Gemstones are one of the many forces in this world that people rely on. They use them to shape their future, boost their moods, or add a bit of luck to their lives. There are a lot of these stones to choose from, especially if you are into making your own jewelry. One of the most well-known stones you will find out there is orange calcite, and experts are always suggesting them as a primary choice in your crystal list.

Orange calcite is one of the most popular gemstones you could use to spruce up your house, extend your jewelry collection, or add a spiritual boost to your everyday lives. Orange calcite is known as a healing stone, and its specific purpose is to assist people in containing and releasing their intense emotions. If you want to know more about this gemstone, read on and educate yourself about its amazing properties, uses, and meanings.


Containing the element of fire, orange calcite is a rich mineral that you can find in huge deposits in some specific parts of the world. This is a powerful stone that is often linked to the physical body and also heals emotional issues within a person. What’s interesting about this is the fact that orange calcite is one of the easiest to turn into jewelry and other gemstone decorations! Not just it, this stone also carries energy that answers to your need for personal protection, strength, and restoration.

In fact, orange calcite is developed in different types of geological environments. If you will try to cut and refine, or even tumble this gemstone, you’ll be surprised to see its breathtaking characteristics that make up elegant jewelry and other stylish pieces. This will surely be a great addition to your collection of healing stones too.

Moreover, put in mind that orange calcite will not just give you a part of its beauty but its beneficial properties as well. Dealing with life will not always be a piece of cake or dice that gives us any number that we prefer. We have to deal with fear, traumas, and other negative things that encapsulate us along the way. This is where the main benefits of orange calcite enter the scene.

People have known to be collecting this gemstone for inner healing and peace. Others professed that this works best to support one’s weak mind and see the truth behind situations. Whenever you feel indecisive or torn between two things, then having orange calcite with you is a plus.

To be honest, powerful stones like this should really add up to your reservoir of treasures. There are still a lot more positive things that orange calcite emits, only if you are willing to learn and explore. Allow yourself to delve into a deeper discovery about this gemstone and be ready to address the negative things that come your way.

Orange Calcite’s Properties

The properties of orange calcite, much like any other crystal or gemstone out there, can be separated into two categories. It has physical properties (color, texture, size, etc.), and it has metaphysical properties (energy emission, healing factors, etc.). For you to understand more about them, let us dig deeper into the specifications of these properties.

Physical Properties

Orange calcite is a popular gemstone that can be found around various places in the world, most of them found in Mexico. It has a similar look to a butterscotch candy, although the only difference is you cannot eat it. If you observe the stone closely enough, you will see that it emits a bright, orange-like glow like the sun, hence the name. Although it is one of the most common stones you will find, orange calcite has a lot of outstanding characteristics, and some of them may even surprise you as you read along in this article.

The stone can be found in plenty of geological places, which is why its primary element is calcium carbonate. If you think that orange calcite is hard to manipulate or break down because of these elements, you might want to think again. This stone is one of the easiest rocks or gems to utilize in making jewelry, which means that if you are planning to use them for decorations, you will have an easy time breaking them down and adding them to your collection.

Whenever it is cut down or refined to create jewelry, the stone can create outstanding pieces of jewelry that might even make you hold your breath. It can also be added to other decorative pieces in your home, making it an efficient addition to your home’s beautifying needs.

For some people, the term “calcite” may be confusing, especially since it comes from the Greek word chalix, which means lime. Although this stone does not emit a lime color, it is a member of the calcite family, which is the group or category of this specific gemstone. One of the most fascinating facts about this gemstone is that when it comes to cave formations, orange calcite is one of the primary components you will find mixed within the minerals.

Metaphysical Properties

For the stone’s metaphysical properties, it has a lot of surprising and beneficial effects that may improve the overall state of your life. Orange calcite can emit a lot of powerful energies that can provide significant results in your endeavors. Since it shows off a magnificent glow along with its orange-colored characteristics, the stone is known to contain the fire as its primary element. This means that it can provide healing characteristics for most of our physical ailments, and it can also aid us in dealing with our mental and emotional health issues.

Orange calcite is commonly used to cleanse and energize our lower chakras. It emits gentle energy that is capable of cleansing our energies, revitalizing and enabling them to be distributed over their main passageways within our bodies. Thanks to the stone’s helpful vibrations, you can actually improve the energies that are responsible for your health and overall life force.

Aside from helping our body heal physically, the stone is also capable of helping us mentally and emotionally. Within the presence of orange calcite, you will feel that your emotions are balanced, you will persevere more, and the negative energies that affect your emotional health as a whole will finally be driven away. Some even claim that with the help of orange calcite, they are able to surpass all their problems and push themselves into reaching their full potential. The stone can also bring harmony and balance to sexual energies, and it can boost your intuitive abilities which can improve your overall state of mind.

Aside from physical healing and boosting the welfare of our emotional health, orange calcite can also radiate energies that can tip the scales when it comes to wealth. The stone can awaken and improve your sense of leadership, which means it will enable you to connect with people that you are working with on a whole other level, allowing you to gain much more respect from them.

It will also give you positive and warm energy, pushing you to persevere more when it comes to achieving your financial plans. Finally, orange calcite will boost your confidence at an alarming rate, allowing you to execute your plans and instilling a determined attitude within you that can help you overcome any challenges you might face.

