Whether it comes to its luster, appearance or meaning, Angelite is often associated with wind. The wind is powerful, but also protective and can underline love. It is often put in the category of gemstones, sold all around the world and can be used for multiple purposes.

Its soft appearance makes it excellent for jewelry too, yet it also has meaningful properties as a crystal. It stands out in the crowd because it can be easily converted into gypsum. Expose it to water and it becomes history – in other words, maintenance is critical.

What else should you know about Angelite?


Wearing Angelite will most likely bring in a calming experience. You will feel peaceful and calm – you can also connect to the spiritual guide in a more efficient manner. You will learn how to overcome limitations and blockages caused by self-induced fears and misconceptions. Furthermore, you can sharpen your skills in telepathy if you are the spiritual type.

The calmness of Angelite will obviously boost forgiveness too – what is the point of poisoning yourself? Discover the purpose of your life and explore harmony in a wise manner. You have a soft nuance of blue that will comfort you and promote deep peace. The healing energy is incredibly powerful and can help on multiple levels.

Some people carry Angelite for tranquility. Some others want to connect to their spiritual realm, not to mention people who want to overcome grief, loss, emotional discomfort or guilt. You can wear it in jewelry or you can have a pure crystal by your bed to sleep better. In terms of clearing bad energies, you can rub it over your body just like you rub a bar of soap.

You are right to believe there is a reason wherefore you are attracted to Angelite. Its name is self-explanatory – your angels would like to have better communication with you. They want to tell you that you will never be alone – ask for help and you will get it. The bottom line, Angelite has multiple meanings, but they all relate to peace, love and compassion.


Angelite has numerous properties that can draw some positive attention. When it comes to its appearance, its faded style makes it suitable for a plethora of pieces of jewelry – you name it and you will find it there.

On the other hand, this stone has spiritual properties as well. It will boost your calmness and relaxation, but it will also help you focus on yourself, rather than on irrelevant things that only poison you. It is a stone that builds a connection with your angels, hence its name and popularity.

Physical Properties

Angelite may also be sold under other similar names. For example, some refer to it as anhydrite – in fact, it is a variety of anhydrite. While shopping around bazaars or niche markets, you may also find it for sale as the angel stone.

The blue features a glacier blue appearance, yet you may find a few other variations too. For example, it could be lilac blue, meaning it has a slight nuance of purple throughout its surface. Small details can be even more diversified.

The stone is soft and features a white central part – you may not always be able to spot it. Then, a deeper investigation shows numerous flecks in all kinds of colors. Some of them are super white, while others are rusty or brown.

Compared to other similar stones, Angelite is relatively new. It does not have a rich history or connections to ancient civilizations. Officially, it was initially discovered in 1987, in Peru. Its scientific name means there is no water. After all, it is gypsum with no hydration at all.

From a physical point of view, Angelite is based on calcium sulfate. It is formed over gypsum stones exposed to water, which will then evaporate. This is how the crystals come up to life. The stone is based on celestite – and often missold as celestite – that has been compressed over millions of years.

In terms of physical properties, it is worth noting that the official color of Angelite is pale blue. It has a 3.5 Mohs hardness, so most people would say it is soft. It also has a refractive index between 1.597 and 1.614.

Now, what do you need to know about the metaphysical properties of this stone?

Metaphysical Properties

Angelite has a bunch of metaphysical properties. While often used in jewelry for its beautiful pale and neutral appearance, it is just as common for those who love the power of crystals and spirituality. So, what can it do for you?

Emotional benefits are some of the main properties of Angelite. It has soothing and calming capabilities and it is great for those who suffer from stress, depression and anxiety. If you experience panic attacks and you feel depressed at times, this stone can make your life easier. It boosts a peaceful approach to life and compassion – it is just as handy against bad dreams and restless sleep.

The mental benefits are just as attractive. If you are not the type to communicate freely with others, tension is most likely your biggest enemy. The stone will ease communication and help you express your opinion and thoughts while still being considerate about others’ points of view. It will also ensure you are honest to yourself and those around you – learn how to accept life as it is.

As if all these were not enough, Angelite can also improve focus and concentration.

Spiritual benefits are incredibly useful too. Angelite has a self-explanatory name. Often referred to as the angel stone too, it boosts communication with angels, spiritual guides and masters. Since it has benefits over telepathy too, it can provide closure by improving the communication with the loved ones who passed away.

Moreover, Angelite will improve your intuition, visualization work and spiritual protection.

In terms of physical benefits, the beautiful appearance of this stone and its uses in jewelry are not the only advantages. It is related to the throat chakra, so it can help heal medical conditions related to it. It will allow you to remember and analyze dreams in a more efficient manner while keeping nightmares away. Those suffering from osteoporosis or water retention will benefit from the stone as well.

Bottom line, Angelite has numerous properties that anyone can benefit from. You can wear it in jewelry, grab a pure crystal and keep it by your bed or carry it with you. Whether you are after peace, calmness, focus or anxiety relief, Angelite will ease your problems and help you overcome them in a more efficient manner.

Where to buy Angelite

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Angelite in jewelry uses

Angelite is soft and delicate. It is easy to break and destroy, so be careful when you use it in jewelry. In fact, it has a few restrictions and should be used for jewelry that is well looked after. Buy something that will not endanger the stone. For example, given its softness and exposure, an engagement ring is less likely to be enriched with this stone.

Angelite is quite sensitive to water, meaning it should not be exposed to it. This is why you are less likely to find it in rings. It is not too common in bracelets either, yet you may find a few options out there. Believe it or not, even earrings, brooches or necklaces can endanger the stone if you are caught in the rain or it is exposed to moisture.

