Since ancient times, gemstones have been an attraction for many. From individuals, psychics, shamans and healers. People will often invest in them for their beauty, but their properties and benefits surpass beauty. They are believed to possess strong properties, energies, powers and are also associated with healing properties. Gemstones occur in different varieties but let us explore the Blue Onyx stone.


Blue Onyx will refer to the Onyx stones that are dyed in different shades of blue. It is also known as the Stone of Sobriety. It has the properties and meaning to increase one’s mental power. It helps overcome mental weaknesses, controls negative thoughts, sadness, anxiety, and anger. 

The crystal is associated with the throat chakra which plays an important role in communication, self-expression, and creativity. The stone will center and align your energy to a higher power to give you guidance. It is a strength-giving stone for difficult and stressful situations.

Blue Onyx can be used for psychometry. It is a secretive stone and will help in keeping one’s counsel. 


This stone has remarkable properties, which are also found in other kinds of Onyx gemstones.

Physical Properties

Blue Onyx will appear in shades of blue. It has a hardness of between six to seven on the MOH scale, and its luster may be vitreous or silky. It may be banded or unstripped. The chemical composition revealed it to be a banded or striped variety of the silicate mineral of Chalcedony. Blue Chalcedony is not striped and appears to be a bit transparent.

Blue Onyx is an “Agate” gemstone. Blue Agate will have white stripes, and the blue part is primarily dyed, but the white part is challenging to dye and will mostly stay intact. Onyx and Agate are all varieties of the layered Chalcedony and are only different in their striped or band forms. Onyx also has parallel bands, while Agate has curved bands. 

Physical Healing Properties

The stone is believed to be beneficial for the teeth and bones, and it can help treat disorders or conditions that affect the blood and feet. It can also offer helpful aid in treating glaucoma, cell damage, ulcers, and epilepsy.

Blue Onyx will give you stamina, physical strength, and vigor.

The crystal strengthens soft fingernail issues and improves the condition of your skin and hair.

Metaphysical Properties

Blue Onyx balances your mind and body and will strengthen them to overcome challenges. When you feel restless, it will help you in stabilizing and focusing your attention.

This strengthening stone will provide you with positivity and confidence when you are carrying out a task or lesson by getting rid of any distractions and boosting your motivation. The stone is believed to work against black magic and that it will deflect any negative energies directed to you.

The Blue Onyx stone will help you in achieving emotional balance and self-control. It will help you get rid of unhealthy attachments that may be preventing you from attaining your highest potential.

It deflects negative energies that may draw you to making mistakes, poor or bad decisions and open more doors to opportunities. The stone will help you unlock your intuition for the right actions.

Blue Onyx will help in stabilizing and grounding your energies to eliminate unwanted ones. It will attract prosperous energies and give you a sense of abundance.

In relationships, Blue Onyx will promote excellent communication, inviting happiness. It helps get one to be open about how they feel from the healing it offers, gives the courage to communicate, and eliminates any communication struggles.

Blue Onyx will eliminate the worries, fears, and anxieties that you may be having regarding relationships. When issues or disagreements occur, it will offer situation remedy by helping one to find the best solutions. The stone offers strength and support during difficult or stressful times.

With Blue Onyx, your self-awareness will be increased, and you will be inspired to become even more compassionate. It will help you stay grounded and focused on how your actions or words may affect those around you.

The crystal helps in healing old injuries or trauma that are impacting your current life. The crystal will enhance mental power as it overcomes the weaknesses of the mind.

Blue Onyx will help you attain an emotional and self-control equilibrium, and its energies balance male and female polarities.

Where to buy Blue Onyx

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Blue Onyx in jewelry uses

Blue Onyx being a beautiful crystal, can be used in jewelry pieces such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and many more jewelry types.

By offering direct and continuous contact with your body through the use of jewelry, the stone will generate its healing powers, and the color will add to your beauty and boost your appearance.

The direct contact also allows for the energies to be transmitted without barriers for maximum absorption.

Where does Blue Onyx come from

You will mostly find Blue Onyx existing in Brazil, the United States, Uruguay, and India.