Linked with the mighty power of the Sun and the element of Fire, this stone can activate the Sacral and Solar Plexus of your body, enabling you to feel more driven and energized. It can also protect you from radiation, negative energies, and the Evil Eye, which means that you will not have to deal with these things in a harder way. Finally, thanks to its healing and metaphysical properties, you will be able to enjoy a much more peaceful life, allowing you to make positively driven decisions and improving your mindset for a brighter outlook in life.

Where to buy Orange Calcite

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Using Orange Calcite in Jewelry

Your fashion will never look the same with a piece of orange calcite jewelry on. Who would have thought that these precious stones can be turned into stylish and decorative pieces that can make you shine? Aside from bringing a fresh and strong force with you, orange calcite will also make you look like the fashionista that you always wanted! For just a hint of creativity and effort, this stone can be used as a necklace, bracelet, earrings, loose beads, and other decorations that you can put just around the house.

Its bright orange look releases light and peaceful energy even by just looking at it. It doesn’t necessarily require you to wear them only on grand occasions but even on the simplest ones. As a matter of fact, you can wear them every day if you want without having to worry if you look lavish or overdressed. You will definitely love how the stone’s simplicity easily suits your day-by-day mood and outfit.

If you come to search all over the internet and observe how people wear their orange calcite accessories, you will notice that one of the most popular trends is using it as a bracelet. The stone is not only limited to shapes like circles but can actually refine to make a heart, square, or other types of shapes that people might like. In addition to that, orange calcite jewelry can be worn by both men and women too. So if you think that this only represents the feminine side, then you can prove it otherwise by looking at its different styles and how flexible orange calcite is to use as an accessory.

Next in line is to use it as a necklace. Usually, an orange calcite necklace is paired with a wire wrapped around the stone to hold it and prevent it from detaching. However, there are others that don’t need wires to protect the stone itself depending on how it’s been constructed. The necklaces also vary in different styles from vintage to contemporary designed accessories.

Similar to necklaces, orange calcite can be used as earrings and rings as well. Only that, it is often mixed with other stones to create diversity. There are others that offer pure orange calcite designs too like earrings and rings with wrapped wires, in teardrop shapes, or even in pure rough shapes.

Orange calcite still proves to be one of the easiest stones to use as jewelry up to date. Its versatility and healing effects are often admired by many. So if you are just as curious to try and buy one, maybe this is the sign you are looking for!

Where does Orange Calcite come from

As mentioned before in this article, orange calcite is a very common gemstone that can be found in numerous places around the world. These places are mostly in Africa, the Czech Republic, Brazil, Germany, UK, USA, and large quantities of them are found within Mexico. Calcite minerals are commonly found in cave formations, so if you are planning to run expeditions in areas like these, you will most likely find stones such as orange calcite in them.

How much is Orange Calcite worth

The calcite family of gemstones is abundant and common in the world, which means that they are not that expensive compared to other stones. The prices usually depend on the size and weight of each stone, and you may see different sellers on the internet pricing these stones depending on their preferences.

There are some websites that feature clusters of orange calcite with a price range of approximately 1,300 USD. Meanwhile, other websites feature independently sold orange calcite pieces or chunks, and their average pricing may range from 14-16 USD. Whatever the case, the only thing that matters is for you to find an authorized seller to get your calcite from. This way, you will make sure that you are not wasting your money, and you will actually feel the positive effects of orange calcite on you and your entire household.

How to use Orange Calcite

Using orange calcite is not a complicated process, and you can actually do it even when you’re doing other things for your day. They are mostly embedded on bracelets, used for decorations, and sometimes, they are great assistants to improve meditation sessions. There are plenty of ways to do it, and the only important thing to do is to make sure that you are absorbing the stone’s energies as much as possible.

How to cleanse Orange Calcite

After using the stone to instill good energy in yourself or another person, it is vital that you clean them to remove the negative energy they might have absorbed. The most common procedure for this is by leaving the orange calcite under direct sunlight. It is believed that the sunlight will help the stone get rid of negative energies, and the sun may infuse it with its own neutral energy.

If sunlight is not available during the time of day you need to cleanse the stone, you may also do this process under the moonlight. It is pretty much the same process. You need to leave the calcite under direct moonlight, and the moon’s energy will cleanse the crystal and infuse its own neutral energy within it.

The last procedure you can do is to fill a bowl with lukewarm water and leave the orange calcite in it for a specific amount of time. The water will absorb the negative energy the stone might have, allowing you to take advantage of its positive energies again. After the process, you should drain the water right away, since using it for other purposes may transfer the negative energy back into you or other objects.

The best combination to use with Orange Calcite

When you are combining different crystals for more exciting effects, the things you need to watch out for the most are their specific energy emissions. Most gems or stones work well individually, but sometimes, their effects may not work out well for you if you combine them with each other. If you are planning to fuse orange calcite with other stones to complete your jewelry, you might want to consider crystals that are colored yellow, red, maroon, and purple.

Final Words

Orange calcite may be one of the most common stones out there, but they are highly beneficial when it comes to improving your physical and emotional health. Combined with these healing traits, the stone’s properties are actually capable of making you feel determined to achieve the goals in your life. If you are experiencing a lot of trouble lately, these magnificent gemstones might be the key to that wonderful life you are dreaming of.