Fire agate is a beautiful semi-precious gemstone from the agate family, which has different rainbow-like colors and patterns. It is formed due to volcanic activity and resembles quartz. It brings positive air to your life, making your personality more stable and confident. Due to the significant hardness of stone, it is also used in beautiful pieces of jewelry. Fire agate also possesses numerous physical and emotional healing effects.


Fire Agate is believed to be popular in the rituals of fire gods and goddesses. It belongs to the element of fire. It is also believed to have been used by Egyptians 3000 years ago. It is the stone for the 12th anniversary of marriage and the birthstone of May. It is meant to have a calming effect on its surroundings. It is also meant to have grounding powers and communicate energy. It is symbolized by its ability to create stability, prosperity, and strength in life.

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Physical Properties

Its name ‘Fire’ comes from its chalcedony. It belongs to the family of cryptocrystalline quartz. Fire agate is a vitreous and waxy Silicon dioxide crystal with traces of iron. It has a hardness of 6 to 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness. It has a specific gravity of 2.60 to 2.64, and a refractive index of 1.530 to 1.543. It has a uniaxial property with birefringence 0.003 to 0.009.

It has no cleavage and no pleochroism. Its colors range from brown to orange. The variation in colors is due to the presence of goethite or limonite producing the effect of fire. It reflects light and a rainbow of colors appears on its surface. Fire agate is transparent and opaque. It has a trigonal crystal system with the habit of microcrystalline aggregates.

Metaphysical Healing Properties

Like many other gemstones, Fire agate not only enhances the beauty and outlook but also affects our lives in different physical and emotional aspects.

Emotional Healing:

Fire agate not only boosts your confidence level but also deals with your high temperament. It calms your mind and gives you stability. If you are one of those people who panic while making important decisions, it can help you with that too. It helps you make the right decisions for your benefit and develops the ability of self catharsis in you.

Fire agate also instills a sense of positivity and wisdom in you. It removes negative thoughts from your mind, and also from your heart. It is a very effective stone for post-traumatic stress and depression because this stone relieves your stress and refreshes your mind. You can have new hope and a perspective to live life happily. It helps you improve your communication skills by giving you grounding energy.

Physical Healing:

Fire agate is advised to wear on the heart chakra, as it strengthens the muscles of the heart. It also helps in strengthening other muscles of the body. It also helps to improve the blood circulation of your body, as the blood vessels of your body will start functioning more efficiently. Fire agate also deals with disorders of the digestive system. If you are suffering from bad eating habits, stomach aches or nausea, it can help you. If there is any hormonal or intestinal problem, it can help you deal with that too.

In the case of prolonged fever, it can aid in decreasing body temperature. You can place it on the person’s head to decrease the temperature of his or her body.  Fire agate also helps in treating the habit of sleepwalking. It also aids in improving your sexual dysfunction and sleep cycles. It also helps pregnant women in controlling their hormonal imbalance and lactation.

Chakra Healing:

Fire agate can be used in chakra healing, especially in heart chakras and throat chakras. Doing this will improve your connection and communication with people. You can also use this stone during meditation and yoga, as it provides relaxation to your mind. And you will be able to focus on your meditation.

Our fire agate raw stone
Our fire agate raw stone, 5.6 CT

Where to Buy Fire Agate?

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Fire Agate In Jewelry Uses

You can wear it in different ways for a casual, classic, or traditional look. It all depends on you, and how you utilize fire agate for creating a stunning look. This stone has become a preferred choice because of its unique color, excellent affordability, abundance, and its endless effects on the human body. Agate has always been common in gemstone jewelry due to its variety in colors and patterns and its hardness. The jewelry is also very special because the gemstone is not very abundant.


Rings are always special in our lives, as they symbolize the love of the special people in our lives. One of the unique features of rings is that even if you wear only one ring, you can slay your look. Fire agate rings are available in many varieties. One or two sterling silver bands are attached with a beautiful fire agate to create a stunning ring for you. Another common design is a silver wire with fire agate. Gemstone rings are more common for formal looks rather than chic ones.


As online shopping is trending, there are many options available in the online market and shops. You have to be selective to get the best design for you that can enhance your outer beauty along with your inner beauty. There are many designs of bracelets available in the market. For a casual look, you can opt for a beaded bracelet.

