Green calcite belongs to an assorted family of calcite known as a robust amplifier of energies. It is recognized as the best cleanser of stocked negative energies in the surrounding environment or the human body, affecting all levels ranging from physical to spiritual. Thus, it is a highly purifying stone. However, it is also the stone of the mind, as it helps in coming out from anxiety and stress.

Green calcite is a soft mineral that is ideal for carvings, which are then used for healing and spiritual purposes. Let’s find out more about this gemstone. 


Green calcite has been recently discovered by the metaphysical group due to which you are less likely to find it in any early texts related to gemstones and their powers. The word ‘calcite’ is derived from chalix a Greek term and calcit, a Latin word. Both these words mean lime. 

Green Calcite Rough Stones
Green Calcite Rough Stones. See it on Etsy

Most calcite is present in limestone and marble formations. That said; the gemstone has been utilized in the formation of a foundation for a variety of architectural structures, making of gun sights, and making of polarizing microscopes. The mineral takes several forms and is found in several geological environments. 


Physical Properties

Green calcite belongs to the family of calcium carbonate minerals and forms from calcium solutions via the process of sedimentation. Its color comes from chlorite that gets ensnared during crystallization. Usually, chlorite gets mixed well due to which it does not predominate as in quartz. 

Green Calcite Towers
Green Calcite Towers. See it on Etsy

Green calcite forms in different places such as caves, seashells, corals, hot springs, and caves. It is also possible for it to dissolve and reform. It is the main ingredient found in invertebrate shells and coral formations seen in natural and man-made structures, including stalactites and stalagmites. 

Being a ubiquitous stone as it can form in different conditions, one can find it across the globe and in various forms. The formations encompass a myriad of crystal shapes including hexagonal prisms, rhombohedrons, pinacoids, and scalenohedrons. However, they are typically trigonal or pseudo-hexagonal. 

Of these, two chief formations are massive form and rhombohedron. The latter is a six-sided prism and has parallelogram sides. Although this shape is less common in green stones, a significant number of pieces reflect it. 

The massive form means no specific shape as a part of the structure. Such a form is ideal for carving spheres and making jewelry. 

The stone features a trigonal crystal system. It is typically light or pale green, which gives it a soothing and attractive look. However, a few specimens seem to be identical to green fluorite. It is also available in various shades of green, ranging right from the deep bottle to opaque light green, with some varieties having yellow or blue stripes.

The gemstone is semi-transparent or opaque, looks soothing, and is likely to appear as eroded sea glass. The surface is usually glossy, slippery, and highly reflective. Green calcite has a hardness rating of 3. The cleavage is perfect in three directions.

Metaphysical Properties

Green calcite is a psychological healer, as it has the power to soften stiff beliefs and restore mental balance. It is known to form energy of abundance for converting your goals into accomplishments. It is a crystal of prosperity, good fortune, and abundance. Thus, you can use it for generating wealth with strong intent. The stone is known to render positive vibes and remove negative energies.

green calcite pendant
This beautiful green calcite pendant has a silver plated bail and comes on a sterling silver chain. See it on Etsy

Green calcite is also used for facing ambiguity or uncertainty. It promotes self-acceptance and upholds excellence within. This crystal of strength enables you to pull the inner strength, provided you activate its energies fully. 

As green crystals are usually linked to pathway changes, green calcite can be your ideal companion if you often feel off-track in terms of the purpose of your life. It also helps in realigning the body, mind, and spirit when you feel out of control. You will feel easy while struggling. 

Apart from recognizing and restricting negative beliefs, the stone’s energetic properties can even convert them into positive ones. This is why several crystal healers and Reiki healers use it. The stone can even cleanse a living space by recycling festered energies that are now futile.

Green calcite inspires us to be more selfless instead of focusing only on our benefit. It aids in calming an anxious, depressed, or stressful mind, especially when these negative emotions are about to disrupt us. The stone aids in viewing the big picture instead of focusing on petty details. 

It aids in alleviating stress and fear by perceiving things from a stance featuring self-compassion and care. This prevents us to be too harsh and judgmental as well as aids us in viewing or focusing on solutions instead of inviting a state of self-hatred.

For students, the stone is known to perceive the importance of studying a subject that seems to be uninteresting. For instance, it can aid a student interested in science in appreciating the art subject. 

