A purple fluorite stone is a powerful healing crystal that our ancestors have admired and used extensively. Physically, it is linked to the phenomenon of fluorescence that is integral to its natural charm and fluoride that is known to maintain the teeth’ health. 

However, the stone’s benefits seem to go beyond its physical realm, as it effectively contributes to the healing outcome of alternative therapies. In this post, let’s find out about the power of purple fluorite and how to tap its benefits, especially the spiritual ones.


The term fluorite originated from using fluorite as a flux in processing aluminum and steel. In the mining industry, it was called fluorspar, which is so even today. The term is also derived from fluere, a Latin word that indicates ‘to flow.’ However, it denotes the fluorescence of crystal, which is its ability to sparkle in the dark after being exposed to ultraviolet light or while it is kept under this light.

Rainbow Green & Purple Fluorite Sphere
Rainbow Green & Purple Fluorite Sphere. See it on Etsy

Charming in shades of lavender and clear-headed hues, this fluorite crystal is considered a symbol of pure peace. In its lovely intricate designs, this crystal seems to have the spiritual qualities of lucid dreams, beauty, symmetry, and prodigy.

Purple fluorite is regarded as the stone of protection and is believed to be more defensive the longer one uses it. It is admired as a perfect “Dream Crystal,” safeguarding one from bad dreams as well as spirits. It emits great energy throughout the body to relieve physical hurdles, spiritual uneasiness, and stress.

Physical Properties

Purple fluorite, just as any other fluorite, is a calcium fluoride mineral. It is one of the halide minerals. This calcium mineral crystallizes in the form of octahedral, cubic, and mass crystals and is present in hydrothermal veins. 

Purple Fluorite Obelisk Tower
Natural Purple Fluorite Obelisk Tower Point. See it on Etsy

Crystals form octahedra or cubes and that cubic crystals tend to cleave into octahedra. So, the cleavage is octahedral. This means that there are four equal cleavage directions and that cleaving in the right manner is likely to result in an ideal octahedral shape. ​

As it is found near calcite and quartz, it is often associated with these minerals. It also occurs with zinc and lead, and is often found in a few marbles, granites, and pegmatites; cavities in sedimentary stones, and in hot spring deposits. Purple fluorite features a vitreous luster and is typically transparent to translucent. 

An admirable and spectacular physical feature of this crystal is fluorescence. This is the ability of the stone to glimmer in the dark after being kept in UV light. Indeed, the term ‘fluorescent’ came from the word fluorite, as the fluorite specimens were some of the initial fluorescent samples ever studied. 

The phenomenon of fluorescence is attributed to the essential component called fluorine present in the fluoride chemical ion. Due to it, fluorite is usually fluorescent under UV light. It is also thought to be because of the yttrium impurities and/or other organic matter inclusions inside the crystal lattice. 

The color of noticeable light released upon fluorescing is quite dependent on the source from where the sample was collected. The colors of fluorescent fluorite are highly variable but the typical colors include purple. A few samples tend to show different colors under short and long UV light simultaneously.

The hardness of purple fluorite is rated four on the Mohs scale due to which it is considered ideal for occasional wear.

Metaphysical Properties

Violet or purple fluorite is tagged as the most peace-giving stone of all fluorites and is committed to the devotional facets of the mind linked to the spirit. 

The stone is known to purify the mind and improve mental acuity, kindling the Third Eye Chakra to initiate a logical and cognizant awareness of how thinking occurs in one’s mind and how the mental processes work. When placed on the third eye or crown chakra, the stone can improve communication with nature spirits, angels, and spirit guides.

Purple Fluorite Long Teardrop Earring
Natural Petrified Purple Fluorite Long Teardrop Earring. See it on Etsy

Akin to the energy of amethyst that too is purple, purple fluorite allows tapping into the energy of the third eye chakra, fetching bands of shield, and experiencing dreamy delight. It is considered a stone of radiant light and love, making it an ideal amulet for anyone who wishes to have profound spiritual communication.

Purple fluorite is an ideal stone for resolute meditation and enhances psychic, creative, and intuitive abilities. You can expect it to boost one’s mental capacities. It is known to bring order from chaos and dispel negative energy, particularly from the environment after which it reactivates the atmosphere. 

Purple fluorite is a great crystal to place on hand when the goal is of coming up with novel ideas, brainstorming, coming out of some block while writing, or getting rid of mental potholes. 