How much is Blue Onyx worth

The actual value will depend on the uniqueness, beauty, and balance of the pieces or items made with the stone. Value is less dependent on the size, and a well-designed piece will be of value.

Antiques and vintage items that contain Blue Onyx can be pretty valuable. If you are considering reselling your blue onyx jewelry, bear in mind that you might receive less than what you got it for. There is a lower demand for the resale market, but its combination with other valuable stones such as gold and diamonds will improve its worth. 

The value will also increase remarkably when the stone is showcased in valuable metal settings such as rose, white, or yellow gold.

How to use Blue Onyx

By keeping Blue Onyx in your purse or pocket, you can center and align your energy with your highest power, and this will aid you in accessing higher guidance.

To cleanse the energies within your space, strategically placing your Blue Onyx in your environment will enable you to boost the present powers. You can put it in your office or home. It will give you strength with every new experience. This is because this stone will make you feel at ease in your environment or whatever surroundings, bringing about comfortability.

Wearing jewelry made from Blue Onyx is a beautiful and elegant way to positively impact you by imparting a feeling of confidence and an intuitive sense of self-control. 

You can keep the stone close to your individual physical or spiritual auric fields to balance your body’s energies and make them less scattered.

Pair the crystal with words of affirmations to amplify or boost its protective vibrations, energies and strength. Affirmations are powerful in strengthening and amplifying the Blue Onyx energies. It will create an excellent energy flow of endurance, strength, and self-confidence. Simply hold it in your hand.

Use it during meditation to balance and heal your throat chakra. Focusing on the throat chakra will allow you to feel that you are letting go of doubts, worries, and stress. Hold the stone while meditating as a source for your connection.

Put it in your bath to tap its energies.

While journaling, you can use it therapeutically to manifest mental peace, joy and promote emotional healing. As you express your thoughts, you will purify your mind from negative thoughts. Use the crystal to enable you to channel your ideas into manifestation through your writing.

How to cleanse Blue Onyx

The saturation of the energies that are given by your body in the Blue Onyx will hinder it from emitting its own energies. Due to this, you will need to cleanse the stone regularly, especially if you often use the stone to obtain new vibrations and energy. 

Cleansing the stone will recharge the stone to give off the required energy or power. Time-to-time cleansing will also assure you that the crystal will provide you with the benefits and healing you need. When identifying your cleansing method, choose one that will work harmoniously with your daily practices and think about where you will place your stone.

To cleanse your Blue Onyx;

Use a Quartz crystalClear Quartz is known for its ability to recharge other stones. Simply place the Blue Onyx in such a way that it is in touch with the Clear Quartz. The Clear Quartz will purify the energies and vibrations within the Blue Onyx.

Use lunar rays– Place Blue Onyx on an area or surface that has a maximum provision of moonlight for a while for it to absorb the vital energies of the lunation. Ensure that dew does not get on it.

Use water– Put your Blue Onyx in a glass or a bowl with water. You can also hold it under running water for a few minutes.

Use the earth– Bury the Blue Onyx underground for the earth to absorb any unwanted energies. You can mark the area, you bury the stone for easy remembrance.

Use smoke and fire– Burning the crystal over a fire for a short while, such as candlelight, will rid it of any negative energies. You can also choose to smudge it with smoke from burnt incense, sage, sandalwood, cedar, or palo santo. These are believed to remove negative energy.

Use sunlight or solar rays– Place the stone under sunlight for a few minutes but ensure that you do not expose it to too much sunlight.

Use the night sky light– Use the lights that are given off at night from the sky, such as starlight, constellation light, and other celestial bodies light to cleanse your crystal.

Blue Onyx vs. Blue Calcite

Both Blue Onyx and Blue Calcite have been adopted by many due to the benefits they offer. They both provide metaphysical uses and abilities but are commonly confused by many. Blue Calcite is a variety of Calcite, while Blue Onyx is a variety of Chalcedony. 

Blue Calcite
Blue Calcite

Calcites exist worldwide, but the common types of Blue Calcite will be found in Mexico, and the clearest ones will be found in South Africa. Chalcedony is a variety of Quartz stones and is microcrystalline. It also does not exist in visible crystals and exists in pebble forms such as round shapes, geodes, amygdules, and banded masses. It can also be found in different types such as stalactites, mammillary, botryoidal, and nodule forms.

