Honey Calcite: The Only Guide You Need

honey calcite

Honey calcite belongs to the family of calcites available in a myriad of colors. Generally, any calcite is a robust amplifier of energies and a major cleanser of negative energies in humans. It functions on all levels, ranging right from physical to etheric due to which a calcite crystal is a premium purifying stone. This … Read more

Green Calcite: The Only Guide You Need

green calcite

Green calcite belongs to an assorted family of calcite known as a robust amplifier of energies. It is recognized as the best cleanser of stocked negative energies in the surrounding environment or the human body, affecting all levels ranging from physical to spiritual. Thus, it is a highly purifying stone. However, it is also the … Read more

Orange Calcite: The Only Guide You Need

orange calcite

Gemstones are one of the many forces in this world that people rely on. They use them to shape their future, boost their moods, or add a bit of luck to their lives. There are a lot of these stones to choose from, especially if you are into making your own jewelry. One of the … Read more

Blue Calcite: The Only Guide You Need

blue calcite

Blue calcite is one of the most powerful stones in terms of metaphysical capabilities and metaphysical uses. It has been used for centuries in the jewelry world, yet many cultures have adopted it for its benefit. Although calcites are widely available all over the world, this one is a different kettle of fish. The most … Read more