Until a few years ago, prehnite was deemed a rare stone for collection. However, its novel buildups have made it more affordable as well as accessible. Prehnite is a semi-precious gemstone famous among hobbyists as a cabochon material due to its attractive green to yellow appearance.

Interestingly, the Shamanistic followers in South Africa have used this green stone for thousands of years. However, as it was first depicted to Western scholars during the late 18th century, it is considered a new inclusion in the world of crystals. More than jewelry, the stone is used for ornamental and healing purposes.

Prehnite is known as the heart stone as well as the solar plexus stone for its divination powers. You can experience its astonishing healing benefits by meditating with it or simply by wearing it. Prehnite is also the stone of prophesy, as it facilitates divine communication, fortifies intuition, and ensures clarity of thoughts. It is also known to protect from outer trickeries and inner conflicts.

Let’s find out more about this gemstone.  


Just like a couple of other gemstones, Prehnite also got its name from the one who first discovered it in 1744 in South Africa. The stone was found by Colonel Hendrik Von Prehn who was the commander of the Dutch military at the South African tip as well as the governor of the Cape of Good Hope. It was near the Cape of Good Hope where these stones were first spotted. Colonel Hendrik brought this mineral to the Netherlands.

Over the years, Prehnite has got a number of other names such as chrysolite of sage, Karoo, grade jade, adelite, coupholite, and chiltonite. The Chinese people know it as grape jade because of its archetypal lump formations, looking like a bunch of grapes.

To get the best benefit of prehnite, it is usually a good idea to wear it. The prehnite ring is the most popular choice.


Physical Properties

Prehnite is a calcium aluminum silicate crystal found in big granular, pyramidal, or prismatic forms. It crystallizes to form an orthorhombic crystal. Only the tops of small crystals with curved or composite faces, if any, are seen. It usually is seen in massive, granular, botryoidal, or stalactitic formations although it can also rarely form prismatic, tabular, or pyramidal crystals. It occurs in both giant and orthorhombic crystalline forms but the latter is less common.

Prehnite is usually translucent, and rarely transparent. Cat’s eye formations inside the stone are possible although it is rare. Instead, it is a singular gemstone without any close relatives though many other stones seem to be similar. The gemstone has been mistaken for chrysoprase, jade, and serpentine.

Although not belonging to the family of zeolites, this gemstone is found in association with zeolite minerals such as calcite, laumontite, datolite, apophyllite, and heulandite. It is also found in the craters and veins of basaltic rocks, at times in granites too.

It is a mineral forming and sustaining at a low-temperature level. It forms by sedimentation from groundwaters in volcanic rocks linked to zeolites, acid igneous rocks, hydrothermal crystals, and serpentine rocks due to mineralization.

It is rare to see unique, independent crystals with a square cross-section along with those mined at Asbestos in Quebec. The stone is brittle, has an uneven rupture, and possesses a pearly to vitreous luster. On the Moh’s scale, its hardness is 6.0 to 6.5.

Although prehnite is commonly pale green or yellow-green, it is also found in light green, bottle green, yellow, pale yellow, pink, white, gray, brown, and blue. A few pale yellowish varieties are fibrous enough to be cut into a cabochon as well as reflect the cat’s eye effect. In 2000, a rare orange form was found in South Africa’s Kalahari Manganese fields. This stone can even be colorless!

Metaphysical Properties

Prehnite is referred to as the stone of prophecy, Prehnite is deemed to be capable of oracular powers. Thus, it is widely used while using a crystal ball or tarot cards. The divinatory powers of this stone are based on its knack for revealing the realities of the spiritual world by sustaining clarity and accuracy.

The stone is known to improve visualization and mystical knowing. It also helps in connecting with the angels and spirits of higher realms, including the extraterrestrial beings and one’s higher self.

The stone is also known to induce lucid dreams, make it easy to recall dreams, and alleviate nightmares as well as their impact. This stone of dreaming and recalling is also beneficial for hyperactive kids that handle the causes of the condition.

Green prehnite is mainly linked to memory and divination. If you wish to improve your skills in any of these fields, it is worth using this stone. A good memory is not that easy to master, which is why sages and other experts have taken thousands of years for coming up with techniques and spells to boost memory. While a single prehnite piece will not be as effective as years of training, it certainly affects positively.

