Green quartz has an astounding healing effect when you wear or carry it, thus working effectively with the heart chakra. Aside from that, it also helps in turning negative energies into positive energies. It is also famed to attract success, prosperity, and stimulate anyone’s creativity. There is no denying that this particular crystal is a must-have.

The energy that green quartz has is just like the spirit of nature itself, which is embodied in beautiful green-colored stone. Just like all quartz, these are astoundingly wonderful crystals that you can use with some other stones. The energy of these stones will be intensified by their contact with the green quartz.

To get the best benefits of green quartz, it is usually a good idea to wear it. the green quartz necklaces are the most popular choice.

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What is Green Quartz

Green quartz is a macrocrystalline mineral quartz variety. Further, the term ‘green quartz’ is given to a certain quartz variety, which contains some inclusions of either chlorite or chromium interspersed in the crystalline matrix of quartz, in order to provide a solid green look.

Green quartz’s frequency connects through the heart chakra, where it does its power effectively -as we have said earlier. It has the capacity to stabilize and open the said chakra so that the possessor will have the capacity to resonate with the positive love vibrational energies.

Moreover, this green colored quartz also helps anyone in becoming emotionally stable and balanced, as well as to acknowledge and release any negative emotional energies that are held in any individual’s cellular memory.

What’s more, this astoundingly beautiful gemstone also possesses transformational energy, which assists anyone in transforming their negative energies, making them a positive one, hence assisting with the energy healing on any level.

Green quartz is a lovely variety of the quartz gemstone family. The most significant aspects that you should consider in buying this crystal are its fine clarity and the intensity of its color. Since it is a tough stone, which can be found in numerous shapes and showing astounding colors, it is ideal for everyday wear. It is also an inexpensive gemstone variety –making it suitable for an extensive variety of jewelry applications.


Green quartz has a lot of meanings, including the following:

Improves your flow of luck. Green quartz is a beneficial gemstone that you can use in getting out from a stagnant period. It’ll help you in eradicating the blockage of energy. further, this stone is also essential to use if you wish to get back an abundance of joy in your life.

Heals thirst for love. This green-toned gemstone is full of love energy. Having said that, it is essential in healing the thirst of love and fulfill the mind. It’s also beneficial to use if you wish to heal exhausted feelings from love or human relationship. The stone is frequently used in meditation –you can feel warm energy just by holding it in your hands. It is a stone that will surely fill your body with love energy and allow you to relax profoundly.

Adjusts energy balance. Green quartz is essential in purifying any negative energies, which may cause disharmony. It’s also used in preventing getting controlled by negative emotions. The stone is so popular amongst counselors and therapists who meet exhausted people. Amazing counselors and therapists have the tendency to acquire more negative energy, hence its purifying power is so valuable.

It enhances the possessor’s intuition. The stone has the capacity to sense negative energy, thus allowing you to avoid it. It is also very famous as an amulet that helps in warding off evil spirits. This gemstone may lead your life in the right direction. It’s good for those who overthink and opt for going in bad ways.

Enhances the owner’s creativity. Green quartz is beneficial in creating value, which assists the world and leads you to bigger success. This stone may also help you and others in gaining abundance. If you wish to succeed in life, it is important that you have a service for the outside world. The more service you make, the more chances you have in succeeding. Using the stone, you’ll draw in a productive and rich life.


Green quartz is linked to the heart chakra. It’ll open & balance the heart chakra –while stabilizing and healing the emotions. Furthermore, green quartz is also amazing for stimulating intuition and creativity. It also supports one’s endocrine system, as well as maintains physical body balance.

Let us look at the physical and metaphysical healing properties of the stone.

Physical Healing Properties

On a physical note, green quartz may specifically help in stimulating the thymus and thyroid. It may also help with digestive problems, and alleviate nausea. It may also benefit immunity. What’s more, it enhances and cleanses all the organs and makes all systems in the body stronger.

Moreover, it is also said that the gemstone is predominantly essential for arthritis, chronic fatigue, depression, intestinal problems, bone injuries, and fibromyalgia.

Not just that, it also helps the body during the process of detoxification by way of assisting the body in releasing toxicity. In whiles of physical crisis, the benefits of the green quartz may aid in the process of healing, particularly with regard to the issues that relate to the lungs and heart.

Metaphysical Healing Properties

In accordance with metaphysical beliefs, the green quartz is capable of assisting to transform negative energies into positive ones, stabilizing emotions, accelerating physical healing, and achieving prosperity goals.

Moreover, it can also give clarity to your thoughts, as well as assist in concentration. It may also help in retaining information, thus making it beneficial for studying. It also helps in boosting clear thinking and may, therefore, assist the owner in recalling forgotten memories. Green quartz is great for emotional healing and is great for easing anger.

