There are more chakras in the body’s system and each of them plays a significant role in the overall sustainability of your life. The sacral chakra is often overlooked though, yet it is critical in terms of creativity and emotions. At the same time, it is often associated with sensuality. The sacral chakra is the second one, and just like other chakras, it requires maintenance and can often face imbalances. All in all, here is everything you need to know regarding this chakra, as well as its long-term success.


Every chakra has certain characteristics that make it unique. When it comes to the sacral one, its energy is defined by a constant flow, as well as lots of flexibility. The functionality of the sacral chakra is given by the human desire of pleasure. Practically, pleasure defines it. In Sanskrit, this chakra is known as Swadhisthana. It can be identified in the lower part of the body, under the tailbone.

The association of the sacral chakra with emotions makes it stand out in the crowd – no other chakra has such powers. This one is the chair of all emotions. It also has some associations with taste, not to mention the reproductive instinct – common in all people out there. This is why the chakra has a sense of pleasure.

Being in the immediate proximity of the root chakra, the sacral chakra is very close to the one responsible for your survival instinct or safety. The root chakra handles the senses and the environment. It affects your perception of whatever is around you, so it triggers your survival capabilities. While the sacral chakra does not have such properties, there are slight influences due to its location. On the other hand, it will work on your creativity and provide specific answers to all kinds of situations – both positive and negative – based on your emotions and intelligence.

The sacral chakra is located around the middle part of your body. In other words, it is very close to the reproductive system – as well as the pelvis. This is why most people associate it with pleasure. It will help you define and discover pleasure. Pleasure can take multiple forms, but the location of the chakra associates it with sensuality and sexuality. Sure, pleasure may occur from other daily experiences as well.

Apart from the heavy amounts of creativity, the chakra deals with a great intuition as well. Your intuition will be sharp and quite efficient – trust your instincts, and this chakra will push you in the right direction. If this chakra would have a motto, that would be about enjoying life to the highest standards. Enjoy every experience – embrace it fully. As long as it is well balanced, the sacral chakra will help you love every small thing, find happiness everywhere around you, experience love and intimacy like never before.

Furthermore, the chakra boosts honesty and clears your inhibitions. Your desires will go to another level, and authenticity will describe your emotions and pleasure.

Color and Symbol

There are a few different colors associated with the sacral chakra, but one of them is more popular than the others. Orange is the definitive color for the chakra. However, the chakra is quite commonly associated with water as well, meaning light blue may also be definitive for its applications – even white is relatively common. With all these, orange is the most popular choice. It is not any random type of orange, though – it has to be translucent, and its appearance must be transparent. Multiple sacral chakra stones come in this particular color and a few different varieties of it, but this is not an exclusive rule.

At the same time, there is a connection to this chakra color that everyone has at a subconscious level. People do not realize it. Moreover, media and ads often associate sensuality with pink or red. Even black is quite common. While orange is often overlooked, the truth is it will trigger particular emotions without people to even notice it, hence this association. All in all, stones of different colors and nuances can connect to this chakra. Therefore, there are no actual restrictions or limitations.

The symbol is more complicated to explain in words, but not impossible. It stands out and can be easily recognized. It has a round appearance. The circle consists of six different petals, as well as a moon crescent. The round design underlines the water element. Unlike most of the symbols, which is orange, the water crescent is silver. It is that unique connection between water and the moon. As you look at the symbol, you will notice a plethora of different meanings. The general idea is fairly simple to understand – a tight connection between the water, moon and emotions.

As for the moon, it is associated with the menstrual cycle – both of them take the same amount of time to complete. Since the sacral chakra is associated with the sexual organs and reproduction, you can see the connection.

Where is the Sacral Chakra located

The sacral chakra is located around the middle part of your body, hence the association with the sexual organs. But on the same note, there are a few different theories regarding its specific location. One of them is more commonly accepted than others. Basically, the sacral chakra is a few inches under the navel. It is in the central part of the lower part of your abdomen. As for the back, it is close to the tailbone – by the lumbar vertebrae.

Again, there are more theories regarding its location. Since it is all about emotions and sexuality, the chakra is said to cover the genital area as well. Practically, it might cover the testicles or the ovaries too. This theory makes some sense, but it is not as popular as the other one. Furthermore, you may want to know that the sacral chakra is also connected to the lymphatic system.

