Black Kyanite is a stone with great authenticity in hardness and texture. Black Kyanite has a formation with flat, blade-styled crystal structures. Kyanite is a stone with high vibration and has the ability of rapid energy transfer. Kyanite, likewise citrine is one of the minerals of the planet that neither retains negative energy nor accumulates it and thus never requires cleansing. This stone possesses great strength and metaphysical properties.

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The word Kyanite has its origin in the Greek Word, ‘kuanos’ or ‘kyanos’, the words mean “deep blue,” and was called Disthene which means “two strengths,”.  Black Kyanite is believed to manifest the wearer with supernatural abilities with calmness in personality. It is symbolized as a significant helping power for increasing your clairvoyant ability. Its astrological signs are Aries (March 21 to April 19), Libra (September 23 to October 22), and Taurus (April 20 to May 20). Its primary chakra is the root chakra, as Black Kyanite is used for chakra healing also. The meaning of Black Kyanite can be concluded as 3Cs; Calming, Communication, and Creativity.


Physical Properties

Black Kyanite is a mineral of aluminum silicate, often founds as striated bladed crystals which are long and can be transparent or translucent with a pearly sheen.

Black Kyanite is also known as ‘witches broom’. It is called so because it sweeps all of the negative energy and debris. Black kyanite is the triclinic crystal system of silicates and forms in twisted or stringy long crystals. It appears from dark gray to dark black. It is a silicate mineral and is found in metamorphic and sedimentary rocks which are full of aluminum. Its hardness is 6.5 across and 4.5 lengthwise on the Mohs scale of hardness.

Its crystalline structure is very interesting because it grows in different fascinating shapes. Black Kyanite is used in ceramic products, refractory and also in electronics. The chemical composition of black kyanite is Al2Sio5 (Aluminosilicate). It is usually opaque in all grades. It is found in Mexico, Brazil, the USA, Kenya, and Switzerland.

Kyanite fracture is splintery and its cleavage of it is perfect in 1 direction. This gemstone has a refractive index of 1.710 to 1.753 with a birefringence of 0.017 and a dispersion of 0.020. The crystallography of Kyanite is triclinic, crystals balded, flattened and elongated, fibrous and massive. This gem has a variable luminescence which is mostly dim red in LW. The Absorption Spectrum of Kyanite can be observed as one line in deep red at 7100 and at about 6000 two lines in deep blue with dark edges.

The optic sign is biaxial with a vitreous: pearly on cleavage luster, The specific gravity of Kyanite is measured to be 3.53 to 3.68 and possesses transparent to translucent transparency. Kyanite possess the phenomenon of chatoyancy(rare). It has 3 grades according to its formation of shape: Grade B includes Poor black color, opaque, and/or > 25% matrix, Grade A includes Nice black color, opaque, 10-25% matrix & nice fan-shaped formation, and Special Grade includes Beautiful black color, opaque, < 10% matrix & beautiful fan-shaped formation. Its numerical vibration is 6.

Metaphysical Properties

Black kyanite also has some metaphysical healing properties that are beneficial for our physical, mental and spiritual health. It can be used for healing, grounding, protection, energizing, meditation, manifestation, alignment and repairs.  The high vibrations and its ability to not store negative energies make it one of a kind. It can be used to clear all blockages of energy and imbalances within the chakras by aligning, grounding and centering the chakras. With conscious effort, it opens all chakras.

This gemstone can transmit and amplify high-frequency energy and it elevates the levels of good vibrations in the energy field. Black Kyanite is considered great for receiving attunements and it opens psychic channels by activating mind centers. It is a source of encouragement to the examination of oneself from every aspect as it deepens our connection to both the physical and natural world. It creates an immensely powerful directional energy that can be used for different effects in different directions.

Black Kyanite, stimulates root chakras and earth stars. The protective vibration from this gemstone keeps you safe during mediation. It is one of the great healers as it possesses both grounding and energizing abilities within itself. Black kyanite is helpful in reducing pain, fever and blood pressure and helps to stabilize the adrenals. This stone also helps in treating disorders in the brain, throat and muscular system. It also repairs the broken chakras and auras and removes the blockages in the auric field. Black kyanite also improves your mental health. It comforts your parathyroid glands, adrenal glands, and urogenital system.