What’s more, green quartz is also great for psychic healing. It may assist in balancing all the chakras in the body, thus aligning elusive bodies and is essential to assist meditation & spiritual communication.

Where to buy Green Quartz

Usually Etsy or Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Green Quartz in jewelry uses

The distinctive green color of the green quartz makes it so popular in making jewelry. It is used in making elegant and stylistic rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, and is also a great choice for designers who constantly look for something unique that they can add to their product lines.

Wearing jewelry made of green quartz is suggested as it will surely keep its vibrations and energies close to your auric field. This will make you more likely to experience its so many benefits.

Green quartz is a very beautiful crystal, and it is relatively easy to buy anywhere. As a matter of fact, almost all jewelry stores or shops have amazingly beautiful jewelry pieces, which also come in different, elegant styles.

Wearing this stone as a necklace or earrings will keep it close to your heart, crown, and third eye chakras. However, wearing it anywhere like a ring or bracelet might still give you many benefits. Having this anywhere in your body, like a pendant in your necklace will be beneficial. Therefore, make sure that you always keep it with you all the time.

Bear in mind that the green color of the green quartz may fade when you expose it to strong heat and/or direct sunlight. Having said that, you should handle it with proper care. If you own a piece of jewelry, do not ever place it near a source of heat at home, like the fireplace or the kitchen. It is very important that you store it in darkness –perhaps in a cabinet, bag, or jewelry box.

Wearing green quartz, regardless of what type of jewelry it is, the crystal will amplify the energies present in the mind and body. It’s a stone that will inspire you to share your creativity all over the world. It’s also thought to have energies of courage and having it work for you, you might be able to find that there is no problem that’s too large to face and survive. It truly is a reliable gemstone to possess –plus a great gemstone to turn into a piece of jewelry!

Where does Green Quartz come from

Green quartz is amongst the most beautiful semi-precious stones that you’ll ever see. Its pale green color makes it a great gemstone for jewelry. It is also known as Amegreen Green Amethyst, Veregreen, Prasiolite, and Lime Citrine.

Ever since the year 1950, almost all the natural green quartz has come from a small mine in Brazil. However, it has been mined in Poland, as well. The naturally occurring green quartz has been found in Canada too.

Naturally, the stone is so rare. Some of those that you see in stores were actually heat-treated amethyst. To do this, the amethyst gemstone is heated up to 500 degrees Celsius in a lab until its color changes from purple to green or yellow-green. The amethyst that is used in forming green quartz often comes from Poland and Brazil.

How much is Green Quartz worth

There are several factors in determining the worth of any mineral, including green quartz. Bear in mind that beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. That ‘beauty’ alone might specifically be what makes a particular crystal much pricier than the others.

Green quartz, for instance –its overall appearance may count toward beauty. There are various determining factors in getting the value of a particular gemstone. These include the clarity of the gem, its color, its overall condition, as well as its carat.

If you are planning to buy your own green quartz, you can directly purchase it from a miner or even from a dealer. A portion of the price they charge will depend on the amount they need to pay for a material, how long they’ve had it, their projected market, as well as the operating cost of their business. It is a work of supply and demand; or what the market might bear.

On a commercial note, dealers sell green quartz per pound either retail or wholesale. The uncleaned mineral might cost from $4 to $6 each pound. When you wish for these minerals to have the clay around them washed off, it might cost you around $8 to $10 each pound.

Moreover, aesthetic pieces in a similar size range may cost around $25 to $50 each pound. Then we have the collector pieces. These commonly have all of the positive characteristics that a mineral should have. These may cost around $100 or more per pound. Therefore, you need to keep a close eye on when you’re purchasing.

How To identify Green Quartz

Identifying green quartz is easy –firstly, of course, it is green in color and is transparent.

This gemstone is a kind of quartz, which may range from yellow-green to green color. Sometimes, the stone forms naturally, yet it’s most frequently produced unnaturally. As we have discussed earlier, it forms when amethyst is being heated with intense heat. It might also be a product of irradiating amethyst.

Green quartz may be confused with some other gemstones with the same color, just like the heat-treated iolite –a variety of cordierite. Remember that it is macro-crystalline.

Furthermore, green quarts are frequently cut into large carats with complicated, unusual or intricate cuts, in order to bring out the color of the stone. Checkerboard cuts, micro-faceted briolettes, triangular cuts, and concave cuts are the usual cuts that you might see in green quartz.

The stone is a great find for different gem collectors who are in the search of an attractive and unique green-colored crystal that is available in large carats, affordable, as well as clean into the eyes.

How to wear Green Quartz

Green quartz is best worn as jewelry. As we have said above, its unique green color makes it so popular in making jewelry. It is also an amazing choice for designers who constantly look for something unique that they can add to their product lines.