Calcite is the most known type of Calcium Carbonate existing on the earth’s crust and will also be found in chalk and seashells of sea creatures. It exists in beautiful forms such as nodules, fibers, or stalactites.

Blue Onyx and Blue Calcite vary in hardness. Blue Onyx MOHS is 6- 7 while Blue Calcite has MOHS of 3, making it soft compared to other calcite stones. Blue Calcite instantly reacts when it comes to contact with mild acids such as vinegar by fizzing dissolving. Shaping, carving or dipping it in acids will affect its metaphysical properties. Due to its soft nature, it is easy to carve and will be used for making cups, bowls, and lavish lamps. 

Blue Calcite is not left in its raw state for use in the jewelry industry but is treated for more durability and improved looks. When using it for metaphysical purposes, it is more efficient while in its raw state.

Blue Calcite is opaque mainly, but clear varieties also exist. Clear types are more common in natural states. Its shades of blue are different, with some being severely pale and may appear whitish in specific lighting. There are also grey shades of Blue Calcite and very bright shades of blue, which make it suitable for making jewelry. The texture feels fragile and slippery or waxed.

Blue Calcite is associated with the throat and third eye chakras, Cancer, Pisces, and the Scorpio Zodiac signs. Its element is water.

Some suppliers will sell Blue Calcite as Blue Onyx. 

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The best combinations to use with Blue Onyx

Gemstones will help you physically and spiritually in different ways, but there are crystal combinations that work together to generate more power and energy.

The following gem combinations will work excellently with Blue Onyx;

Blue Onyx with Amethyst

The Amethyst stone is a crystalline variety of Quartz. It is a protective stone just like the Blue Onyx and will increase the user’s spiritual awareness, enhance communication, guard against psychic attacks, dispel anger, fear, rage, and anxiety. It also opens one’s intuition and encourages sobriety. 

The combination will help you attract the energies you require from the universe, will work effectively to deflect negative energies from people or your surroundings, and will amplify the strength each stone offers.

Blue Onyx with Yellow Apatite or Sunstone

The Yellow apatite stone is a promoter of prosperity. The vibrations it offers will help in strengthening your willpower, building up your confidence, and promoting assertiveness. It is also a stone that is used for the manifestation of one’s actual needs and desires. Combining these two stones will add to your mental clarity and strength.

Blue Onyx and Zincite

Zincite is a very powerful stone whose energies help in manifestation. Combining Zincite with Blue Onyx will amplify its energies by helping you break away from limitations, enhancing your creativity, will heal apathy, enable you to get tasks done as you seek new possibilities, promote action as it builds courage, and ultimately boosts your productivity levels.

Blue Onyx with Fire Agate

These two stones have similar vibrations and give off the same energies therefore combining them is a great idea. They both will shield negative energies, stimulate a life force that makes you feel revitalized and energized. Combining Blue Onyx with Fire Agate will boost the protective powers.

Blue Onyx with Brown Tourmaline

Combining Blue Onyx and Brown Tourmaline will provide an excellent grounding, help during stressful situations by relaxing your mind, dispel negative energies, and give you more stamina. The stones also enhance self-consciousness, unlock psychic abilities, and promote creativity when handling different situations. 

Final Words

The Blue Onyx is a protective and powerful stone. It possesses physical solid and metaphysical healing properties and exists in various parts of the world. It will offer you mental clarity, enhance concentration, and even boost your relations with those around you. It is a beautiful crystal that offers many jewelry uses. 

To tap the energies and vibrations of Blue Onyx, you can use it differently, as highlighted above. The value will not solely depend on its size but its uniqueness and the beauty it gives to the pieces made from it. When combined with precious metals and gemstones, the value will increase. 

Blue Onyx and Blue Calcite are often confused, and the calcite may be sold as the onyx. However, Blue Calcite’s surface is soft. Due to the saturation of energies after using your stone, you will need to purify or cleanse it from time to time. You can amplify the energies it gives by combining it with other gemstone varieties.