with refractive index testing, it can reveal its quality and damage done to it due to radioactivity. It is best to consult a gemologist in order to identify it as they have the best expertise in the field.

How to Use Blue Zircon?

Blue zircon, although very similar in look to diamonds, is softer by a scale of 6-7.5 on the Mohs’ scale. It can be worn on almost anything, but it is not advisable to wear it often as it is not durable enough. The below are methods you should apply when making use of blue zircon so that it would last well and serve your needs;

  • Blue zircon means clearing your mind, this is one of the benefits you get when you wear it as jewelry. Once you are tensed up with many things on your mind, you can just look at or touch it.
  • You can rub blue zircon in your head for about 30 seconds to clear the mind
  • Blue zircon can be worn as an anklet
  • Purchase a blue zircon and place them in your palm while going for a walk, this would give you stamina and balance.
  • When you are in an argument and you want to stop, just hold on to your blue zircon to calm you down.

How to Cleanse Blue Zircon?

Nearly all kinds of gemstones require the cleansing process after use as they have the ability to absorb energies from the human body. The cleansing is carried out to re-charge the gemstone to gain its benefit. The Blue zircon also poses the ability to absorb dark energies and needs to be cleaned after regular intervals. The process of cleaning is very simple. But avoid the use of steamers and ultrasonic cleaners as it is color enhanced. For the purpose of cleaning avoid using any chemicals, especially bleach and acid that can damage the gemstone.

Use a soft cloth or brush to cleanse this stone. The use of mild soap or detergent can be carried out if necessary. It should be rinsed with warm or room temperature water in order to remove soap and its residue. It has great hardness but is brittle and can be damaged along faceted edges. It should be handled with great care as it can increase its life for many years. If taken care of it, it can be passed on to the next generations as well.

Comparison of Blue Zircon and Blue Topaz

Blue Zircon has a similar name as synthetic cubic zirconia, but it is actually a rare gem. Blue zircon occurs in nature, it is compared to blue topaz despite the difference in cuts and price. The comparison of Topaz and Blue Zircon based on the properties and properties is as followed;

Color Comparability:

Both gemstones often occur colorless in nature, with heat treatment both stones give rise to blue color. Blue Zircon occurs in shades of blue ranging from pale to deep, vibrant hue and has a greenish tinge. Topaz compared to Blue Zircon has a wide range of blue shades and saturation depths. Topaz doesn’t have any greenish tinge in it and favors a pure blue tone.

Composition Contrast:

The chemical composition of any gemstone has a vital role in doing a comparison with other gemstones. Blue Zircon has more density as compared to Topaz, hence heavier and smaller as compared to Topaz. Both of them have the tendency to face abrasions and breakage, careful handling is required for both. Blue Zircon due to its more brittle nature as compared to Topaz, hence it limits the cuts in order to make a gem.

The difference in Cutting:

Blue zircon is often found in many-faceted brilliant style cuts, step cuts, and mixed cuts. It also has a Zircon cut as called by the jewelers because of a rare eight extra facets cut on the lower portion of the gemstone. It is also available in a polished but unfaceted cabochon cut. Blue Topaz however, in contrast to Blue Zircon, comes with a wider variety of cuts. The cuts in blue topaz are often elongated, columnar, oval or pear-shaped. It may also come in brilliant, triangle, emerald, marquise, cushion and rounded shapes as it is a widespread, mass-market gem.

Issues of Inclusion:
Blue Zircon is usually clear and has no inclusions in it. However, it may have a slightly smoky or cloudy look in untreated gems. In cabochon cut stones, cat’s eye inclusion may be found which occurs very rarely in it. There are no inclusions found in the fashioned Blue Topaz as well.

The price of Blue Zircon is more as compared to Blue Topaz due to its small resources. Blue Topaz is found in abundance and is offered by jewelers at significantly lower rates as compared to Zircon.

The Best Combination to Use With Blue Zircon

Pairing with Diamonds. Diamonds can be combined with other gemstones to make a perfect combination. White stones like pearls, white sapphire, and white topaz are the most widely used because of their versatility. Whether you choose to put the diamond as the center stone or you use the diamonds to surround the blue colored zircon, be rest assured that you will never be out of class.

If you combine blue zircon with bloodstone and tiger’s eye you would get enough stamina when you go for a jog or walk.

Combining it with red jasper would provide you with chakra healing that you would need for daily activities.

If you need a red zircon to match your outfit you can combine it with fire opal, carnelian, garnet, ruby, and coral.

You can combine it with apatite, tourmaline, emerald, and aventurine to enhance cleansing ability.

Final Words

Blue Zircon is a great gemstone with the highest brilliance among the blue-colored stones. It has great hardness and traces of radioactive elements inside it. It is a gemstone with great physical and metaphysical properties.

Blue Zircon is a birthstone for people born in December and aids them in achieving the best out of themselves. It provides clarity to the mind and helps in a positive life, brings positive energy into your life and helps you get rid of negative vibes.