In a modern world where the everyday fashion world is accustomed to new designs and unique looks, people have also started using gemstones for adding more charm to their looks other than their luck. Gemstones are natural stones consisting of minerals that only enhance the outer beauty but also have lasting positive effects on the lives of their wearers.

Here we are going to put some light on one of these beautiful gemstones ‘Blue Chalcedony’.

What Is Blue Chalcedony?

Blue chalcedony, a gemstone placed under the Quartz family is known for its inviting energy. It is crystalline in structure and is enclosed in a murky blue hue, having the properties to magnify its energy in order to maintain balance.

Blue chalcedony has been used for years and dates back to ancient times. The name of this murky blue gemstone rests in the history of Greeks, however many other civilizations have made use of it as well. Egyptian and Roman civilizations have made use of it in ornaments believing in the powers possessed by the gemstone when focused.

Blue chalcedony has been used by native Americans during ceremonials, it helped them by providing a calm and stable environment to carry out the rituals. It is a stone that encourages reflection and helps in making careful decisions.

Blue chalcedony is a great gemstone for those who are impulsive in nature. It is a stone that emphasizes being cautious, thus giving it the name “The Speaker’s Stone”. It is also known as Chalcedony, Chalcedonian, and Chalcedonyx.


Blue chalcedony is a remarkable gemstone associated with nurturing and having care for its users. It helps its bearer to make a very careful decision with an effective well-considered word choice. It provides a sense of security and is a means to add weight to the actions of the user.

It not only a sense of carefulness in word selection but also helps in overcoming impulsivity. It provides the stone with great meanings and boosts confidence in a unique way. It allows the user to add weight to every action they do instead of making a rapid move towards a specific goal. It helps it by allowing the user to make a move by carefully thought decision.

Blue chalcedony has a great influential history of being used to seek divinity. It was also used by a famous orator of Roman civilization named Cicero. It provides wisdom and meanings for seekers, as it helps in teaching you about yourself. It helps you in reconsidering your established thoughts and changes in your way of life.


Everything that exists in nature has a few specific characteristics that make it stand out from others. These characteristics are also beneficial in the identification of the material. Gemstones, however, possess both physical and metaphysical properties. Here we are going to discuss the properties of Blue chalcedony.

Physical Properties

Blue chalcedony is a stone with a chemical composition similar to silica SiO2 and has a hexagonal crystalline structure. Chalcedony is found in various colors including white, blue, red, green, yellow, colorless and multicolored. It is also found in colors like purple, orange, pink, brown, gray and black. It is often found banded in different colors and sometimes is in the form of iridescent as well.

Chalcedony, a variety of Quartz is microcrystalline in nature and doesn’t occur in visible crystals. It is found in various types including botryoidal, mammillary, stalactitic, massive and nodular forms. It is found in the form of pebbles in a smooth rounded shape, banded masses, amygdules, and lining of geodes.

Chalcedony lies in the family of silicates, tectosilicates and silica groups as is a silicon mineral as per its composition. It has a striking hardness and form in nature with white streaks. It has a hardness of 7 on the scale with transparent to opaque transparency levels.

It has vitreous, waxy or dull lusters and has a specific gravity ranging closely from 2.6 to 2.7. It has a conchoidal fracture with no cleavage, it has a brittle tenacity as well.

Metaphysical Properties

Gemstones are distinguished from others based on metaphysical properties. Blue chalcedony has great metaphysical properties as is used for many purposes. It is used in order to overcome negativity and bring confidence to the personality.

Blue chalcedony is used to focus on negative energies and dissipate them and helps in getting rid of unwanted and negative forces. It helps by giving weight to things that matter, allowing us to distinguish between positive and negative forces. It provides a sense of comfort and security and it excels for that from others.

Blue chalcedony with its metaphysical properties helps you in being more conscious of your decisions and elements in your life that bind you together. It helps by sensing vibrations and neutralizing them, giving results to someone’s well being. It works with the subconscious to provide calmness.

Blue chalcedony is extremely helpful with elements of the body that can strain, such as muscles. It has a great potential of easing your muscles and protecting them from inflammation. If coupled with traditional medicines it can help in overcoming sore throats. It is useful while doing any kind of activity to avoid muscle strain.

It can be used for emotional healing, it has the ability to neutralize the surrounding energies and provide calm in anxiety and panic. It helps in doing so by balancing your thoughts and allows you to think rationally to combat issues. It provides a great help in overcoming mental distress, by reducing tension so you can easily focus on what is happening around you.

Blue chalcedony is helpful in spiritual healing as it provides a sense of control over your actions. It allows you to think more carefully and improve yourself, to know the impact of the decisions made on others. It is helpful for spiritual well being.

