Honey calcite belongs to the family of calcites available in a myriad of colors. Generally, any calcite is a robust amplifier of energies and a major cleanser of negative energies in humans. It functions on all levels, ranging right from physical to etheric due to which a calcite crystal is a premium purifying stone. This also applies to honey calcite.

As syrupy as its name, honey calcite is popularly known as a gemstone of mystery and enthralling powers. According to the old legends, using honey calcite as a crystal pendulum swinging over the belly of a pregnant lady makes one listen to the cries of the baby and determine the gender.

Thus, this calcite crystal functions magically in many ways. In this post, let’s find out more about this stone.


Calcite is one of the most copious minerals found on the Earth and is available in a variety of forms. The word ‘Calcite’ is derived from ‘Calix’, a Greek word that means lime. It is named so because it is generally found in limestones.

Depending on where the stone comes from, calcite is seen in any color ranging from soft white to deep black. Honey calcite is just one of these many available forms and is believed to be the sweetest of all calcites. Its color ranges from brown to golden shades. Despite being highly popular, this calcite boasts a distinct meaning.

The energy of this gemstone is gentle and bright. Honey calcite is related to one’s personal power. It is associated with the third eye chakra, the root chakra, and the solar plexus chakra for giving impetus to self-confidence.

The yellow shine of this stone fills the latter chakra with an awareness of empowerment. By instilling feelings of confidence and motivation, the stone is known to help you in achieving your long-term goals.

The properties of this stone are also potent when making major decisions. The boosted personal power and confidence act as essential tools in taking as well as sticking to a decision. As you are confident about your choices, there is no scope for regret or hesitation.

Honey calcite is an interesting crystal for clearing the mind and eradicating self-limiting thoughts. It is powerful for personal will and creation but there is much more to what it can do. The stone inspires you to keep going, especially when you feel like not proceeding further.


Physical Properties

The lush tones of honey calcite are quite attractive. Also known as golden calcite and amber calcite, this crystal usually reflects a pale brown hue. However, the color intensity is likely to differ from one piece to another, which could range from pale gold to golden to brown. Still, all honey calcite stones boast a semi-transparent or transparent finish that glows in the light.

These crystals are calcium carbonate minerals present in massive or rhombohedral forms. It is the outcome of the biological precipitation of calcium carbonate along with the changes in the debris such as shells and coral to form calcite during the conversion of residues to sedimentary rocks. Thus, honey calcite is made up of calcium carbonate.

Honey calcite features a hexagonal crystal system, a vitreous luster, and a hardness rating of 3 on the Mohs scale.

Metaphysical Properties

Let’s assume that you wish to cuddle yourself with vibrant vibrations, kindle your creativity, and balance your body and mind. To fulfill this wish, you need a piece of honey calcite or its pendant. Yes, these are the exclusive metaphysical properties of this stone.

Honey calcite is admired for extending its support to overcome depression, get rid of past traumas, balance sexual energies, and promote a positive attitude. It is known to help in getting much clarity and energy to accomplish the goals while overcoming the hurdles and strengthening the decision-making power.   

Known to hold the vibrations of confidence and strength, this crystal can give you a lot of mental clarity and valor to stand for your beliefs. As an epitome of personal power, it is considered a hub of healing powers.

These powers can be quite helpful in matters of personal healing, particularly while coming out of a painful loss. This is how it helps to become strong and move through the different ups and downs.

The significance of this stone lies in the fact that it can guide a human to walk on the right path of recognizing and employing inherent personal powers. It reflects a lot about factors such as responsibility and leadership. If used with iron pyrite, you can expect the combination to boost your sense of self-worth.

To help you face a challenging situation, this robust stone will enable you to move away from all negative energies and handle everything with an optimistic, open-minded attitude. You also get a feeling of boosted confidence while handling personal combats or limitations.

The powerful stone has properties that are known to persuade you to accept new changes and experiences. This helps in expanding your wisdom and building a dynamic character. The energies of the stone mark the commencement of a new phase or turn towards a new direction.

