Crystal use does not seem to be going anywhere. It may even be gaining more popularity than ever. Fluorite crystals are some of the highly sought-after crystals. This is primarily because they possess unique appearances. But that’s not the only reason people seek these stones. They are also believed to possess powerful energies for overall healing. 

Fluorite crystals come in various colors, but the particular fluorite crystal variety of our interest is green fluorite. This stone is highly valued by users, geologists, as well as healers, and there must be substantial reasons for that. 

This article discusses how this stone can help in rocketing you to a new dimension and generally help you. 


The meaning of green fluorite translates to its symbolism or its closest associations or connections. It is a crystal for spiritual connectivity or attunement, which is the highest level of awareness for humans. It is the stone to seek if you have lost your focus or need concentration since it represents pure mental ability, focus, and growth. 

green fluorite towers

It is referred to as the “genius stone” because of the mental aptitude it helps users attain and its strong association with intelligence. The stone is known to be a renewing force for creativity, new ideas, offering solutions, and sparking new belief frames. 

The stone is primarily associated with the heart chakra, but it also resonates with the third eye chakra. It is not a birthstone, but it is associated with the Pisces zodiac sign, offering Pisceans a stronger connection.


Green fluorite has excellent healing properties because it is mainly a balanced stone. It can help you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, making it a well-rounded crystal.

Physical Properties

Green fluorite is outwardly a remarkably smooth stone with a beautiful marble appearance when tumbled. Naturally, it has various green color ranges that may be light, transparent, or appear in darker shades of jade. 

The stone has a vitreous luster with a fluorescent luminescence type, and it may also be opaque.

The stone is relatively soft, with a Mohs scale hardness of 4. 

It has a refractive index of 1.432-1.434. 

Physical Healing Properties

Green fluorite is an excellent stone for physical healing. It is often used for immunity complications, bone issues, and dental associated pain. Due to its robust and detectable gravity, it is a perfect choice for easing joint and bone pain. It can align the skeletal system providing bone support. 

green fluorite necklace

Keeping the stone nearby can help if you suffer from arthritis and bone spurs. Being a solid connection for the immune system, green fluorite will also give you support for ailments such as colds, flu, and infections. It is also exceptional for providing relief for stomach disorders, an unbalanced gut, and digestive discomfort.

Metaphysical Properties

Green fluorite can help you attain balance, order, and stability during chaotic times. You can use this stone to usher yourself into the best versions of yourself and the world around you. It can help you smooth out anxiety, apparent mental confusion and get rid of other environmental stress forces.

green fluorite ring

The stone is excellent at releasing mental fixations, and because of that, it can help anyone struggling with unhealthy behaviors or habits such as addictions. Such people can then be freed from such burdening situations.

Green fluorite aligns with the heart chakra, and because of that, it helps keep it open and balanced. Due to this association, users are able to find their true selves and discover their innermost beings. Therefore, they can speak their truths transparently and confidently, with their actions and speech aligned with their most authentic and profound versions. 

The crystal also offers imperative support for all heart matters like grief and heartbreaks. As it unclogs a blocked heart chakra, it can absorb damaging trauma and injury because the heart chakra is the seat of our deepest desires. Because the heart chakra is also the keeper of the ideas we resist, users get to attain mental clarity and fresh focus to overcome challenges with complete openness when the chakra is opened.

Since the stone also resonates with the third eye chakra, it helps users control their state of consciousness. Therefore, it can improve one’s perception and help see situations more clearly instead of viewing or perceiving them from an emotional point of view. The crystal creates a more rational point of view. You will be able to clear out old patterns and thoughts that don’t serve you for peace.

Using green fluorite can promote an acceptance state for different heart experiences and change your mindset to go through them, whether good or bad.

Green fluorite is a spiritual healer and will ease you from spiritual brokenness. It will help you unblock repressed memories and sensations for healing. It can also help you connect with your spiritual guides by clearing your spiritual channels.

Where to buy Green Fluorite?

