The green tourmaline also known as vireolite or verdelite, is an energetic stone well known for its transformed energy properties, which we will see throughout this article. This stone is essentially green, what can change is the intensity of its coloration which can vary from dark green to almost transparent light green.

Green tourmaline is also known as verdeltia “greenstone”: all shades of green. Tourmaline has both pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties. This means that opposite charges accumulate both under pressure and when heated. Tourmalines were introduced in western and central Europe in 1703 by the Dutch who imported it from Ceylon.

The biggest admirer of the tourmalines was Tzu Hsi[wiki], a widow empress who ruled China from 1860 to 1908. The empress used the stone as a notch, on watch chain pins, or on the jacket buttons of the Imperial Court.


The green tourmaline acts by providing its wearer with more vital force, willingness to face the adversities of life, promotion of creativity, and the reorganization of thriving energies linked to happiness that go through the body bringing much well-being.

Green tourmaline rough stone
Green tourmaline rough stone

Such vibrations greatly favor the issues that involve: sharing feelings, willpower, wisdom, vigor, etc. In addition to these characteristics, the fact of being a stone that manages to remain electrically charged can have the noble function of storing the positive and noble energies of an environment (as an example we can cite a source of crystalline waters) and dispersing in other more remote environments and, charged with negative energies.

The stone brings great benefits to people of the following signs of the zodiac: Capricorn, Libra, scorpion, and cancer. This stone will enhance the vital energy of each of these signs and will diminish or even neutralize the negative aspects of each of them.

To know the meaning of the green tourmaline stone and its etymology, it is necessary to explain that the term comes from the Singalés “turmali”, which more or less means something like “Stone of various colors”. This is due to the purpose of shades that it presents within the same color. The tourmaline green color is simply spectacular.

The green tourmaline, as well as the others of its kind, has a very high vibrational energy very interesting for the issues that involve the revitalization of lost energies, mental rebalancing, and joviality. Therefore, whatever the situation in those areas is so important to many, how about using the green tourmaline energies in your favor?

Each stone lover will give a different meaning to their mineral, so think deeply about your green quartz and its meaning.


Physical Properties

It usually presents polychromy within the same mineral, usually in longitudinal form and its colors vary according to the presence of different elements. Its transparency varies in different degrees until it reaches the opaque. It is of little or no exfoliation, which is the property of splitting or separating into crystals of similar faces. Tourmaline has piezoelectric properties, which make it a mineral with various uses in the industry.

It is of magmatic origin – to a lesser extent in igneous rocks – and we usually find it in rocks called plutonic.

Tourmaline is the only mineral capable of generating electricity and this capacity has a lot to do with the shape of its crystals. Its elongated and prismatic shape of the hexahedral type allows two crystals, the negative and the positive, to form in its crystals.

When subjected to some pressure, for example, heat, the ions distributed throughout the mineral are sorted at the poles, at one end the positive and at the other the negative. This exclusive property has another peculiarity: this electricity generation occurs in two moments, when we apply pressure or when we remove it, that is to say, that the sudden changes in temperature trigger this property in the tourmaline.

It has been proven that by dividing the tourmaline crystals their piezoelectric properties remain unchanged. It was the Curie spouses who discovered this characteristic in this mineral.

Metaphysical Properties

Energy Transformation

This stone has the particularity that can transform negative energies into positive ones, negative energies not only reject them but also transform them to give you the opposite but positive effect. We really see this in very few stones and that is why green tourmaline is so special.

Energizing Properties

This stone is also special for athletes or anyone with high levels of physical demand on a daily basis since it revitalizes the body and generates energy that prevents muscle fatigue or fatigue. If you have muscle pain you can also use this stone for effective relief, this is one of the things for which it is most used in gem therapy.


Another important use that is given to this type of tourmaline is to meditate since it favors that you can find yourself in a state of consonance with yourself, and raise the concentration levels with which you will obtain deep and comforting meditation. On the other hand, it also avoids mental fatigue, you can concentrate for many more hours, which is good to study.

Avoid Anxiety

People who usually suffer from anxiety-related problems may also opt for this stone since it has properties to improve this mental disorder. Many people also claim that green tourmaline has the capacity to grow or develop plants better, so some people choose to bury them in the ground near their plants or trees to obtain more fruits or better yield on their crops, something that really is very curious.

The green tourmaline, which acts directly in the fourth chakra, can help in the treatment of various diseases that torment many people in the four corners of the planet, we can cite: that the whole cardiac system helps to ease all skin problems In general, any type of digestive problem, psychosomatic diseases, circulation problems, blood pressure regulation, hormonal imbalance, etc.

Green tourmaline rough stone
Green tourmaline rough stone

Where to Buy Green Tourmaline?

