Black Jade: The Ultimate Guide to Meaning, Properties, Uses

black jade

There are many forms of jade stone, of which its soft green form is perhaps the most prominent and pricey one. However, another form of jade called black jade has gained popularity and praises for its natural powers and abilities. Even the ancient Mayan, Chinese, and Aztec civilizations have used it.  

Black jade is a potent psychic protection stone known to deter evil eye and physic or energy attacks. Once the meaning and properties of this stone are known, it is believed that the knower can overcome any challenge and attain the purpose. This is perhaps because black jade is also the stone of vision and success. Let’s know more about this stone.

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White Jade: The Ultimate Guide to Meaning, Properties, Uses

white jade

White jade may come under more names. Apart from its official name, different nuances of white call for different names. For example, you may find it on the market as a mutton fat jade or chicken bone jade. The nephrite jade promotes calmness and tends to clear negativity away.

White jade has many uses out there. It is quite popular in jewelry and fashion, but without costing a fortune. At the same time, its metaphysical properties make it suitable for those who need a bit of positivity and good luck in their lives.

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Yellow Jade: The Ultimate Guide to Meaning, Properties, Uses

yellow jade

When it comes to jewelry or simple accessories, yellow jade may not raise too many question marks – just make sure it can match your outfit and you are alright. The tough stone is extremely durable, but it will also reflect light in a beautiful way.

To many others, choosing the right stone implies more than just the aspect – the metaphysical properties are just as important. Just like other stones, yellow jade comes with a series of benefits and properties that can enhance your lifestyle. So, what should you know about this rare type of jade?

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