They also come in combinations of different stones. For example, a fire agate beaded bracelet can have a turquoise added to it. This contrast can give you a more stylish look. Another trending design is a sterling silver clasp bracelet in which a single gemstone is added. This can be the best option when you are looking for a simple and classic bracelet for your dinner outfit. Beaded bracelets are also available with a variation of leather wrap instead of plastic wrap. There is also a variety of bangles where the gold cuff is paired with a fire agate gemstone.

Necklaces & Pendants

Necklaces and pendants are of great importance when you get ready a look for a special event. Just like beaded bracelets, they are also available in adjustable beaded or leather wrap beaded necklaces. Another unique and classic design comes in the sterling silver necklace with a fire agate carved into the silver case. It can also be worn in a single string of leather. Handmade pieces are available where they carve and attach fire agates in different unique, classic, and creative designs of fancy necklaces, so you can wear them for a party or wedding.


The selection of earrings depends on various factors such as the shape of your face, hairstyle, makeup, dress, and your choice of jewelry to pair with them. Stud earrings are trending these days as they can go well for any event with minor changes in the overall look. In stud earrings, fire agate is most commonly used as a gemstone. It can be used in the form of drop earrings and hoop earrings as well.

Where Does Fire Agate Come From?

Fire agate is obtained naturally and its deposits are found only in a few locations on Earth. Most of its deposits are in the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico. In the United States, it is mainly found in Kingman, Arizona Needles, California, and the Colorado River. In Mexico, its deposits are found at 23 mines in the mountains of Calvillo, Aguascalientes. Fire agate formed 24 to 35 million years ago due to volcanic activity. The iron oxide and silica-saturated hot water repeatedly filled the spaces in rocks. It is mined from its deposits and refined into different cuts and shapes.

How Much Is Fire Agate Worth?

The worth of a gemstone not only depends on the stone itself but also on the work that is done on it to give it a unique shape. Also, polishing can add more value to its price rate. Usually, it costs 1 to 5 dollars for each pound of Agate. Prices also vary from region to region, depending on their availability. The prices of Agate in Asia can not be similar to those in America and vice versa, because it is relatively cheaper in America due to its availability.

The prices of gemstones also increase with jewelry settings. A gold setting of fire agate might be more expensive than that of a silver one. Similarly, a fire agate ring will have a different price from a necklace or pendant.

How to Identify Fire Agate?

The identification of a real Fire Agate is important if you want to save your money. It is very common in online markets that sellers are selling fake low-quality stones by polishing them to give a real touch. You might be deceived by a fake stone for a real one. So, you must know how to identify a real fire agate.

First, rub the stone with any damp cloth to check if it’s a fake polished stone or a real fire agate.

Second, you can identify the different patterns of colors due to diffraction that it forms when it is reflected by light. This is a peculiar feature of fire agate, which is called iridescence. This occurs due to the layers present in the crystal structure of this stone. The fake stones will not exhibit this feature.

Third, examine it carefully. You will see no cracks or scratches on the surface of real fire agate. Also, agates can be identified by a mild heat test. They show slight changes in color when heated. The fake ones will melt or burn.

How to Use Fire Agate?

There are many ways to wear a Fire Agate, that will leave different effects on your life.

You can wear it below your heart in visible forms to leave a confident impact on the people around you. For this purpose, you can wear it as a ring, a bracelet, or a long chain necklace. Just make sure that whatever form you wear, it should is visible to you and the people around you.

You can also wear it above the heart as a short-chain necklace, earrings, or choker. By doing this, you can deal with your anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety.

It is not necessary to wear it as jewelry. You can keep raw fire agate in your pocket, bag, or office table. It can be placed at the workplace to help you in jobs and meetings. Keeping it in your office can help you with your career and success.

You can place it on the breakfast table so that you can have a good start to your day. Keep your intentions right, and it will definitely boost your energy for the rest of the day.

You can wear it during the afternoon because usually, people feel tired and sleepy at that time. Wearing it can save your energy, so you can feel active for the rest of the day.

Use it in chakra healing for root and sacral chakra. You can also use it during meditation and yoga.

Fire agate can also be used as an elixir during a bath. Many elixirs of gemstones are readily available in the market.

It can be placed on the side table to let it boost your energy and sexual stamina.

Whatever way you are wearing the Fire Agate, you need to keep your intentions right to get maximum benefits.

How to Cleanse and Recharge Fire Agate?

Gemstones require proper cleansing in order to work properly. You need to cleanse them if you buy them from someone else. After frequent use, they may absorb negative energies from their surroundings. That’s why they need regular cleansing and recharging. This will remove all the previous negative energies they have absorbed.