This stone is useful for improving spiritual health. It helps in channeling, dream recall, vivid dreams, and visualization. It brings honesty and loyalty and reduces confusion and anger. It removes all kinds of negativity. It increases your thinking ability and maintains your positive energy.

This stone also helps in making the right decisions. Black kyanite identifies one’s hidden interests, skills, and talents and encourages one to choose the right path. This stone also discovers what is truly authentic and unique. It helps you to cooperate with others in a positive way. It explores your past lives and anticipates how your current actions affect future lives. Keeping a piece of black kyanite in the office or in your bedroom helps you in situations of confusion and misunderstanding.

Place it under your pillow for good sleep. If you place it in the office, you can handle the clients in a better way and you give him good advice. Placing it in your car or any other vehicle helps in a safe journey. The black kyanite also encourages self-awareness. It helps you to deal with your opponents in a better way.

Black Kyanite, in general, transmits the job of transmitting and amplification of high-frequency energies, which makes it a great stone for attunements and meditation. Kyanite is a source of bringing calm, tranquilizing energy to your body. It helps in meditation as it clears and calms you in preparation and provides help in receiving intuitive and psychic thoughts, with dream recalls as well. It restores the inner spirit Qi of the physical body and balances yin/yang energies.

Where to Buy Black Kyanite?

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Black Kyanite in Jewelry Uses

We know that Black kyanite has some healing effect but in the form of jewelry, it also provides an amazing look. This jewelry is in bracelets, pendants, rings and also necklaces. It is available in all varieties and designs. On different occasions, different varieties of jewelry can be used. In online shopping stores, many options are available. This kind of jewelry is affordable for everyone.

Black kyanite has its own natural beauty but in the form of jewelry, it gives an amazing look. Black kyanite combined with other gold or silver jewelry provides a fascinating look. For a casual look, if it is combined with a red or silver dress it gives an amazing look. According to the latest fashion trends, designers come up with new designs. It comes in many new designs of rings, bracelets and also necklaces.


Rings of Black Kyanite are more unique because the cutting of the stone is somehow challenging for the sizes of rings. There are many online websites where you can find a wide selection of quality and beautiful rings. So the rings of black kyanite are not available in the market in large quantities. However, if you buy it, be aware of the duplication.

Moreover, you can wear it at parties and weddings, and also you can give it to your beloved ones as a gift. At parties, you can wear it with a black dress and also red.


Black kyanite bracelets enhance our beauty if they are paired with other pieces of jewelry. If you are choosing the bracelet, chose that one that is in beaded form. Like blue kyanite, this kyanite is also available in the circular form so they are also popular for bracelets. For a formal or casual dress, paired it with gold or silver jewelry to make you look more beautiful. All kinds of bracelets are available in the market and also in stores. And also be aware of the replicas of black kyanite bracelets because in today’s era there are many companies that are making the duplicate of black kyanite.

Necklace & Pendant

Black kyanite is also available in the form of necklaces and pendants. If you are wearing a simple dress in a solid color, you can improve your look by wearing this pendant. Fancy and heavy necklaces are also available in the market. These stones are attached to different kinds of stones and make beautiful necklaces. If you are wearing this necklace, do not wear any other jewelry such as earrings or rings etc.


Black kyanite is suitable for a formal design, it will bring a new and style look. If you wear its earrings, they will give you an amazing look. There are many varieties of earrings but the most popular are stud earrings. The stud earrings are present in round, oval and pear cuts. It is suitable for casual and boho look. On the other hand, hoop, drop, Huggies and dangles earrings are also available. You can pair it with rings, necklaces and also with other pendants. At last, black kyanite look beautiful in any kind of jewelry.

Where Does Black Kyanite Come From?

Black Kyanite is found generally in metamorphic rocks like schist and gneiss, it is also found in pegmatite veins as well. It is found quite often in the groupings of light blue crystals with vibrations in the depth of blue. It can be weathered out into alluvial deposits as well. Minerals like Staurolite, Corundum, and Andalusite and associated with the Kyanite. Kyanite is extracted from Villa Rica, Brazil where alluvial deposits are found. Many deposits of it are found in Nepal as well. Huges deposits of it are located in Brazil and Nepal. Few deposits of it are located in Mozambique a South African country.

