Blue obsidian is a powerful but rare gemstone that several practitioners are trying to get. This is because it is known for its striking influence on one’s life. It has a great history and an extensive record of use in tools since ancient times. In this guide, let’s explore its meaning, properties, and current uses along with the focus on how to cleanse it.


Upon listening to the term ‘obsidian’, most of us usually imagine stone with deep black tones and an ultra-reflective finish. It is true that the standard obsidian is black and is the most prevalent one in the mines, it is not the only kind of obsidian that exists.

Blue Obsidian Tumbled Stone
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An equally popular type of obsidian is the blue one. Obsidian gains the blue color because of the different impurities inside it. This visually stunning glass-like stone has a meaning symbolic to several cultures.

Throughout history, this stone has been widely utilized in making tools as well as weapons and even in assisting spiritual rituals. It is not yet clear what our forefathers thought of this stone but it is safe to say that they had high regard for it.

Currently, blue obsidian is a chief tool for healing due to its exclusive healing properties. Its nature itself is unbelievably inspiring. The core meaning of this stone is transmutation as well as protection.

As a birthstone, its meaning is considered to hold powerful psychic protection. It is related to the spiritual world due to its blue color and is likely to kindle the skill of prophecy. The stone can stimulate the ability to communicate and protect one from negativity.

This prolific healer can keep dark energies from the user’s auric field. It works as a beacon of defending light that can prevent darkness from entering your mind and soul. Well, this is not all. 

According to the healers, this stone can help in catering to the existing problems. Its energy takes away the unwanted so that something new can happen. Blue obsidian can affect the way you see the world and think about it. 

The gem is the stone of the water element, depicting a congruence between humans and their aquatic powers. It is an interesting stone for anyone who is into elemental rituals and wishes to direct the water’s mystic properties. 

Blue obsidian is also a stone of the mind, facilitating focus and clarity for psychic practices; persuading intuitive power and getting visions and lucid dreams. Through the water element’s power, the stone supports telepathy. It also persuades astral travel and helps in finding and engaging in life adventures.


Physical Properties

Standard obsidian is the result of the quick cooling of silica-rich volcanic lava. The temperature falls so significantly that crystals cannot form. This natural volcanic glass gets black or green due to the presence of magnesium and iron impurities. 

Large Heart Blue Obsidian Stone
Large Heart Blue Obsidian Stone. See it on Etsy

The presence of subtle bubble patterns gives it a distinct color sheen. According to geologists, blue obsidian is formed when the stuck gas bubbles are present while the lava is cooling down.

So, blue obsidian is a silica rock. It is neither a crystal nor a mineral. Rather, it is a silicon-rich volcanic glass whose natural occurrence is rare. 

Most blue obsidian forms are genuinely black with a blue sheen. Nevertheless, a few transparent versions are also available. More transparent ones feature somewhat a bluish-green tone or are soft blue. 

Blue obsidian is both hard and brittle, as its hardness level varies from 5 to 6 on the Moh’s scale and has a brittle tenacity. Thus, cutting and using this stone demands care. 

Nevertheless, the broken edges of this stone are sharper than all knives made up of steel. Due to this, civilizations across the globe have used obsidians to make scrapers, knives, scalpels, and arrowheads.

Genuine blue obsidian is natural, not synthetic or man-made. It is obtained from nature. Nevertheless, due to its rare occurrence, several fake or artificial obsidian stones are sold in the market. These are usually made using colored glasses or slags, the by-product of the process called smelting. 

Metaphysical Properties

In the world of metaphysical healing, this gemstone has a dual purpose. The iridescent stone activates two chakras namely, the root and the throat. 

Typically, the metaphysical abilities of healing stones tend to affect the closer energy points. They may oversee the upper or lower chakras. Blue Obsidian deals with the metaphysical body’s opposite sides. As a result, you can expect extensive effects on your well-being. 

blue obsidian necklace
A large smooth blue obsidian electroformed with copper on copper chain. See it on Etsy

The beginning is from the root chakra due to which it is also a root chakra gem. This point of energy is the entry point of the life force that flows upward after entering. It is perhaps among the critical chakras to uphold.

If congested, the chakra is likely to trigger a couple of spells of emotional despair. As a result, many complain that they become complacent, feel lost, and experience no drive to achieve anything. These symptoms can be so debilitating that it may take several years to come out of them. 