Regardless of the situation, the stone will put you grounded and help in focus your energies on your goals. The crystal can also improve your intellect and enable you to concentrate on only the important matter.

It is an excellent tool for reducing stress. You can rely on this stone for curtailing fears and uncertainties that have trapped you. It enables you to come out of your past negative thoughts and view people and surroundings from distinct perspectives.

If you are looking to revive your faith and restore the determination to get rid of any harmful or old habits while adopting better or healthier ones, this calcite will truly inspire you to do so.

Honey calcite is one of the best stones for meditation, as it triggers a profound sense of balance and calmness.

Where to buy Honey Calcite

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Honey Calcite in jewelry uses

Considering the hardness rating of 3, honey calcite is quite soft. This means it is one of the most fragile types of stones and requires utmost care while handling. Thus, it is usually not recommended for a majority of jewelry applications; it is considered more apt for ornamental designs and stone carvings.

Still, it is considered durable enough for a few jewelry types, as its hardness rating is similar to that of chrysocolla and amber. This stone is used for making only earrings, bracelets, pendants, and brooches. Still, it should be noted that it cannot withstand the impact of daily wear due to which you should use honey calcite jewelry occasionally.

Where does Honey Calcite come from

The most significant deposits and best samples of honey calcite are found in Mexico. However, honey calcite crystals are also found in Brazil, Africa, the Czech Republic, France, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, India, and China. It is also seen in some parts of the United States such as Florida, Ohio, Tennessee, Michigan, Indiana, and North Carolina.   

How much is Honey Calcite worth

Being abundantly available and readily accessible, honey calcite is affordable. Its exclusive jewelry is also affordable. However, the exact price varies depending on different factors namely clarity, luster, cut, and shape.

For example, when it comes to luster, transparent specimens are more in demand and are consequently more valuable than semi-transparent ones. The more transparent the stone is, the more valuable it is!

Similarly, the more polished the stone is, the higher its price is! Honey calcite is often carved or faceted. Some of its most common cuts and shapes are ovals, octagons, and cushions.

Fancy options such as hearts are quite rare, as there is little demand for such shapes in calcite jewelry. Still, if you can find them, they will be affordable although the price will be more than the normal shapes.

How to use Honey Calcite

As honey calcite is found in big masses, it works well when used for decor. You can buy large spheres or pieces of this gemstone to decorate your office or home.

It is believed to be a great crystal for infusing your space with productive energy. You are also likely to experience its positive impacts when put in a joint creative space.

When used as decor, this stone provides the usual benefits although its energy emanates in all directions to infuse the entire space and offer a feeling of boosted healing energy whenever you enter the room or space. Even smaller pieces of this crystal work well.

When placed as a piece in a room, it will absorb all negative energies from that area. It will also discard all toxic or negative energies from even your body and boost the positive energy levels.

Any stagnant energy will go off and your physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth seems to take a new height. The stone is known to work as an excellent cleanser if placed in your home’s southwest area.

If you are about to kick off a new project, consider writing the major issues and challenges on paper and then meditate by putting this stone at your base or on the third-eye chakra.

In this meditation, visualize the golden rays of uplifting energy emitting from your entire being and affirm in your mind that you are creative enough to have profitable ideas and plans.

It will aid in focusing those energies on the most critical thoughts. Perform this meditation to think of the different possible ways of responding to the written questions and then jot them down once the session is over. The solutions are believed to work well! This is how the stone is used for meditation at home.

It is highly recommended to keep a piece of honey calcite in your palm at the time of meditation. It acts as a balancing stone and is likely to restore your good health by overcoming chronic stress, restlessness, and fatigue.

You can even position the stone near or on the third eye, sacral, or root chakra. Doing so also helps in releasing the body tension and unlocking its full potential.

If you used it by wearing its exclusive jewelry such as a pendant or bracelet, it remains in your auric field until you do not remove it. During this time, it will cleanse your mind and body and instill the strength to face challenging situations. This also applies to the tumbled stones.

