Often referred to as celestine, celestite is a quite rare, yet very delicate mineral. The mineral is most commonly found in vibrant blue color, and it is rich in strontium. Given its appearance, it is also used as a crystal for its numerous properties. Its blue color resembles the pale appearance of the sky – which actually leads to the origins of the stone. With these thoughts in mind, it is commonly related to the sky. It is associated with heaven, angelic properties and divinity. Now, what else should you know about celestite and what kind of properties can it bring in?


Celestite is almost never referred to as a mineral – unless it comes to the scientific world. Instead, it is more often known as a crystal because of its shiny appearance. It has an incredible vibration and its heavenly association is very likely to help you connect with angels, as well as other creatures in the angelic realm. The crystal is said to help people who wear it or have it around when they need contact with their guardian angels.

When kept around all the time, the crystal will elevate your mood and bring it to another level. You will access and actually feel what divine healing feels like. It has a positive vibration that will not let you down. You can get in touch with your spiritual guides and benefit from a clear vision, regardless of what you are after. To connect with your angels properly, you do not really need any fancy jewelry – a cluster of this stone will work wonders if you keep it around you. You can wear it as jewelry or just have it on your desk.

Celestite will work even better when used during your meditation sessions. When meditating, you experience an incredible realm of calmness. This could be the best way to interact with your spiritual angels. You are fully relaxed and your mind is clear. Keep it next to you when you meditate or simply have it on your lap. You will reach unusual sensations that you have never felt before – positive experiences.

Celestite is recommended to everyone. It is not the type of stone aimed at certain people. It is not the type of crystal that should be used by particular people. Instead, everyone will benefit from it. However, it does feel better for those who want to reach a divine experience. Healers, for example – including holistic healers – will easily benefit from having celestite nearby. It makes no difference if you are a medical healer or you just help your friends clear their souls and minds.

As if all these were not enough, the heavenly meaning of celestite is ideal for those who require a few positive experiences too. If your mind is negative or you are surrounded by negativity, celestite will help you overcome sadness, pessimism or negative thoughts. Instead, it will promote positive healing energy. Its meaning goes further than that, as the crystal is also associated with breathing – ideal for those with breathing problems.


Celestite is famous from more points of view. First of all, it is rare, beautiful and attractive, so lots of people appreciate it for its appearance. Second, it comes with a plethora of metaphysical properties. Whether you need a bit of guidance or you want some divine support in your everyday activities, celestite could be the ideal crystal for your needs. Here is everything you need to know about its actual properties.

Physical Properties

Generally speaking, celestite is based on strontium sulfate. It is quite compact when extracted due to its composition. When compact, you will find it a fibrous appearance. As for shapes, you have a bit of extra variety. For example, you can find tabular crystals, yet some crystals can also be shaped like pyramids. When processed, shapes and sizes are even more diversified. At the end of the day, it depends on what you need it for.

In a natural form, celestite can consist of more components. The strontium sulfate is the main one, but it could be mixed with a bunch of other minerals. For example, celestite may have decent amounts of albite as well. Do not be surprised if you find it as a mix of strontium sulfate and halite either, not to mention anhydrite, which is just as popular. These are by far the three most common combinations you can find in celestite.

When it comes to its actual appearance, celestite is normally pale blue. It is quite vibrant and attractive, but it also has a bit of sparkle. This is not the only color, though. While blue is more popular, you can also find white, yellow, or even red. From a physical point of view, it depends on your preferences. From a metaphysical point of view, blue is by far the most prolific option, so this is what you should look for – quite common, though. Other colors could be less powerful, but they are rarer and better appreciated.

The stone comes in more shapes and sizes, depending on what you actually want it for. You can, for example, find massive clusters of stone. Some of them are small, but others are surprisingly large. You can also find tumble stones based on celestite. You will find lots of natural pieces with great properties. As for those pieces used in jewelry, they are obviously processed a little – polished and made to look attractive.

Metaphysical Properties

There are more metaphysical properties associated with celestite, but one of them stands out in the crowd. Its main goal and purpose are to contact angelic beings and help the wearer or holder connect with the divinity. Again, there could be more purposes or reasons to have this stone nearby, but the angelic connection is by far the most significant one. If you feel a bit uncomfortable about it, this might be the wrong time to let the stone into your life – simply wait until the right moment comes.

