Certainly, quartz inclusions are becoming more popular. These gemstones contain another mineral sheltered inside the strong crystal of quartz. They contain inclusions, which are usually in the form of strands of other material trapped inside quartz when it forms.

The striking colors and patterns made by these inclusions educe visualizations of nature and the galaxy. These resulting looks of stars, sunsets, and gardens defended by time provide a distinct chance for the jewelry makers to showcase nature’s creativity.

One such example of quartz inclusion is rutilated quartz. Inclusions, if found in exquisite stones such as diamonds tend to reduce value. However, those in rutilated quartz make the gemstone more valuable as well as desirable. This gemstone is actually treasured due to its distinct inclusions. Let’s find out more about this beautiful and healing stone.


The term ‘Rutilated’ is derived from ‘Rutilus’, a Latin word that means glowing red. The rutile element made up of titanium oxide inside the quartz is present in the form of hair-like strands or threads known as inclusions that are either red, copper, golden, silver, brown, green, or black. It is present in radiating patterns similar to exploded fireworks.

Rutilated Quartz Cabochons
Natural Golden Rutilated Quartz Cabochons. See it on Etsy

These strands inside the crystal structure make stunning patterns that boost the inner radiance and charm of this unique gemstone. The gemstone is also known as Angel Hair Quartz, Venus Hair Stone, Golden Rutilated Quartz, Rutilquarz, and Sagenitic Quartz. The first two names come from the flowing threads of golden.

Rutile is also present subtly in rose quartz. Its alignment is such that it refracts light to form a six-pointed star, also known as asterism. Thus, it is also called the fairy star or the star stone. This feature is also found in star rubies and star sapphires.

Many varieties of quartz exist, which are made up of clear quartz but have rutile inclusions. Apart from the clear quartz, there is smoky quartz having fine strands of golden rutile within. Rutilated quartz, at times, can be even of citrine. So, generally, this quartz variety is available in diverse colors, different quartz varieties such as clear, citrine, or smoky, and contains different rutile combinations.

This stone is a high-temperature mineral that is formed with high pressure. Usually found in metamorphic rocks known as eclogite, this form of quartz is also present in volcanic rocks such as kimberlites and in igneous rocks.

The igneous varieties typically have smaller rutile strands than those in metamorphic rocks. When found as big rutiles, these stones are known as pegmatites. The main reason for mining this quartz stone is to get titanium.


Physical Properties

Rutilated quartz is a semi-precious stone highly praised for its unique patterns and glistening luster. Thus, it is one of the most sought stones for making statement jewelry.

Rutile (titanium) is extremely strong but significantly light that is resistant to corrosion and does not react when exposed to the human body. Its tensile strength delivers a sense of power and vigor while discarding heavy feelings.

Rutilated Quartz Bracelet
Golden Rutilated Quartz Bracelet. See it on Etsy

With a rating of 7 on the Mohs scale, the gemstone is among the harder ones in the collection of minerals. On the other hand, the rutile is softer with a hardness rating of 6. This gap results in several samples of rutilated quartz with irregular surfaces. This is why samples of smooth and even quartz are highly desirable.

In terms of color, the gemstone is usually colorless due to which it renders the most stunning view of the rutile needles. The brown and black ones are less common. While quartz also exists in different colors, the tone is attributed to the rutile color. For example, quartz stones with golden rutile stands are called golden rutilated quartz.

The growth of rutile strands is the most important physical characteristic of rutile quartz to generate different patterns. The strands can grow in parallel, in a lattice pattern, as a star-like design, or as any other random pattern. A few gemstones have few rutile strands, while some are full of them.

Usually, the more uniform the pattern and growth direction, the higher the quality. A stunningly crystallized six-rayed star pattern is rare due to which it is quite valuable.

The gemstone’s clarity is primarily linked to the level of transparency, which can be from opaque to translucent. A transparent rutilated quartz is more in demand, as it reveals the inclusions more stunningly as well as clearly. A few rutile strands in these crystals are heavier in size and radiate excellent energy.

Metaphysical Properties

Each combination or color has unique metaphysical properties and specific vibrations. However, all rutilated quartz stones have potent energy. If the quartz is smoky, it has a strong calming ability. A citrine formation is known to lift the spirit, while a clear one gives clarity and boosts the properties of any other mineral inside it.