Wearing this astoundingly powerful stone will keep its energies closer to your auric field, as well as make you even more likely to experience its numerous benefits. Furthermore, wearing it as earrings and/or necklace will keep it close to your crown, heart, and third eye chakras.

Wearing jewelry made with green quartz is highly recommended, and it is best to keep it in the area of the chakras where its energy is most effective. Further, the jewelry is easily obtainable, and most reliable jewelry stores have astounding pieces of this stone made into a variety of styles.

What’s more, green quartz pendants are also beneficial as they help in keeping the stone close to the heart. Remember, it is in the heart where the stone takes a great effect and resonates beautifully.

Having a piece of green quartz anywhere on the body might be beneficial. With this gemstone, you will allow yourself to fully making the connection with Mother Gaia and the natural world.

How to cleanse Green Quartz

It is possible that your crystals will absorb vibrations not just from you, but also from anything present in the environment where they’re found. Cleansing green quartz on a regular basis is important as it’ll absorb negative energies. This is the reason why it’s a great idea to purify them. But how do you cleanse it?

There are actually a lot of ways to cleanse this stone. Below are some ways on how to do it. You may combine different ideas to assist you in boosting the energy of your stone.

  • Clean with water –A method that is only used when you know if the gemstone is safe to submerge in water.
  • Bury gemstone in the earth –This is a great way to cleanse it. Make sure, however, that the earth where you’re going to bury your stone doesn’t have salt in it. Note –salt is abrasive.
  • Charge it with the moonlight –The moonlight has a powerful effect, which may re-energize your stone, as well as allow them to naturally lifting their vibration. You should do this in the time of a full moon –it is the best time to do it.
  • Place atop a quartz cluster –You can leave your stone on the quartz cluster overnight. It will cleanse the gemstone and get rid of any negative energies in it.
  • Place it on a bowl of raw, uncooked rice –This method is advantageous to use. It will absorb negative energies –thus throwing the rice after cleansing is necessary.
  • Use Tingsha Hand Cymbals or Tibetan Chimes –This is an alternative for using sound to cleanse your stone. This is essential in getting rid of negative energies while cleansing the stone.
  • Sound from a Tibetan Singing Bowl or Crystal SingingBowl –Using sound from these bowls is essential in cleansing your green quartz. The strong vibration of pure crystalline sound will fill the crystals –it’ll drive out any negative energies.
  • Use white light –A method that will not just cleanse your green quartz, it also brings your vibration up.
  • Smudging with sage –a method, that a lot of alchemical healers use. It is thought to help in quickly cleansing the green quartz after use.

The best combination to use with Green Quartz

Green quartz is best combined with pink danburite. The said stone is a kind of high crystal energy stone, which makes an astounding link with the angelic realms. Not just that, together, these two crystals may also assist in light body activation.

Just like the green amethyst, green quartz is also a heart-based stone, and pink danburite connects and harmonizes so well with it. This is what creates healing within the possessor –both spiritually and physically.

In order to improve your contact with the elemental beings, you might also combine the green quartz with Staurolite or Fairy Stones, Fuchsite, Seriphos Green Quartz, Rainforest Jasper, Green Apophyllite, Green Moss Agate, Merlinite, and Muscovite.

You can also use it with Amegreen, in order to accentuate the vibration of the Green Amethyst in the green quartz. It may also combine so well with the Sunstones. You can use these two gemstones throughout your meditation and you will find it will bring you amazing results.

If you want to develop your clairvoyant abilities, combine green quartz with stones like Rainbow Moonstone, Lapis Lazuli, Magnesite, Blue Sapphire, Hollandite Quartz, and Turquoise.

Final Words

Green quartz may connect, balance, as well as combine both the owner’s higher and lower aspects of being. It’ll awaken your heart to the frequency of peacefulness, kindness, and of course –love. This crystal is a powerful help in nurturing, whether it be a romantic or a family relationship, or even any endeavors.

Wearing jewelry that is made with green quartz is recommended as it’ll surely keep its vibrations and energies close to your auric field. This will make you more likely to experience its so many benefits. Wearing it as a necklace or earrings will keep it close to your heart, crown, and third eye chakras. Having this anywhere in your body will be beneficial. Therefore, make sure that you always keep it with you all the time.

Furthermore, the energies that the green quartz possesses may help in acting on the guidance of the higher realms, as well as to follow the heart on a path, which may illuminate one’s spirit. It is also beneficial in turning any negative energies into positive ones, and it’ll assist you in attracting all good things in life.

Green quartz is undeniably a great addition to your gemstone collection for so many reasons, more than its aesthetic aspect!