Green Aventurine is not necessarily the most popular gemstone in the world. If you like hanging around gemstone bazaars, you might have seen it before. It is not a rare stone, but the deep green color makes it suitable for certain types of jewelry or outfits. On the other hand, if you are into the metaphysical characteristics of gemstones, chances are the green aventurine will definitely draw some of your attention.

Some people refer to green aventurine as the stone of opportunity, which tells you quite a lot about what to expect from it. Given its reputation, it is said to be the luckiest crystal in the world, especially when it comes to prosperity and your financial situation. It will give you a boost, an extra chance, a bit of luck – you name it. What truly matters is its winning energy will not let you down and can always push you from behind when in need.

To get the best benefit of green aventurine, it is usually a good idea to wear it. The green aventurine necklace is the most popular choice.

Now, what else should you know about this magic stone?


The green aventurine is just one of the multiple varieties of this stone – each of them with its own individual meanings and benefits. Its name is quite clear if you trace it back to its origins. It comes from the Latin word aventura, which refers to chance. The name was given based on the possibility to make things happen by chance.

green aventurine sphere

Over the past few centuries, green aventurine was used in jewelry for its clear and deep coloring, but also as sparkling glass. Apart from its stunning appearance, it is also appreciated for its metaphysical properties, which tend to eliminate negativity and help you make things happen – mostly in terms of personal wealth.

The so-called stone of opportunity is often the primary option when it comes to starting a crystal collection. It works with more gemstones and crystals and can enhance the energy of other stones. But if you are just starting a collection, it might be wise to begin with this one, as it will increase the possibility to find other stones in no time.

Even if you are not planning on a big collection, green aventurine is a beautiful stone that will clearly add a bit of color to your outfit, whether you get a necklace or a bracelet. Plus, it is inexpensive and easy to find. Count on the metaphysical properties associated with it and you have just found the perfect crystal to boost your life.

But then, understanding the meaning of this stone involves more than that. Green aventurine may have multiple benefits over a series of aspects related to your lifestyle. A deeper insight will help you make better decisions.


The properties of green aventurine go in two different directions. First, you have the physical properties. The green crystal will shine and draw some positive attention right away as a piece of jewelry. Second, you better consider the metaphysical properties too. The crystal is likely to give you a good dose of good luck if you keep it nearby.

Physical Properties

Green aventurine – as well as other varieties of aventurine – is related to quartz. It is practically a variety of it, only it looks different and fails to bring in that deep nuance of white. Its appearance is given by the bright inclusion of various minerals – especially mica. All these minerals are responsible for the glistening effect. Believe it or not, this effect has a special name given by the stone itself – aventurescence. It is quite obvious and impossible to ignore when the stone is polished.

The name comes from the Latin language and it was common during the 18th century. A worker accidentally lost a few metal filings in a container where the glass was melting. This is how Italian glass came to life. Once the mix cooled, the outcome was spectacular due to the variety of sparkles. From that point on, this mix was constantly used in the jewelry industry. The natural stone was found later on and looked almost identical, hence the name.

Green Aventurine is obviously green. What you do not know is that most varieties are green, but there are a few exceptions too. You may also find aventurine in nuances of brown, red, blue, yellow, orange and even silver. The stone is normally translucent, but this is not a general rule. If one of the minerals in its composition is in heavy amounts, the stone will go opaque.

Different types of minerals provide different colors. But since green dominates, the fushite particles obviously dominate the mix. Shades of orange, brown or red are given by goethite or hematite. On the other hand, pyrite is responsible for the yellow and peach inclusions, while dumortierite brings in blue. You may also find purple effects, but these are quite rare. It is usually lepidolite that causes such shades.

It is important to know that aventurine may be found for sale under other names too – most of them refer to the same name, whether it comes to aventurine quartz, avanturine or adventurine. However, some gemstone traders refer to it as Indian jade.

Given its stunning appearance, it is used for more than just its metaphysical properties. It is common in jewelry, bowls, statues, landscaping stone, monuments and so on.

Metaphysical Properties

Green aventurine will bring good luck, chance and success to your life and challenges, no matter what you are trying to do. But this is not everything.

The crystal is also handy for harmonizing the environment around you and comforting you when in need. It will help you attract passion, love and serious relationships, but it will also protect your heart. It is the luckiest stone in the world, so it should be your primary choice if you want success. It will work from an emotional point of view too. Got any unresolved internal issues? The crystal will give you the clarity you need to overcome them.