Blue chalcedony, a gemstone best used during moments of frustration and indecision, provides calm and focus. When used while meditation, its energies can help you to focus and help in easing your thoughts. It is used to balance chakras including mind, heart and root chakras. It eases you from all kinds of negative energies and brings out the positive side of you leading to a positive lifestyle.

Where to Buy Blue Chalcedony?

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Blue Chalcedony in Jewelry Uses

Blue chalcedony, a gemstone with eye-catching color and great hardness has great importance in jewelry and ornamental stones of all time. This rare and beautiful gemstone can be located in local jewelry stores, unlike many other colored stones. With the passage of time, it is becoming more popular among collectors and professional jewelers due to its affordability, abundance, and variation of colors, shapes, and patterns it has.

Blue chalcedony can be used in all kinds of jewelry including pendants, necklaces and daily wear gemstone rings. The high-end designs have been used previously for decorative arts and traditional jewelry as well. The durability of it required for mainstream jewelry has made it resistant to wear and tear.

Blue chalcedony can be classy, traditional, urban or tribal-based on the method of its use. It is famous for jewelry as it doesn’t require any special maintenance and is a favorite among men and women owing to its versatility.


Whenever you think of jewelry, rings hold a special place in hearts. Blue Chalcedony rings are more popular for casual and funky looks, and can easily be paired with any outfit especially in summers. Oval cut rings with a simple silver base are best for that purpose. They are also available in detailed carved silver settings which can be worn at formal events. Many people prefer Blue Chalcedony rings over any other jewelry to wear as their birthstone. See a selection of blue chalcedony rings on Etsy.


Blue chalcedony bracelets look so good in summer outfits because they create a refreshing and light aura. Pair a blue chalcedony flexible bracelet with a white T-shirt and blue jeans and you will look awesome. For formal events, you can opt for adjustable bangle bracelets to give an elegant impression. Bracelets with many small stones fitted in silver or gold chains are also popular among jewelry lovers. Flexible bracelets with this stone and different other gemstones cut in different shapes also give an experimental and street look to your wardrobe. Usually, a light color wardrobe goes well with blue chalcedony jewelry. See a selection of blue chalcedony bracelets on Etsy.

Necklaces & Pendants

Due to the unique and refreshing blue color of this stone, Blue Chalcedony necklaces are available in a variety of designs, cuts, and settings. Usually, the stone is preferred as a casual piece so that it can be paired with any outfit. Moreover, it adds a lively touch to your wardrobe. For casual outfits, you should go for a simple but elegant round or drop cut blue chalcedony necklace. But for bolder or statement evening looks, you must try a heavy and chunky blue chalcedony piece. You can also combine it with pearls for a fancier touch. See a selection of blue chalcedony necklaces on Etsy.


Blue Chalcedony is popular not only in necklaces but also in earrings. You can always compliment your necklace with Blue chalcedony earrings. And our favorite stud earrings with this stone never go out of fashion. You can also opt for more customized hand made earrings like leaf cut earrings or drop earrings. Fancier options are also available in the market featuring Blue Chalcedony in silver and gold settings. See a selection of blue chalcedony earrings on Etsy.

Where Does Blue Chalcedony Come From?

Blue chalcedony has been derived from Greek words and has great historical value. It is found in igneous rocks and is found in the form of crystals. It is usually found in many different places around the world. It can be found in various forms as mentioned earlier and is mainly found in Turkey, Namibia, and Montana.

The other countries where this attractive variety of silica is found included Japan, Malawi, Portugal, Romania, and the United States. In the United States of America, it is found in the states of California, Nebraska, and Washington. The quality and variation of color are found for it and are named based on these factors.

How Much is Blue Chalcedony Worth?

Blue chalcedony is a very attractive and desirable gemstone due to its pleasing color. It is very popular among lapidaries, designers and collectors across the globe. It is a rare gemstone as it has a limited quantity of reserves. The price can vary depending on availability, structure, and quality.

The price of rough blue chalcedony and finely cut are very different. In general, the prices of all gemstones vary with different cuts, shapes, and refinement. The fine cuts can be valued at over 100 USD per carat in fine cut form. In order to find the right value of the gem, consulting a gemologist can help a great deal. Do not trust random online retailers, rather choose reliable and authentic sources to buy the real stone.

How to Identify Blue Chalcedony?

Chalcedony is easily distinguishable from other minerals through the composition it possesses. It is a gem compact to the dense form of silica with a hexagonal crystal structure and superior hardness. It doesn’t have any visible crystalline structure in general and can be hardly seen using a microscope.

It is a combination of quartz and moganite and has slight piezoelectricity. However, identifying varieties within chalcedony can be difficult due to many factors.