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Green Fluorite in jewelry uses

Green fluorite is a beautiful stone that can also display different shades of colors with illumination. Due to that, many jewelers use it for jewelry making. The stone is used to make different jewelry pieces such as magnificent rings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, earrings, and pendants. You can also find accessories made from green fluorites like hairpins and ornamental brooches.

green fluorite earrings

It would be best always to take care when cleaning green fluorite jewelry and only use tolerable cleaning methods as advised by a jeweler. Do not expose the jewelry to scratches as green fluorite is quite fragile. Steer away from mechanical jewelry cleaning systems and instead opt for a warm and soft damp cloth or soft brush and detergent when cleaning.

Where does Green Flourite come from?

Green fluorite is a variety of fluorite stones. Generally, fluorites are formed from a hydrothermal process. This is a process that involves heating magma in high heat then slowly cooling it. Fluorites primarily develop in cracks and crevices referred to as veins which are mainly found in other rock formations, typically sedimentary rocks. 

Fluorites are also referred to as fluorspar which means crystals that contain calcium and fluorine. 

Green fluorite is quite a common crystal regarding its origins with large vein deposits in many areas worldwide, including the United States. The US fluorite extraction and production is a small and expensive operation. Due to that, you will mostly find fluorite stones that are on sale in the US markets as imports from other countries. Colombia, South Africa, Brazil, Mongolia, Mexico, and China also have thriving mining sites and export fluorite varieties.

Illinois also has a large fluorite deposit and is home to the most extensive fluorite collection globally.

How much is Green Fluorite worth?

Green fluorite is especially important to geologists because it is easy to recognize, stable, and predictable. Fluorites come in different colors, but the green variety is relatively widespread, making it cheaper and more affordable than the other fluorite varieties. You can get green fluorite pieces from small and large-scale worldwide merchants. 

However, color is not the only thing used to place value on the crystal. Its cut, clarity, and size also play a significant role in value placement. 

Larger green fluorite pieces are more expensive than small ones. Pieces with intricate cuts and designs are also pricier. If a green fluorite piece is enhanced with a more valuable stone or crystal, its price also increases. 

How to identify Green Fluorite? 

The stone has a 3.2 perfect gravity reading, which makes it more detectable than other existing crystals. Being fluorite, green fluorite has four perfect cleavage directions. Due to that, it breaks into perfect shapes easily. It is very common to see octahedrons in the stone. 

The crystal has a fluorescence that can glow into multidimensional colors on exposure to pure white light, a long ultraviolet light wave, or electromagnetic energy. A property referred to as thermoluminescence. 

Fluorite crystals also display phosphorescence. This property emits light on radiation and an afterglow once the radiation is eliminated. Fake green fluorite won’t glow under ultraviolet light and will typically be glass. It may also appear to have bubbles on the surface with no scratches. Fluorite stones are soft and typically have tiny scratches.

How to Use Green Fluorite?

For personal use

You can use green fluorite personally in several ways;

  • As mentioned earlier, you can wear the crystal as jewelry. 
  • You can keep it close to you when exercising or doing pilates or yoga stretches to defeat distraction thoughts. 
  • You can put it in your bath or place it under your pillow when you sleep to connect with your dreams spiritually. 
  • You can also choose to carry the stone in your everyday purse or carry it as a pocket stone to promote tranquility, stability, and acceptance. 
  • Creating a green fluorite elixir is also an excellent way to use it.

At the workplace or home

You can use the stone for your home or workplace environment to tap into its healing powers. You can place it on a window sill, in a plant pot, or put several green fluorite stones in a bowl and place them on your desk. 

The stone’s vibrations harmonize well with technologies and computers, and that’s what makes it an excellent addition for both home and workspaces. You can always improvise to use it decoratively to ease stress and tension.

For meditation

Green fluorite is an excellent stone to use during meditation because it helps you stay focused. To use, simply place it next to you or hold it in your hand to attain a deeper connection. You can place the stone in between your breastbone or over your brows to attain a state of balance and consciousness.

For healers

Healers use the crystal as a tool for absorbing negative energies from their clients instead of directly passing these energies to their auras.

How to cleanse and charge Green Fluorite?

Like any other healing crystal, green fluorite needs frequent cleansing and recharging. That helps it get rid of absorbed negative energies. As a result, it absorbs new and fresh energies to remain powerful and function efficiently.

Cleanse it with water- the stone is associated with renewal, rebirth, and growth, which is why water is an excellent cleaning choice. You can wash away bad energies from the stone by running it underwater for several minutes. 