How does the Sacral Chakra get blocked

There are more problems and issues that might affect the sacral chakra in the long run. Whether it gets blocked or it loses its balance, these things will lead to volatile situations and insecurities later on in life. Imbalances are also caused by similar situations. For instance, those who have experienced sexual or emotional abuse are more likely to have an imbalanced sacral chakra. Rejection or neglect is just as harmful, not to mention coldness from those around you.

Such issues can be caused by a deep and constant emotional manipulation as well. When your feelings are denied, the chakra is damaged little by little until it is thoroughly blocked. Just like any other chakra, the sacral one requires a constant flow of energy to feed. Blocking this energy causes lots of problems. For example, religious beliefs or severity, inherited problems, alcoholism and physical abuse can disturb the flow. Simply put, anything that is opposite to harmony and pleasure will affect the chakra. If it is well balanced, you will feature a nurturing relationship with those around you.

Blocking the chakra will make you feel like you depend on people or things – all the elements that provide instant access to pleasure. You need to keep connected to your emotions – ruin this connection and your chakra will be imbalanced. You will experience emotional numbness or you will feel like living in your own sexual fantasies. Extremes will inevitably kick in too – no desire or satisfaction in bed whatsoever. Heal your sacral chakra and all these issues will be reversed. As a direct consequence, you will connect to people in a fulfilling manner and you can keep your vulnerabilities to yourself.

Now, what are the most common signs that your chakra is imbalanced? Can you tell yourself? Yes, you can.

Getting lost in your own fantasies is one of these signs. You live through your fantasies. They basically consume you and you will no longer pay attention to life’s little pleasures. As a direct response to this issue, you will never feel fully satisfied. Instead, frustration takes your life over. Your fantasies will also prevent you from engaging with your actual partner, which is a serious issue. Moreover, you will find an obsession about interacting sexually with pretty much any attractive individual you run into.

Showing excessive indulgence is another sign that your sacral chakra may not have the right balance. Your behavior feels addictive and you depend on people and things. Such issues may make life look simple, but it is the wrong perception. They will become actual habits. You will satisfy your random desires by relying on indulgence. These imbalances will deepen with time, so escaping such a behavior could become challenging in the long run.

Such habits do not necessarily have something to do with the people around you. Sure, you could depend on people, but then, there are other addictions that can kick in. For example, some people are addicted to food. Others develop indulgence towards television or shopping. Games could also be an issue – the general idea is quite simple to understand. Anything could imbalance this chakra.

Having insatiable desires and missing gratification will also work against the chakra. You need to appreciate what you have and seek happiness in small things. Find pleasure in small delights and avoid getting too attached. Pay attention to your levels of satisfaction. All these things can heal the sacral chakra in the long run.

A codependent behavior in a relationship is dangerous too – be it a romantic relationship or just an old friendship. Your relationships must feature harmony and balance. You need the right emotions. However, relationships also feature various dynamics. For instance, families are often disrupted by various issues. To prevent problems, learn how to identify toxic people and situations and focus on preventing or avoiding them.

Last, but not least, featuring negative emotions more often than positive feelings is a sign that your chakra could be imbalanced. Such feelings are extremely diversified – anger, jealousy, rage, and so on. If they are negative, they work on your chakra in the wrong way. For instance, if you are the type who overreacts when someone explains a different point of view, chances are your chakra is imbalanced. The same rule applies if you are constantly frustrated.

How to heal Sacral Chakra

There is not much to worry about if you can see some of the signs that your sacral chakra is imbalanced – there are ways to balance it. Ignore this issue, and you will soon feel like you are losing control of what is around you. The energy is related to the root chakra and features feminine characteristics. It allows you to deal with others in an efficient manner. It keeps your emotions under control and prevents insecurities. Now, how do you heal it?

Meditation is one of your first considerations. It cleanses and heals more chakras. There are more ways to meditate, so you have to find something you are comfortable with. For instance, you could meditate by focusing on an orange lotus. Hold the image in your brain for a few minutes while focusing on your breath.

Then, there are also some foods you have to consider in the process. Sweet fruits can make the difference, so go for oranges and melons. Cinnamon is suitable as well due to its intense aroma, but you will also have to drink heavy amounts of water.

If you are a fan of essential oils, stick to ylang ylang. Bergamot, jasmine, patchouli, rose and orange essential oils are just as helpful, not to mention sandalwood. For maximum effects, use these oils to refresh the air in the room while meditating.