Emotionally, green calcite strengthens and relaxes the heart to make you feel empowered. It holds approachable energy due to which you are likely to feel friendly when with strangers. You can make new friends with strong kinship. 

The stone is believed to change our energy to feel less annoyed while facing trivial inconveniences and perceive humor or optimism in worrisome situations. It is known to relieve old resentments, hatred, and emotional pain. Keeping the stone with you gives you the energy to forgive others without compromising healthy emotional limits. 

With this gemstone, you can realize why mistakes were made, recognize them as wrong, and make the required changes. The stone teaches that it is never late to learn something. It quietly reminds us that there is no need for perfection but a wise one always looks for opportunities in trouble.

Metaphysical healers use this stone chiefly to release hidden or stocked emotions resulting in poor physical health. They use it to treat bacterial as well as viral infections along with the disorders related to the circulatory system as well as the heart. The stone is considered to be specifically good at preventing or removing blood clots in the arteries. It can even relieve the symptoms of arthritis and inflamed muscles. 

The stone is known to heal many disorders or medical conditions such as adrenal fatigue, heartburn, inflammation, neurosis, and tumors. It can heal bladder issues, bone problems, kidney disorders, lung disorders, and nervousness issues. 

Where to buy Green Calcite

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Green Calcite in jewelry uses

Green calcite is quite soft which is one of the brittle gemstones available. Thus, it is hardly endorsed for most jewelry applications. Rather, green calcite is more suitable for ornamental designs and gemstone carvings. 

green calcite ring
This raw green calcite ring is unique and one of a kind. See it on Etsy

Nevertheless, the stone is considered reliable for lasting long when it comes to making some jewelry pieces namely, pendants, necklaces, earrings, and brooches. This is perhaps because its hardness is identical to that of chrysocolla and amber.

Green calcite is vulnerable to the wear and tear of daily use. Thus, it is not used in daily wear jewelry such as rings and bracelets but only in occasionally used designs. 

Where does Green Calcite come from

Calcite is found almost in any nation. However, green calcite is relatively rare and is found in small or large deposits. Huge deposits of green calcite are present in Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Arizona, Africa, India, China, and Australia. Instead of crystals, green calcite occurs in the colossal form whose abundant supply comes from Mexico. Canada and Australia have emerald green deposits. 

How much is Green Calcite worth

Calcite is common and copious across the planet but green calcite is not. Although found all over the world, green calcite is rare in terms of its few forms. For example, its rhombohedron form is rare. Other forms are widely available, and thus, have little intrinsic value. 

The gemstone is among the toughest minerals to be cut due to its perfect cleavage in three directions. Thus, the price of a faceted stone is chiefly proportional to the cutting effort. Typically, a faceted stone splits while cutting. Even if finished well, the gemstone is quite smaller than the initially desired size. This means that a cut green calcite of more than 50 carats is very rare. If found, it is truly costly.

However, most specimens of green calcites are affordable. It is advisable not to buy a colored gemstone by its carat weight but by size. A colored stone differs in terms of size-to-weight ratio. A few of them are larger while the rest are smaller than a diamond in terms of weight. Cut faceted stones are likely to come from several localities.

How to use Green Calcite

The best application of green calcite, just like any other gemstone, is to hold it or place it upon the body. When laid upon the heart or chest area, it delivers vitality along with a sense of increased security. 

For attracting abundance and more money, it is recommended to surround a piece of this crystal with five green candles lit every morning for consecutive seven days. Alternately, you can keep the stone in your purse or wallet, inside a cash register, in a jar of coins, and in a working or business area to boost the energies of abundance and prosperity. 

Placing large green calcite in an area of the home is likely to bring wealth. Keeping it on a work desk alleviates negative overthinking. 

You can even carry a piece of this stone in your purse or pocket to retain its energies in proximity to your aura or vibrational field. For deep relaxation or serene dreams, consider placing the stone under your pillow or on the nightstand. 

If you put the stone in your living room, bedroom, or home office area, it will absorb all the anxieties and stressful feelings. Green calcite is a great gemstone to place in the room of your kids. Doing so will accelerate growth and development at emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual levels.

