Mahogany Obsidian: The Only Guide You Need

mahogany obsidian

Rocks and stones have their own relevance in human life. All because of the natural properties they possess, they become essentials of lifestyle in some way. One such rock is silica-rich Mahogany Obsidian, which is obtained through volcanic eruptions. Due to its color, it traces its name from the Mahogany tree. Since it is rich … Read more

Snowflake Obsidian: The Only Guide You Need

snowflake obsidian

Snowflake obsidian is probably the most popular variation of this gem – especially in the jewelry industry. It is a volcanic glass and can easily stand out in the crowd due to the shades of gray and white. Practically, it looks like a snowflake – hence the name. Despite its beautiful appearance, snowflake obsidian is … Read more

Rainbow Obsidian: The Only Guide You Need

rainbow obsidian

Rainbow obsidian has great powers within itself and helps both physically and mentally. It has the properties to cultivate your abilities. It has the meaning and properties of an amulet against evil. It is called “amulet repelling the devil” for its evil repelling characteristics. It is also known as Sheen Obsidian and Iris Obsidian. Rainbow … Read more