Apophyllite is a translucent crystal of high vibration that uplifts your spirit and energizes you spiritually and psychologically. It is a recently found silicate mineral. Let’s find out more about it in this post.


R. J. Hauy first found apophyllite as a crystallized mineral in 1806. Its name was derived from the Greek words, “apo” indicating “off” and “phyllon” signifying “leaf.” It literally means to leaf apart, which refers to the tendency of the crystal to crush and become scaly or flaky (exfoliation) like a leaf due to dehydration when exposed to a high temperature.

Apophyllite Pyramids
Apophyllite Pyramids. See it on Etsy

Apophyllite as a white, translucent crystal featuring a prismatic surface also has fascinating spiritual meanings. Spiritually, the stone is said to be the embodiment of the power of the noble helper, the union of male and female energies, and the symbol of the Soul Star’s power.

Lately, different types of this crystal have been found due to which apophyllite is now an umbrella word encompassing three types of minerals, clear hydroxyapophyllite, pastel hue or green fluorapophyllite, and brown natroapophyllite. All of them have similar properties and chemical structures. They just differ in shape and color.


Physical Properties

Apophyllite is a transparent, lustrous crystal that is referred to as a hydrated mineral composed of potassium calcium silicate. It crystallizes as a cubic crystal, pyramidal structure, and as a druzy crystal on other minerals. It is often seen in clusters. This brittle crystal peels apart when exposed to heat due to the loss of the water molecules. Other minerals tend to form along with apophyllite, which is stilbite and heulandite.

Green Apophyllite Flower Shaped Rare Mineral Specimen
Beautiful Green Apophyllite Flower Shaped Rare Mineral Specimen. See it on Etsy

Apophyllite belongs to the zeolite family, as it is always seen along with zeolites, particularly in traprock environments. Apophyllite looks quite identical to the zeolites due to which it becomes tough to distinguish between the two. Nevertheless, the two differ in terms of physical structure, with apophyllite having a tetrahedron shape arranged as phyllosilicate sheets. This is unlike zeolites that are tectosilicates.

Occasionally seen as very large, apophyllite typically consists of layers due to which the crystal has a pearly luster and a distinct shape. In between the alternating silicate sheets, there are layers of water, calcium, fluorine, sodium, and potassium.

Apophyllite crystals are being discovered from old lava flows that filled voids in which they are now hard masses. The cooled lava and the air bubbles resulted in hard pockets in the mass, which are called geodes.

Apophyllite is typically clear, white, brown, pink, violet, yellow, and green. It can even be opaque or transparent. While available in a myriad of colors, the most common ones are colorless or clear crystals. Some less-common ones are grayish-white, yellow, and rose red. The green ones and black crystals are the rarest varieties, of which the latter ones are the outcome of the presence of other minerals such as hematite.

Apophyllite crystals are commonly seen along with yellow stilbite that has different configurations. They are rich in water due to which they can conduct electricity.

They have pearly luster on their perfect cleavage although the luster is vitreous. Their hardness rating on Moh’s scale is 4.5 to 5, which makes them brittle.

Metaphysical Properties

Apophyllite is admired for its power of vision. No matter where you place it, the crystal boosts the positive energies by transmitting high vibrations. Introducing awareness and clarity in any circumstances, apophyllite contains a mix of different minerals that kindle the pineal gland.

Apophyllite Necklace
14k Gold Filled Natural Apophyllite Necklace. See it on Etsy

Apophyllite is considered a robust vibrational spreader of energy and generates a conscious connection with the spiritual realms. It is used as a great aid in reiki healing; it is known to calm the spirit. At times, the crystal is found with the pink stilbite stone that keeps anything that is disturbing away. Sometimes, it is known as the stone of the wolf.

The high level of water in apophyllite makes the crystal a good carrier of the Akashic Record and a good conductor of electricity. Due to this, it simplifies your journeys to finding past lives.

The stone is also known for its calming properties. It can help in releasing stifled emotions in a good way and aids those with negative thought patterns to remain inclined towards positive thoughts. Regarded as the stone of truth, this crystal aids in accepting situations that were difficult for you to accept in the past.