Interestingly, you can even use the stone for the growth of your plants in your garden. The healing properties of this stone will make your plants strong and spectacular. In the case of crops, it contributes to a better yield. This is not surprising, as the stone has a deep connection with nature. After all, it is formed in the soil over a period of many years. 

How to cleanse Green Calcite

Maintaining a clean and charged green calcite is an ideal way to get the most out of its optimistic energies. Although apparently with endless energy, just as any other crystal, it has maximum impact if washed on occasion. It can instantly take away all negative vibes. 

Before you start cleaning, remove all jewelry from your body. For cleansing, some warm water is enough. There is no need for any special solutions. Once washed by soaking, use a soft cloth and the stone will be restored to its immaculate performance. You can even clean the gemstone by using a mild soap and a soft, dry cloth. Ensure to rinse it well to take off all soapy residue. 

For charging, consider burying the stone in the soil and taking them out every full moon. To cleanse it, consider soaking it in a mix of water, apple cider vinegar, and salt, and then put it under a moonlit sky. The light of the moon will charge it! 

When it comes to cleaning, calcite gemstones need gentle handling as well as great care. You can easily end up scratching green calcite due to its high brittleness. Further, just as most carbonates, it is susceptible to acid. Thus, do not use bleach or other harsh cleaning agents. Even ultrasonic cleaners or steamers should be avoided while maintaining green calcite.

When it comes to storing green calcite, place it away from other gemstones. Otherwise, you will end up seeing scratches. It is ideal to wrap it in a soft cloth and put it in a fabric-lined box of jewelry.

Green Calcite vs. Green Fluorite

To a new eye, green calcite can be easily mistaken to be green fluorite. This is because both are green in color. However, both tend to differ in terms of shape and behavior. For instance, green fluorite is a semiprecious mineral, while green calcite is a common mineral.

Green Fluorite Specimens
Cubic Green Fluorite Specimens. See it on Etsy

Green fluorite forms symmetrically; whereas, green calcite develops asymmetrically. Fluorite has an isometric formation, meaning the crystals develop symmetrical cubes. Thus, they are found in symmetric chunks although the corners have undergone natural wear. On the other hand, calcite develops as a trigonal hexagonal crystal system due to which many of its specimens look like a double-ended pyramid.

Green fluorite has ideal cubic cleavage, while green calcite has ideal rhombic cleavage. The latter is found in hundreds of morphological forms but fluorite is found in cubes, dodecahedrons, and octahedrons. 

In terms of hardness, green fluorite is harder than green calcite with a rating of four. Unlike the shiny finish of fluorite, green calcite has a misty lustrous look. 

Both mineral stones will shine under a few light conditions. However, fluorite has the property of phosphorescence, meaning emitting light without ignition or perceptible heat. On the other hand, green calcite has the double refraction property. Green fluorite will not react to diluted acids, while green calcite will. 

The best combination to use with Green Calcite

The best combination of stones to be used with green calcite depends on what you want or your purpose. If the purpose is to improve memory, consider using it with other crystals known as memory boosters. Some of these stones are azurite, rosasite, thenardite, and hematite. You can use it with any of these stones for improved concentration and focus. 

If you need help forgiving others, you are likely to benefit by using green calcite with other forgiveness stimulators such as Cobaltian calcite, vivianite, ajoite. Combining with any of these stones will help you sense a high level of compassion for those with whom you have negative feelings.

Have you been facing insults recently? Do you find it tough to manage anger? This is where green calcite will help to manage your feelings to make you perceive optimistically. To handle these issues, consider using the gemstone with other anti-resentment stones such as obsidian, black jade, or Angelite

For staying motivated as well as productive, it is recommended to use green calcite with diopside. If used with blue apatite, the combination can purify or cleanse your body to keep different infections at bay. Using the gemstone with a crystal wand can fortify the immune system and alleviate skin or intestinal disorders. 

Wish to gain the prudence or far-sightedness to foresee your financial needs? Try using the gemstone with the October birthstone.

Final Words

Green calcite is a gemstone with the properties of restoring physical, psychological, and emotional health to normal. It is known to convert dreams into realities and actualize intangible items including energy. It is a stone of balance and abundance. While not used in making daily-wear jewelry, green calcite is used in pendants, necklaces, and brooches to be used occasionally.