Blue aragonite is known as an essential talisman for tackling mental, physical, and spiritual issues. It is a fact that all of us have issues, these days. Fear, worry, anxiety, and worry can literally make us miserable. However, certain stones such as blue aragonite can help us come out of it and make our lives more prolific. Interesting, right? So, let’s explore this stone in detail! 


Aragonite was found recently in the late 18th century by the metaphysical community. Thus, its mention does not exist in any early texts or lapidaries related to gemstones and their powers. The German geologist, Abraham Gottlob Wernerin, named it after the stone was found for the first time in the small Spanish town of Molina de Aragón. Thus, its name comes from the town where it was found. 

Blue aragonite is tagged as the third eye, throat, and heart chakra stone with soothing, optimistic, and blissful vibrations. It aids you to empathize more easily and boosts the capacity to communicate, particularly spiritually. Thus, it is a boon for spiritual healers. 

This stone’s energy can help you to speak accurately while communicating with the spirit guides. It allows you to feel relaxed and calm during this communication. This is beneficial for psychic readers and tarot readers. 

Another meaning of blue aragonite is hope. It is known as the stone of hope. It can help in being more compassionate while dealing with people and relieving stress. 


Physical Properties

Blue aragonite is a calcium carbonate mineral crystallizing in orthorhombic or acicular crystals. It has a light turquoise blue color that comes from copper that makes stone a powerful conduit of energy to increase and ground your communication with the spirits. The gemstone is a kind of stalactite deposit, originating from the crusts from the cave’s interior. 

Blue Aragonite Tower Point
Blue Aragonite Tower Point. See it on Etsy

This gemstone is typically formed via biological and physical processes, encompassing precipitation from both marine and freshwater surroundings. It has a brittle tenacity, poor cleavage, and a hardness rating of 3.5 to 4 on the Moh’s scale. 

This stone can be transparent to vitreous or translucent. However, mostly, it is opaque and available in different shades of blue, ranging from pale (nearly white) to deep blue. 

When heated at 400 degrees Celsius, this stone becomes calcite. The stone is the basis of other organic gems such as mother of pearly, pearl, and coral. Aragonite crystals usually are prismatic. 

If three twins are formed, the mineral then takes the pseudo-hexagonal form. This form is called iron flowers or flos-ferri, featuring thin, entwined, and clumping branches looking like those of trees. 

Metaphysical Properties

Blue aragonite is known as a dispeller crystal, a stone with an orthorhombic crystal system and an ability to help in tackling spiritual and mental problems. 

As blue aragonite is a carbonate, it has the Earth energy of builders. Thus, it is believed to help in coming up with something new from anything old. Thus, all those involved in creative arts such as painters, artists, and woodworkers benefit from this dispeller crystal. 

Blue Aragonite Pendant Necklace
Blue Aragonite Pendant Necklace. See it on Etsy

Blue aragonite is considered a far-fetched stone for spiritual communication, which can be through a meditation to connect to higher beings, a prayer, or a connection with human spiritual pals. It is known to aid in conveying spiritual concepts as well as ideas clearly and makes up open to exploring new spiritual insights. 

Any insight tends to benefit from using this stone, especially healers who make healing layouts and/or work with sound. Blue aragonite is acclimatized to the third eye, throat, and heart chakras and is associated with the astrological Capricorn. It is also linked to the wind and water elements.

The stone is also useful for obtaining positive views regarding emotional wounds, particularly any verbal abuse. It improves emotional perception and boosts empathy as well as compassion towards not only others but also ourselves. 

The stone is also likely to release all negative emotions, such as stress, anger, fear, and grief. It makes us show that there are useful lessons and truths to know from all types of experiences. Just as peridot, this one also makes you embrace your past experiences fully and learn from them.

Blue aragonite is also known to heal your inner child. It is believed to help in addressing any unresolved childhood issues due to which you finally find it easy to let go of them. It also aids in going more profoundly into your awareness at the time of meditation.

Blue aragonite also fosters accurate and clear communication, verbally as well as artistically. It is particularly useful to anyone who finds it tough to express thoughts via writing or has a fear of public speaking. It is a gentle grounding stone for those who are very busy but wish to remain completely present to any unfolding experiences.

The vibration of this stone will inspire you and boost your receptivity to celestial guidance. This helps in awakening your psychic abilities. The stone is also known to boost your patience level and understanding.