If you already have a few stones or crystals in your collection, green aventurine will work wonders with the heart chakra. If you have any water elements, bring them in. The mix will become extremely powerful. Given the lucky profile of this stone, it is often used with green candles. It is also kept around wallets or in cash boxes, only to attract even more money.

When it comes to your emotions, dig deep down inside yourself and you can always find a few unresolved problems. It happens to everyone. If they still affect you today, you probably have to tackle them. This is when the crystal kicks in. Bring it into your environment – your office, your car and every room of your house. The stone of personal growth provides opportunities and helps you rediscover yourself.

From a physical point of view, the energy of green aventurine will promote healthy lungs and will keep your liver and heart in good condition. If you have problems with sinuses whenever it goes cold, keeping the stone nearby will ameliorate the symptoms. Get ready of your negative mindset and issues with it and this includes medical affections too.

Unsurprisingly, some people keep green aventurine nearby or wear it as jewelry for extra creativity, better eyesight, perception and intelligence.

Green Aventurine in Jewelry Uses

Given the composition of quartz and a plethora of other minerals, green aventurine is a relatively unique gemstone. Not only does it help with its metaphysical properties, but it will also enhance your outfit if properly matched.

The crystal can be worn in any type of jewelry. It can be worn for its properties, as well as a fashion accessory. When used in a pendant, opt for a simple unit with a toning chain – ideal for a slender neck. If you have a thick neck, you need larger stones, while a long neck asks for a long bead model.

Green aventurine can be fitted on rings as well. You can get a ring for a special occasion or for everyday wear. It is quite durable and less likely to damage, especially if you look after it. While it would make an attractive engagement ring, it is not valuable enough to make a statement.

When used in earrings, you will find it in all kinds of models – teardrop, chandelier or dangler earrings are extremely popular, but green aventurine hoops are just as attractive. The same goes for bracelets. It can be a simple bracelet or you can stack a few different bracelets.

Its vibrant color makes it excellent for all kinds of metals. It works best with white gold, platinum or silver, yet you can mix it up with yellow or rose gold too, not to mention less expensive metals.

Where Does Green Aventurine Come From?

There is a reason wherefore green aventurine is often referred to as Indian jade, although it is not a variety of jade. Most of it comes from India. Both green and blue aventurine are extracted in certain parts of the country – most commonly around Chennai and Mysore. This is also the main reason wherefore so many pieces of green aventurine jewelry are made in India. There are lots of prolific artisans in these areas working on whatever they can find.

Green aventurine can be found in other parts of the world too, but most of it comes from India.

However, it is worth noting that different types of aventurine come from different parts of the world.

For interested, if you are interested in coming up with a crystal collection and you want more types of aventurine, you should know that gray, orange and creamy crystals are normally extracted from Chile and Spain. Some of it also originates in Russia.

Many crystals are then used for beads, little statues and figurines, but they are also sold as raw crystals for their metaphysical properties. The finest stones will be turned into cabochons.

How Much Is Green Aventurine Worth?

The price of green aventurine depends on multiple factors. Most importantly, it depends on the weight, which is measured in carats. The quality is just as important and can be affected by more considerations – how vibrant the color is, how clear the crystal is and what kind of shape it has.

India is the best place to buy green aventurine. Due to the abundance of the crystal, prices are relatively low – much lower than in the western world, for example. However, when shopping online, international shipping may increase the cost.

To help you get an idea about it, the average price of this crystal in India is just under $2 per carat. Obviously, it can be more or less expensive, but for this price, you will get a qualitative stone with great healing and astrological benefits.

If you do not feel like overwhelming your environment with green aventurine, but you only want a few pieces of jewelry, costs are even more diversified. The price depends on the stone, the carving style and the metal coming with it.

Make sure you get the real thing and not just some poor quality quartz. Furthermore, feldspar stones may also look like green aventurine.

Where to Buy Green Aventurine?

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

How to Identify Green Aventurine?

There are more things out there (more or less natural) that look like green aventurine. If not trained, you better do your homework. The best way to tell if green aventurine is real is by seeing a piece in real life. Visit an accredited shop, grab a piece, look at it in natural light, turn it around and observe every detail – you do not have to buy, but just get an idea about it.

There are more imitations sold out there, especially when you get to some of those gemstone bazaars where everyone tries to sell something and you have to negotiate. Man-made glass is one of the most popular fakes. It is the Italian glass accidentally invented a few hundred years ago. It is also referred to as goldstone.

