Prehnite: The Ultimate Guide to Meaning, Properties, Uses


Until a few years ago, prehnite was deemed as a rare stone for collection. However, its novel buildups have made it more affordable as well as accessible. Prehnite is a semi-precious gemstone famous among hobbyists as a cabochon material due to its attractive green to yellow appearance. Interestingly, the Shamanistic followers in South Africa have … Read more

Green Kyanite: The Ultimate Guide to Meaning, Properties, Uses

green kyanite

Alternative and complementary medicine has been around for ages is only starting to pick up more interest in many adults. Yoga, tai chi, and healing crystals are just some examples of these alternative formats. There are numerous types of crystals, each one filled with distinct healing capabilities for the mind, the body, and the soul. … Read more

Green Onyx: The Ultimate Guide to Meaning, Properties, Uses

green onyx

Green onyx belongs to the onyx family. It is the symbol of restfulness and purity. This green soothing stone has the power to relieve all worries, tension, stress, and fears. If you are facing confusion in taking important decisions in your life, Green Onyx is always there to help you in taking clear and thoughtful decisions. It keeps … Read more