The stone is also known to help get relief from the symptoms of a myriad of respiratory illnesses. It is deemed to kindle the lungs. So, metaphysical healers use it for handling different lung conditions such as cancer, asthma, or any inflammation.

Blue Aragonite in jewelry uses

Due to its very brittle nature, blue aragonite is too soft for most jewelry items. It is more commonly acquired as a constituent of shell nacre and pearl than as a crystal suitable for cutting. A faceted one is an attractive collector’s item.

The attractive stone is often overlooked for more glitzy gemstones. However, the gentle and friendly blue shade makes blue aragonite a choice for making simple and pleasant designs reflecting a soft, subtle color. 

Elegant, polished blue clusters of beads are usually combined with rust-colored beads and bright gemstones to make spectacular jewelry. The fragile nature of this stone confines its use to earrings, brooches, bracelets, and necklaces. 

In the market, blue aragonite is mainly available as raw, tumbled pieces apart from beads. The extremely high-grade specimens sell instantly due to the stone’s fine charm.

The tumbled blue aragonite specimens are beautifully polished and leveled. They are often available in a myriad of sizes and shapes. The tumbled stones contribute to an impressive décor due to their bright polish improving light reflection. 

As each tumbled piece is produced from a crystal host, it will contain metaphysical energy properties up to some extent. The most distinct nature of this form is the ability to merge and transform their metaphysical properties with the proximate stones, providing a unique energy flow according to the tumbled collection’s composition. 

Where does Blue Aragonite come from

Apart from Aragon in Spain, blue aragonite is found in Britain, Morocco, the U.S.A., China, Namibia, and Pakistan. Most of the blue aragonite stones come from China. It is also found in other places such as Mexico, Austria, Greece, Germany, France, Italy, Scotland, and Russia. 

How much is Blue Aragonite worth

The blue aragonite stones that have been introduced in the market over the past couple of decades are extremely striking. They are obtained in mass or stalactite forms. Regardless of how they are obtained, these stones can demand thousands of dollars. 

Tumbled blue aragonite stones are widely sold. They are categorized into various styles as per their size and grade. Thus, the latter factors determine their prices. Different prices for styles having identical dimensions are due to different crystal grades. As a thumb rule, higher grades come with a brighter color or pattern, due to which they are costlier than the lower grades.

Where to buy Blue Aragonite

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

How to use Blue Aragonite

There are a couple of ways to use blue aragonite. You can hold the crystal while meditating or praying, place the stone beneath your pillow to keep nightmares at bay, hold a tumbled form to gain mental, physical, or spiritual energy, or simply put some crystals in the healing area. 

You can also use the stone by wearing its jewelry such as a ring, a necklace, or a bracelet to unblock all chakras. The stone is widely used for psychic meditation, as it is powerful enough to boost your ability for psychic communication and tarot or psychic reading.

This stone is known to instill water energy, which is favorable for the north area of your office, room, or home. So, placing a blue aragonite stone in this direction is beneficial. It is likely to boost career and business energies.

Blue aragonite is also beneficial for Reiki practitioners and healers. It helps in boosting the energy level flowing from your hands. Its vibration is tuneful or balanced with the Reiki energies, due to which it is useful when held in hands for healing. The Reiki patrons are likely to benefit from the stone’s power of empathy.

Blue Aragonite tumbled stones are likely to be beneficial while at work or dealing with people. For this, consider keeping one such piece in your pocket or wearing its jewelry. The tumbled stone teaches you to be more concerned and compassionate, manage your stress level, let go of your anger, and keep calm.

How to cleanse and charge Blue Aragonite

All crystals disseminate healing energy across the space where they are placed. So, it is essential to cleanse and re-energize them so that their healing energy never dims. Following are some ways to cleanse and recharge this stone:

Using the Earth Energy: Blue aragonite resonates best with the Earth energy. Thus, using it is the best way to cleanse and charge the stone. Just place it outside where it touches the Earth. Even putting it under the sun is a great way to cleanse this stone. Just ensure to place it in a dry spot. Further, do not bury the crystal in the soil because it is tough to remove the debris without water. To ensure this, consider placing it on a cotton dishcloth. Consider placing the stone for 30 to 240 minutes. 

Using Rice: This is the way to follow if the weather is bad or there is no outdoor area. Just fill a glass bowl with white or brown rice and put the stone atop the rice bed. Let it remain for four to eight hours. 

Smudging: This is the method of using smoke to cleanse an item, area, or even a person. Aiming to refine and create balance, this Native American ritual is powerful. This is because it uses water, air, fire, and Earth. Usually, smudging is done using sage smoke for cleansing blue aragonite. 