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Green Tourmaline In Jewelry Uses

In addition to the aforementioned, many people use green tourmaline for other things, such as jewelry, like all other tourmalines, green is also used in the jewelry industry to make beautiful clothes and jewelry, which are very demanded by connoisseurs of their properties

Jewelry, in fact, is one of the biggest uses green tourmaline can have. Its beauty means that it is always included in many pieces that are exhibited in many places and chosen over others to be carried by special celebrities. People always choose it.

The rings are one of the pieces that attract the most attention since they tend to use large stones that attract a lot of attention. Lately, the rings are used even with stones of very large sizes that delight those bizarre fans.

On the other hand, necklaces are another subject. Although at first, they were not so popular, little by little the young people found these great pieces of green tourmaline and started using them. They fell madly in love with these jewels and popularized them. Not at the level of the rings but they did help the tourmaline necklaces gain more recognition.

The green tourmaline bracelets are very cute too. Women and men use them with stones of very fine sizes. They adapt them on different bases and always load them as lucky charms.

Currently, there is a trend that makes the green of the tourmaline stone reflected not only in the accessories that the person wears but also in the clothes or garments of the people. There are designers who sew small green tourmaline stones on dresses, sacks, and even on the necks of shirts to give a much more stylized touch to everything.

Where Does Green Tourmaline Come From?

The green tourmaline as it is evident owes its name to its color, its mineral class is cyclosilicates and its first deposits are found in Brazil, India, Tanzania, Australia, and Burma. Some also call it Ceylon peridot. This stone is widely used by mystic lovers.

Green tourmaline originates primarily in acid plutonites, specifically pegmatites, in which large crystals form. Through the action of boron-containing gases, coming from magma on the host rock, green tourmaline can also arise as a pneumatolytic inclusion (generated deep in the earth’s crust (plutonism) by magma intrusion, which causes alteration in the petrographic composition of the invaded rocks) then the crystals are strongly included in the rock.

Tourmaline is made up of different mineral elements, but it always has the same structure, metals are always included in tourmalines and are what cause the variety of colors of this mineral. In this case, the elements that give the green hue are vanadium, chromium, or iron.

Over the years, it has tried to get a lot of green tourmalines due to the fascination that people have been developing for them.

How Much Is Green Tourmaline Worth?

The visual appeal of the green tourmaline mineral has made jewelers around the world try to do business with it. Although it may have much resemblance to Paraiba tourmalines, it should not be confused since it is not the same crystal. Green tourmaline is much more affordable to buy and has very interesting prices in relation to its beauty.

If you want to wear a magnificent green tourmaline jewel you just have to shop around our online store. You’ll find the most spectacular rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, and green tourmaline earrings at the best price. We also have raw green tourmaline or even quartz with green tourmaline, with which you can adore the corners of your home.

How to Identify Green Tourmaline?

The green color it presents can have several shades. From lighter to darker mixed with bluish tones. Normally the raw green tourmaline will grow inside the quartz. This combination is very rich in terms of its energy power since quartz can amplify its natural energy power.

When you go to buy a green tourmaline, you must make sure it is as real as possible. Consult with the jewelry expert and ask him to verify that it is a real green tourmaline so that you are using only quality material. There are special green tourmaline sensors as well as some specific methods that help prevent green tourmaline scams.

How to Use Green Tourmaline?

Green tourmaline has many uses although the most common is in jewelry, meditation, and as an article for collectors. Due to its magnificent electrical properties, it is also used in the industry, such as for the manufacture of pressure gauges, which are used in autonomous driving and war equipment.

Thanks to the fact that it is directly connected with nature, the energy it emits is very balanced. This stone can be used to encourage plant growth. So you can find buried green tourmalines in the cultivation sites to help with the growth and prevention of pests.

You can have a tourmaline in the places where you spend more time, to keep the spaces clean and positively charged. In particular, it is advisable to place a green tourmaline in the work area so that the decisions taken are correct for economic prosperity. At home, you can also place a green tourmaline, near the main entrance to create a protective shield. Or at your bedside table to transform your energies while you rest.

In the same way, it can be placed at home, you can wear green tourmaline at all times. With this stone, you can find pendants, rings, or bracelets. Which you can take with you whenever you think it necessary or at all times.

They will stand out for their beauty and they will perfectly fulfill their function of protecting against any negative energy. In this way, you will be calm and full of positive energies and your life will be flowing in the right way with nature.

How to Cleanse Green Tourmaline?

The way to clean the green tourmaline is the same as the other tourmalines and very simple by the way, what you have to do is basically place the stone in a glass or glass container, on top, you will cover it with enough sea salt. You leave it like that for an approximate period of 2 to 3 hours.

There are different ways to keep the stones you use clean, for a green tourmaline you don’t have to do great cleanings because they are channeling energies they are kept clean since they transform and expel them. But in the same way, it is good to collaborate a little with the cleaning of them. They are very simple and fast methods that you can surely do at home.