The clear crystals are worth having, as they instill your light-body with the energy of high vibration, which is robust enough to assist you in both psychical and spiritual healing. They are Gemini birthstones due to which they may be beneficial to those whose birth sign is Gemini just by wearing them.

While clear crystal pendants are less common, green apophyllite pendants can be easily spotted. Yet, the pretty clear pyramid forms are easy to use for a number of purposes. The pyramid forms are known to be powerful energizers.

The green ones have similar energy but they are more heart-based ones. They are known to clear and revitalize the heart chakra. Crystals of either color have a powerful vibration to uplift your spirit and revitalize yourself.

By using in your home, apophyllite’s water-like energy and bright light in white tend to reach every negative or dark corner. It is a soothing addition to any altar. Whether meditating, practicing tarot, doing reiki, or connecting to higher realms, the powerful apophyllite crystal is there to aid you.

Where to buy Apophyllite

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Apophyllite in jewelry uses

You will be finding apophyllites more in mineral sets than in jewelry ones. This is because the heat from the torch of a jeweler is likely to make this crystal lose its sheets or flakes. Thus, it is not widely used in making jewelry.

Apophyllite Ring
Apophyllite Ring. See it on Etsy

However, it is used in making some forms of jewelry such as bracelets and pendants to experience all its healing benefits. In these jewelry forms, the stone is centered around or embedded firmly.

Although unsuitable for jewelry, the crystal is a famous choice of collectors. Possibly, the whitestone in the world of gems is so devoid of color that it appears much like silver. Although the crystal is abundant, its facetable versions are rare.

Where does Apophyllite come from

Apophyllite is not a popular crystal among the general public but still it is found in different parts of the world, with specimens being obtained from the most known mineral sites. These sites are Pune and Jalgaon in Maharashtra of India, Kongsberg town in Norway, Mont Saint-Hilaire in Canada, and the Harz Mountains of Germany. The best crystals are known to come from Pune.

Other locations where apophyllite crystals are found are Japan, Brazil, Mexico, the United States, South Africa, Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, Greenland, Czech Republic, Britain, Italy, and Australia. The Indian apophyllites are found with pyramid points or in cubes.

How much is Apophyllite worth

Although found at the volcanic zeolite sites worldwide, the Indian traprock mines tend to provide huge quantities of apophyllite in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. Thus, apophyllite is easily available as well as affordable. However, its green variations could be costly, as they are quite rare in nature.

How to use Apophyllite

The most common use of apophyllite is crystal gazing or scrying for which its pyramid, clear variations are used. Instead of gazing deeply into it, you simply need to put it off to the side a bit.

This lateral viewing is also beneficial for obtaining information about events that may occur in the future. While gazing, just maintain an awareness of your wish to reach the higher realms.

Just look at the crystal from the eye’s corner while looking past it. It is much like daydreaming during which there is a lack of awareness of your surroundings.

The moment you feel the conscious connection with the higher spiritual realm, just travel where the visualizations go and do not attempt to make them sensible. You may travel through the white passage of light that tends to relax and calm you.

You can use the crystal to destroy the veil that has been stopping you from feeling true happiness. You can use it to know who you are and what are the profound, subtle reasons for several of your past and present actions.

You are likely to contact higher beings who can guide you on how to proceed in life to obtain the most from the present situation. Due to their high vibrations, in meditation, you can connect with the angels and spirits.

With this easy-to-buy crystal, you can meditate too. Indeed, it is one of the best ways to use it. A robust way to use it for meditation is to put it on the third eye. A small apophyllite pyramid is considered ideal for this meditation. It is easy to purchase it, is quite affordable, and is popularly known as an apophyllite tip. The same stone can also be used for crystal gazing.

Just put the pyramid base on your forehead and close your eyes. As the pineal gland is inside the third-eye chakra, the crystal kindles the inner vision. It is from this area that your visionary capabilities arise and most psychic powers originate. It is usual for this crystal to help you establish a connection with new spirit guides who may want to coordinate with you.

In case you have not found your spirit guide, this crystal can help you do so via the aforementioned psychic meditation. The same meditation may also lead to spiritual awakening. You can use either the green or clear stones of this mind-expanding crystal.

Using this crystal for meditation can also help you release any mental block due to which your thoughts or visions were confined. It is likely to provide you with insight and clarity and will put into the limelight those things that you must change.