How can you tell the difference? Put a piece of goldstone and a green aventurine in a poorly lit area and they look identical. The glittering effect is what makes the difference though. Move it slowly in natural light and you will see a stunning array of various colors. All these colors are responsible for the sparkling appearance. On the other hand, man-made goldstone will never be able to produce something like that.

It might be a good idea to turn around and go elsewhere if you find some of the names green aventurines is sold as. For instance, if someone tries to sell you Indian malachite or Indian jade, just move on. These are nothing but fake names. When you deal with a professional gemstone trader, these names mean nothing.

From another point of view, you know you get the authentic stone if you take your business to a reputable shop or company. A place with a good reputation is very likely to sell real stones, rather than inexpensive imitations. A little research upfront will guide you in the right direction.

How to Use Green Aventurine?

Green aventurine is often used in beads and cabochons – earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings and so on. It can be used in bowls, small statues, figurines and decorations. Some people want the beauty of a crystal, while others use it for its energy.

When used in healing, the aventurine is usually placed on the body areas where discomfort troubles you. It can also be used for the heart chakra. While these things are not scientifically proven to work, they have been used for hundreds of years with obvious benefits.

To take advantage of the energies of this crystal, simply wear it as jewelry or get it as small decorative items around your office or home. You might as well get raw unpolished green aventurine and keep it around you.

How to Cleanse Green Aventurine?

You can cleanse green aventurine in a few different ways. Smudging it with sage is the simplest option. Light a sage stick and make sure it keeps smoldering. Keep the crystal in the smoke for about five minutes.

Soaking the stone in saltwater will also work. Let the stone soak for about 12 hours. You can also leave it out in the rain for a bit. Rainwater is even better because of its natural profile. Some people cleanse their green aventurine by burying it in the earth for around 12 hours.

All in all, cleansing a crystal is one thing, while cleaning it is completely different.

If you want to clean a piece of jewelry or a raw crystal, some warm soapy water will do the trick. Use a soft toothbrush if you have a sophisticated piece of jewelry – you want to reach every corner and gap.

Green Aventurine vs. Jade

Since it is referred to as Indian jade, green aventurine can clearly be mistaken for it. The two stones have many things in common – more precisely, their actual appearance. But then, there are more differences between them.

If you somehow buy jade for the price of aventurine, you are quite lucky. While jade has completely different properties and healing capabilities, it is more expensive, so you will get yourself a pretty nice deal.

The differences between them go further than that though. They do not even belong to the same group of stones. Aventurine is a special type of quartz. On the other hand, jade is a mix of two minerals mixed together – jadeite and nephrite.

There are differences in the way they look too. The so-called aventurescence effect can only be achieved by aventurine, regardless of its color. Jade can never have it.

When it comes to sellers trying to cheat on innocent buyers, it is usually the other way around – green aventurine is sold as jade. Therefore, if you are after the healing properties of aventurine, you are less likely to be cheated on.

The Best Combination to Use With Green Aventurine

Green aventurine can be used in a wide plethora of combinations, whether it comes to enhancing its metaphysical properties or boosting your appearance with a stunning piece of jewelry.

The above mentioned benefits of green aventurine can be easily enhanced if you pair it with labradorite. The two crystals will work in good collaboration and ensure more profound final results.

Aventurine also works well with rose quartz, especially when it comes to the effects of your love life. Get a couple of crystals and mix them up, whether you keep them on your desk or as key rings. This is probably the most famous combo to attract true love into your life.

You can combine green aventurine to come up with both good results and a beautiful look. Get a nice pendant or necklace and wear it over the heart chakra. It can also be a pin or a brooch – whatever suits your style.

This kind of energy will have a good flow and can prevent negative emotions and sluggishness.

As for aesthetic combos, green aventurine works best with white metals. You can opt for expensive metals like white gold or platinum, but you can also rely on silver or even stainless steel. It will work well with colorful metals too (such as gold) but also mixed with various stones. At this point, it is only a matter of personal style and preferences. Make sure the piece of jewelry matches your outfit and you are ready to go.

Final Words

As a short final conclusion, green aventurine is sadly overlooked in many markets. It is not the most popular choice in gemstone markets, but then, it depends on where you go. Head to India and you will find it everywhere.

Try to determine the reasons behind your purchase upfront. Are you interested in metaphysical properties? How about the good looks? Knowing what you want will help you choose the right stone in the optimal condition.​