Just as any other fluorite, purple fluorite pushes you to be on track and remain focused on work or job, which can be even studying, writing, or doing office work. It is a great stone to keep with you if your mind wanders. 

The stone is likely to motivate struggling learners, particularly those with learning challenges. This is because it is known to integrate new information and facilitate fast thinking.

Physically, the stone can improve the immune system and relieve tension and headaches. It can even support teeth and bones, relieve arthritis, and assist in the healing of bone marrow disorders. Purple fluorite may even help in healing both physical and emotional scars, stomach upsets, sore throats, and insomnia.

Where to buy Purple Fluorite

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Purple Fluorite in jewelry uses

One of the best ways to soak up the shimmering healing energy of Fluorite is to choose Fluorite jewelry. However, considering the hardness rating of purple fluorite, it is clear that this crystal is soft. 

Considering its low hardness, brittleness, and cleavage, it is too fragile for most jewelry. What this means is that it requires extra care to keep it away from breaking or scratching. Moreover, it is soft enough to be easily transformed into a valuable gemstone but tough enough to make bigger beads or pendants out of it.

Purple Fluorite Stretch Bracelet
Purple Fluorite Stretch Bracelet. See it on Etsy

So, its level of softness makes it easy to carve. Its purple fluorescence makes it a popular option for ornaments. Due to its rich purple look, it is one of the favorite crystals used in jewelry.

The use of purple fluorite in rings is not recommended due to its fragility. However, this does not restrict the makers and fans; they do go for purple fluorite rings. 

The crystal is commonly used in making earrings, pendants, and bracelets though. Its use in earrings and pendants is extensive, as these pieces let one show off its beauty.

Whether in the form of a pendant, earring, or bracelet, keeping it near to your skin sends the cleansing vibes for the chakras where they are most required. 

There is something mystical about imitating direct contact with gemstones and crystals. Such a contact seems to boost their power as if they can tap into your distinct vibrations and connect with your cells.

However, it should be noted that a few specimens can fade if exposed to light for a prolonged period. Thus, it is essential to store purple fluorite ornaments away from light. Further, you need to store them in a box different from the ones in which the jewelry of harder gemstones exists. This will help in preventing scratches.

Where does Purple Fluorite come from

Deposits of purple fluorite are seen in the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Britain, Norway, Germany, China, and Australia.

How much is Purple Fluorite worth

Purple fluorite is valued for its rich color and glassy luster. Further, it is one of the rare crystals having perfect cleavage in four orientations to form octahedrons as well as dodecahedrons although the latter ones are rare. So, this rarity adds to the worth of purple fluorite if present. 

The overall value of this colored stone is usually determined by a mix of four factors namely, clarity, cut, color, and carat weight. 

Radiating lush wine hues, this purple stone has a distinct niche among the stones with purple color. The stone is also dependent on color zoning due to which the procedures of sorting and matching require substantial labor. The outcomes are valuable. Nevertheless, the hue’s vibrancy is not commonly seen in purple gems reflecting a more profound as well as a saturated blend of color.

In terms of clarity, this fluorite stone is categorized into the Type II GIA grading group. Stones in this group are expected to have inclusions. Thus, purple fluorite is not 100% clear due to which it is not a highly expensive stone. 

If the color is deep and saturated, it is likely to look clean when observed without magnification. Although inclusions are accepted, a huge amount of inclusions tends to reduce the value of purple fluorite. 

Talking about the cut, this crystal has a low hardness level, due to which only proficient lapidaries can effortlessly shape it. You can easily find purple fluorite in traditional ovals, cushions, and rounds apart from some fancier shapes. However, its softness makes it susceptible to chipping. Thus, it needs to be cut carefully.

When it comes to carat, purple fluorite is sporadically available in the cut of a pear, which is available in a variety of sizes. It is also available in classic cuts like rounds with sizes ranging from small to big.

With abundant resources around the globe, the variety in sizes just affects the value moderately. In other words, purple fluorite is affordable regardless of the size you choose.

How to use Purple Fluorite

There are a couple of ways to use purple fluorite. You can simply hold its piece in your hand while relaxing or meditating. Doing so will make you feel peaceful and calm surrounding you. Holding purple fluorite at the time of meditation can help you associate with your intuition and boost your link with the inner truth.

Another great way is to wear it as an ornament so that the stone’s energies remain near your vibrational field. It is wise to wear its pendant if you wish to connect the crystal’s energies with your upper chakras. 

