These days purple gems are also referred to as sapphires. These gemstones belong to the trigonal scalenohedral crystal class as it crystallizes into a trigonal crystal system. It appears as splintery or shell-like shape at the break. The name comes from the Greek word for purple stones.  The purple sapphire is said to promote spiritual growth and inner peace and also enhance the clarity of the mind. It is also said to help the individual wearing it in realizing their desires.

Purple Sapphire, also known as ‘Plum Sapphire’ or ‘Violet Sapphire’, is the pale blue-purple to purplish-pink hued valuable pearl gem from the Corundum mineral family. Celestially, this gemstone is viewed as the most powerful type of Blue Sapphire (Neelam). It is usually known to be incorporated into jewelry, especially in western nations and is worn in the form of pendants and engagement rings.

purple sapphires
Purple Sapphire Gems

The legends say that it gives forms of poise, self-assurance, and discipline. For example, devotion, kinship, love, and hope become stronger. Psychological instability diminishes as the stone helps to recover and actuates self-healing and mending powers. It is known to be exceptionally useful in upsetting or stressful circumstances as it neutralizes and breaks the symptoms down.

Since this stone is capable of transferring its positive qualities and energy, it is essential to cleanse it regularly and take proper care of it. 

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The purple gemstone is considered to be a popular and mysterious gemstone for many centuries. It is linked to many positive characteristics. Particularly in Asian cultures, it is viewed as the stone of truth and kinship. 

In Europe, the emphasis is more on the confidence in the intensity of the stone, which is moved to the wearer of the stone. Sapphire is said to present respect and even everlasting status to its bearer. The gemstone is also viewed as a symbol of knowledge and wealth. 

It has also been recorded to be worn by priests in ancient Egypt in the form of amulets as it was believed that it strengthens the soul and wards off evil spirits. According to the Greeks, the stone was linked to knowledge and wisdom. The purple sapphire was and still is a well-known jewel for therapeutic applications.

In the same way as other gems, sapphire is known to have energies that are passed to people who wear it. For example, love and longing are expressed by the sky purple gem which is a significant pillar for the zodiac sign of Pisces. Purple is a color that is linked to everything that is strong and reliable. The stone is a symbol of loyalty, love, modesty and a provider of harmony. It offers security against betrayal, abhor and dismay. Hence it has been usually worn by sovereigns, rulers, and clerics since ancient times.

The forces of this stone work powerfully on the human mind. A connection to the body is made as the power of the gem penetrates deeply into the brain, soul, and body. A feeling of peacefulness, balance, and relaxation is developed. The stone is known to enhance straightforwardness and concentration. Purple Sapphire will motivate you to connect with your emotions and straightforwardly express them to your loved ones. It will make you learn how you can stay cool and gathered even if you sense that you might lose your temper any second.

To accomplish set objectives, the purple sapphire affects the psyche and the thoughts of the person wearing it. A special necklace with the purple gemstone helps the person deal better with mood swings and anger. It helps the person focus more and calms the mind to avoid any emotional outbursts.

Since the purple sapphire is a healing stone, it helps to improve learning abilities and test anxiety. Other than this, it also strengthens the nerves. This has a positive impact on the brain and helps with self-discipline.


Physical Properties

Purple sapphire has a place group of corundum just like the ruby and sapphire. When it comes to the hardness of the stone, this one falls right next to the diamond on the Mohs’ scale (diamond being the hardest) with a Mohs’ hardness of 9. 

Where red stones are categorized as rubies, the shading range of the sapphire varies from sky purple to exceptionally dull purple, falling more to the darker side. The color lightens or darkens according to the reflection of the light. 

Metaphysical Healing Properties

When we talk about the healing properties of the purple sapphire, it allows the body to heal on a cellular level, which can be very helpful in treating eye issues as well as blood disorders.

It can aid in discharging the pressure, tension, and despondency of the mind. It can likewise help with sleeping disorders and other rest related issues. 