If you truly like the stone and want to wear it, most specialists recommend going for necklaces of brooches. If you have a necklace and rain kicks in, you can always tuck the stone under the shirt. If you end up with a brooch and it starts raining, simply take it off and hide it inside a pocket to keep it safe and prevent damage.

Whether you have to store Angelite jewelry or you keep the crystal around your home for its metaphysical properties, it is highly recommended to store it in a safe place. It is soft and can be broken without too much effort. Other than that, its metaphysical properties are more intense if it is kept in a room where you normally have peace and quietness, such as your bedroom.

Apart from jewelry, Angelite is also used for decorative items. Local artisans in Peru tend to carve it into all kinds of designs and objects – from animals to warriors. The stone is scientifically referred to as an evaporite mineral. It is found in basins where ocean water used to be years ago. The gemstone has multiple components, including calcite, halite, gypsum and limestone. See a selection of Angelite carvings on Etsy.

It is worth noting that Angelite has a relatively neutral appearance and will work wonders when mixed with other stones or gemstones. From a fashion point of view, it will work better with pastel or light colors. It can be used with more precious metals with no issues at all. Making the right combo is a matter of personal taste.

Where does Angelite come from

Angelite is not new at all. It is not a newly formed stone or mineral. While around for millions of years, it had been officially discovered in 1987. Since it is soft and not very precious, it is not as popular as other alternatives. All in all, the stone was discovered in Peru. Therefore, most of the figurines, decorative items and stones used in jewelry come from Peru – as well as pure crystals used for metaphysical features.

Over the past years, the blue anhydrite gypsum has also been found in other parts of the world. For example, big deposits have been discovered in the United Kingdom and Germany as well. Poland is also known for extracting Angelite and using it for decorative purposes. As for other parts of the world, Libya and Egypt tend to dominate the eastern market.

Since it was discovered in Peru, you might expect Angelite to be everywhere around South America. Other countries have not shown great interest in it, so there are no research operations in the area. However, Mexico has a few big deposits as well.

How much is Angelite worth

Angelite is not considered precious. In fact, it is soft and easy to scratch, so it is most commonly used for cheap things, rather than fancy pieces of jewelry – with a fair share of exceptions too. You can find small crystals – polished or raw – for as little as $1. Some larger stones can cost up to $10 and even more, based on the side – they are usually polished, shiny and good looking. They make good decorations too.

When found in jewelry, the price will mostly depend on what it is fitted to.

How to cleanse Angelite

There are more ways to cleanse Angelite and each of them has a specific level of efficiency. Running water can neutralize negative energies, but it is harmful to Angelite – it will fully destroy it, so avoid moisture of any kind.

Instead, you can bury the crystal in soil – make sure it is relatively large or simply cover it in a plastic bag first. The sand on a beach is ideal. Brown rice is another good choice, not to mention sea salt. Again, the environment must be dry.

Cleansing also involves recharging your crystals and there are four ways to do it. You can place the Angelite on a crystal cluster or a charging crystal – such as a Carnelian bowl or a Selenite stone. Feel free to place the crystal under sunlight too for healing energies, yet moonlight is just as efficient – leave the crystal in direct moonlight for a whole night.

Angelite vs. Celestite

Angelite and celestite are believed to be the exact same thing – while they are extremely similar, there are a few differences. Celestite tends to be softer than Angelite, but it also has a less diversified streak. The Angelite streak ranges between white and gray, while celestite mostly has a white streak.

The chemical composition varies too – celestite is SrSO4, while Angelite is CaSO4.

For the untrained eye, differences are insignificant. Both stones are relatively soft and streaks may seem identical, with slight differences at times. This is the main reason wherefore you might find one of them sold as the other and vice versa.

In terms of value, there are not too many differences either.

The best combination to use with Angelite

Angelite has a vulnerability – it makes the mind vulnerable to psychic discomfort. From this point of view, it is great when mixed with stones that work against negativity. The best options involve quartz, hematite, shungite or serpentine stones. Any type of protective stone will help when mixed with Angelite, as it can help against negativity.

On another note, you should know most people are unable to handle psychic attacks, so you are less likely to be exposed anyway. Hundreds of years ago, this was a common practice among curse casters – no longer an issue these days. It is still worth having some protection against accidental harm. You can get exposed by spending time in negative environments – isolation, miserable workplaces and so on.

Angelite has holistic properties and can be seriously boosted with the right combo. You can use it with Amazonite crystals and fluorite. Sure, the crystal will be helpful when used by itself too, but boosting its power is even better.

Since it is related to the crown chakra, it is also a common chakra stone and will work with stones with similar chakra properties. If you have a bunch of chakra stones together, Angelite will make an excellent addition.

Final Words

As a short final conclusion, Angelite is a beautiful stone with great capabilities. It is not really the type of stone that everyone will need or find a use for though. If you are mostly after a soft and good looking piece of jewelry, it makes a beautiful choice.

If you are not the metaphysical or spiritual type, it may not be a good idea to invest in Angelite. The same rule applies if you are just starting to understand crystals. It is not your best first choice, unless you walk through a market, see an Angelite and it calls out to you – go for it then.

Those with metaphysical interests will find Angelite a solid option, especially since it promotes calmness and it fights anxiety. The crystal can also connect to divinity in a unique way – most stones will not be able to reach the same high level of efficiency.

All in all, the metaphysical properties are likely to have deep positive effects over your life, while the physical properties will work wonders with more types of jewelry.