Using Sound: As this stone tunes to both Earth and spiritual energies, it is effective to use two tuning forks for cleansing it. A 4096 Hz tuning fork and another tuning fork of 136.1 Hz, which is the OM frequency and produces a low hum. You start by using the 4096 Hz fork around the stone’s energetic field to remove the negative energy. Once this is done, activate the second for and place the vibrating fork’s end on the crystal. The low vibration grounds the stone to the Earth energy.

Visualizing: You are always the best source of cleansing for your crystal. So, visualizing the stone being grounded to the energy of the Earth is an effective way to cleanse it. Sit in a meditative pose, hold the stone with both hands in the lap, and imagine a strong connection from the stone to the planet’s core via the plant’s different layers while releasing the negative energy. Once it is cleansed, you will be able to feel its actual high-vibration energy by visualizing a golden sun over it.

To clean your stone that has accumulated dirt or debris, you need filtered water, a toothbrush having soft bristles, and an empty spray bottle. Fill the bottle with the water and mist the crystal’s surface with a very slim water layer. Now, scrub the surface gently using a toothbrush. Mist again with some water layers, blot dry gently using a towel to gather debris, and completely dry it via air.

As blue aragonite is fragile, the extra heat from a blow dryer can damage it. You can safely clean fragile aragonite beads using gentle soap and warm water. In the case of aragonite jewelry, defend it from sharp blows to keep shattering at bay. Further, store only aragonite jewelry in a box so that it does not get scratched.

Blue Aragonite vs. Caribbean Calcite

Chemically, vaterite, calcite, and aragonite are the three polymorphs of calcium carbonate. The main difference between aragonite and calcite is in terms of the crystal system. Calcite’s crystal system is trigonal, while that of aragonite is orthorhombic. 

The name Caribbean calcite is given due to the light blue color of the Caribbean Sea. It consists of both calcite and aragonite. While calcite is stable, aragonite is metastable. So, blue aragonite is not as stable as Caribbean calcite. 

Blue Aragonite vs. Larimar

The location is again a good identifier, but sellers could say anything. Larimar is usually sourced from the Dominican Republic. The best way to tell is by checking the hardness. Break a few hard parts and check-in acid. When it comes to the soft parts, they tend to be similar, so it would be hard to tell the difference otherwise.

The best combination to use with Blue Aragonite

Consider combining blue aragonite with the orange aragonite, which is also called aragonite star clusters, if you wish to improve your communication with the spirits. Using blue aragonite with moldavite is likely to amplify its effects.

For improving worldly communication, you can combine the stone with blue larimar, sodalite, blue lace agate, ajoite in quartz, Owyhee blue opal, blue topaz, aquamarine, or thulite. 

For strengthening your ability to solve problems, consider using this blue crystal with thulite, zebra stone, ulexite, fuchsite, datolite, variscite, blue muscovite, spurrite, scapolite, cassiterite, chiastolite, or tourmalated quartz.

For Reiki practitioners, blue aragonite is known to raise the energy flow from hands. This ability gets a boost when used with ascension stone, pollucite, labradorite, Fenster quartz, marcasite, tunellite, or lepidocrocite.

The high-energy stones such as moldavite, Herkimer diamonds, satyaloka quartz, danburite, and petalite help enhance the spiritual energy of blue aragonite. To strengthen the stone’s healing attributes, consider pairing it with green seraphinite. 

To enhance blue aragonite’s impact on the throat chakra, consider using it with ajoite in quartz, blue lace agate, aquamarine, or blue topaz. It is recommended to meditate using green calcite, rhodochrosite, or rose quartz with blue aragonite. 

These are heart stones. Carrying one of them or using anyone with blue aragonite can trigger robust effects in the heart space. They facilitate an inner assessment of emotional well-being and constantly put on the heart. Using them can help in removing all negative emotions from the heart and then use them for what one truly desires the most.

Final Words

It is worth adding blue aragonite to our daily life to feel more empathized and improve spiritual development. Its vibration is powerful enough to help you deal with people who seem to upset or disturb you. 

Along with optimism, this stone is known to trigger emotional calming, problem-solving ability, and more accurate communication with higher beings. This blue crystal is also an aid to experience emotional healing, due to which it is widely used by healers and spiritual teachers. People also use its beads and jewelry to stay calm and cool in emotionally disturbing situations.