Such a large number of common diseases and wounds we get can be healed by getting enough rest, resting the mind and not letting our anxiety and stress get to us.

Purple Sapphire will assist you with understanding how a healthy mind is directly linked to a healthy body, and how great physical wellbeing is stimulating to such an extent that you can’t resist the urge to improve your emotional lookout.

All of this is connected, and any manner by which you pamper yourself is bound to make some positive impact on your life.

In any case, this stone can likewise keep you from going excessively far with this line of reasoning – this is because if we are excessively indulgent and too quick to even think about resting and recover constantly. This can cause a lot of issues as well! 

The physical recuperating vitality of this stone can aid in regulating a hyperactive metabolism. It can likewise enhance and improve the functioning of your organs. 

It is also known to improve the problem of excessive bleeding while strengthening the function of veins.

Purple Sapphire in jewelry uses

The purple sapphire is such a beautiful gem, wearing it as jewelry only adds to the attraction. You can get the gem incorporated into any jewelry such as a bracelet, necklace, ring, pendant, or earrings. You simply need to find the ideal design that will display the stone’s fantastic magnificence. 

This stone looks amazing in a gold or silver chain. You can get customized Purple Sapphire bracelets and choose between gold, white gold, rose gold, or silver chains. 

Purple sapphire is a great choice for you if you are searching for something that is different and unique. It definitely stands out.

Surprisingly, it is the least known of the Sapphire family and the least valued. It’s an incredible gem that isn’t as well known as the famous Blue Sapphire. 

However, since you know about its magnificence and style now, it’s a great consideration to get a Purple Sapphire stone for yourself!  

There are many lovely choices when it comes to Purple Sapphire jewelry. Simply invest some time in looking at different designs and prices so you can get a piece of purple sapphire jewelry that you actually like.

Where does Purple Sapphire come from

Madagascar has an abundant store of probably the most prominent gemstones in the world. The island country holds a huge amount of colorless corundum utilized in creating the purple sapphire. This demand is so much that the mining process has been strictly regulated by the government. Accordingly, just a restricted load of rough comes from the nation for processing and treatment.  

How much is Purple Sapphire worth

Since the purple sapphire is such a beautiful and well-liked stone, it is pretty obvious that it carries a high price as well. The purple sapphire costs more than the green and yellow sapphire, however, it is a little less expensive than the blue sapphire. Therefore, when compared in the pricing department it will be safe to assume that the purple sapphire comes in the mid-range category along with the pink sapphire.

How to identify Purple Sapphire

Purple sapphire looks quite much like a pink sapphire; however, it is a little more on the darker side. Purple sapphires appear to be bluer shaded than pink and are available in contrasts ranging from dark reddish-purple, medium purple to violet purple. In order to determine whether the purple sapphire is real or not, use a magnifying glass of at least 10x magnification. Look through the purple sapphire to find tiny bits of matter in them. All real sapphires have small blemishes and small specks in them.

If you find any small bubbles in the sapphire then it is lab-created and not a real purple sapphire. Check the sapphire from all angles in order to find any air bubbles that might be present. Also, fake purple sapphire tends to reflect rainbow colors whereas a real purple sapphire will only reflect its own color.

Where to buy Purple Sapphire

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

How to cleanse Purple Sapphire

After some time, sapphire loses its vitality and quality. Cleansing the gem includes three different activities: unloading, cleaning, and charging. The negative energy and bad influences are removed once the stone is unloaded, in a sense, this helps power up the stone once again.

Particularly with direct body contact, which produces a static charge that can’t be removed using only water. Hematite tumbled stones are used to unload the gemstone, hence placing it overnight is an ideal option.

The stone requires regular discharge and cleaning. The healing effects of the stone and the energy of it is strengthened through the targeted charging. The stone is best charged when you put it in sunlight at dawn and dusk. This charging process is supported by a rock crystal. The sunlight has the ideal energy for charging when we people can look directly at the sun. Body warmth strengthens the impact of the stones.