There are, however, no reasons to feel bad or uncomfortable about it. Celestite is not about certain religions or gods. It makes no difference what your beliefs are about. Your spiritual affiliation is irrelevant too. The divine powers summoned by this crystal will work with any religion or belief, so you will only benefit from the stone. Even if you are not religious, you should definitely not overlook celestite. After all, angels are, indeed, religiously charged. You can think of other positive forces – the exact same effect.

Most crystals out there benefit people from more directions – spiritually, in terms of relationships or wealth. Celestite is a bit different. This is not the stone you want for love or relationships. This is not the stone you keep around to get rich or find wealth. Instead, this is the crystal that will help you develop yourself from a spiritual point of view. You will find enlightenment, as well as a spiritual force to guide yourself further on.

Serenity is part of the game too. Inevitably, you will experience a sensation of calmness whenever you have the stone around. There are certain things in life that may feel like burdens – be it a serious challenge, a dead end, or a test of life. Believe it or not, the crystal will make you feel calm and see things in an objective manner, so you will clearly find a solution without too much hassle.

Now, while celestite is not associated with any benefits in terms of love or finances, it does not mean that you will never have any benefits in these fields. In fact, long term advantages will obviously kick in too – in an indirect manner. Boosting your spiritual awareness, celestite will give you mindfulness and the self-confidence to make better and more informed decisions with the right attitude. A generous attitude towards those around you will mix with self-confidence and give you opportunities that you simply cannot ignore.

As a direct result of all these, people around you will also grow positive associations with your person. They will try to be with or near you, but also help you when in need. Compassion is another positive side effect, as well as good virtues. All these things lead to spiritual enlightenment, which will benefit you from all points of view. Even if you are not necessarily interested in this personal side of yourself, this high level of clarity will help with anything you are interested in.

Rated as a heavenly stone or a cosmic crystal, celestite will teach you a few interesting lessons about yourself. It will help you discover yourself and your connection to the universe – a lot of people simply ignore these benefits. These vibrations will seriously awaken you to a new perspective of life. Integrate the stone into your life and the energy around you will feel palpable. Your intuition will skyrocket, while your instinct will make your decisions much smoother.

On another note, celestite has the power to relieve tension, but also make stress fade away. You will always learn and keep down to earth. You will go with the flow of the universe, rather than fighting invisible currents associated with life. The crystal will always remind you that you are a very important element in a more significant plan. Even if you feel confused with this plan sometimes, you will often find your way back.

Where to buy Celestite

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Jewelry Uses Of Celestite

Most stones and crystals have made their way into the jewelry industry, whether it comes to pendants, necklaces, rings, earrings or brooches. Celestite, on the other hand, is not so popular in this world. While you can, indeed, find jewelry based on celestite, such pieces are quite rare. The crystal is most commonly observed in gem collections. It is mostly used for its metaphysical properties. It is rare and beautiful, indeed. However, rare stones are quite rare, so you will most commonly find small crystals.

Other than that, the stone itself is soft in nature, so it will not make a good choice for daily worn jewelry. In other words, it is not suitable for rings or bracelets, which are constantly exposed to harsh elements. Instead, if you do find it in jewelry, you are more likely to find some earrings or perhaps a pendant for special occasions. See a selection of celestite earrings on Etsy.

Moreover, celestite is difficult to cut. Finding clean faceted crystals is difficult. All these properties make it difficult to process among jewelers. You will, however, find certain pieces of jewelry. As for colors, you will find the most common ones – pale blue and colorless styles. Other colors like yellow, green, red or orange are rare.

Where does Celestite come from

Celestite is considered a rare crystal, yet it is not as rare as other highly-priced stones. Generally speaking, there are small deposits of celestite all across the world – each continent has a few. However, the stone is more commonly found in Egypt, Libya, Great Britain, Poland and Peru. The biggest deposits are located in Libya and Egypt. Most of the celestite you will find in bazaars or markets come from Libya. Again, European markets often sell celestite from Poland and Great Britain.

How much is Celestite worth

Despite being rated as a rare crystal, celestite is not very expensive. Its low price is given by the fact that it is less likely to be used in jewelry. Instead, it is more common in gem collections or for its metaphysical properties. At this point, expect to pay for small crystals – the ones you can keep in your pocket or as decorative items on your desk – around $5 to $10. You can also get bigger crystals or clearly faceted crystals for up to $50. Obviously, the size makes the difference, but you are more likely to find small pieces than large crystals.

When it comes to jewelry, the value of celestite depends on what it is mixed with. To help you get a better idea, a white gold brooch with celestite will cost more than a silver brooch in the same size.