Rutile Quartz Pendant
Large Square Golden Rutile Quartz Pendant set in a 925 Sterling Silver. See it on Etsy

The spiritual inference of rutilated quartz is that of an illuminator that promotes spiritual development. It wards off negative energy and disorders as well as cleanses and empowers the aura. The gemstone is known to defend one from all ill thoughts of others.  

It aids in going until the root of different issues, assists transitions, eases a change of direction, helps when in exhaustion, and promotes forgiveness. The stone is also believed to work as an antidepressant by pacifying moods and relieving anxiety, fears, and phobias.

The crystal healers assert that wearing this natural stone helps one to attain a strong ability to think clearly. They believe that rutilated quartz also helps in improving the power to make decisions. Its metaphysical properties allow its owner or wearer to come out of the confusion related to personal or professional life.

The crystal therapists believe that the stone promotes spirituality and boosts meditation. In the world of chakra healing therapies, the stone is admired for inducing a balancing effect on the different chakras, particularly the Root and the Crown chakras. This is why it is often recommended to those who usually complain about lacking of attention while meditating or performing any other spiritual tasks.

Rutilated quartz is known to absorb mercury poisoning from the intestinal tract, muscles, nerves, and blood. It also helps in healing bronchitis, soothing the respiratory tract, balancing the thyroid, and stimulating cell regeneration and mending torn tissues for decelerating the aging process. The stone is believed to be useful for healing chronic conditions and boosting fertility.

Of all the varieties of rutilated quartz stones, the golden rutilated quartz is known to have highly effective healing properties, which are venerated in the medical field. It is considered an ideal stone for healing disorders related to the skin, thyroid gland, nervous system, and respiratory tract.

The ancient people used to link this stone to Venus, which is the planet of beauty and affection. Thus, rutilated quartz is also believed to bestow a delightful relationship between couples by restoring mutual understanding.

The stone has the energy as well as amplified vibration of quartz along with the rutile’s strong vibration. Irrespective of the quartz or rutile color, this kind of stone is a highly powerful crystal that can be calibrated with your intentions. You can move ahead in the desired direction quite quickly, as it has the power to manifest money.

It is a perfect stone for healing. You can easily come across the healing wands that have this stone believed to be robust for metaphysical healing in the etheric body. Such a wand is a powerful tool for healing the electromagnetic body.

Natural rutile quartz of golden color is usually what the astrologers connect with the Sun. It is alleged that wearing this stone can benefit people whose zodiac sign is governed by Sun.

Where to buy Rutilated Quartz

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Rutilated Quartz in jewelry uses

Several people are attracted to the fine threads of rutile due to their striking appearance. This is one of the reasons why you will find lots of jewelry containing this stone. The stone is usually studded in valuable metal to form beautiful pendants, earrings, bead necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

Rutilated Quartz Ring
Rutilated Quartz Ring. See it on Etsy

Although extremely desirable, this form of quartz is surprisingly an affordable gemstone. This is another reason why it is used in a wide variety of jewelry. Due to the low price, the stone is commonly cut into big pieces, beads, or cabochons, which are then carved into big ornaments. Considering the hardness rating on the Mohs Scale, this gemstone is durable enough to resist wear and tear.

Where does Rutilated Quartz come from

This type of quartz is found in a couple of locations across the globe. The key locations where these stones are found in abundance are Brazil and India’s Madagascar. They are also found in Australia, Norway, the United States, Pakistan, Nepal, and Mexico. However, the Brazilian rutilated quartz is perhaps the most popular one.

How much is Rutilated Quartz worth

With more people looking for an attractive and unique design, it is not surprising why the value of rutilated quartz has risen steeply. Unlike colored stones and diamonds, finding the value of this quartz stone is subjective. Only you can find what you like.

Rutilated Quartz Dangle Drop Earrings
Handmade Golden Rutilated Quartz Dangle Drop Earrings. See it on Etsy

Yet, it is wise to go through the quality factors of this stone prior to buying it. The value of this gemstone depends on four quality factors namely, clarity, color, cut, and carat weight. However, even the quietness of color and pattern affects the value.

A transparent stone having a yellow-golden tone is in high demand for its artistic look and metaphysical properties. Thus, it is more expensive than the other forms of rutilated quartz. Red and black are the next popular color varieties.

In terms of patterns, the gems having red, golden, black, and copper brown strands of rutile that are spread uniformly to form some unique shape or pattern are pricier. Those having a star pattern is perhaps the most expensive one, as such stones are rarely found.