Blue chalcedony is often known as Mohave, Mt. Airy blues have a slight to moderate grayish blue color. It can range from light to medium color intensity. It has a hardness of 7 on the scale and has a waxy or vitreous luster. The specific gravity will be from 2.6 to 2.7 on the scale which will help in identification.

How to Use Blue Chalcedony?

When it comes to the metaphysical properties of gemstones, different ways of using them to gain desired results. In the case of Blue Chalcedony, the following are the ways to use it.

You can place it under the pillow if you are suffering from insomnia and bad dreams. It will help you get a peaceful sleep.

You can wear Blue Chalcedony around the neck. This will help you in getting a clear voice, especially in children with speech issues. It also helps in getting rid of throat problems.

Blue chalcedony can be worn during meetings and stage events, as it helps in overcoming the stage freight. It will give you composure, confidence, and calmness.

As this gemstone is associated with crown and neck chakra, you can simply softly rub or massage these areas with Blue Chalcedony, especially if they are wounded. It will help in soothing the respective areas.

If you place the stone in your hand and take deep breaths, you will feel all your stress release and you start feeling light and relaxed.

You can also put the stone near the front door of your office or home to keep away the negative people and evil eyes.

How to Cleanse Blue Chalcedony?

All gemstones pose various metaphysical properties and absorb negative energies to create a positive aura in your surroundings. In order to attain benefits from gemstones for long durations, it needs to be cleaned after a specific interval of time. The whole procedure involves discharging, charging, cleaning and storing.

In order to cleanse a blue chalcedony, it can be cleaned using running water, rainwater or warm saline water. Let it stay in the water for a while so that it cleanses thoroughly.

Rhinestones are used to charge the Blue Chalcedony. And hematites are used to unload their chains by keeping them overnight.

Never use any chemicals and synthetic cleaners on the stone. That might damage the surface of the Blue Chalcedony. Do not expose it to heat for a long time because it can cause the decoloration of the gemstone. Regardless of the hardness of blue chalcedony it still has the tendency to be damaged by some gems including diamonds etc. Therefore it needs to be stored carefully in a soft cloth or a soft clothed box as well. Remove the gemstone before doing exercise or any sports.

Blue Chalcedony vs. Blue Lace Agate

Blue chalcedony and blue lace agate both have almost the same properties for minerals. In blue lace agate, there is an element of presence of earthly, however blue chalcedony has an energy that feels more spiritual and ethereal.

Both gemstones pose the same metaphysical properties and are fibrous in nature. Blue lace agates are usually banded in a concentric pattern or a shell-like chalcedony. The bands in agates can be multi-colored or even of the same color as well. Blue lace agate is a kind of blue chalcedony, interlayered with either colorless or white chalcedony.

The Best Combinations of Blue Chalcedony

As you know that gemstones have their specific metaphysical properties that exert beneficial effects on their surroundings. That’s why if you wear these gemstones in combination with their compatible stones, they will reinforce the powerful effects of each other. Just make sure that you know about the compatibility of the combinations you are planning to wear.

One of the favorite combinations of Blue Chalcedony is Smoky Quartz and Rainbow Moonstone, which increases the calming and pacifying effects on the wearer. It can also be combined with Fluorite, Rubellite, Rhodonite, Pietersite, or Picasso Stone for a similar purpose.

Another combination of this beautiful gemstone goes with Turquoise, Bloodstone, or Rose Quartz. And this amazing combination enhances not only your intelligence but also your creativity. You will see a clear change in your ideas and thoughts.

You can also pair it with Aquamarine, Honey Calcite, Coral, Malachite, Galena, or Celestite.

If you combine your Blue Chalcedony with Jasper, Pink Tourmaline, or Chrysoberyl, it will soften your heart and make you kind and empathic towards others.

In order to protect yourself from negativity and pessimism, another shielding combination of Blue Chalcedony goes with Red Jasper, Black Tourmaline, and Imperial Topaz.

Whatever combination you wear, you should cleanse and recharge them so that all negative energies that they had absorbed before will wipe out.

Final Words

Blue chalcedony is a great gemstone with remarkable properties. It is a great tool to help you make effective decisions and overcome tensions in life, resulting in a positive attitude in you. The gemstone is extremely beneficial for balancing chakras and helpful for mental and physical problems. It can add glory to your life and style when used with various kinds of ornaments.

Blue chalcedony can be used for all kinds of purposes including personal healing, self-care, and jewelry. It is a rare gemstone with amazing metaphysical properties and unique features. It is a great choice for depressed people because it allows them to calm down and make careful decisions in life. So, you can lead a happy and contented life.