Cavansite is a beautiful stone with numerous properties – both physical and metaphysical. From a metaphysical point of view, this is the stone you want when going through serious changes in your life, as it can guide and help you make better decisions. Furthermore, it will give you the confidence you require when going through these changes. It is all about a spiritual journey that will enrich your life.

When it comes to its appearance, it brings in some beautiful blue crystals that will seriously enrich your jewelry and add to your outfit. Compared to other similar stones, cavansite is quite rare, so you are less likely to see it everywhere – its rare profile only adds to its beauty. Now, what else should you know about it, and how do you actually take advantage of it?


Cavansite is the guidance stone when experiencing a major change, regardless of what aspect of your life it affects. You will gain enough confidence to prevent fear, as well as enough courage to make decisions without looking back. Practically, you can overcome a series of misconceptions about one thing or another, meaning your decisions will be clearer.

Cavansite Tumbled Stones
Cavansite Tumbled Stones. See it on Etsy

If you want a stone for meditation, cavansite has a deep meaning due to its heartfelt energy. It is similar to ammolite from this point of view. It releases warm energy that will make your meditation feel more efficient. Learn from lessons and accept mistakes from the past in a more efficient manner – optimism and joy. After all, there is nothing you can do about the past.

The stone has a very deep spiritual meaning as well. You can connect spiritually with a higher realm, and you can remember and use lots of information from your previous journeys. The development of psychic capabilities is not to be overlooked either – a better intuition and the possibility to communicate in a calming manner.

Get rid of stress and enjoy life in a different way. The stone of truth will give you acceptance of your actions, as well as who you are. Generally speaking, this is a stone of change. It will change you, but it will also help you through this change. However, it has a bunch of other properties that make it totally worth it.

To get the best benefit of cavansite, it is usually a good idea to wear it. The cavansite necklace is the most popular choice.


Cavansite is a beautiful crystal, but apart from its stunning properties, it also has a bunch of metaphysical capabilities as well. Some people use it for its appearance and stick it to various parts of jewelry. Some others are more about its spiritual properties. In other words, they use it as spare crystals as well and not necessarily for its appearance. Now, what kind of properties should you be aware of?

Physical Properties

Cavansite is quite rare, and this aspect adds to its beauty because you are less likely to see it everywhere – plus, lots of people may not even be aware of it. It looks beautiful and forms blue crystals that sparkle. It is not just rare, but also difficult to mine. Its name relates to the actual chemical properties of the stone – calcium vanadium silicate.

cavansite bracelet
Solid Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet Featuring a Tiny Rough Blue Cavansite. See it on Etsy

While most cavansite you will find is blue, the truth is you can find different shades of it. Some of them are quite intense and dark – ultramarine blue. Some others have shades of green throughout their composition, adding to their unique appearance. It is relatively hard and can be easily placed on different pieces of jewelry.

On the same note, cavansite crystals tend to be small in size. They are similar to blue puffballs. Again, this is not a general rule. You can also find them built like a matrix. Such designs are normally larger than the classic puffballs. Many of them come with pieces of white stilbite in their composition as well, but this is not a rule.

Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical properties of cavansite are not to be overlooked either. The stone can help with health, wealth, and love. In terms of health, it will promote a healthy bladder, kidneys, throat, and eyes. It will also help those suffering from tinnitus – a common condition that involves hearing some ringing noises without an actual treatment.

cavansite necklace
Teal Raw Cavansite Gold Necklace. See it on Etsy

The stone keeps cells in great condition, so it is associated with general wellbeing as well. When it comes to healing, expect good results from a cellular level, meaning it can target any type of affection. It is more commonly associated with sore throats, though. At the same time, cavansite is helpful when dealing with blood-related disorders.

Issues with your teeth? Cavansite will not act like a dentist, but it will certainly help against various problems. It will also boost the endocrine system and work on the pituitary glands, not to mention handling stress. Headaches and migraines associated with it will become history, as the body will release more endorphins.

In terms of money and wealth, cavansite is not to be overlooked either. It is said to be the crystal of breakthrough. There are more positive energies associated with the crystal, so work them out and expect good financial outcomes, whether you push for a promotion or you want to start your own business and be your own boss.

It can be mixed with various stones for fortune and good luck, but it is also an attractive crystal for money. Cavansite is known to attract abundance, regardless of the projects you are involved with. Sure, it will not bring money in without you doing anything, but a little work and the confidence associated with it will work wonders.

In terms of love and relationship, cavansite is associated with revelation. Discover the hidden personality of your partner and learn more about them. Rediscover the hidden truths about your relationship and find out how to enhance it. All these secrets are not necessarily bad, but they bring in emotions that you may not be aware of – questions will finally be answered.