Natural running water like a spring, waterfall, or stream works best. Salty water is not good because salt can wear down the crystal’s surface. Submerging is not recommended since fluorites are slightly water-soluble.

Cleanse it with sound- You can use chants, music, singing bowls, a bell, or a tuning fork to recharge your crystal. Simply allow the sounds to sweep over it to harmonize with the crystal’s vibrations.

Cleanse it with moonlight- Leave your crystal out at night when the moon is shining fully for it to absorb lunar energies. Gibbous and full moons are best.

Cleanse it using the earth- Bury the crystal underground for a significant period for it to release negative energies and for the ground to absorb them.

Cleanse it by smoking or smudging- You can recharge your stone by holding it over smoke or by allowing it to smudge over burning incense, rosemary, palo santo, or cedar.

Cleanse it with sunlight- you can place the stone using sunlight, but you must take caution. Overexposure can damage the stone or cause it to burn.

Compared with Other Stones

Because of green fluorite’s ability to have a considerable color change, it is very common for the crystal to be misidentified, especially with other green crystals. The best way to differentiate them is by digging deeper into their chemical compositions and crystal structures. Simply taking a glance may not help you distinguish them. We compare it with the most confusing green crystals below.

Green Fluorite vs. Green Calcite

Green fluorite is calcium fluoride, while green calcite is calcium carbonate. 

Green fluorite appears in octahedrons, while green calcite will typically occur in various morphological forms, with the most prevalent forms being prismatic, scalenohedral, and rhombohedral. 

Green fluorite displays an asymmetrical system, while green calcite is asymmetrical. 

You will mainly find green fluorite forming in deposits, sedimentary rocks cavities, hot springs, and hydrothermal veins. On the other hand, green calcite often forms in large limestone and marble slabs, metamorphic, and igneous rocks. 

Both crystals are soft, but green fluorite is relatively harder than green calcite. Green calcite has a Mohs hardness rating of 3, while green fluorite is 4. 

The melting point of green calcite is 1612 degrees, while green fluorite’s is 1360 degrees. 

Green fluorite glows with thermoluminescence, while green calcite does not. 

Green Fluorite vs. Green Aventurine

Green fluorite is a variety of fluorite, while green aventurine is a translucent quartz variety. 

Green fluorite is calcium fluoride, while green aventurine is a silicate. 

Green aventurine is harder than green fluorite, with a Mohs hardness of between 6.5-7. 

Looking at the crystals’ fracture, green aventurine is conchoidal, while green fluorite is subconchoidal and uneven. 

Green fluorite has a specific gravity of 3.2, while green aventurine has a varying gravity between 2.6-2.7, which can also go higher if the crystal has heavy inclusions.

Green aventurine’s cleavage is indiscernible, while green fluorite is perfect and octahedral. 

Green fluorite can slightly dissolve in water, but green aventurine does not.

The best combinations to use with Green Fluorite

You can enhance green fluorite’s vibrations and healing powers with several crystals. Crystal combinations reach a higher level of inspiration and energetic healing. 

Green fluorite goes well with red jasper to improve focus and endurance. 

It pairs well with a carnelian to boost physical healing. 

Combining it with malachite will open your heart better and enhance spirituality. Green fluorite and agate work excellently together to enhance harmony, a soothing power, and concentration. 

Combining it with the tiger’s eye offers a stunning color combination and amplifies your ability to become more confident to take action. 

Green fluorite also works with rose quartz to amplify the healing of the heart chakra. 

Because it is a stone for spiritual attunement, it works well with amethyst. 

When paired with onyx, they will significantly shield you from negative thoughts and energies.

Final Words

Without a doubt, you cannot ignore the healing green fluorite can offer you, based on the information above. The crystal is helpful for your physical well-being, mental state, and emotional wellness. You can tap into this beautiful stone’s healing energies through several ways, as highlighted above. The stone is abundant worldwide, and you can get it from various merchants. 

Green fluorite is an overall healer, and you must take care to recharge it often for it to absorb fresh energies and get rid of absorbed negative ones. Because the stone is green and may also be of various green shades, it can be confused with other stones like green calcite and green aventurine. However, we have highlighted key differences that make these crystals different and distinct. We recommend combining or pairing your green fluorite crystal with the stones mentioned earlier to amplify its powers.