The easiest way to cleanse a fire agate is to wash it under lukewarm water for 3 to 5 minutes. You can also place it in water for some time, so the water can allow it to restore the powers of water into it. It can also be cleaned by soaking it in saltwater solution or ocean water.

The cleaners available in the market may be harmful due to the presence of chemicals in them. Avoid chemicals and synthetic cleaners. And protect your gemstone from heat.

Freshwater and dewdrops are also good sources of cleansing gemstones.

You can also bury your stone in the soil as the elements of nature are the best cleansers.

Blowing it with the right intentions of cleansing will also do the work.

You can also let your fire agate stay in the sunlight for 6 to 10 hours. Sunlight is the best cleanser and charger for gemstones. Make sure that you do not leave the gemstone in the sunlight for too long, as it has a risk of fading color due to excessive heat.

Moonlight is another source of cleansing and recharging if you leave your fire agate in the moonlight for a few hours. Recharging removes all the negative energy that the gemstone has absorbed during its usage.

You can also cleanse your gemstone by bombarding rays on it.

The smudging process also cleanses the fire agate, when the stone is brought in the smoke fumes of the herb.

How to Polish Fire Agate?

In order to use gemstones to make beautiful pieces of jewelry, they are polished and refined into clean and proper shapes and cuts. One of the easiest procedures for polishing a fire agate by hand is given below:

First, you need to soak your fire agate in a bowl of lukewarm water. Use regular dishwashing liquid or specific stone soap and wash your gemstone. Now dry it with a soft cloth.

Sanding with harsh-grain sandpaper is usually done if you are polishing your gemstone for the first time. You need to keep your fire agate in water and rub it against the sandpaper while sanding. Usually, 60-grit sandpaper is used for this type of sanding.

Now, after shaping the gemstone, rub it against sandpaper of 160 grit. This will remove surface imperfections and scratches.

While keeping the stone in water, rub it against fine sandpaper of 1500 grit to smooth its surface and give it a finished touch.

Now you will use the polish powder (easily available in the market) with the help of denim cloth, and polish your fire agate until you get your desired results.

Compared to Similar Gemstones

Fire Agate vs Fire Opal

Fire agate and fire opal are two different gemstones with different physical properties.

fire opal
Fire Opal

Fire opal is usually considered as water that was fossilized and hardened over the years. This is because of its high water content. It is also known as “wet stone”. It has a variety of colors ranging from yellow and orange to rich cherry red. Fire opals are not hard enough to bear excessive heat exposure.

In contrast to fire opals, Fire agate is really. It is also very rare as compared to fire opal. It exhibits layers of colors on its surface which change in the reflection of light.

In fire agate, the color spectrums appear on the surface, while in fire opal, the color spectrums are present deep on the surface. This difference in the appearance of the transparent nature of both fire stones is the major distinguishing feature.

Fire Agate vs Carnelian


The basic structure of both is similar, but further composition differs. Carnelian has a single-colored solid nature, while Fire Agate has a multicolored layered structure. Carnelian has influenced more on stabilizing energy, while Fire Agate has influenced more on calming energies.

The Best Combination to Use With Fire Agate

Gemstones, when used in combination with other compatible gemstones, can have enhanced positive effects. Every gemstone can be combined with many other gemstones with similar properties. Similarly, fire agate has many combinations as well.

You can combine it with green fire agate, larimar, and clear quartz. In this combination, you are pairing fire agate with elements of earth, water, and air respectively. And they make the most energetic combinations. These four stones with all four elements can enhance your stamina and give you stability at an exceptional level. Also, you can choose some of them to wear if you want.

You can also combine your fire agate with other chakra stones in order to enhance its effects on chakra healing. Fire agate can be combined with Rose Quartz for heart chakra healing. You can combine it with Turquoise to help in throat chakra healing.

Fire agate can be combined with Larimar and Angelite. This combination will have a soothing effect on your personality.

You can also combine your Fire Agate with Amethyst stone. This combination will help you make better decisions and prevent you from staying calm while thinking over something important.

Final Words

Fire agate is a beautiful semi-precious gemstone, that is not only very much in demand for jewelry but also used for its endless healing effects. It brings optimism, hope, and stability to your life. Fire agate is not only beautiful, but it is also very much affordable. In the end, only your right intentions can take the most out of the positive effects of gemstones.