Prehnite is tagged as a healer, as it is known to revive the personal healing atmosphere. Prehnite promotes a powerful sense of trust toward universally-applicable principles.

It halts infatuation and hoarding of possessions by fostering faith in the profusion and potential of the universe to establish whatever is required. This is called decluttering from within, as you then easily let go of the unwanted possessions or attractions due to an inner dearth.  

Prehnite is also the stone of unconditional love apart from being the stone to heal the healer. It empowers you to remain prepared always, calms the environment, and enables you to stay in harmony with the elemental forces of nature. The stone is known to alleviate phobias and profound fears and heal the dis-ease that triggers them.  It

Physically, the stone is known to remove toxins from the body while balancing the meridians. It seems to heal a variety of disorders related to the kidneys and bladder, gout, lymphatic system, thymus gland, urinary tract, shoulders, chest, and lungs. It also helps in coping with addictions and in restoring the connective tissues while soothing malignancy.

Interestingly, it also motivates to say “No” to irrational requests. It incites acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, and emotional release. It functions as an eraser to remove emotional debris from the surrounding aura. It also helps in releasing affinity with emotional wounds instantly while averting little wounds from growing into emotional blisters. The stone is also known to cool and ground extreme anger or nervous energy to ensure calmness.

Where to buy Prehnite

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Prehnite in jewelry uses

The translucency aspect of Prehnite makes it an attractive option for gemstone jewelry. Its pearly to velvety appearance glows if well-faceted and when placed in well-faceted gems. Green prehnite jewelry is available in abundance and at affordable rates. You can easily find rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and pendants made up of this gemstone to sustain the energy within the solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra region.

Due to its high cleavage and significant brittleness, the stone is widely used in making the aforementioned jewelry forms, as they are safe from sudden shocks. For threaded patterns, knotting between beads is highly endorsed.

The subdued apple-green color of this gemstone mixes stunningly well with gold and silver. To accentuate the high-contrast look, consider jewelry made up of this gemstone and pink coral. To gain a subtler feel, consider pairing the gemstone with brown stones such as wooden agate or smoky quartz.

For springs, invest in prehnite jewelry threaded with freshwater pearls. When it is summer, have a mix of prehnite with other green gemstones such as zoisite, green aventurine, and jade.

Where does Prehnite come from

Prehnite crystalline deposits are found in South Africa, Namibia, Australia, India, China, France, Austria, Italy, Germany, Scotland, Mali, Morocco, Pakistan, Russia, New Zealand, Canada, and the USA. Australia and Mali have the most facetable deposits. Australia provides the Prehnite stones in its most saturated and richest colors, ranging from bright yellow to pale green and even colorless.

While fully transparent deposits are rare, they may be seen in crystals from Quebec’s Asbestos where they exist in colorless forms. A few cat’s eye stones are also found. Those from Scotland and Australia have facilitated translucent cuttable pieces (faceted gems) that are likely to be small enough to weigh below 5 carats or big enough to weigh 30 carats.

An assortment of small deposits is found across the U.S.A. and Europe. A unique pink variety is found among the basalt deposits in Michigan, having copper and chlorite inclusions.

Prehnite is also found in the basalt rocks of New Jersey, which are associated with zeolites. Large, heavy masses have been seen in traprocks here. Fine green variations are found in Virginia.

How much is Prehnite worth

Prehnite stones are not costly but the value may differ if you are buying them in the jewelry form. This gap can be according to the jewelry’s setting and the metal in use. In the case of buying a Prehnite stone, then consider the following factors in mind to find the true value of the stone:

  • Size: It is one of the major factors that contribute to the price of any gemstone. The more the carat or more the size, the higher the price would be. e chakra of the third eye,
  • Transparency: It is true that most prehnite gems are less transparent and are likely to have a cloudy or pale look. While most of them with inclusions have such an appearance, they are still in demand. So, if you find a fully transparent one, you will end up paying a higher price than a translucent one.
  • Color: Prehnite gemstones are available in a variety of colors instead of just green. It is up to you to choose the color. If you choose a rare color like orange, it is certainly going to be costly.
  • Cut: This is another important factor that helps in determining the price of prehnite. This is because it is the cut that outlines the clarity. Faceted and tumbled forms are easily available for sale. You are recommended to choose the cut as per its aesthetic appeal.