You can use apophyllite crystals to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression as well as let go of curbed emotions and fear. For this purpose, just put a small piece on the third eye. Doing so will also relieve headaches and tired eyes. You are likely to feel relaxed, too, after a hectic schedule.

You can also use these crystals to grid your home to get rid of these emotions or states. For this purpose, apophyllite pyramids are recommended.

For gridding the bed, position one pyramid on each leg of your bed, in the middle, and in between the base and the mattress. Doing so can give you a sound sleep at night and wake you up fresh. If you get your hands-on clusters or five pyramids, use them to grid your full home or a particular room such as the living room.

Well, there is more than one way to grid your home; it is up to you how you want to do so. One of the ways is to put a crystal in each corner and the fifth one in the middle of the room. You can even use a mix of clear crystals and green apophyllite clusters. Even any of the two is fine.

Alternately, you can put them such that a single stone faces in each direction and the other is in the center. This forms an energy grid to purify and revitalize the room with spiritual radiance.

No matter which way you prefer, apophyllite has a robust resonance to send its energy throughout the zone where it is kept. The clear crystals tend to differ in vibration than the green ones but you can use them together for this purpose. When put under a pillow or beside the bed, you may get soothing dreams.

If none of the above ways of using apophyllite works for you, then there is the simplest way left for you to embrace. These crystals, if used for healing purposes, work best when exposed directly to the skin. This is because they instantly transfigure the healing vibes without any obstacles.

Wearing apophyllite retains hearts and crowns open to any signals, visions, or messages that the cosmos wants to send to us while keeping pure intentions. When put on the chest, the crystal may alleviate asthma attacks induced due to allergies.

How to cleanse Apophyllite

This soulful and soft crystal must be cleansed and charged well so that it can detect an open channel to establish a connection with the higher realms. Just like other crystals, this uplifting crystal gathers energy that you need to dump regularly for making room for a new clean-up.

For cleansing apophyllite, consider smudging it using a sweet spiritual herb such as sage. It is the mildest way to clean this heat-sensitive, soft stone.

For letting the collected energy go in a simple and swift way, consider rubbing the stone under a gentle flow of clean lukewarm water. However, do not scrub it at all. Finally, pat it dry. Alternatively, a mild detergent (non-chemical), soft brush, and warm water will also cleanse the crystal.

For charging, put the crystal at an angle of moonlight and allow it to absorb its energy. You may even put it with other crystal clusters for absorbing more spiritual power. You can even move the crystal through incense, bury it in the Earth throughout the night, and put it in rice for boosting its energies.

As the crystal can peel when heated, ensure not to place or store it in and around areas of excessive sunlight or heat items.

The best combination to use with Apophyllite

Do you wish to release more cosmic energy and the power of spiritual guide connection from apophyllite? If yes, then consider using it with clear quartz or amethyst. However, if you wish to be one with nature, capture the energies of your environment, and raise your sensitivity, it is ideal to pair the crystal with seraphinite and green calcite.

Using apophyllite with stilbite is likely to bring inner peace, boost your intuition, and enhance clear thinking. This mix can put your heart and mind in the most harmonious state. If you use the crystal with chlorite quartz, purple tanzanite, kammererite, prehnite, or seraphinite, it will aid in making an improved contact with spiritual guides and angels in the higher dimensions.

Apophyllite works well when used with other crystals or stones known for high vibration. Although you can use it with any such stones, it is ideal to use it with datolite, elestial quartz, and selenite to boost angelic communication.

Other stones known for high vibration that work well with this one are white scolecite, phenakite, herderite of any color, and white heulandite. They are known to kindle your brain. Of these, scolecite is ideal for having better sleep and getting rid of anxiety and depression.

Do you have issues with making decisions? If yes, consider pairing the crystal with other useful stones such as bloodstone, mock jasper, and herderite. When used with hematite, clear apophyllite can introduce a sense of protection.

Final Words

Apophyllite is found in various formations, ranging right from other minerals to volcanic sites. It is widely used for crystal gazing. However, you can use it by wearing its pendant or bracelet or simply keep it in your environment, as it is powerful enough to uplift your inner powers to the next level. Just keeping it at home can send positive vibes to all in your home.