The blue opal is a delicate gem of great beauty and ornamental value. Its mystical brightness gives it an air of elegance that is hypnotizing for those who approach this stone. The blue opal is a mineral with a composition similar to that of quartz, but with water molecules inside. The Greeks believed that it came from the tears of Zeus’ luck after his victory against the Titans.

Today we have the opportunity to learn about blue opals, a precious stone that has stolen the heart and the admiration of many people. Do not miss this opportunity and enter the great world of gems and accessories made with blue opal.


The blue opal has a connection with the star Aludra which is located in the last degree of the zodiac sign of Cancer. It is considered a gem with very appreciable and beneficial properties. Especially recommended for those born in the Sun in the last degrees of Pisces or Scorpio.

blue opal rough stone
Our blue opal rough stone

Without a doubt, one of the many benefits that opal stone can offer us is the question of love. Attract love and improve relationships. Because of its strong power, it has the ability to make us feel at peace due to its vibration. The mineral acts both in the wake of emotions, intuition, and problem-solving. You can count on this crystal to find the best within yourself while guiding you through the purification of energy.

The blue opal can become your bedside stone. This gem radiates soft and calm energy that will help eliminate tension from your body and clarify your thoughts. It is also said that this stone promotes the ability to communicate with others. It is, therefore, a highly recommended gem for shy and introspective people to wear.

Like all blue stones, blue opal has a cooling and sedative effect. It is used in the energy field to stimulate the balance of the mind and to harmonize both hemispheres of the brain. As an ornamental gem, although it is relatively common, it is used to create jewelry of varied value, the price of which depends on the quality of the piece. In general, it is sold carved round or elongated.

The blue opal is a stone that is valued for its ability to help with astral travel. In this sense, it is believed that you can protect the spirit by creating a connection that maintains body and spirit in permanent bonding.

The blue opal behaves as a harmonizer between the two cerebral hemispheres, influenced by way of bridging energy between the perceptions of the abstract mind (Music, art, spirituality) and the concrete mind (Ideas, thoughts, memories) the result of its influence It is perceived as a broadening of ideas and an extension of mental horizons.

It is highly recommended for people short of sights and closed ideas because this gem stimulates logic and expands consciousness. The influence of this opal induces superior mental experiences and creates an interesting curiosity about the high or the foreign, encourages travel, language learning and dealing with foreigners. On the other hand, it facilitates profits or increases economic benefits.

The Opal is an ancient stone that has many meanings and more and more time is added. If you want to use a stone as beautiful as this, you have to know that it is not only to use it but also to carry its powers and its deep meaning.


Physical Properties

Its blue coloration comes from the small inclusions of copper in its composition. These inclusions can be of different sizes and allow the gem to have variations in its hue.

Its formula is SiO2nH2O which indicates that it is hydrated silicon oxide. Its name comes from the Sanskrit term “upala”, which means “Precious Stone”, subsequently transformed into the Greek term “opallios” translated as “Color Change” and from the Latin opalus which means, the stone of several elements.

The blue opal is one of the most beautiful gems for its surprising iridescence of colors, it is a noble gem with the same morphological and iridescent characteristics as the white opal; the difference is in the dominant color, which in this case is intensely bluish with whitish, greenish and yellowish flashes.

Blue opal has many of the physical and optical properties common to all opals. Like the other opal varieties, it has a relatively low hardness and very low toughness, making it a stone prone to breakage. This fragility, in the case of blue opal, is increased since it has high water content and tends to become dehydrated easily unless they are exposed to high temperatures. The heat can cause these gems to lose color intensity and even cause fractures.

Metaphysical Healing Properties

It helps treat bite wounds and stings of poisonous animals. It works a lot for people who are always camping and are exposed to these types of animals that can harm them.

On the other hand, the energy properties of the Blue Opal are another story. This stone has the ability to develop psychic abilities which are very good to begin to align the chakras that everyone has.

It promotes meditation and superior sensory experiences by opening the mind and expanding perception so that strength is stimulated to stand firm in difficult times. This stone is a very good companion during Healing Day that you decide to have. It really guarantees you a unique mood that will make you feel your best.

The healing properties may vary depending on where you are and your mood. Therefore, when you decide to use a Blue Opal, think carefully about the purpose of carrying this stone with you, but you can have an effect that is totally contrary to what you want.

blue opal rough stone
Our blue opal rough stone

Where to Buy Blue Opal?