However, as a naturally grounding stone, blue obsidian upholds stability. Thus, it is ideal for complementing the root chakra. It is known to maintain the energy flow and make sure that the user feels a sense of the self.

Next, the stone affects the second energy point, the throat chakra. This chakra is connected with communication and is known to govern the tongue, mouth, and cheeks.

If blocked, much difficulty is experienced when it comes to expressing the truth. You suddenly start finding it hard to speak honestly. On the other extreme side, you may start talking purely with your dear ones. 

Even here, blue obsidian tends to normalize. Its meaning and influence are such that it always helps you in expressing the truth and remain true to who you are. It aids in overcoming the fear of telling our truth and ensures voice fluidity and clarity while calming you down. The stone is known to help those who are shy to speak courageously and even leaders to connect with others. 

Physically, the stone is known to help in healing the ear, nose, eye, and throat disorders. It works well to enhance the health of glands and the circulatory system. Mentally, it is believed to heal disorders such as Alzheimer’s, anxiety-based stomach upset, schizophrenia, and multiple-personality confusion.

The stone is also known to aid in spiritual pursuits as well as psychic abilities.

Where to buy Blue Obsidian

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Blue Obsidian in jewelry uses

Obsidian as a rock is commonly found in big pieces. Lapidaries usually cut the obsidian rocks into carvings, beads, and cabochons. Faceted pieces are usually dark, except when transformed into small fragments. These delicate pieces are then considered for making jewelry. 

blue obsidian ring
This beautiful blue obsidian ring features a sterling silver bezel and a thick high-shine band that features swirling details. See it on Etsy

Blue obsidian is used for making necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and earrings. As the stone is related tightly to the throat chakra, wearing it as a necklace is beneficial. It is likely to balance the chakra in many unknown ways whose final outcome is in the form of communication benefits.

If you are not a fan of a necklace, consider buying a pendant. The dangling obsidian is versatile, as you not only can wear it around the neck but also can hang it in other places for frequent contact. 

For gaining physical healing benefits, it is wise to wear the stone on or near the wrist. The wrists are directly connected to the bloodstream, due to which gemstones can render their physical healing benefits. 

Blue obsidian can normalize the digestive system, which then helps in keeping away other ailments. It is recommended to wear a blue obsidian bracelet religiously for at least three weeks for this healing to start. 

If you are pulled to this stone to experience its psychic properties, it is recommended to buy some trendy earrings containing obsidian beads. This will bring the stone closer to your head and trigger energetic effects with the crown and third eye chakras. 

You can even go for a pack of tumbled blue obsidian beads. It is one of the most affordable forms of this stone. The pack may have offcuts, or beads made using the thrown chunks of obsidian. These beads are then widely used for making healing jewelry.

Where does Blue Obsidian come from

Natural forms of blue obsidian are currently obtained from a few areas in Greece, apart from the famous Atlas Mountains in Morocco. When a specific amount of blue obsidian deposits is found, it gets depleted quickly. This is because this gemstone does not occur in abundance. Blue obsidian deposits are also found in areas with a history of rhyolitic eruptions. 

How much is Blue Obsidian worth

Most blue obsidian stones are artificial as the natural occurrence is extremely rare. This, in turn, lifts its price. However, despite being rare, this gemstone is not a very expensive one. Indeed, small tumbled varieties are available at reasonable prices. 

Still, the price of a blue obsidian stone is usually surprising to those who are buying it for the first time after being drawn to its properties. This is especially true for a natural piece of blue obsidian that is smaller or equal to the size of your palm.

On the other hand, manmade varieties of blue obsidian are likely to remove the pressure from your wallet. For a decent price, you can easily buy cobalt blue and Siberian blue obsidians of medium sizes. 

However, beware of blue obsidian replicas such as those made using dyed glass or dyed onyx. They hold no value and provide no real benefits. As sellers know that this stone is rare, they simply raise the prices of even the artificial ones. Thus, it is worth buying from genuine sellers. 

Although natural Blue Obsidian is costlier than its artificial counterpart, it is still not very expensive. The real value truly lies in its alleged metaphysical as well as healing properties. Owning a mined piece is like owning a piece of natural history. 

