Alternative and complementary medicine has been around for ages and is only starting to pick up more interest in many adults. Yoga, tai chi, and healing crystals are just some examples of these alternative formats.

There are numerous types of crystals, each one filled with distinct healing capabilities for the mind, the body, and the soul. Crystals are believed to help promote the flow of positive energy while ridding the body and the mind of all the negative ones for the overall well-being of the individual.

One such crystal is the green kyanite. The kyanite works well with every chakra but it primarily focuses on the Heart Chakra. Green kyanite is particularly useful for those who are in search of the truth in whatever field. The presence of green kyanite can help a person who is uncertain about the company of those who surround him.

Moreover, kyanite stones that are green are usually utilized to bring a person closer to the spirits of nature. There are some avid gardeners who even bury green kyanite into the soil of rotten plants. Doing so is believed to help improve the stamina and growth of any plant.

Aesthetically, the green kyanite has white striations and an elongated green blade shard that is soothing to the soul. It also brings good calming energy to any space.


A member of the silicate mineral group, Green Kyanite typically occurs as long striated blade-shaped crystals. This aluminum silicate stone is generally embedded as part of quartz veins and metamorphic rock, the type is also terminated rarely. Oftentimes found in countries like Brazil, Kenya, the USA, Russia, Switzerland, and India the stone with its pearly sheen and glass-like luster still comes in a variety of hues.

green kyanite palm stone

Orange, yellow, white, pink, grey, blackish, and green are most the common colors these gems can be found in. Of all the colors green is thought to be the rarest amongst the kyanite shades. The term kyanite originates from the Greek word kyanos or kuanos which means “deep blue.” Also known as Cyanite and Rhaeticide are other terms used to identify this rock. Identifiable the most for its anisotropic feature or simply put, as the ability to perfectly split into two directions. This results in two distinct yet different denseness on vertical axes.

Valuable in the industrial field, due to its capacity to resist heat, it is used in high refractory bricks, porcelain kin furniture pieces, mortars, foundry molds, bathroom fixtures, dentures, as well as in the automotive and railroad industries to name a few examples. Kyanite can be cut into faceted and cabochon gemstones.

Classified as exotic gemstones, their rapid transfer and high-energy vibrations create bridges where none used to exist. Similar to a universal pathway, green kyanite offers a connection that is extraordinary and perfect for opening the mind while simultaneously boosting psychic and telepathic abilities. This works to bridge communication gaps while providing links to assist in receiving and transmitting the healing energies. Kyanite is perfect for aligning the chakras of the body whilst bringing a calming and tranquil effect on a person’s wellbeing.

Kyanite is similar to Citrine since it is recognized as one of the two minerals on earth that neither retains nor collects any negative energy. Therefore, it does not require cleansing as most healing crystals do. Due to its endless applications, it is the best stone to utilize for metaphysical needs and it can be employed to clear and cleanse other crystals. It doesn’t hurt as well that kyanite is perfect for entering and attaining a deep meditation state.

Aligning chakras and instantly lining up bodies in order to clear out meridians and passages is the main function of a kyanite crystal. Furthermore, green kyanite helps in creating the measures required for an individual to balance their past with the now and with the future. Green kyanite ensures a dynamic of yin and yang energy that is stable.

It is highly recommended to combine several kyanite colors and varieties due to their perfect harmonization with each other. Additionally, the combination of kyanite crystals works by magnifying each other’s effects while bringing out the best qualities offered by each stone.


Physical Properties

A member of the aluminosilicate series, kyanite exhibits a unique property called anisotropism. Easily identified thanks to its dual hardness, kyanite’s dual hardness, blotching, and color streaking make it distinct from the rest of the gems.

Made primarily of aluminum silicate, green kyanite appears elongated, flat and with a blade-like shape. These flat-plate formations are formed due to the crystallization of kyanite in the triclinic crystal system. AI20 / SiO4 is the chemical composition of the silicate mineral found in kyanite.

More often than not kyanite is fused and striped to touch twins. The mineral aggregates are coarse-massive or radiant to foliate. In terms of consistency, kyanite has a perfect surface that is brittle and fibrous. Luster is generally glossy to dull, transparency ranges from transparent to translucent; there is a mother of pearl semblance to the cleavage surface shine.