There are many other countries where Kyanite is found with variations in its colors and hardness. In Kenya, at Machakos colorless Kyanite is found which is very rare for kyanite. In the schists of St. Gotthard, in the Tyrol Mountains of Switzerland, very fine kyanite crystals are found in association with the staurolite. India, Myanmar, the European Alps, Australia, Yugoslavia, Kenya, and Switzerland are the major locations where Kaynite is found. In the United States, Kyanite is found in Yancy County, North Carolina, Madison County, Montana and various other locations close to North Carolina, Massachusetts.

How Much Is Black Kyanite Worth?

As a Faceted gem, Kyanite is very rare as it frees from inclusions and flaws. The hardness of this stone has extreme variability in different directions in the same crystal of the Kyanite and it makes it extremely hard to cut. Catseye Kyanites known until today are very few. This stone with its abilities is one of the most precious gems on the earth as it is a great source of healing and protection.

Kyanite is found in various colors and shapes and depending on the color and its hardness it is estimated with a price for it. As per the recent Data Analysis, the price for Kyanite varies as per its color and structure from tens to hundreds of dollars per carat.

How to Wear and Use Black Kyanite?

Black Kyanite has great metaphysical properties and is used commonly by many people. It is considered a power crystal that aids in removing blocked energy, deflecting psychic attacks and helps in uncovering and working through the causes of inner resistance to the wearer. In order to wear energy stones, many precautions are taken to ensure the maximum benefits from it.

In order to get maximum benefits from the Black Kyanite, it can be used in any form as it possesses both grounding and energizing powers within it. A wearer can wear it on a daily basis as it helps to deflect specific sources of psychic attack, sources might be known to you, like someone known to you who sends bad vibes your way or gives you the evil eye. It aids in repelling external sources of negative energy and helps you to fight your resistance to change or new habits and ways of thinking.

A black kyanite wearer can mediate with it as it helps in working through specific blockages in pursuing your life purpose of the healing process. It can be used as a clinical therapy as well as it helps in dissolving energies that are a source of energy blockage. It helps in removing energy blockages from energy channels like nadis or meridians. It is also helpful in removing deeply set unconscious resistance in your system.

How to Cleanse Black Kyanite?

As cleansing is necessary for most gemstones but black kyanite never needs cleansing because it does not build up negative vibrations as it possesses grounding abilities in itself. Every stone release energy, you need to get rid of old energies and reactivate them but black kyanite does not release any kind of energy.

Washing with water can destroy black kyanite. Like blue kyanite, moonlight is also effective for black kyanite. Air energy, as well as sound energy, is an excellent tool for cleansing this stone. The combination of air and fire is also helpful. Burn the candle and place your stone in the smoke of the candle. You can repeat this procedure with the smoke of the candle. This is also very helpful.

Compared to Other Similar Gemstones

Black Kyanite vs. Black Tourmaline

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Black Kyanite vs. Blue Kyanite

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Best Combinations With Black Kyanite

Black kyanite can be combined with black tourmaline, Ajoite, Azeztulite, and Tibetan Tektite to give a positive vision.

If you combine black kyanite with a crystal wand, it can unblock any blockages in your body so that there is proper blood circulation.  It also improves your physical and spiritual health.

When it is combined with Mica, it can break the cycle of self-destructive behavior ad help you to come back on track. This combination also removes the issues related to your diet and mental health.

When it is combined with other varieties it gives the same result as other varieties give. Because all types have almost similar properties. It brings positivity to your life.

The combination of black kyanite with labradorite, will bring chakras back into alignment and especially root chakras. It removes negativity and brings prosperity to your life. It is an energetic stone that increases your energy level.

Final Words

Black kyanite is a very beautiful stone that will enhance the beauty of your soul and body. It is helpful in mental, physical and spiritual health and removes negativity from our lives. Black Kyanite is one of the dream stones which brings a positive change in your lifestyle and protects you from any negative energies.

This gemstone doesn’t just add beauty to your artifacts but also keeps you away from any kind of bad vibes. It blocks negative energies and helps you in remembering your dreams as well. Black Kyanite with its ability to energize and grounding is one of its kind and it doesn’t need to be cleaned after a certain period. This ability makes it easy to use under any circumstances. Black Kyanite is the only mineral that can expand.

It aligns your chakras and helps in restoring your QI and balances yin and yang energies in your physical body. It provides countless healing properties and metaphysical properties to its wearer and has been a great source of positive energy and change in life. Black Kyanite is one of the most desired energy stones.