How to identify Blue Obsidian

A genuine, natural blue obsidian is very rare. Thus, man-made glass, color-processed volcanic glass, and slag glass tend to throng the jewelry and gemstone markets. So, if the look is of a blue-colored glass, chances are maximum for it to be manmade. 

It is also vital for you to know that cullet glass or slag glass is also sold as genuine blue obsidian. With so many replicas of this stone out there, it can be tough to say whether it is real or fake. 

Although most blue obsidian stones seen in the market today are artificial, it is possible to identify a real one. A genuine blue obsidian will have lots of inflections or tones and will be very expensive. True obsidian is not perfect; it will have streaks, specks, and bands inside. It can be in black with a blue shine and can be nearly transparent.

Artificial or fake blue obsidians are usually brighter than the natural ones in terms of color. In case of any doubts regarding real versus fake blue obsidian, it is wise to consult a gemstone expert.

How to use Blue Obsidian

Using blue obsidian is a breeze! It is as easy as using any healing crystal. This credit goes partially to its variety of forms. This glass-like stone is available in larger chunks for your house and office, smaller fragments for ornaments, and everything in between. You can even find it in a raw or clear polished form.

No matter which one you choose, the underlying notion is to have it within your auric zone as much as possible. The ideal way to ensure this is to use this stone via jewelry. Beaded bracelets, pendant necklaces, earrings having this stone are available. You can wear them to stay protected as you face your day. It is likely to help if you require any strength or guidance.

Blue obsidian is also available in the form of small tumbled stones and points. Consider them for use during meditation. Herein, you use the stone by setting your intent. It will then work its magic while being engrossed with the intent. You can even contemplate its meaning for inspiration.

If you want something more considerable, you can invest in larger pieces or shining spheres. You can even place this gorgeous stone on a shelf or pedestal to add a new, shimmering look to your living or working area. 

Just put it in your area or mediate with it to experience its healing energy. The stone’s healing and energy properties are so robust that they can trigger peace within you apart from spreading across the room and taking away its environmental pollution. You can even place it under the pillow to allow it to absorb mental stress and tension.

How to cleanse Blue Obsidian

It is a fact that several of us begin using obsidian with the impression that it is stone that cleanses itself. This is because it is essentially glass. Well, this impression is a myth. Blue obsidian demands your care and maintenance in staying clear and recharged, which is the case with any other healing crystal. 

It should be noted any kind of obsidian is susceptible to breaking when the temperature becomes extreme. So, even too hot or too cold water can prove to be detrimental to this gem. Thus, it needs proper care.

Further, its energy will fade with time due to its relentless exposure to dark energy. Thus, it is essential to cleanse it so that its healing properties keep benefitting you. Luckily, there are a couple of ways to cleanse blue obsidian. Following are these ways:

  • On the full moon night, put the stone outside and get it back the next day morning. Being a grounding stone, this gem genuinely accepts energy from beneath Mother Earth. 
  • Bury the stone in your garden so that it can absorb the refreshing power for the next 48 hours. 
  • Place the stone in salt water and leave it for the next 24 hours. This kind of soaking is one of the easiest methods to try. If you wish to cleanse it dry, consider putting the stone in a layer of Himalayan salt. Leave it here for as long as possible. 
  • Meditate over or pray with the stone with an intention for cleansing. 
  • Burn herbs such as sage over the stone with the intention of cleansing via your mind’s eye. This method is known as smudging. Of all the herbs, sage is believed to be effective at cleansing a healing crystal. In some time, it gets recharged and reactivated.

The best combination to use with Blue Obsidian

Blue obsidian is used along with a variety of stones. It is used to augment the psychic protection ability of other gems such as fire agate, astrophyllite, black tourmaline, and Dalmatian jasper.

You can even use blue obsidian stone with other stones known for their grounding abilities. These are black tourmaline, shamanite black calcite, sphalerite, hematite, and black diopside. Pairing with any of these stones boosts the grounding abilities of both stones.

To stimulate the higher chakras and boost psychic abilities, consider pairing with Nirvana quartz, phenacite, moldavite, or natrolite. 

Final Words

Blue obsidian is one of the most stunning stones to use at home and in jewelry. Some of them are electric blue or blue-green in appearance. However, this volcanic stone is rarely available in its natural form. It is known to boost communication skills and alleviate negativity. People using this stone are more interested in spiritual and religious matters.