Unlike other crystals, kyanite has two varying Mohs crystal hardness — in a direction that is vertical, the range is between 4 to 4.5 hardness. On the other hand, the hardness 6 to 7 is for a horizontal direction. On the matter of density, in kyanite it is expressed in 3.53  – 3.69 g per cm3.

The metamorphic origin of kyanite or Kyanite is easily recognized and differentiated by its mineral components. Because of the data that kyanite is produced from conditions that involve high pressure. The degree of lead mineral or metamorphosis is estimated by the mineral itself.

Although predominantly blue, it can be found in a wide range of go colors with the green hue considered quite unique. It should be noted that kyanite has a stroke color that is white. It is said that green kyanite frequency leads directly to the chakra of the heart, in turn it allows one to act and feel with a consciousness that is heart centric or very discerning on an emotional level.

Kyanite in the color green aids in supporting a person emotionally by assisting its overall healing. Thanks to the manner by which green kyanite’s energy is used to build pathways and form energy bridges, humans are able to connect better with Mother Nature. Green Kyanite’s ability to carry and transfer vibrational energy which then allows for energy transmission that is rapid and healing on various levels.

Metaphysical Properties

Blockages are formed by habitual patterns within the energy field which then result in repetition of the same internal dialog and emotional content time and time again. Kyanite has been known to assist in eliminating these patterns while aiding a person in rapidly creating new energy flow pathways while introducing immediate changes in an individual’s view of the world.

Green kyanite also induces a deep calming effect on the world of inner emotions and peace. Moreover, it encourages a peaceful and pleasant nature that frees a person from stress and frustrations. No other stone is able to encourage spoken truth by breaking down blockages and fears. Kyanite promotes communication, self-expression, while opening the chakra of the throat.

Stop illusion, frustration, anger, stress, and confusion with this green stone. Find guidance in missions, negotiations, arbitrations, as well as other communication formats incurring between people who are lacking harmony. Calm emotions by including kyanite gems, particularly with its capacity to bring about soothing energy to anybody who is suffering from erroneous perceptions, faulty emotions or even anger.

Green Kyanite crystals bridge the gaps in energy that are often caused by the breakage of bones, intrusive trauma to the body, and surgery while rehabilitating tissues and nerves through the reconnections of paths around the site of physical distress.

Ideally, it functions to heal the human brain from the harmful effects of a seizure, head trauma, or stroke. Crystals of the kyanite variety produce neural passages in and around areas that are damaged. Fortify functions of the nervous system and the cerebellum with kyanite for improved dexterity and mobility.

Kyanite stones treat everything from fevers, adrenal glands, muscular disorders, thyroids, etc. Recognized as a natural remedy for pain relief, kyanite relieves and reduces blood pressure as well as healing any infections. When employed in conjunction with deep meditative relaxation, kyanite improves sleep, corrects eating habits and balances out inflammations. Beneficial for aligning and helping the skeletal frame and the spinal cord, green kyanite is truly a wonder to behold.

Green Kyanite in Jewelry Uses

When it comes to jewelry, the green kyanite is a showstopper. Filled with healing energy and a calming life force, its vibrance has made it a popular choice for pendants, necklaces, rings, broaches, and even hair accessories due primarily to the healing nature of the gem. Set on necklaces and rings, the green kyanite is able to flow directly to the heart.

Sourced commercially as jewelry pieces and loose stones, the kyanite is greatly admired for its diverse range of hues. The green particularly is a showpiece that instantly emits soothing and calming vibrations. Also formed into pendants and figures, the versatility of this ornamental stone holds no bounds.

Its wide range of color amalgamations paired with its distinct blade-like appearance makes each jewelry piece unique. Created in a meticulous fashion, green kyanite can undoubtedly be a one-of-a-kind heirloom item. Many of the gems are set in sterling silver which brings out the beauty of each green rock.

Aside from silver which is a highly favored metal setting for green kyanite, there are designs that include gold pieces. This inclusion creates a nice touch of femininity and subtle opulence that turns an otherwise artsy boho chic into an upscale look.

Considerably translucent, when faceted properly green kyanite takes on more depth further taking the gemstone up another level. Gorgeous bracelets adorned with green kyanite bring out a mystical allure that allows wearers to connect with nature.

Preferred as a ring, this beautiful green stone when paired with blue kyanite is commonly utilized in the creation of high-end jewelry pieces. Not to mention, green kyanite is favored immensely by those who are looking to experience and reap the benefits of its metaphysical properties.