How to use Celestite

There are more ways to use celestite, but it obviously depends on your goals. In terms of metaphysical capabilities, the crystal can be used in any random way. As long as you keep it nearby, it will give you what you need – divine guidance and spiritual connections. You can keep it in your car – hanging by the mirror. You can have a few decorative items in your home – keep one of them where you sleep too. Get a few such decorative crystals in your office too or perhaps your key ring.

When it comes to jewelry, while rarely used in this industry, celestite can go anywhere. It is vibrant and attractive. Its metaphysical properties will kick in, yet it is soft and mostly used for special occasions, rather than worn on a daily basis.

How to cleanse Celestite

Cleansing celestite is mandatory to gain as much as possible from its powers. It will improve its aesthetics, but it will also boost its energies. You can cleanse the stone at home – you are likely to have everything you need anyway. Give it a quick cleanse as soon as you get it, only to remove the bad vibes and program your own feelings and thoughts into the stone.

Celestite does not have any major requirements in terms of cleansing. For example, you can cleanse it by submerging it in clean water, salt or rice. Allow the stone to soak for a few good hours, then give it a quick rinse. You can also rely on natural light to cleanse it. For example, leave it under direct moonlight overnight or keep it in direct sunlight for a day.

Smudging is just as common. Immerse the stone in the cleansing smoke coming from sage leaves, yet you can also use incense sticks. Meditate with the stone nearby and you will inevitably clear the bad vibes too. Simply sit quietly and relax. Meditate and think about the energies you want inside the crystal.

Feel free to bury the stone in the ground too. The earth is a natural cleanser that will work wonders on it. When burying your crystals, leave them in there for around 24 hours – more is better. At the same time, resonating sounds will also help with the purification. Use a bell or perhaps a singing bowl – such procedures will only require a few minutes.

Cleansing celestite is not mandatory if you only use it for its physical properties. But if you need its spiritual energy and metaphysical powers, you should do it as soon as you get the crystal – and on a regular basis later on. The process itself is mostly spiritual – rather than physical.

Celestite compared to similar stones

Celestite is similar to other stones and crystals in appearance. While its metaphysical properties are unique, inexperienced users or collectors will find it difficult to make the difference between celestite and other stones.

Celestite vs. Angelite

Both celestite and Angelite are soft and can be damaged if left in direct sunlight for a very long period of time. They range in colors and can be colorless, gray, blue, white, pink or brown. They are, however, different types of minerals. They have different compositions and they can be found in similar places across the world. In terms of metaphysical properties, celestite is great to interact with spiritual realms. On the other hand, Angelite is mostly used to connect with angelic entities. The same rule applies to the chakras they are associated with – celestite with the third eye and Angelite with the throat chakra.

Celestite vs. Blue Calcite

Similar to celestite, blue calcite has a low hardness and is rated to be soft. In terms of appearance, blue calcite and blue celestite are extremely similar. You would have to touch them and weigh them to tell the difference. If they have a similar size, celestite will feel heavier – about 1.5 times heavier than blue calcite. Then, blue calcite is calcium carbonate, while celestite is a strontium sulfate – two completely different categories. As for metaphysical properties, both stones provide calming effects. However, blue calcite will relax you on emotional levels. It has no angelic properties or benefits.

The best combination to use with Celestite

Celestite is compatible with other stones and crystals and will enhance their properties. For instance, it works wonders with clear quartz and amethyst, but the list is longer than that. Generally speaking, any stone that has benefits over the crown chakra will work well with celestite. Such crystals will boost the spiritual focus and allow you to see things that celestite aims to show you.

On the same note, celestite can be mixed and kept together with stones that boost emotional intelligence – pearl or opal. Emotions will be quite strong though, which might surprise you – you should be mentally prepared for this change or you may have some serious issues.

Then, celestite can be mixed with hematite or bloodstone if you feel trapped in a toxic place. It will work with red jasper too – it will most likely boost the powers of celestite. When used with other chakra crystals, celestite will open various chakras – it only depends on your actual necessities and expectations.

Final Words

As a short final conclusion, celestite does not feel as powerful as other stones. Its powers are not as diversified. Its energy is gentle, but it can be quite intense and penetrating. Keep a small crystal on your desk or in your pocket and you will always feel a connection with your angelic energy. These benefits may not always be among your priorities, but then, you simply cannot go wrong with celestite. If it can match your personal goals – even to a small level, go for it.

Spiritual awakening is a plus for anyone – even for those who may not see its importance. Integrate it into your lifestyle and it will boost it to 180 degrees. Once you get this crystal into your life, you will be more conscious of the universe surrounding you.