Cavansite boosts the communication between people, and it will obviously work on your relationship too. Forget about misunderstandings. You two can share what you feel in a more efficient manner. Honesty is essential, as you will no longer have to worry about being misunderstood – the fear of judgment is gone as well.

Honesty will gain a different definition from cavansite. You will learn how to benefit from it. Honesty can be harsh sometimes, but cavansite will help you keep kind about it. Clarity is essential at this point, and there will be no more secrets between you and your partner. The energies are about love, peace, and truth. They will calm your emotions and prevent anger.

The crystal is an emotional balm. Your anger will no longer feel like a burning feeling inside your heart. On the same note, bitterness will not go too deep. Once you get the fill, these emotions will go as quickly as they come. Cavansite will benefit your emotions and provide optimism and inspiration for further growth.

At the end of the day, all relationships go through both good and bad times. Things will work out eventually, and cavansite will help, so the stone is useful for all types of relationships – good and bad. Forget about insecurities, negative thoughts, and lack of attention – become excited again and enjoy life, change and love as they are.

Where to buy Cavansite

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Cavansite in jewelry uses

The sparkling and vibrant blue associated with cavansite makes it a good stone for jewelry. At the same time, it is quite hard, so it can go on various pieces of jewelry. Its radiant beauty makes it suitable for two different options. Many pieces bring in polished and fine pieces of cavansite. Some others adopt a rough appearance and are raw – unusual shapes and random corners, which are just as attractive.

cavansite ring
Big Blue Cavansite Ring. See it on Etsy

Cavansite is excellent for necklaces, pendants, and brooches – in other words, these are pieces of jewelry that are not exposed to too much wear and tear. You can also find bracelets with cavansite, as well as rings. A bit of research can also bring in engagement rings. The stone is more common in earrings, though.

Generally speaking, you do not necessarily need to wear crystals in jewelry for their metaphysical properties – you might as well get some raw crystals in your pocket or by your keyring. However, cavansite is quite hard and incredibly beautiful, so you can gain from both points of view. Whether you like the vibrant raw design or a more traditional polished look, you do have some good options for jewelry.

Where does Cavansite come from

Compared to other crystals, cavansite is relatively new. It was initially minted in Oregon, USA – 1967. Since then, it has also been discovered in India. In fact, India is the main location for it. A few other deposits have been found in Brazil, New Zealand, and the USA, but most of the crystals you will find in commerce come from India.

How much is Cavansite worth

Just like other crystals, the price of cavansite is dictated by more factors. Professionally polished pieces are more valuable than raw crystals, yet raw crystals can also be enhanced with various metals for the jewelry to look and feel luxurious. On average, you can get a decently sized crystal in good condition for about $10.

In terms of jewelry, the price is also given by the metal used in the process. For instance, white gold or platinum will clearly cost more than silver. This is probably the main element dictating the price. Given the rarity of this crystal, even raw pieces are a bit pricey. Those who are only after the metaphysical properties may not care about the overall appearance, but the raw style does not come cheap either.

How to cleanse Cavansite

Cavansite can be cleansed like most other crystals out there. Cleansing is essential to recharge its batteries and boost its efficiency. The easiest ways imply using tap water (a minute per crystal) or saltwater (up to 48 hours). Brown rice is just as efficient as most other stones – around 24 hours, not to mention sage – around a minute per stone.

The natural light represents the most appropriate way to cleanse crystals and cavansite makes no exception either. Although particular points in the lunar or solar cycle could help, you can recharge and cleanse your crystals whenever you feel like it. If you want to use the moonlight, set the stone outside before nightfall.

Bring it back before 11 AM. This way, the stone will get plenty of moonlight too, but also a bit of sunlight. Of course, you can focus on one energy or the other (do it over the day or over the night only), but mixing them will provide even better results. The increased exposure to sunlight on a hot summer day is not always recommended for crystals, though.

The best combination to use with Cavansite

Cavansite can be used with a few different stones for extra properties or to enhance already existing effects. Cavansite is great for meditation, and so is ammolite – you can mix them up together for even more warm energy. It will make you feel calm and help you achieve more from your daily meditation sessions.

Then, you can also mix cavansite with chalcopyrite. This mix is suitable for financial benefits. Both stones will work wonders together and will bring in abundance, regardless of the project you are involved with. It makes no difference if you have some raw crystals around your office or you wear a bracelet based on cavansite.

Final Words

As a short final conclusion, cavansite is an excellent choice when you go through a change. It could be a change in love, your relationship, career, business, or just overall. It will help you accept the past and cope with the present in a clear and more efficient manner. It will guide you and give you the confidence you require to make excellent choices. As if all these were not enough, it also looks beautiful and can complement both casual and elegant outfits.