How to cleanse Honey Calcite

Calcite gemstones need great care and tenderness when it is a matter of cleaning them. As honey calcite continuously absorbs negative energies, it is essential to clear and charge it more frequently than a few of your other crystals.

As it is a soft stone, it is unwise to clean the stone using salt water. Touching it when in water can cause a reaction because of the presence of calcium carbonate. So, rather, consider rubbing the stone from all sides using a soft bristle brush once a month to retain it in the best shape.

It is also fine if you place it under running lukewarm water for some time to remove dust and debris from the surface and use a soft cloth to dry it.

While cleaning, wipe the stone using a soft cloth only. It is okay to use a mild soap if required and rinse it well to take away the soapy residue.

Another effective way of cleansing this gemstone is to put it under sunlight. The rays of the sun purify the honey calcite stone by absorbing the negative energies. All you need to do is put it on a window or outside where it can get enough warm rays to restore its healing powers.

You can also consider using a selenite wand or clear quartz and looping it thrice over the stone before and after the stone’s usage.

You can even cleanse the stone by putting it under the full moon’s rays every month. If the upcoming full moon day seems to be far, you can try the aforementioned methods of cleansing honey calcite. For charging the stone, just put it close to a piece of clear quartz or amethyst.

As calcites are prone to scratching and are also sensitive to acid just as most carbonates, it is wise to avoid using bleach, acids, or other harsh cleansing agents for cleansing a piece of honey calcite. You should avoid using ultrasonic cleaners or steamers for maintaining this calcite.

After cleansing your stone, it is essential to store it away from other gems to keep the risk of scratching at bay. Consider wrapping it in a soft cloth and putting it inside a fabric-equipped box. Do not wear its jewelry while performing a vigorous physical activity or even a simple household chore.

The best combination to use with Honey Calcite

Compatibility is one of the major reasons why this calcite is preferred by skilled crystal healers. Honey calcite works well with other gems, giving you a cocktail of healing stones, especially at the time of meditation. A few good combinations include iron pyrite, wulfenite, fluorite, sapphire, ametrine, and moldavite.

When you use iron pyrite with honey calcite, it is likely to aid in recovering from detrimental or abusive situations. Iron pyrite is also known to infuse you with confidence, courage, and strength to overcome any kind of personal and professional obstacles in life.

When you use honey calcite with wulfenite, it activates as well as harmonizes the energies of the solar plexus, root, and the third-eye chakras. Wulfenite is also known to kindle the intellect so that you do not overanalyze unnecessarily. Further, it also helps in looking at the challenges precisely so that you can get to the best solution without any hassle.

For activating the sacral chakra that seems to be inactive, you can use honey calcite with amber, carnelian, or orange calcite. Similarly, using it with ametrine, lepidolite, amethyst, or sodalite fortifies the abilities of the third eye. In simple words, you enjoy the benefits of clearer visions and insights.

Do you like astral projections? If yes, you can use honey calcite with other crystals to boost the overall energies. Consider combining it with petalite, fluorite, iolite, moldavite, sapphire, azurite malachite, spirit quartz, ametrine, or apophyllite.

For gaining the courage and strength to handle different changes, consider pairing honey calcite with a bloodstone, opal, Botswana agate, or yellow turquoise. Using it with crystals such as pyrite, emerald, coral, crocoite, galena, obsidian, rose quartz, diopside, malachite, chalcedony, or chrysocolla tends to boost your intellect.

If you wish to gain overall protection encompassing all the facets of your life, use honey calcite with fire agate, golden topaz, apache tears, black tourmaline, heliodor, Herkimer diamond, black kyanite, chrysoprase, or cat’s eye.

Final Words

Honey calcite is a valuable asset to your life if you wish to pursue personal power, growth, and strength. Its metal elemental energy reflects healing, brilliance, and creativity. It is focused on protecting you! Like most other crystals, honey calcite is used as loose stones, some jewelry pieces, and points for meditation.