Similar to meditation, yoga makes a good choice when healing the sacral chakra. There are specific poses to go for and they are meant to open your hips. The cow face pose is quite useful, but the reclining bound angle pose is worth some attention too. Other common poses include the fire log pose and the half frog pose. No matter which pose you go for, do it slowly, in a relaxed manner.

Water has excellent effects over the sacral chakra as well. If you have a river or a lake nearby, go and relax on the shore. Read a book, meditate or just have a picnic. You need to be close to various bodies of water. Dangle your feet inside water – if you can take a swim, even better.

Even if there is no water around you, take longer showers or perhaps get some bath bombs and enjoy some long baths. They are relaxing and they will heal your chakra.

Since the sacral chakra is often associated with orange, bring this color everywhere around you. Shades of orange will help you out, whether you bring them in work or at home. They will heal the chakra and activate your positive energies. A few orange accessories or clothes will also help. Plus, you can keep this color nearby while meditating.

Now, while this step may require more work, getting rid of your emotional issues is certainly a plus. Indeed, letting go of emotions is hard – some people find it impossible. Whether small or heavy, emotional baggage will overwhelm you and can disrupt all kinds of energies. Write all these emotions down in order to assess them first. Talk to someone you trust about them. Voice them out. Put them out and you will be surprised by how much better you will feel.

Last, but not least, each chakra out there can be healed with certain stones and the sacral chakra makes no exception either. There are more options out there, with orange calcite, citrine and carnelian dominating the range. Given the slight connection between the sacral chakra and the water or moon, moonstone also makes a good option.

Sacral Chakra Stones

No matter what chakra you are trying to heal, welcoming a few crystals into your life will certainly help in the process. Not only can you heal chakras, but crystals will also help you overcome potential issues – plus, each crystal or stone comes with a plethora of benefits. Keep in mind that no matter how helpful they are, no crystal can ever heal everything or prevent challenges in your life – these things are just part of it. They do offer protection and strength to help you cope with these issues in a more efficient manner.

The sacral chakra is associated with orange, so it makes more sense to use stones with an orange or yellow appearance for maximum efficiency. If your chakra is overactive, you can also use stones of opposite colors in order to calm it down. All in all, unlocking your sacral chakra is fairly simple with crystals like orange carnelian, orange calcite, orange aventurine or citrine. Coral calcite will also work if it is more accessible.

The best part about orange calcite and citrine is the fact that they also cleanse chakras, so they may help against blockages. Coral calcite is more common when healing the chakra over a longer distance due to its amplifying capabilities. Orange carnelian and amber are great against an overactive chakra, but other stones like quartz or amethyst will also work – easier to find in commerce too. Orange carnelian has soothing energies too.

Does your chakra feel like it has too much energy? Soak up the extra energy with amber stones. Moonstone will both open and cleanse the chakra.

Now, how do you use these stones? There are more options out there. One of the easiest methods implies wearing jewelry – good looking and efficient. For example, get a pendant and wear it throughout the day – it will positively work on your energies without even trying too hard. If you do not wear jewelry or you simply cannot afford something too fancy, carry a few raw crystals in your pocket. They are just as efficient.

Feel free to use these crystals in meditation too. Rest a stone anywhere around you. If you can keep it below the navel while meditating, its effects are highly concentrated on the sacral chakra. If you tend to sit down while you meditate, hold a stone in your hands while concentrating. It will be just as helpful.

Make sure the stones you use are aligned with your chakra though. Kyanite, for instance, is quite helpful at aligning chakras. While it may not have a direct effect over the sacral chakra, it will align all the chakras in the body and help in the process as well.

As you search around for stones, you will notice that some of them are easier to find than others. It is perfectly normal. The good news is that many of the stones you need for the sacral chakra can be used for other chakras too.

Boost the energy flow in certain areas by bringing in orange stones and keeping them around as decorations. These stones will also work on your emotions – plus, they are proven to heal the reproductive system. Every aspect of your sexual life will benefit from them.

The above-mentioned stones are the most efficient ones when not sure how to heal the sacral chakra, balance it, unblock it or boost its energies. Your options are more varied though – the sacral chakra can be positively influenced by numerous stones, so here are a few other options to consider:

Final Words

Bottom line, people will inevitably draw some energies from you. Most people are after the sexual or creative energy – consciously or not. Therefore, they will usually draw energy from the sacral chakra. This is why this particular chakra requires lots of attention and constant healing. Knowing how to prevent blockages will help you enjoy a more fulfilling life – better and more productive relationships with those around you.​