How to use Prehnite

Prehnite is mainly used for healing, collective, and decorative purposes; it is not meant for any astrological drive. It is typically cut into facets, beads, and cabochons due to the absence of complete transparency, with a few showing a cat’s-eye effect. Baguette and step cuts are also famous.

Most samples of this stone are small as well as inexpensive. The stone is also carved to create small decorative items such as flowers.

The impact of Prehnite within the solar plexus makes it an important aid for manifesting money. For this purpose, you can wear it in the form of jewelry or simply put the stone in your pocket. If you choose it as a stone, you can get the best value for your money, check for inclusions or defects, and select as per the cut, shape, color, and transparency.   

Green prehnite, if placed in the bedroom, will reduce nightmares through its vibrations and release profound fears if they are of karmic account.

For boosting memory by invoking the chakra of the third eye, it is recommended to use the stone with a crystal wand. You can even use it as a central point during meditation for gaining a clear mind and preparing it to obtain and store new information.

For the diviners, prehnite acts as the ideal surface for scrying. For scrying on a prehnite stone, you need to charge it with the energy of the Moon and water, both being psychic power boosters. Their power will give a scrying surface attuned to the psychic as well as emotional vibrations surrounding you. The stone is ideal for divination involving you to read other people.

For normal people who are not diviners, wearing the stone is an ideal way to experience its healing effects both physically and emotionally.

As the stone is most attuned to the third eye chakra, it is recommended to wear it as near as possible to that chakra. A prehnite circlet resting against your forehead is the best way to improve your imagination as well as psychic powers. Alternatively, you can even wear it in the form of earrings or clips on the hair.

You can simply put the stone in your garden for making a healing haven for yourself. You can also use the stone with energy grids to strengthen protective fields and induce inner peace.

How to cleanse Prehnite

Prehnite is often cleansed using a clean cloth and soapy water. Chemical-based solutions are hardly recommended. This gemstone is known to lose its color or become faded when exposed to air and light. Thus, it is safe to keep the stone in an opaque box and store it in a dark, cool place. As the stone cleaves easily and is brittle too, store it within a padded box. This also applies to its jewelry.

The best combination to use with Prehnite

Using several green, yellow, or yellow-green stones such as emerald and peridot with this crystal stone makes them more beneficial.

Prehnite pairs well with stones attuned to the crown chakra, such as clear quartz and amethyst. These gemstones improve spiritual comprehension and fortify logical faculties. When used with the insightful imagination delivered by the prehnite, these stones become more important for a wise leader.

Prehnite will deliver the vision and psychic power but will be moderated by an intellectual vigor so that you do not go off-track or get deep-rooted in your imagination.

You can even use this stone with a grounding stone like garnet and jasper. These stones will bind you to reality and ensure using your intuition for feasible purposes.

It is highly recommended to use prehnite as a chakra stone and combine with stones linked to other chakras. Doing so can help you in handling specific issues. For instance, if you are dissatisfied with the present career but cannot perceive something better, consider using prehnite attuned to the third eye chakra with a stone linked to the solar plexus chakra governing ambitions.

Combine prehnite with crystals having high vibrations such as stellar beam calcite, moldavite, or hackmanite to improve communication with spirits or beings belonging to the higher realms. For connecting with angels, prehnite is often used with angel phantom quartz, pollucite, angelite, or blue hemimorphite.

If you use it with calming stones such as amblygonite and lithium quartz, it will support the prehnite’s ability to induce peace of mind by stopping those thoughts. For releasing fear, consider combining this stone with menalite, witches’ fingers, tiger’s eye, or mariposite.

If you wish to boost your psychic ability, you can use the stone with other stones such as black tourmaline, bustamite, or satyaloka quartz. For boosting the green stone’s ability to kindle precognition or predict the future, consider using it with dream quartz, wollastonite, or Ethiopian opal.

In short, prehnite combines well with a variety of different stones.

Final Words

Prehnite, a semi-precious crystallized mineral, is an attractive stone used for ornamental, collective, decorative, and jewelry purposes. Metaphysically, it is the stone of prophecy and the healer of the healing. You can improve memory, master divination powers, get rid of different phobias and fears, and establish a connection with the spirits of the higher realms.