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Blue Opal In Jewelry Uses

The blue opal is a precious stone that can be used as part of a high range of accessories. In fact, there are people who always load it as part of their outfit because it gives them that mystical but beautiful and current touch.

Blue Opal has the power to make any garment you see look modern. That is why it is common to see this rock in earrings and bracelets. The earrings are mostly popular among women since the brightness of this stone is beautiful and makes each look elegant and, above all, enigmatic.

The blue opal bracelets are usually very large and everyone loves them. In fact, they are very popular among girls and teenage girls since they are very pretty. Necklaces with blue opal also tend to be the main choice among ladies.

There is a tendency that consists of using headbands and place a blue opal as a central stone.

Where Does Blue Opal Come From?

Opal can be found in nature in the form of veins or reefs. The main opal deposits are located in: Australia, in Mexico the variety of fire opal is produced, in addition to other colors, there is a variety called Geiserite which can be located in Yellowstone Park geysers. Also in Venezuela, there are small deposits near the Lake of Valencia. The black and white opal variety can be found in Honduras-located deposits. In Peru, important deposits of bluish and pink opal were discovered.

The Peruvian opal is a sedimentary rock formed at low temperatures from an igneous rock with high silica content. It is composed of oxygen, silicon, and hydrogen. Although its exact chemical composition is usually quite random and variations with other chemical elements are frequent.

The Peruvian blue opal is also the national stone of Peru and a clear example of the beauty that common opals can also reach. In fact, some of the most beautiful common opals in the world are produced in Peru. Not in vain the beauty of the Peruvian pink opal also enjoys the recognition of all the experts in the world of gems.

Peruvian opals are usually found only in the Andes Mountains of Peru. In fact, these precious stones are considered a gift from Pachamama, the first Inca goddess of fertility and Mother Earth.

How Much Is Blue Opal Worth?

The most important point to note is that it is almost impossible to determine the value of an opal just by looking at the photos.

This means that you should look for a distributor that is willing to return the money or be well-informed enough to ask the distributor for the necessary information and make your own rating.

The first point to consider is the type of opal. Natural Opal is the one that has not been modified in any way. It is extracted, cut, and polished. On the other hand, the Opal Treaty is one that has undergone a process to improve its characteristics. Typically, this is to improve either its color or fill a crack.

When stones are sold, they should generally have described whether they are solid or laminated. Solid is cut from raw stones and the stone is formed and polished from the original rock. The laminates are made of an opal layer and layers of some other material.

A doublet has an opal layer on top of a layer of another stone at the base, ironstone or black jade. This is done in cases where the stone is too thin to cut into a solid or the colors are best shown with a dark background. Doublets can be very attractive and they have sold me many of them. They are worth much less than solid stone.

A triplet is a sandwich-type stone, a thin slice of opal between the support (as in the doublet), and a quartz top. This process uses much less opal and the enlargement of the quartz lid can provide a brighter appearance. A triplet is more worthless (usually) than a double.

In general, a double is worth between one-tenth to one-twentieth of the value of solid opal. The pricing of triplets is based on standard tables of commercial qualities and sizes. Some handmade triplets may be worth much more than those manufactured in factories.

A blue opal, which has a crack, is considered useless from a commercial point of view since the crack will mean that the stone is unstable for use in jewelry. The crack will probably extend through the stone and fracture the stone over time and use.

How to Identify Blue Opal?

The blue opal is a usually translucent stone, of a clear celestial color, like the sky that tears the mountain peaks where it appears. Depending on how the lapidary decides to cut the stone, it can achieve a uniform light blue gem or an attractive blue gradient.

Of singular beauty are also dendritic blue opals, with black inclusions that resemble fern leaves.

Opalite is one of those cheaper imitations of opal. Using the technique of photography you can tell if an opal is false since the bright light or an intense flash the natural opals will become translucent, while the false ones will remain dark and opaque.

How to Use Blue Opal?

For those who are short-sighted or have a closed mentality, it is advisable to keep a blue opal amulet close, especially in advanced meditation sessions or when it is necessary to broaden the perspective.

The blue pieces are also highly valued as collection minerals, so it is common to find small specimens framed in closed boxes, well-labeled with the details of the origin and composition of the stone. These pieces are usually not very expensive and some collectors have several different sizes.