Noontime is accordingly not reasonable on the grounds that the nature of light is fairly debilitating. To guarantee that the stone emanates its impact and its positive properties as much as possible, proper care and consideration are needed.

It is ideal to remove the residue and dust using a soft cloth or a fine brush. If you will be using water to clean it, then it is important to keep in mind to use as little mineral as you can to keep away from limescale deposits. It is important that you do not use chemical cleaners and other household cleaners on any purple gemstone. They can harm sensitive sapphire. Also, it should not be stored in direct sunlight.

Difference between Purple Sapphire and Amethyst

Regardless of whether you’re looking for gems or selling a few, you may think about what the difference is between purple sapphire and amethyst. Both of them look quite similar, yet these two gems are not the same. As a matter of fact, they aren’t even from a similar group of gemstones. Amethyst is viewed as a kind of quartz, whereas the purple sapphire belongs to the corundum family. Other differences between these two stones are:


The purple sapphire falls on number 9 on the hardness scale (otherwise called the Mohs’). Diamond is the only stone that is harder than purple sapphire. As compared to the purple sapphire the amethyst is quite softer – it falls on number 7. 

Compound Structure 

Every sapphire is comprised of aluminum oxide, and the shading variation in purple sapphires consists of either chromium atoms or vanadium. Whereas amethyst is made up of either silica or silicon dioxide.


This means the of the light which is reflected off from the stone, and just as the purple sapphire falls ahead of the amethysts on the hardness level, it also edges out the amethyst when it comes to brilliance. The refractive index of the purple sapphire is somewhere between 1.762 to 1.778 brilliance. On the other hand, the amethysts hold a refractive index of 1.544 to 1.553. According to this information, amethysts have a less bright shine as compared to purple sapphire. This difference between the two can also be observed by the naked eye.

Color Variations

While the two, purple sapphires and amethysts both can satisfy a person who likes purple gemstone, the varieties between their shades is another manner by which they vary. 

Purple sapphires generally come in 3 unique shades: a lavender purple, a deep purple and a violet blue variation.

Likewise, Amethysts too come in lavender purple and deep purple shades, however they don’t come in a purple grape shade. Rather, they can be found in a merlot purple color with burgundy shades. Other than this, Amethysts also come in a lot of lighter colors.

The rarity of the Gems 

Quartz, the group of gemstones in which amethyst is included, is one of the most widely recognized minerals on the planet, and it is usually found in areas such as Asia, North America, South America, and Europe. The purple sapphire is only found in a few areas and hence, it’s viewed as a rarer gem.

This distinction prompts another noteworthy difference between the two gems, cost. The less valuable amethyst jewels can be bought at a more reasonable price than purple sapphires, regardless of whether they are larger in size.

Final Words

The Purple Sapphire gem unfurls its ideal impact when it is directly placed on the affected area of the body. 

Additionally, when worn as jewelry, it has the ability to transmit its energies. It is especially effective when it is worn as a necklace visibly since this will allow it to absorb the sun’s energy. As a gemstone, water or embodiment, it is great in almost all aspects.

This gem will adjust its energies to your mind’s regular powers that will enable you to discover new ways and acquire new abilities. It will call attention to the problems and mistakes that you can address, and it will guide you to better and increasingly wonderful ways throughout everyday life. Purple Sapphire will bring flourishing and help you maintain it. It will reinforce your concentration and help you emanate a positive vitality that will impact the people around you.  

It will likewise enable you to start a new beginning after encountering a serious misfortune, disappointment, or shock. Owning this precious stone will bolster your efforts to change your present circumstances, improve your expert and individual prospects, accomplish better wellbeing, and bring positivity to your life.

 It will help you to figure out how to hit the dance floor with the music of life. It will enable you to become more grounded and become a better individual. Purple Sapphire will help you grow, heal, and change your life to improve things!