A rutilated quartz stone should have noticeable rutile inclusions. Nevertheless, it can also have some more impurities such as iron pieces, other crystals, and liquid drips. In the case of such quartz formations, instead of inclusion, the level of transparency is a big concern. Those with good transparency are pricier, as they look more stunning as well as lustrous.

The cutting style also affects the gemstone’s quality. A poorly faceted one loses its luster and value, while a skillfully one has more of the two. This affordable gemstone is often designed with deep cuts to boost its charm and luster.

Usually, the faceted stones having highly customized cuts are more valuable than the non-faceted polished equivalents (cabochons). As the oval and round forms are easily available, they are more economical than the fancy ones.

Big rutilated quartz stones in raw form are easily found in the lap of Mother Nature. Thus, the rise in the size or carat weight does not significantly affect the per-carat price of this gemstone.

How to use Rutilated Quartz

There are a couple of ways of using rutilated quartz. The most common ways are ornaments or as small pieces for therapies. Rutilated quartz jewelry is abundant. Similarly, you can easily find some cool rutilated quartz spheres, balls, cabochons, and eggs used chiefly in healing processes and crystal therapies.

If you do not wish to buy or wear jewelry of this crystal, you can invest in a stunning piece of golden rutilated quartz and keep it always with you. Still, wearing jewelry having this powerful stone is an easy way to harness its energy within your auric field for the longest period.

A pair of earrings having rutilated quartz is recommended in case you find it difficult to clarify your thoughts. If you do not want to do so, consider having the stone in your hairpin or hairband when you often get confused. In short, it should be as near to your head.

If there is some problem you need to solve, consider putting the stone in an area associated with the problem. For example, if you are struggling to complete a stressful project at work, just put the stone on your work desk.

If you feel stuck with a specific issue, just put the stone under your pillow and then sleep. You are likely to wake up with an effective solution. You will also have a sound sleep.

How to cleanse Rutilated Quartz

Caring for rutilated quartz is similar to caring for ordinary quartz. As this gemstone is neither too soft nor too hard, it is essential to take care of it. You can easily clean it using a warm, damp cloth. It is also safe to clean it using alcohol, a stone cleaner, or some soapy water.

It is recommended to store the rutilated quartz jewelry in a padded case and cover it using a soft cloth to keep scratches at bay. Never use a jewelry cleaning solution to clean this jewelry. Even automatic jewelry cleansers such as sonic cleaners should not be used. You should also avoid using steam cleaners with rutilated quartz.

Rutilated Quartz vs. Tourmalinated Quartz

Both stones are forms of clear or semi-clear quartz with strands or inclusions inside. They look equally beautiful but there is a significant difference between the two. Rutilated quartz and tourmalinated quartz differ from each other in terms of crystalline inclusion.

Rutile is a titanium ore with a golden or reddish appearance. On the other hand, tourmaline is a boron silicate having a blackish appearance. Thus, tourmalinated quartz will have black inclusions.

However, even rutile can be black due to which both the types of stones will have the same color. However, they will differ in terms of the chemical composition of the strands.

Many people get confused due to this similarity in appearance. However, an authentic gemologist can help you identify the one which you want.

The best combination to use with Rutilated Quartz

It is beneficial to combine the powerful energy of rutilated quartz with any other crystal stone of high energy or high vibration. You can combine this stone of materialization with other golden gemstones such as citrine, chalcopyrite, brazilianite, and golden yellow labradorite for getting help with manifesting money.

For personal or spiritual transformation, you can use it with a crystal of high vibration called moldavite. For quickly associating yourself with the higher realms, you can combine rutilated quartz with pietersite, merkabite calcite, or phenacite.

If your goal is past life healing, golden rutilated quartz with dioptase and covellite perhaps forms an ideal combination. If you are unfamiliar, dioptase promotes forgiveness.

You can prevent a potential health disorder by using this quartz with natural crystals known for promoting spiritual grounding or deep meditation. These crystals could be black obsidian, black tourmaline, and apache tears.

For taking an action that you are unsure of, consider pairing it with fire agate or red jasper. Using this quartz stone with moonstone is likely to promote empathy and comprehension.

Final Words

Rutilated quartz is a stunning gemstone with unique rutile patterns. This makes it visually appealing which is ideal for making jewelry. The stone is known to be the spiritual illuminator, versatile healer of past events, angel and spirit connector, powerful manifester, relationship booster.