Due to its varying hardness, many jewelers opt to leave green kyanite in its natural shape and form. Of course, there are rocks that can still be cut, allowing easy setting in smaller accessories like rings, earrings, or beads.

Where Does Green Kyanite Come From?

Formed from kyanite crystallization of the triclinic crystals, green kyanite belongs to the aluminum silicate family. The mineral kyanite can be primarily found in metamorphic rocks. Usually it forms from the alteration of clay minerals when exposed to the high pressure during sedimentary rock metamorphism.

Found in the gneisses and schists of metamorphosed locations regionally and less likely in eclogite or quartzite areas. Even though it occasionally occurs as masses of radiating crystals, bladed is however the typical habit of kyanite. Garnet, corundum, and staurolite are some metamorphic minerals that are often associated with kyanite.

Green kyanite is not only a member of the silicate mineral family, it also occurs as elongated flat blade crystals with long striations. Usually obtained in countries like the USA, Brazil, India, Kenya, Switzerland, Madagascar, Zimbabwe and Russia. Green kyanite crystal with its lustrous pearly sheen is also available in a large range of colors. Generally embedded in metamorphic rock and quartz veins, aluminum silicate is a stone that is rarely eliminated.

How Much Is Green Kyanite Worth?

The crystals are available in a selection of sizes that are really affordable. Green Kyanite while thought to be the rarest is not the only color cutter selected for jewelry settings. Kyanite is priced per carat and the average is $50 per carat. However this value will still depend on the clarity as well as the cut, and color of the stone. The highest kyanite value goes to dark blue ones that have transparency luminescent, especially with a blue color uniformity all throughout the visual display depth of the crystal.

In general, the difficulty in cutting due to a kyanite’s cleavage properties establishes the worth of a quality cut kyanite gem. Blemish free or stones with minimal faults with crisp clarity ratings are valued more. Carat sizes that are large will instantly boost the overall rate of the ring. Like most gemstones, there are three C’s that take precedent and these are color, cut, and clarity.

How to Use Green Kyanite?

The vast majority of jewelry stores often carry an impressive selection of jewelry pieces like rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Green kyanite when paired with sterling silver exudes a classic clean aesthetic. Gold on the other hand instantly introduces a touch of elegance to any outfit.

Aside from the inclusion in jewelry, green kyanite is added to various decorative pieces. In some instances, chunks of kyanite in a bowl are not only decorative but are also a good source of energy and calming chakra in a space.

How to Cleanse Green Kyanite?

When it comes to cleansing this gem, frequent cleaning isn’t deemed necessary. As a matter of fact, kyanite is more commonly used to cleanse other crystals. Though there is some incorrect information about kyanite not needing any cleaning, like any other crystal it does absorb a good amount of unneeded energy that requires releasing. It is therefore a good rule of thumb to clean a crystal especially when the energy it releases seems low.

Reaching for water to clean green kyanite is not ideal since it could prove to be more harmful. Since the crystal resonates with the Throat Chakra, air energy would be beneficial. Similarly, the use of moonlight has always been proven as an effective means to cleanse kyanite stones.

Another excellent tool to utilize for cleaning kyanite is to use sound. For this purpose, singing bowls, chimes, rainmakers, and bells will do the trick. Pairing fire and air for the cleansing ritual is one more alternative. To do this, some people like to use a combination of incense, candles, and smudging.

The Best Combination to Use With Green Kyanite

Many believe that the best combination for green kyanite is blue kyanite. When used together, it assists in creating stability especially when the absorption of psychic abilities is unlocked by the blue kyanite. It allows individuals to become in sync with life forces as spiritual work is at play. The result strongly impacts chakras.

The ability of green kyanite to assist in building connections with elemental spirits that are close by, and to allow continuous stability within the energy of the heart.

Final Words

Green kyanite transfers and amplifies energies that are of high frequency. This makes the crystal a unique stone for meditation. Kyanite crystals bring a tranquilizing and calming effect to the body. It calms and clears a person’s energy, preparing him for mediation. It facilitates the transmission of psychic and intuitive thoughts —also assists in dream recollection. Overall, it restores a person’s Qi, wearing green kyanite jewelry is thus the perfect solution to help balance yin and yang energies.