Do the cleaning with other stones, transparent quartz is an excellent purifier for other stones. You will not need to place them together. Upon contact with the tourmaline, you will immediately clean it of all energy.

With incense, the green tourmaline passes through the smoke of the incense, these must be aromas for cleaning such as sandalwood or rue. To activate with new energies you will only have to take the tourmaline with both hands and meditate, think about the light that is around you and the energy that you will allow to leave for your tourmaline. This will be enough to keep it working perfectly.

If, on the other hand, the only thing you have is to put the stone 24 hours in a glass of saltwater, if it is the best sea, and after 24 hours, rinse it with warm tap water. Then dry it and leave it in a place that builds trust.

Difference Between Green Tourmaline and Emerald

The name of the Emerald derives from the Greek “smaragdos” and means “greenstone”. This name was applied to all green gems until the progress of the science of the eighteenth century allowed us to specify the differences. The Emerald is a member of the Beryl family (in ancient Greek “beryllos” means “green-blue stone”), which is known as “the mother of gems” by virtue of its extremely precious varieties. In addition to the green variety, which is the Emerald, the Berilos family has other varieties: the Aquamarine blue, the Bixbita red, the Goshenita white, the Morganite damask rose, and the yellow versions such as the Heliodoro and the Yellow Beryl.


The Emerald owes its color to traces of chromium, vanadium, and iron, whose varied concentrations offer an extraordinary range of greens, from light to intense dark with different shades, brown, yellow, or gray.

Like Gem type III, the Emerald shows visible inclusions that are also a particular sign to recognize it. These are the “beauty spots” due to the formation of the stone inside metamorphic rocks (rocks that have been subjected to a physical transformation due to extreme variations in heat and pressure) and also the presence of chromium remains and vanadium. The inclusions and the subtle fractures visible inside the stone are called by the gemology experts the “garden” of the Emerald. Another feature of this gem is its unique splendor. The brilliance of the Emerald is described as “silky”, “warm”, and “glowing” and has a decisive influence on color, purity, and cut.

For its part, the green tourmaline has in common with the emerald that both are the same color. But the difference occurs in the place where they are born and in the uses that have been given throughout history. Tourmaline occurs in more colors and color combinations than any other variety of precious stones, she lives up to its name. Different colors of tourmaline mean that this stone can be easily confused with any other gemstone. Many stones in the jewels of the Russian Crown of the 17th century that were believed rubies were really tourmaline.

The Best Combination to Use With Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline is one of the stones that has received more attention as the days go by. There are many people who always try to have it with them due to the good vibes it emits. This stone is so beautiful that they use it in many outfits. Both casual and gala.

The green tourmaline can be used combined with other stones. One of the best combinations that have been achieved has been among diamonds. That contrast between the white of the diamonds and the green of the tourmaline is what makes all eyes on you.

Another good combination is between green tourmaline and rubies for a Christmas occasion. The combination may be somewhat intense but that does not mean that it cannot look chic during this time when green and red are the best colors of the season.

You can also combine this stone with any other gemstone that has yellow, white, black, or any shade of blue that you like. The idea is that you can use it combined with other colors and that you always get to see your best. Combining tourmaline can be easy if you have a lot of imagination. Creativity is a key factor for you to create the best possible combination with green tourmaline. Do not be afraid to give free rein to all your imagination.

Final Words

The green tourmaline stone also known in other places such as Vireolita or Verdelita is one of the energetic stones with which simply spectacular jewels are obtained. This magnificent mineral, also known as Ceylon Peridot, will give you patience, greater creativity, and the ability to find the best possible solution. A mineral for prosperity and abundance.

This stone is widely used by esoteric lovers, because the green tourmaline stone has the ability to work a broad spectrum of energy, from the most extreme spiritual areas to influencing physical disabilities of a lower tone.

Green tourmaline has magical properties. If you carry it with you in your hand, it will act as a protective gem and will give you mental clarity when you may need it. The green tourmaline will favor the transmutation of energy towards its positive side.

When you have to make a money-related decision, your strength will make sense to make the right decision. Green tourmaline is capable of displacing mental and emotional ills.

It makes the possible happen through the positive.

La Verdelita is a gem whose vibrations will protect you. Whether you wear a bracelet or wear it with you in the form of some beautiful earrings and through the mind you activate its strength, it will help you discern more clearly in moments of confusion.

Known for centuries, tourmaline gained popularity first, when the Dutch began to import it in the early 17th century from Sri Lanka. They gave the gem a Sinhalese name, Turamali, which is believed to mean: stone with mixed colors.

One of the most versatile gemstones, tourmaline is available in all colors from colorless to black. You can find all shades, from pastel colors to dark and even, with one or more colors appearing on the same stone. It really is a wonderful and fascinating stone.

Go ahead and buy Green Tourmaline and you will see how your look changes completely. Take the opportunity that is being presented to you and take a chance The green tourmaline is waiting for you!