Nevertheless, some collectors are in favor of placing the stone outside their homes or put it in their wallets or pillows. They do so to retain the energies of purple fluorite close to them throughout the day or while going to sleep. When positioned appropriately, this stone protects against electromagnetic and computer stress.

You can even place this stone by your bed to have good dreams, fetch divine messages in dreams, and keep bad dreams away. Consider using it in tandem with a mystical or spiritual practice. 

How to cleanse and charge Purple Fluorite

This soft gemstone needs proper care and cleaning if you wish to make it a durable gem, may it be a piece or in jewelry. This holds, especially as this jewelry is worn occasionally.

To clean purple fluorite regularly, apply the mix of dish soap and lukewarm water to it and discard using a soft brush. Then, wipe it well using a piece of dry soft cloth for retaining its luster. 

As fluorite is somewhat soluble in water, do not dip it. Consider cleansing it only with a warm damp cloth, soft brush, and detergent. Do not use any mechanical cleaners. 

As purple fluorite is likely to pass through irradiation and heat treatments before being sold, it is wise not to use ultrasonic cleaners and steam for cleaning it. Further, you need to handle and store it with care such that it is not prone to chipping, abrasion, and scratching. If you wish to keep it with other jewelry in one box, consider putting fluorite jewelry in a velvet-lined, boxed area.

To charge this purple stone, consider placing it under moonlight on a full moon night. You can even charge it by keeping it in a rock crystal group or the sun. Many gem collectors prefer moving the stone across incense or sage smoke, which is known as smudging.

Some other known ways of cleansing purple fluorite are keeping it buried in the Earth overnight and placing it in a bowl of rice. If you have a purple fluorite chain, you can recharge it by keeping it overnight in a container full of hematite, rock crystal, and fluorite tumble stones.

Purple Fluorite vs. Amethyst

It is common to compare purple fluorite with amethyst, as both are purple. Further, both retain a balance of color to give a typical purple look. They even affect the same chakras namely, the crown and third eye, encourage spiritual awareness, and stimulate the mind. 

Further, both are affordable. However, subtle variations can be spotted. 

In reality, both these crystals are different. The major difference is in terms of hardness. Purple fluorite is softer than amethyst. Thus, while you can use them together, you cannot store them together. 

Comparatively, amethyst is a better crystal to be worn as jewelry or carried in pockets. This is because fluorite can easily break, dent, or scratch.

Another difference is that you can clean amethyst with water but not purple fluorite. The latter also cannot be used for preparing gem elixirs although amethyst can be used. 

The best combination to use with Purple Fluorite

This purple stone is an amazingly generous stone that has more spiritual benefits. Thus, it is known to be harmoniously compatible with other gemstones and crystals regardless of how small or big they are. 

For security and protection, consider using it with red jasper, red aventurine, malachite, agate, carnelian, garnet, turquoise, tiger’s eye, or iolite. 

If spiritual awakening is what you are looking for, consider pairing it with amethyst, iolite, lemon jade, rose quartz, turquoise, aquamarine, serpentine, sodalite, onyx, hematite, or moonstone.

For pulling more good fortune and abundance, you can use this stone with hematite, carnelian, red jasper, serpentine, peridot, agate, goldstone, or aventurine.

Purple fluorite seems to work more powerfully when paired with red jasper, goldstone, malachite, turquoise, citrine, onyx, garnet, sodalite, moonstone, or serpentine. This pair is likely to aid you in unleashing your imagination and boost your talents.

If you wish to get rid of your bad habits, patterns, or behaviors, you can combine your crystal with Rose Quartz, Onyx, Moonstone, Hematite, Amethyst, Emerald, Agate, Lemon Jade, Iolite, or Aquamarine.

Amethyst is known for its serene and spiritual ambiance, while agate is admired for stabilizing the aura, boosting concentration, and healing tension. While rose quartz works more effectively with green fluorite, aventurine works well with a variety of fluorite shades. 

For experiencing an additional punch of healing power, consider combining fluorite with the dreamy and dark obsidian. 

Final Words

Purple fluorite is known for its fluorescence, spiritual powers, and mental boosts. It is also admired for its ability to ward off evil spirits. It is one of the most valuable but affordable crystals. Purple fluorite is soft due to which it is not widely used in making a variety of jewelry. Still, its earrings, pendants, and bracelets are in great demand. This crystal meshes well with a myriad of gems and is often confused with amethyst.