How to Cleanse Blue Opal?

The opal mineraloid is very delicate, so care must be taken not to subject it to excessive heat or substances that could damage it. For its energetic cleaning, it is enough to run some clean water on its surface, asking the waiter to take everything negative that the gem can contain.

How do opal substances affect an opal? If you mean to take it under the car when you change the oil or pack the wheel bearings, … the oil does not penetrate the stone or damage it in any way, … but dirt and the possibility of scratching would be the biggest problem. However, the fatty part and face creams will not harm the stone, except that they can accumulate around a ring and look ugly.

What do I do if my stone loses its shine or scratches? Now, that’s why we suggest that you buy from people who cut the stone. If your stone is damaged, in most cases, it can be re-polished very cheaply.

For its activation, the clean stone should be kept as close as possible to the body, preferably in contact with the skin, so that it can be charged with our energy and recognize us. It is not necessary to save it after activating it, but you should try to use it alone and not in combination with other stones unless they are quartz.

Opal is a stone that will require care that does not fragment its surface. Its cleaning is done only with water and sometimes salt but not enough so that the stability of the stone is compromised. Then you should activate it by taking it in your hands and reciting some mantra that serves to re-channel the energies of the stone.

Compared to Other Similar Gemstones

Now, we have talked to you about how great the blue opal is and surely you have other doubts since there are certain stones with which it is compared. For example, blue quartz and also with blue sapphires. Be that as it may, the blue opal is characterized by being a stone with unique properties and by having a shine that no other can match.

Blue Opal vs. Blue Quartz

When it comes to precious colored gems, the color blue is one of the most sought-after due to how exotic it can be. Today there are many people who often ask what is the difference between blue quartz and blue opal. Both are similar and look great on accessories but there are many differences that surround them.

Blue Quartzs
Blue Quartz

Blue quartz is actually rare. It is an aggregate of quartz mixed with the mineral dumortierite and is rare due to its distinctive blue color. Its color can vary from a light blue to a dark blue and everything also depends on the moment you get it and how long it takes.

It has excellent hardness and durability making it suitable for any type of jewelry. It is a deep blue that comes to stand out above that of the blue opal because its brightness does not make that deep darkness that surrounds it stone. Compared to the Blue Opal, quartz does not have that rainbow-colored glow that opal does.

But it is not a bad idea to alternate the use of these stones more than anything for protection and not to deplete the energy of the other.

Blue Opal vs. White Opal

Here we must clarify that both stones are very similar in terms of their composition but not in terms of color, obviously. The White Opal is used as a protective stone while the Blue Opal is used mostly to help the mind and body balance enough to get good vibes.

Comparing the blue opal together with the white opal is somewhat useless since both are stones that complement each other. In fact, there are bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that combine both stones and so that you can always wear them and look as elegant as possible. The goldsmiths love to put both rocks together and make magnificent pieces.

Final Words

A gemstone is a piece or part of an attractive mineral, which is fragmented or torn from it and is widely used to make jewelry or other ornaments. In addition, many rocks in the gemstone series are not minerals but are still used to make ornaments. Many of the precious stones are solid in nature and can be called hard rocks. Some minerals that are too soft have an aesthetic value due to their surface, content or other physical characteristics.

The Blue Opal is a stone that has gradually gained a place among the most popular goldsmiths. Its beauty is unmatched and the mystical aura it grants is the best you can find. In fact, there are some stones that are used as part of certain collections at Fashion Week and other rocks that are placed as part of exclusive royalty designs.

The cost of this rock depends a lot on where you are and also on where you are going to buy it. Acquiring a Blue Opal online can be much easier than doing it through jewelry since prices tend to be higher because of the cost of maintaining spaces and employees. Even so, you can buy a blue opal online or accessories that have this gemstone.

The maintenance of this rock can be the easiest thing in the world. It is not even necessary to go with an expert cleaner of blue opals since you can do it yourself. As we have already explained, you can use salt or sage water so your blue opal will always be clean. Do it regularly and you will surely see how the energy of your opal is renewing.

Dare to venture into the world of precious stones. Opals are one of the most beautiful rocks that exist and you will surely find a way to add them to your entire wardrobe in the form of rings, bracelets, and even necklaces. Give it a try and you will see that you will not regret it.

Now that you know everything about this wonderful world of blue opals, do you dare to have your own Blue Opal?